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NEW! HOW TO PLAY GAMECUBE/Wii GAMES ON ANDROID! (EASY Dolphin Emulator Installation Guide)

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Hey guys, sorry it's taken so long to upload. A LOT of people have been asking questions on my first Gamecube emulator video. Hopefully this new installation guide breaks it down more, and makes it easier. ►DOLPHIN GAMEPLAY COMPILATION - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gikFokeuntM&t=54s ***IF USING A DEVICE THAT IS MORE THAN A COUPLE YEARS OLD, GAMES AND EMULATOR WILL PROBABLY NOT RUN SMOOTHLY, OR NOT AT ALL. IF YOU WANT TO TRY ANYWAY, LOOK FOR AN OLDER VERSION OF THE EMULATOR TO SUPPORT 32 BIT PHONES*** ►*MAKE SURE TO ALLOW UNKNOWN SOURCES IN SECURITY SETTINGS* ►*ROMS NEEDS TO BE .ISO or .GCM FILE TYPE* ►*DOWNLOAD 7ZIPPER IN THE PLAY STORE TO EXTRACT ROM FILE ONCE DOWNLOADED* ►Phone I'm Using = Samsung Galaxy S8+ ►Game Compatibility List: https://dolphin-emu.org/compat/ !!!!!!ANYONE GETTING AN APP NOT INSTALLER ERROR TRY THIS VERSION!!!! https://dolphin-emu.org/download/dev/043bd710a0ca2daaf31afdf755cfac75975a1af0/
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Text Comments (563)
ranaldo mcsancho (3 months ago)
To get this to work, go to your download file. I know it's empty, but once your in that file, just push "ok" and all the games that we're "invisible" will now be added to the home screen, and there you go
Jonas Amon (8 days ago)
OMG thank you so much
Nasri Sabtal (1 month ago)
This is very helpful tnx man
XxDARK_WOLF_TV xX (1 month ago)
ranaldo mcsancho lol nothing happened
Raja (2 months ago)
Fucken finally... i love you I've been trying to figure this shit out for hours
Jaysann22 (2 months ago)
YES! PIN THIS!! I had the same issue and this worked!! Thanks!! :D
i can't add any games, it just wont see my iso files
BgnrGmr 05 (3 days ago)
Try the gold version on google play its free now
Sandra Villegas (5 days ago)
My phone wont install It...isnt there any other emulator?
Brian Opp (2 days ago)
Sandra Villegas i don't think its compatible. It works best on samson galaxy s8 and LG G7 THINQ its mostly works fine on those two.
Sandra Villegas (2 days ago)
Brian Opp im using a moto g 4+
Brian Opp (2 days ago)
Sandra Villegas how old is your phone?
Zach Calin (6 days ago)
So I think I need some help. In the emulator, I tapped "Wii" then the + button, but the only things that show up are folders and no other files. Does anyone know how to fix this?
C G (7 days ago)
How u set up in full screen please telllllll meeeeee
Brian Opp (2 days ago)
C G face palm don't hav a lot of time i think some one is in my 🏠....
C G (2 days ago)
Brian Opp (2 days ago)
C G (2 days ago)
why now i know hahaahahaha
Brian Opp (2 days ago)
C G sory u cnt.
BIGRED BRUCE (9 days ago)
It shows me app not installed.
SteamEnder (9 days ago)
Tried nsmbw on dolphin. Stuck on the fucking black screen.
UNcommonG8m!ng (11 days ago)
Does it work on s7 ?
Brian Opp (2 days ago)
UNcommonG8m!ng no my mom tryed it fucker tricked my mom game loaded and then forced closed after the beginning. Lol she got sad....
contend deleted (13 days ago)
It says appnot installed
BIGRED BRUCE (9 days ago)
contend deleted mine says the same
TACOCAT ! (14 days ago)
It says my phone is not compatible what do i do?
Jared D (5 days ago)
Better phone. Your phone does not meet the minimum requirements.
Sultan Elke (15 days ago)
Mario kart
Farhan Paan (17 days ago)
I want to know...minimum snapdragon to run any game smoothly?
MyNameIsDave (11 days ago)
Gamecube 835 should be good but for wii games you need a 845
Wayl the Weirdo (17 days ago)
Loveroms is sketchy
Brian Opp (13 days ago)
Agreed! People still don't know that coolroms is makeing a come back ;). I missed that website
Spy Ware (20 days ago)
When I click on the game it just goes to a black screen
PlayStyle Gamer (10 days ago)
Spy Ware Same!
Xpert Ninja (21 days ago)
I think i downloaded a different one because its different looking
Catlyn Chrismer (23 days ago)
I like your choice of games, sir.
Jay F (1 month ago)
I don't get an option to configure controls it just says save state load state and exit :(
Martin Morales (2 days ago)
Jay F You have to use a older version of the emulator.
Lamont Waldron (1 month ago)
Man its nor compatible for lg harmony
Josh 831 (1 month ago)
It says gamecube has stopped what shoud i do My phone is a kitkat 4.4.4
Brian Opp (2 days ago)
Josh 831 sorry for the li8 rply
Brian Opp (2 days ago)
Kerem Kaan Kıyılar sorry for the li8 rply.
Brian Opp (2 days ago)
Kerem Kaan Kıyılar 64 G
Brian Opp (2 days ago)
Josh 831 8.0.0
Kerem Kaan Kıyılar (13 days ago)
Brian Opp how much your ram
colee 809021 (1 month ago)
Wait how did you extract it OK I found out how
GOD OF GAME (1 month ago)
That says this file isn't comfortable with your phone
tarek yoya (1 month ago)
does it work if I move the ISO file to sd card
Dark Roses (1 month ago)
There's no plus button in the one in the discription, and the others don't work for me. I can't seem to get my games to work.
PigPower64 (1 month ago)
It just says app did not download
Poe Soul (1 month ago)
PigPower64 it means your phone isnt compatible sorry
luke tazbier (1 month ago)
When i try to pull down to configure the button layout, it just pulls down my phones taskbar. Wht can I do to fix this?
the iso does not appear when plus is pressed
Skepsi (1 month ago)
Not compatible.
Joey Scott (1 month ago)
Time to play Melee.
XxDARK_WOLF_TV xX (1 month ago)
So i tried to put super mario galaxy...BOOM...dolphin just crashed and doesnt go to the wii category anymore....
Carlos Seballes (1 month ago)
How do I unzip the file I doesn't work
Brian Opp (13 days ago)
Nasri Sabtal lol my mastake was using the rar. insted of a Zarchiever... Stupid is, is stupid dose XD.
Nasri Sabtal (1 month ago)
Carlos Seballes use zarchiever
Shounak Sengupta (1 month ago)
Will it run dead rising chop till you drop on the s9 plus?
IT_IS_ME 1987 (2 months ago)
Just black screen! Halp! playing on Lark Phablet 7 Shadow the Hedgehog!
eduard fernandez (2 months ago)
=43 Download GameCube Games And Emulator http://bit.ly/2rXxcNB
Carlos Seballes (2 months ago)
where do u get the roms for Wii games tho?
Prunhanha (28 days ago)
Brenton Holderfield actually no if you use it on your computer it's simple easy to use and has no pop up and viruses all Nintendo games have been posted again for upload and you can get nearly all emulators out there
Brenton Holderfield (28 days ago)
boy emuparadise sucks
Prunhanha (1 month ago)
that I don't know I play emulators eighter on psp or computor so you are better of asking another person or go look for a tutorial I was mainly interested on the idea of playing wii and gamecube games on your phone but I haven't done it yet but hey later tell me if it runs fine if it's worth the time and how to download the roms on to your phone
Carlos Seballes (1 month ago)
Prunhanha Ok so I downloaded Mario galaxy 2 so how do I play it on dolphin emulator. it does show up
Neva Evanescence (1 month ago)
I Downloaded From Emuparadise And LoveRoms
YenxøMods (2 months ago)
Is it just me or? I dont have the dpad
esg12 _ (1 month ago)
I don't...
Azeckwazion (2 months ago)
Holycrap! That intro music brought memories!
Azeckwazion (1 month ago)
esg12 _ Burnout intro music
esg12 _ (1 month ago)
Azeckwazion there is no music
Monkey Monkeycraft (2 months ago)
It says it's not compatible to my phone
KOMBUSTO (1 month ago)
Monkey Monkeycraft needs a 64 bit processor . I and you probably have a 32 bit. S9 has a 64 bit
Rabih Faraj (2 months ago)
I'm lucky cuz my is two months old
Vigyarth Chaudhary (2 months ago)
Monkey Monkeycraft it happened to me too
ultra Electro gamer (2 months ago)
what happens when the sound I glitchy
GamePlayMadBros. (2 months ago)
*HEY GUYS* RetroMatt is Wade confirmed
GamePlayMadBros. (2 months ago)
RetroMatt nahh, the LordMinion777 Wade :P
RetroMatt (2 months ago)
Wade Wilson I hope.
L d (2 months ago)
when i open the game,i only have a black screen and the game doesnt run. can anybody help me please?
pat 904 (2 months ago)
pat 904 (2 months ago)
What kind of phone?
Santiago Sosa (2 months ago)
Lol mine works fine
StormBreaker (2 months ago)
Weak device
Gladiator (2 months ago)
L d same problem for me
L d (2 months ago)
when i open the game,i only have a black screen and the game doesnt run. can anybody help me please?
L d (2 months ago)
when i open the game,i only have a black screen and the game doesnt run. can anybody help me please?
RDMANGLE-YT (2 months ago)
I install it and then get a msg saying app not installed
k (2 months ago)
i have dolphin on my phone but sense there is no app button for it how do i access it?
Diegolis05 Gaming (2 months ago)
On the DOWNLOAD app in the phone.
Brenton Bolderoff (2 months ago)
I'm trying to 7zipper the tony hawk game from emuparadise. I message pops up saying theirs a problem parsing the package. Is their any way to fix that?
Brian Harris (2 months ago)
I tryed def jam ny and it didn't run can someone help
recruit 601 (2 months ago)
Jaeden Mendez (2 months ago)
I extracted pokemon xd Gale of darkness but it wont run. Anyone know what to do?
SwagDaddy_69 (2 months ago)
The Wii rom I downloaded doesn't appear on the emulator, I already extracted it. Please help
legolurtz28 (2 months ago)
Christian N. Same problem
Alex Phipps (3 months ago)
7Zipper says failed to extract
ranaldo mcsancho (3 months ago)
PLEASE HELP! I got the rom, extracted the folder, and went to dolphin to add the game, but when I went to downloads, there was NOTHING THERE??? Idk why I can't see anything, and I've already extracted the game?
XxJadenxX 987 (3 months ago)
I downloaded the file used 7 zipper I went to the emulator and I clicked on downloaded super smash Bros (the game I downloaded form rom love) and it went to a file called ... And I click on it cicked back on smash and repeat please help
El diablo da Costa (3 months ago)
Thanks bro. You rock.
Oppai So (3 months ago)
the links don't work anymore
Vathana XD (3 months ago)
Greatest VIDEO
Solaris (3 months ago)
Ok so I have a Samsung j7 is it compatible with newer models of dolphin?
Vibesonde (12 days ago)
Yeah I have the j7 prime and it ain't compatible, even from the versions made 3 years ago
Shadow _ Santi (2 months ago)
Eclipse master im sorry but i also have the j7 core it aint workin
LEFTi (3 months ago)
On dolphin I can't see any files in downloads PLZ HELP
ranaldo mcsancho (3 months ago)
LEFTi dang, it's aight
LEFTi (3 months ago)
Oh yeah, this is a phone tutorial. I forgot cuz I was trying to get it working on PC lately and didn't look at the video this comment was on, whoops!
ranaldo mcsancho (3 months ago)
LEFTi Hey I'm using an Android phone. Idk if that had anything to do with why I don't see it, but I open the dolphin app, and I see no "options"😯
LEFTi (3 months ago)
ranaldo mcsancho there is, in the top bar in the dolphin emulator window
ranaldo mcsancho (3 months ago)
LEFTi Hey I don't understand. How do I go to options? There was no "option" in dolphin??
Jayden Hamilton (3 months ago)
i have an LG4 phone. will Xenoblade Chronicles run on it?
Triforce Obtained (3 months ago)
When I enter the game, it runs very slowly. My phone isn't old so it's not that. I also downloaded a new version. Please help.
Mumtaz Khan (3 months ago)
Help I can't find my file I have extracted it but ehen I go on dolphin downloads nothing is there
Hasan Dilshad Husain (3 months ago)
Mumtaz Khan find in the directory Open the folder where it is stored and press ok and wait for few mins and it will appear
raiyan 109 (3 months ago)
Phone spec?
Spinix (2 months ago)
Samsung Galaxy S8
Zuhair Mumtaz (3 months ago)
I have extracted it but I can't find my game on dolphin
skull crusher (3 months ago)
Is it okay to use ZArchiver?
RetroMatt (3 months ago)
Yes you can use that!
GarageBand Gamer (3 months ago)
Where did you get roms
nonya business (3 months ago)
Is there anyone that can show me a video on how to put/enable cheats in the dolphin emulator for android? It would be much appreciated, I've looked everywhere and found nothing on how to do so.
technical bro (3 months ago)
Use Zarchiever to extract anything
Earth is flat (3 months ago)
Ok wtf is going on it cant extract the.7z and now there are 4 files i need to download for 1 game wtf
nonya business (3 months ago)
Joopie ok...follow these steps....download your game then click ZArchive>download>click on the game you just downloaded>extract>after the game has been extracted click and hold down on the game disk .iso then CUT>move it to your internal storage>dolphin_emu>GC>USA> then past your game there..after that, click on your Dolphin emulator, then click on internal storage>Dolphin>GC>USA>( now keep in mind, your game won't show up once you go into GC then USA where you moved your game, but hit OK anyway, then bam...your game will show up on the game cube page
Joopie (3 months ago)
doesnt help, still can't find it in dolphin
nonya business (3 months ago)
Earth is flat go to google playstore, install ZArchive, once installed, open it up and go to downloads, then go to the game you downloaded click on it and then extract it, should work.
Deres an OOF in my BOOT (3 months ago)
Mine said phone not comparable
Lumify | Gil (3 months ago)
Get a different phone
Scourge (3 months ago)
Deres an OOF in my BOOT it's not "compatible"
Scourge (3 months ago)
Deres an OOF in my BOOT I'm sorry but your Android OS is 32bit. This version only supports 64bit Android devices which are usually ARMv8 and higher. I've had this problem as my CPU is a ARMv7 which is a 32bit but there is a version of dolphin emulator that's 32bit
Nick Baldeagle (3 months ago)
I've got the Galaxy S7. Super Mario Sunshine runs at an impressive 3 FPS. That's three frames per second.
RetroMatt (3 months ago)
Depends what game you play, some unfortunately for one reason or another don’t run well.
I Smell Like Beef (3 months ago)
Nick Baldeagle Probably gotta root ur phone and use a PC to install better sourced material.
Earth is flat (3 months ago)
Nick Baldeagle lol
julie Gonzalez (4 months ago)
The controls dont even work
xXTylerTheGamingFanXx (4 months ago)
There's a problem I got. I did exactly what you said bur when it came to the Installation process, it says "App not Installed". Is there anyway I can fix it?
Mat Lee (3 months ago)
xXTylerTheGamingFanXx same herw
Scourge (3 months ago)
Anyone with 32bit Android OS may have this problem
Alexei Adjepong (3 months ago)
I know right it don’t work
[OreoDroidSB] 95 (4 months ago)
Thats what im talking about
phiwi _ (4 months ago)
xXTylerTheGamingFanXx i have it too
YourBuddyT (4 months ago)
The download link doesn't work. :(
Matt Parisano (4 months ago)
"Thanks for 2K subscribers" It's almost double that now!
RetroMatt (4 months ago)
Matt Parisano And I’m so thankful for that. I NEED to make more videos, life always gets in the way..but I just need to make time to do it. Thanks so much for watching.
Huracan360 (4 months ago)
It keeps saying 'app not installed' after installation
Huracan360 (3 months ago)
What is it compatible with?
Scourge (3 months ago)
You probably have a 32bit Android OS
Swag-Lit Clan (3 months ago)
That means the version isnt compatible with your phone
xXTylerTheGamingFanXx (4 months ago)
Huracan360 Your not the only one who has that problem.
Andy Huber (4 months ago)
Hij pak gewoon niet
Martinez Robin Elvery (4 months ago)
Bro i need help asap! Why i can't find my iso file in dolphin i extract it without error But it didn't show up...
Even Askildsen (3 months ago)
amin sam (3 months ago)
me too :'(
Beady Fiber (4 months ago)
Martinez Robin Elvery same
Sonali Deshpande (4 months ago)
Can we play Wii u games on it
Scourge (3 months ago)
Completely different consoles
Nick Baldeagle (3 months ago)
Yes. I mean no.
Questionable Logic (4 months ago)
Sonali Deshpande No
Edward Young (4 months ago)
After I download the game and extract it when I go to import to dolphin my downloads folder is empty yet in 7zipper it shows up. Is there another step since this guide came out? Downloaded wind waker from love roms
Edward Young (3 months ago)
Hey guys I got it figured. I had to select the folder not the file it was total pebkac on my part
4KRemix (3 months ago)
try tapping the 3 dots by the file icon. after that tap refresh it should show up after.
Mr Redstone (4 months ago)
Edward Young Dont use 7 zipper Use Zrchiever Then hold the game (.7z) Press extract here. Wait then done
Zek Zek (4 months ago)
Jonas Johnson (4 months ago)
Thank you for the compatible list.
Jonas Johnson (4 months ago)
The Galaxy S8+ can run Dolphin games at full speed. Some games don't work but that's normal. I know this because I use Dolphin on my Galaxy S8. I've played multiple games that ran at full speed. For example, 1) Scoobydoo - Night of 100 Frights 2) Def Jam Vendetta 3) Mario Kart Double Dash 4) Legend of Zelda The Wind Maker 5) Catwoman 6) Resident Evil 3 7) Capcom vs SNK 2 EO 8) DreamWorks Shark Tale Shoot, I even saw a YouTube run Resident Evil 4 with the Galaxy S8 at full speed with zero lag and no graphical issues and the audio was on par and graphics looked beautiful. I believe the build he used was 5.0-6000.
Andy Huber (4 months ago)
jp slingshot (4 months ago)
It won't let me install
Scourge (3 months ago)
Newer versions are only compatible with 64bit Android OS
Jonas Johnson (4 months ago)
jp slingshot https://dolphin-emu.org/download/ That is the download link to the Dolphin website. The official.
Magdaléna Suchánová (4 months ago)
jp slingshot you have to download old version 0.15
Christian Camilleri (4 months ago)
It says not downloaded when installing, but that is most likely because I use a Samsung S5
im pretty sure only one or two versions of android can use it, arm or something like that, BUT THE CREATOR OF THIS VIDEO DOESNT CARE
TaxManOFFICIAL (4 months ago)
Christian Camilleri thers A tutorial vid im on s5 just look up the problem
Portal_Jumper_79 (4 months ago)
it says my device is incompatible and the link in the description say invalid or deleted file on the mediafire page
Scourge (3 months ago)
You have a 32bit Android OS
Jonas Johnson (4 months ago)
Portal_Jumper_79 This is the official link. https://dolphin-emu.org/download/
Doom Dragon (4 months ago)
So i get error it wont install and you have a link for that which doesn't have the apk anymore
Jonas Johnson (4 months ago)
Doom Dragon Try this link: https://dolphin-emu.org/download/
Splatrage1294 (4 months ago)
Like if your watching on iOS
J the weirdo (4 months ago)
Ok, so, i downloaded every thing, but there is no plus sign at the bottom...
Jonas Johnson (4 months ago)
meep morp Try this: https://dolphin-emu.org/download/
Sandro Alexandre (4 months ago)
when i pressing to open dolphin it says file not found! what i should to do?
SGTG23 Ahhh (4 months ago)
Sandro Alexandre download a zip app
MasterWaffle (5 months ago)
I try to download it on my Tablet but it says "Its not compatible". I try it on my Phone and it says "There was a problem parsing the package". Wtf do I do now?
MasterWaffle (3 months ago)
UnkindScourge What version did you get?
Scourge (3 months ago)
I had this problem and solved it. Newer versions aren't compatible with 32bit Android OS. You need a version compatible with 32bit
Zek Zek (4 months ago)
Doom Dragon but he pressed it like me you fucking idiot
Doom Dragon (4 months ago)
Sheriff Toad press it and see what happens idiot
jerrell johnson (5 months ago)
So I downloaded it did everything I was suppose to do and none of the games I downloaded are playable. They start but they are in super slow motion and the sound is none existent. Why? All the games I tried all have 5 star rating for compatibility. Also the controller configuration is missing a start button. How does it not have a start button?!?! I gotta say this is a really crappy emulator. What I really don't understand is how it can work for one person (the dude in this video) then someone like me comes along and tries the exact same thing with the same device as well as sites and configurations and it not work at all! What am I missing!!!!!
jerrell johnson (5 months ago)
Hey thanks! I have a galaxy S8 that I bought here in the U.S . In October of last year I dont know for sure but I assume its the snap dragon version. I mean they only sell that here in the U.S. right? Is there anyway I can check? from what I see in the about section of the settings it doesnt say.
SomeTal'Darim (5 months ago)
jerrell johnson I can help you out, what device do you have? I got the games Brawl and Melee to run on my Huawei P10
Memes. Dank (5 months ago)
it says its not compatible
Scourge (3 months ago)
Memes. Dank you have a 32bit Android OS
=28 Download GameCube Emulator http://tiny.cc/jp80qy
[OreoDroidSB] 95 (5 months ago)
Dolphin is trash it doesnt work
[OreoDroidSB] 95 (4 months ago)
It doesnt work because is says is not installed
Jonas Johnson (4 months ago)
SebasGamerTV2009 gonzalez If you want me too, I will make a video on YouTube showing games running full speed on my phone. I will explain in the video. Plus in my description I will leave links.
Jonas Johnson (4 months ago)
SebasGamerTV2009 gonzalez Sorry you feel that way. I have the Galaxy S8. I have ran several games at full speed. It depends on your phone. I run all my Dolphin games at 720p on my phone. Try this link: https://dolphin-emu.org/download/
[OreoDroidSB] 95 (4 months ago)
I have a samsung tablet 2016 and that doesnt work because the games of gamecube and wii have too much graphics so that only works on windows
Atticus (4 months ago)
What phone do you have?
Scourge Cloud (5 months ago)
Will it harm my tablet?
Scourge (3 months ago)
I don't get how it could do that unless they're jacking your phone for bitcoins and most likely no one is that stupid.
Jonas Johnson (4 months ago)
Scourge Cloud no
SomeTal'Darim (5 months ago)
Scourge Cloud nope
Kami The god (5 months ago)
<~< Any ps vita games you don't want XD?
Victoria Cortez (5 months ago)
IT works ☺☺
Victoria Cortez (5 months ago)
IT works
Cirno The Strong (5 months ago)
What do I do? It keeps telling me to choose an action when I tap on the file for Four Swords. Please help, I really want to play this game.
Cirno The Strong (5 months ago)
Nevermind, got it to work.

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