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EXTREME BASE DEFENSE! (Minecraft Bedwars)

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EXTREME BASE DEFENSE! (Minecraft Bedwars) w/ UnspeakableGaming 🚩 New to the channel? SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/UnspeakableGamingMinecraft ☑️ FOLLOW ME : 🡆 Twitter - https://twitter.com/UnspeakableGame 🡆 Instagram - http://instagram.com/unspeakablegaming 🡆 Snapchat - UnspeakableG 🡆 Livestreaming - https://beam.pro/UnspeakableGaming 🡆 MY SERVER IP : mc.arcadewars.net 🡄 🡆 SHOP : https://arcadewars.net/ 🎮 SECOND YOUTUBE CHANNEL : Unspeakable - https://goo.gl/E2y0kA 👕 MERCHANDISE - Coming Soon. 🡆 Merchandise - Coming Soon 🡆 Twitter - https://twitter.com/CoUnspeakable 🡆 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/unspeakableco/ MooseCraft - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV7lBBz6G20d87WoKFPjsPw Music from Epidemic Sounds http://www.epidemicsound.com/ Thanks for watching! Likes are greatly appreciated! Subscribe to be notified when my next video is live!
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Text Comments (2395)
King Zion (12 hours ago)
Good vid
Cydney Donahue (1 day ago)
hey unspeakable i am your biggest fan if you guys love unspeakable to subscribe to him and mooscraft and leave a like on this video and this comment 😀
Lol noob he is just looting
Minhaj Ahmed (4 days ago)
gautam dwarka (5 days ago)
Stopc creming
Ryland Robinson (5 days ago)
I love bed wars
Katherine Staton (6 days ago)
I watched 2 hours straight of bedwars yesterday
Mike Phillips (8 days ago)
also I played bed wars for the first time and I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike Phillips (8 days ago)
unspeakable i just want to tell you something I made a redstone house and if i ever upload it to you can you please play it? B.T.W I am 8 years old......
Good bye sword.😢😢😢😭😭😭
Arlene Javier (10 days ago)
Caitlin Douen (11 days ago)
you are awesome
Ning Lachica (12 days ago)
Your vidioe are fake0jov6g
ruth ferris (12 days ago)
Do more bed wars
Arithra Biswas (12 days ago)
hey you buy pickaxe,chest os obstone and you give 8 obstone.
Arati Chavan (16 days ago)
You should do a bedwars video where u destroy every single enemy bed in 10 min
Arati Chavan (16 days ago)
You should do a bedwars video where u destroy every single enemy bed in 10 min
Mr Man (17 days ago)
This was soo intense
Grant Comer (17 days ago)
Kenny Teter (17 days ago)
I was the guy that left your team sorry my mum said "NO MORE MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Jacky Deng (18 days ago)
Are you sure it ain’t girls
Soni Mishra (18 days ago)
U both should play more and even invite shark
Gian Padrinao (19 days ago)
I-App or @tp Or Army Say Win Preston Or Win MooseCraft
Gian Padrinao (19 days ago)
Syon Sharma (19 days ago)
Ha ur a noob unspookable but I big fna
block fury (19 days ago)
Can I join in your server bed wars pls tablet/Android pocket editin
The Iron Miners (20 days ago)
I hope he realizes that if u knock someone in the void that he still gets their stuff
Boy Unspeakable (20 days ago)
You are the best you tuber ever
Roman Jarkov (21 days ago)
hack people please
Ihaztwojayz (21 days ago)
Before this, I watched a creepy text story. Now it says “Don’t turn around” on the channel name. I scrolled down, than scrolled up, and it was back to normal. Novos ordo seclorum
The lil Pea Pria (21 days ago)
kevvinz91 (22 days ago)
Unspeakable van i help me names of this is green is geen
What does op mean
Brooklyn Hope (22 days ago)
Um.. the thumbnail. Can't you only spawn *2 Iron Golems?* *-Wait, someone put a line on my comment....-*
Brooklyn Hope (22 days ago)
*-Crap it did it again!-*
Benedict Zafra (23 days ago)
LEVI SMITH (25 days ago)
Hi myr nam irs berb😛
Barkahramadani Dani (25 days ago)
nice good in bedwars
udranger 5000 (25 days ago)
try 100000 obsidian bed defences and try and make it imposble to get to your bed
nguyen nam (26 days ago)
Hannah Morris (28 days ago)
I really want you to do a 1 hr stream of "I am stone murder mystery", bedwars with the squad, or any other i am stone challenges
Zyrell Paragas (29 days ago)
Bedwars!!! I play minecraft
animefnafkiller HACKER (29 days ago)
My meme Why bedwars protecting your bed.... Why wont you sleep on it
animefnafkiller HACKER (29 days ago)
Im pro in Skywars Bedwars Commands PVP Trolling Griefing Noob in Parkour Tnt cannon Redstone
Zachary Leson (1 month ago)
CMH the troll (1 month ago)
hey can you tell me how to download minecraft on pc and how to use sever plz
BlahBlah Blah (1 month ago)
Put a like if you like. Minecraft
Chu Ha Thanh (1 month ago)
why don't you ever protect your bed by irongolem
frederick dudang (1 month ago)
unspeakable got your skin in baby vesion
Connor John Forsyth (1 month ago)
MY NAME is John Mcforsyth
Connor John Forsyth (1 month ago)
U are awesome and can I be on the wall of names ? I watch you everyday
BOY CRAFTER (1 month ago)
Whats that server
Lisa Smith (1 month ago)
My name is Aaliyah
Team Awesome (1 month ago)
Pika Craft (1 month ago)
You broke 2 beds in like within 7 seconds
StrongNinja Gaming (1 month ago)
StrongNinja Gaming (1 month ago)
Koko Edwards (1 month ago)
The first thing you should do in Bedwars is to protect the bed! Then go to the islands
kirandeep kaur (1 month ago)
why you shout so much
Lucas Watson (1 month ago)
Are you atuly live
Lucas Watson (1 month ago)
Piper Smith (1 month ago)
Jaydon R (1 month ago)
Be a haker and destroy all beds at once
MegaAbsolRocks359 (1 month ago)
Yo. Do a four team bed wars, kill off 2 teams, and each of the team members can have their own island!
Hayley Brown (1 month ago)
I have a little buddy named Nathan
pempek pak raden (1 month ago)
why do you dint protect your bed
Dean Colgan (1 month ago)
I love your videos!!! UNSPEKABLE
Vertex Controls (1 month ago)
# best youtuber ever
Detoox 31 (1 month ago)
Glasse wall is the Best 😊
Sush! (1 month ago)
moose nub (unsubcribe)
Jackson Randall (1 month ago)
i say a roblox ad on a minecraft vid -_-
Tareq Alomari (1 month ago)
Rosalva Ramos (1 month ago)
You drop your sword noob
Jeremy De Jong (1 month ago)
for a former mc player, this game mode is pretty fun with friends
Rain JoLix (1 month ago)
Ty T (2 months ago)
Ive seen better *PLAYZ* than this Leave a like if you know what I mean
Wu Jinxian (2 months ago)
you are so so stipid unspeakable
Cherry Oh (2 months ago)
Is that double or solo?
get a pokemon dictionary (2 months ago)
I love you so much!!!!!!😍😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘
aaarettix (2 months ago)
more bed wars to team
BigJermsOG (2 months ago)
i subed and turned on noutofcasins
JosPow • (2 months ago)
My mum says turn your iPhone of now I sneak to watch this
DRAGON LEGJIND 407 (2 months ago)
Lit if you love moose
Eric Guo (2 months ago)
Jose Vizcaino (2 months ago)
Unspeakable make a video trapping villagers in bed wars so an enemy team can't by stuff
Sam world made (2 months ago)
You are the best youtuber i have ever seen ur #*@@#awesome super duper awesome videos
alfredo siosejr (2 months ago)
unspeakalbe i love your all vidios
minecraft storm616 (2 months ago)
i cant her the noses
Tiger OMG MCPE (2 months ago)
I was eating dominos and I loved this vid enjoying pizza
Francisca Abille (2 months ago)
My bff made this poem Roses are red Violets are blue Lets be friends Just like we always do
bestyoutubevidz (2 months ago)
unspeakable you should get a resource pack (it can help you with pvp)
Chris Ricker (2 months ago)
Sorry I have to use my dads phone but my channel is savage kid 77
nickl1982 (2 months ago)
On wen,April 11 go on hypixel and party ryenngirl I'm a fan
11Duck Shot (2 months ago)
Collin Lo (2 months ago)
how do you get a cape! :(
Elise Olenick (2 months ago)
I just LOVE bedwars!!! It's my fav!!!!!
Goshak Ragnarök (2 months ago)
but you weren't serious braaahhhhhhhh
Deivis Pokemon (2 months ago)
Jr Solis (2 months ago)
More bedwars
Jr Solis (2 months ago)
I think unspeakable must throw fire ball at there face like if you agreed
Luis Acevedo (2 months ago)
Hey nice vid keep up the good work :)

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