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9 Actors Who Were Almost Cast As An Avenger

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If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Looper Believe it or not, the stars we know and love as Marvel's mightiest heroes weren't always the studio's first choice. Assembling the right cast for the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a Nick Fury-sized task that took years, and still Marvel couldn't get their top picks all of the time. Here are some actors who were almost cast as an Avenger... Sam Rockwell as Iron Man | 0:17 Timothy Olyphant as Iron Man | 0:48 Eliza Dushku as Black Widow | 1:16 Emily Blunt as Black Widow | 1:52 John Krasinski as Captain America | 2:14 David Duchovny as The Hulk | 2:59 Tom Hiddleston as Thor | 3:36 Alexander Skarsgard as Thor | 4:08 Jensen Ackles as Hawkeye | 4:28 Read more here → http://www.looper.com/27858/actors-almost-cast-avenger/ Website → http://www.looper.com/ Like us → https://facebook.com/loopermoviestv/ Follow us → https://twitter.com/looper Instagram → https://instagram.com/looperhq/ Vine → https://vine.co/looperhq Looper is the go-to source for the movies, TV shows and video games we all love. We're addicted to all things superhero and Star Wars, but we're not afraid to binge watch some reality TV when the mood strikes. Whether it's revealing Easter eggs and secrets hidden in your favorite films, exposing movie mistakes, highlighting the best deleted scenes, or uncovering the truth about reality TV's strangest stars, Looper has endless entertainment for the discerning YouTube viewer.
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Text Comments (461)
Raul Gonzalez (13 days ago)
How about the spirit actors to be in an X-Men movie you just told me those people in the video so they might be useful at the team player act in a movie with the X-Men or other diverse teams in my butt baby was actress could be Easter eggs that's not going to happen of course but they might want to read their comics when they are acting.
Raul Gonzalez (13 days ago)
I have a back-up plan for these actors they disappear from your video how about these actors to be like the X-Men team for the next movie divide that by the X-Men so why not they can be in a X-Men movie like team player acting choice right is he ready by 2 of the Spear of genres Fantastic Four 2 buy two things at once 3 thank you Disney.
GravityWave101 (1 month ago)
RDJ is the one and only tony stark
S J (2 months ago)
No offense but Mark ruffalo doesn't suit the hulk.......
Loki Lvr (2 months ago)
Wtf!!! LOKI is NOT Thor’s half brother!.... cmon its a simple task to research
Taryn Edits (2 months ago)
Hiddleston as Thor and Hemsworth as Loki
Julie Paska (3 months ago)
Dushku would have been perfect for black widow, but as for TOM HIDDLESTON FOR THOR OH HEEEEEEELLL NO.
Grant Holmes (4 months ago)
Ooooh Emily Blunt as Black Widow would’ve been gooooood
Paul Collins (4 months ago)
Anybody then Scarlett for black widow she is absolutely horrible as much personality as a burnt piece of toast
Ahsan Siddiqui (4 months ago)
definitely jensen ackles should have been some superhero he's got the physique for it
themartinezshow (4 months ago)
petition for Timothy to be Mr. Fantastic
James DirkVanDirk (4 months ago)
John Krasinski and Emily Blunt should definitely be Reed Richards and Sue Storm.
Bowfatt Martin (4 months ago)
Jensen was perfect to hawkeye :-(
EmKay (4 months ago)
Sam Rockwell could've been a good iron man...
NO TO FANWARS (4 months ago)
* IF * Chris wasn't Cap America, Jensen will totally own that role
OkashiiAmerican (4 months ago)
Now I'm fangirling over the thought of Dushku and Scarlett having a showdown. XD
Piers Watson (4 months ago)
I want John Krasinski for Reed Richards and Jensen Ackles in an unrelated to the MCU Hawkeye tv show based on the Matt Fraction comics
Nick (4 months ago)
Nothing against John, but I just couldn’t take him seriously as Cap.
danny adams (4 months ago)
Sam Rockwell=Hell no! Timothy Olyphant=Naaah Dushku? Whoever=No. Emily Blount=No. John Kus... whoever=Hellllll no! David D=FUCK NO! Tom Hiddleston=Come on HE IS LOKI. Alexander Skarsgard=No. Who? as Hawkeye... =No.
Peacelover1212 (4 months ago)
Marvel has stellae casting but I think Dushku and Ackles would also be great as Black Widow and Hawkeye. ScarJo as Black Widow is amazing tho. Renner also did a good job as hawkeye. As for RDJ, Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth - they're just perfect
Katherine Rochester (4 months ago)
Jensen Ackles could totally make Captain America right now with the way he looks currently.
Katherine Rochester (4 months ago)
Jensen Ackles would make a great Hawkeye, but he is too good to be on the sidelines .
Nate Erre (4 months ago)
That thumbnail tho. Lmfao
John Spahn (5 months ago)
Jensen Ackles as Hawkeye would have been great if they went was a Matt Fraction version from the Fraction/Aja run.
Michael Mannucci (5 months ago)
Both actresses would have been better for black widow. Scarlette was bad casting.
Infinity Jacobs (5 months ago)
Damn Gulliver's Travels
Tristan Justin Tantoy (5 months ago)
I can't imagine anyone playing Cap and Iron Man other than Chris Evans and Downey Jr. No one else can do it.
The Don Shinobi (5 months ago)
Ackles is suited to play as hawkeye.
youso91 (5 months ago)
Eliza would've been perfect as black widow 😍😍
Oh no it was time for Jensen Ackles to shine...damn it.
Rogue_Titan Gaming (6 months ago)
Coastguard ah
sir eggrol (6 months ago)
honestly, I would’ve fuckin loved to see Jensen as Hawkeye.
ferdy (6 months ago)
Wait for real a Wendy's double stack for 1 dollar
Mellow Yellow (6 months ago)
“And I’m just so perfect for Black Widow” Apparently not!
Kevin Ulloa (6 months ago)
Iron man would not be iron man without RDJ
saeta (7 months ago)
To be fair, Marvel has nailed the casting choices in almost every role, not only on this list but also in general. Probably the only one that could have been improved is Hawkeye. But then again, is not that Jeremy Renner is not good, but rather that the character himself has very little to work with when you compare it with the rest of the cast.
KK Li (7 months ago)
if Tom as Thor. I'm not sure I'll become his fan or not. I think Tom as Loki amplified the awesomeness of Tom. The bloody foot scene(?) where he got prison is so well done.
Bruno'sBaBySquirrel (7 months ago)
I'm glad with how the cast turned out.
Dustin6980 (7 months ago)
jenson would have been a great hawkeye
epitomey (7 months ago)
Sean connery as gandalf
Poo per (8 months ago)
How could Jim handle pranking Dwight,being married to Pam, handling 2 kids and saving lives and protecting America . What a busy man.
Eliza would have been a great black widow,
Francis Turner (8 months ago)
ItsJamesTv (8 months ago)
Jim halbert
Para Bina. com (8 months ago)
Wow I like Jensen Ackles as Hawkeye. He's definitely going to nailed it.
Gerardo Mendez (8 months ago)
I’m a big supernatural fan but the marvel characters are a perfect fit
James Rosoman (8 months ago)
Jack Black as Thanos or Thunderstike? I think vision could be upgraded to Matt Smith and Ultron could return played by Clint Eastwood or voiced and Have She Hulk in the future not sure who could play this character but being two parts of the ego maybe sisters one a body builder and the other an actress Giant Man or Yellow Jacket 2 Bruce Willis or Hulk Hogan?
Erin Wilson (8 months ago)
I'm p7ssed why they didn't do ecles
Erin Wilson (8 months ago)
Big green bich
Erin Wilson (8 months ago)
Randy Copeland (8 months ago)
Thumbnail looks like Jim Halpert
Randy Copeland (8 months ago)
:D I just saw that part in the video I knew it!!!
Halo Movie Music (8 months ago)
Jensen Ackles should be in more movies.
The KowarD (8 months ago)
Duchovony, achiles and hiddlestein as thor would have been awful.
it’s puppetry (8 months ago)
God can you imagine
Dylan Southwick (8 months ago)
Yo Jim could have been captain America maybe Pam could have been black widow
SpikeMichaels (8 months ago)
Krasinski as CAP? FUCK NO
SpikeMichaels (8 months ago)
OWEN WILSON was gonna be ANTMAN...
Robert Cain (8 months ago)
Thanks Watch Mojo!
O.S.I. Intelligence (8 months ago)
Thank goodness Chris Evans got Cap!
Mr Hercules (8 months ago)
Bad choice choosing Chris Evans as Cap, He ruined the character bad yo.Channing Tatum would have been a great Cap😊
Tia Aaron (8 months ago)
Chris made Cap cool.
Wompf axb (8 months ago)
Russel brand as hulk
thepsycho man 2025 (7 months ago)
Wompf axb no it's david duchovny was originally going to play hulk
Tripper Harrison (8 months ago)
Thank God non of this worked out,BUT, Emily Blunt would have been great as romanoff. I would have liked to see her get carol danvers too, but, they opted for Brie Larson. Oh well.
The One Above All (8 months ago)
How about my line up bitches? 1. Eddie Murphy as Nick Fury 2. Joe Peschi as Agent Colson 3. Fabio as Thor 4. Jim Carrey as Loki 5. Jenna Jameson as Back Widow 6. Adam Sandler as Tony Stark 7. Owen Wilson as Captain America 8. C3PO as Vision 9. Zach Efron as Hawkeye 10. Cher as Scarlet Witch 11. Tom Hanks as Banner Make it happen Marvel and I'm pretty sure if it did happen it would still make more money than Justice League. 😈 😈 😈 Now I'm being naughty 😈 😈 😈
The BiggestNerd (8 months ago)
Im glad marvel picked who they did
Gonzo the Great (8 months ago)
Eliza Dushku would have been badass as Widow.
Kaeda Sonata (8 months ago)
So, Jenson Ackles would have left Supernatural to play the part of Captain America, but not for Hawkeye? *Shakes head* Poor Hawkeye, ever the under appreciated avenger. </3
thegazelle86375 (8 months ago)
How is Supernatural a sci-fi tv show? It has very little to do with science fiction
Liza Rubiles (8 months ago)
mcu is the best marvel film -Pierre.
jojo Cáströ Tv (8 months ago)
Timothy olymphant as Mr fantastic in the reebot of fantastic 4 jojö Cáströ as Herbie
tbomb boys (8 months ago)
Chris Evans is the right captain america because he was human torch
Alexander Stone (9 months ago)
Shaya LeBouf for Spiderman anyone with me???
Beth Anderson (9 months ago)
The only thing that can make the MCU even better would have been Jensen Ackles... I wish
Fnaf fan123 Banana boi (9 months ago)
Wow is this frisk from if undertale was realistic 😮
Amanda ThePanda (11 months ago)
Original Buffout (11 months ago)
All of the characters are cast wisely Robert Downey Jr acts just like tony stark in rl Chris Evans is a likeble role model in rl Ryan renolds is a funny, fuckex up guy just like deadpool Jeremy is a shady,funny,joking guy Tom holland is an awkward,nerdy kid just like Peter
Rynnel Cabalhin (1 year ago)
What?? Hawkeye "the least liked" hero? Cmon. First for spidey. Hawkeye is my second on animated series. Hate how he died though.
Leo Lawson (1 year ago)
Focus foot furniture vpeqb poll understanding here secret punish.
Racyz (1 year ago)
sub to my channel
Jon G (1 year ago)
WATA FUCK! JENSEN ACKLES AS HAWKEYE?!? That would've been interesting as fuck! But, I already love hawkeye as is. Jensen has a special part in my heart, but as a Winchester.
Julie Kelly (1 year ago)
Really wish John Krasinski got the part of Captain America
TuaBoy 02 (1 year ago)
Jordano Campos (1 year ago)
i have that ironman toy the one that justin hammer has it is not the exact one but i got one when i went to 7 miles
Erick Juarez (1 year ago)
Niki minaj as black widow lol😂😂😂
Andres Hernandez (1 year ago)
Marvel: good casting. DC: bad casting.
Vistoso ಠ_ಠ (1 year ago)
omg I never knew that Dexter voiced this 😲
Tyroneification. (1 year ago)
Daniel Craig, Was Offered the Role of Thor But Turned it Down, Saying It Would be Too Much of an Ego Trip Both James Bond and Thor.
Shariq Torres (1 year ago)
Sam Rockwell would have been great as Iron Man
Wuwarrior 2917 (1 year ago)
is that Dexter Manning?
QuinnMUSIC (1 year ago)
8BitGamer (1 year ago)
They can hire these actors again when the original actors playing the Avengers retire and move on just like the different actors who play James Bond, Batman, and Doctor Who. Robert Downey Jr. wants to finish playing Iron Man since he's been playing Iron Man for a long time. It's a lot of physical work doing action movies like the Avengers.
Gabz G (1 year ago)
is it sad i only watched this video to see jensen
gaston. (1 year ago)
I'm so happy with the avenger crew we have right now
Adrian Jones (1 year ago)
After watching this, I'm even more happy with how The Avengers cast turned out.
Sharrel Wright (1 year ago)
you,have a gorgeous accent
dee brewster (1 year ago)
eliza Dushku would be perfect as domino in Deadpool 2
Leo Valdez (1 year ago)
Anyone else here cause of Dexter Manning?
Theclaw Yaww (1 year ago)
dexter manning
Jason V (1 year ago)
Any one for black widow except scarlett would of been GREAATT!!!, not a fan of scarlette johnson.
jerrypresley1234 (1 year ago)
I knew like three actors and that was it haha
Zoozy G (1 year ago)
Nah I could never imagine Someone els being Blackwidow

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