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Game of Thrones Season 4: Artisan Piece #2 - Intensity of Iceland (HBO)

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Text Comments (292)
Jennifer Sasha (1 year ago)
It absolutely payed out. The scenery in season 4 was absolutely magnificent. You all do spectacular work.
talhamert Akbas (1 year ago)
Turkey sporu meyli maliye
james allan (3 years ago)
one of he bes movies
verq (3 years ago)
I live In Iceland bitches :D lol
vanessa somerhalder (3 years ago)
Rose Leslie, so beautiful!!
tom rogers (4 years ago)
ONLY White countries are forced to accept unlimited migration. ONLY White countries are told to assimilate with immigrants. ONLY White countries are predicted to become mixed race. Does any one see a pattern here? Anti-Whites call themselves "anti-racist", but their words & actions lead to the genocide of only one group: White people. The true goal of anti-racism is to genocide my people. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.
Slbcampeao1 (4 years ago)
You Know Nothing HBO
Calvin Bandi (4 years ago)
Been there!
KashelGladio (4 years ago)
Ironic that they film in Iceland during the Summer when Winter is supposed to be coming in Westeros =P 
TheBigVeganGiant (4 years ago)
Amy Lorenzo (4 years ago)
do people in those countries really know what heat is?
IcelandHotSpots (1 year ago)
+Amy Lorenzo 25 degrees is way to warm for me
Amy Lorenzo (3 years ago)
Like, 25 degrees Celsius. In Australia that's just warm. But i guess if you're used to ice, that's hot to you.
verq (3 years ago)
Some times its super hot in Iceland and we live in the strongest houses cause off the earth quakes me have...and volcanos
Corey Hartstone (4 years ago)
Intensity of Ygritte & Jon Snow Sex Scene in Cave
Silverbacc (4 years ago)
makes me want to live in Iceland. such beauty
IcelandHotSpots (1 year ago)
Come visit ☺
verq (3 years ago)
Iceland is a super safe pleas it has no dangerous animals...yeah
ElleJay (4 years ago)
Are we there yet?! Ooooo I can't wait! ^.^
Satish Muorya (4 years ago)
Satish muorya1994
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kittykatsmash (4 years ago)
Winter is coming but its getting warmer? seriously when is winter coming? theyve been saying that for years
spoongebath (4 years ago)
What do you guys think about this new GoT mmo? imo it looks awesome :] http://po.st/ykxYq5
RaudurDvergur (4 years ago)
in the 5th book.
tsUki (4 years ago)
winter is coming
cocobana29 (4 years ago)
I wish Ygritte die 
Jens de Vries (4 years ago)
eeehm what's maizie Williams doing on that set?
chipsandcheese (4 years ago)
Guys i've found sweet social RPG based on GoT series ^_^ look it up it's addicitive like hell :D http://storify.com/jajamesbluersky/game-of-thrones-ascent-new-social-mmo-based-on-got
RSTAR7824 (4 years ago)
Guess "Winter is coming!" Wasn't true?…
SwampySack (4 years ago)
 RIP Peter Dinklage.
managarm1349 (4 years ago)
holy awesome batman. most beautiful country in the fucking world
IcelandHotSpots (1 year ago)
Also batman was shot here ☺
verq (3 years ago)
Mhmm! I live in Iceland! But it's kinda danger.. With the lava around us
LamboSpyder99 (4 years ago)
so when exactly is the winter coming?
Carl (4 years ago)
"Start the damn thing before i piss myself"  -Robert Baratheon
NadaTV (4 years ago)
this isn't a fantasy place in a book, this is earth... beautiful.
verq (3 years ago)
Iceland is a magical please... No really one day I was walking around my house and I saw a lot off mushrooms shape off a egg.... Wierd
jplb96 (4 years ago)
I know she isn't in this video but HER NAME IS SPELT 'Daenerys Targaryen' .Her name is not Khaleesi that is a title or denerys danares ,etc
jplb96 (4 years ago)
+PandasaurusRex Yes but the way they are saying it ,it is like 'My Favourite character is Khaleesi!' Not my favourite character is THE Khaleesi or the Khaleesi Daenarys .
Perry V. (4 years ago)
What context are we talking about here? within the show or in real life, because in the show yes you would call them by their titles thats how the feudal system works, but in real life, well since the feudal system is long gone we dont call them by their titles.
jplb96 (4 years ago)
+PandasaurusRex You don't see people going up to Lena Headey saying hello Queen Regent or to Jack Gleeson saying hello King .It makes no sense and is not how you'd say it.
Perry V. (4 years ago)
You can call them by there titles
Natheyja (4 years ago)
Gosh darn it! Do I have to start flipping rocks over here to find these guys? I wouldn't mind working as a personal assistant to one hot bastard while he's staying here in Iceland... I wonder if he has job available :D
Starfish Prime (4 years ago)
I've always wanted to visit Iceland. It looks amazing.
Tyrion Lannister (4 years ago)
You're single my lady Ygritte. Lets have some fun.
Johan Petur Dam (4 years ago)
You've gotta give the Icelanders a lot of credit. Getting one of the most succesful series to use their fair land as a shooting location. I wish the same could be said about us in the Faroe Islands :(
Richard Jordan (4 years ago)
This video proves leprechauns do not exist. 1:02 
John D (4 years ago)
That time link proved that they do! Go to full screen, pause, use the magnifier that comes with windows. You'll see a little man in green flipping off the camera!
SirHammerHead888 (4 years ago)
"Is It April 6th Yet??!!!"
FPVav8tr (4 years ago)
If you watch my latest video, you will win the lottery in 10 days....just kidding...5 days.
Pawan Kr Jaiswal (4 years ago)
bhak sala......
Josh VanDerWood (4 years ago)
Ahhhhh! <3 this show!
Andres3Stacks (4 years ago)
you mean intesity of westeros, right? :P
Ruslan Niyazov (4 years ago)
amazing country! wish to visit there...
AAndryx992 (4 years ago)
Can somebody tell me what the hell does ygrette said? 
jellozubmarine (4 years ago)
It's so fun to see your country in a tv show! Especially one of my favorite, Game of Thrones!
Les Partiss (4 years ago)
ChronicLegio - If you want to see stupid, look in the mirror.
jhN322 (4 years ago)
So beautiful :)
IcelandHotSpots (1 year ago)
+zoNECS You should go I think there are even GoT tours
Bjarni Vignisson (4 years ago)
Thank you for complementing my country. But summer can be cold sometimes, or atleast colder then they show on this video.
jhN322 (4 years ago)
+Miganto I wasen't talking about me :P but heey thanks ^.^ Iceland is really beautiful I wanna go there someday.
Miganto (4 years ago)
Yes, you are. Iceland is pretty fantastic, hope to go there this year or next and this video has just made me check prices for this year :P
jhN322 (4 years ago)
+Laquanda Sequeira :)
TheMighty Owls (4 years ago)
Game Of Thrones is awesome and you are such a d**k then
ChronicLegio (4 years ago)
overrated garbage. Stupid television for stupid people. I suggest you people gain some intelligence and watch True Detective.
kittykatsmash (4 years ago)
thinks he's smarter than everyone else because he watches true detective even though everybody watches true detective
philtorius (4 years ago)
+ChronicLegio My pleasure.
ChronicLegio (4 years ago)
+Oberyn Martell I never said it did you idiot. Typical scrub. You need intelligence in order to watch true detective. I suggest you gain some first...GOT is for the stupid like you!:)
ChronicLegio (4 years ago)
+philtorius Thanks.
philtorius (4 years ago)
You are stupid i thought i would let you know.
Wow, it's so freaking beautiful, can't wait
Remus0387 (4 years ago)
Iceland in the Summer looks like a completely different country, what a change a season makes. I'm so looking forward to this season and the awesomeness that will ensue.
Isabela Ferrari (4 years ago)
OMGot can't wait for season 4!
GuitarWarriorSammie (4 years ago)
Doesn't look like winter is coming after all
Jernej Blatnik (4 years ago)
Ok! Since when is Westeros forest free land?
alvaro7393ify (4 years ago)
Rose leslie i wnt to fuck ya so hard
albertttzz (4 years ago)
YES love this show
Zack Case (4 years ago)
Why is Aria here?
Roamer (4 years ago)
So I guess winter isn't coming quite yet!
trevor smith (4 years ago)
Got nunnin do with incest its there because of the 3 lannister bastards but ice and fire is abiut the throne and the others read the books people the show leaves half the shit out
anonymous one (4 years ago)
are there any UK actors in GOT that are not really posh sounding?
Will Davis (4 years ago)
+anonymous one big house does not automatically equal posh.  I live in a larger property than that and I'm far from posh.  Just spent my last vacation at a budget resort getting drunk every night with a load of loud-mouthed friends.  My manners are poor, my speech is often slurred... You get the picture.
MilkMonster (4 years ago)
+anonymous one I'll take your word for it. Regards.
anonymous one (4 years ago)
+Aarchione well I'm from England and know what an upper class accent sounds like, they are all clearly from posh families. maisie Williams street from the cinnamon video look how huge the houses are lol.
Aarchione (4 years ago)
Hardly posh English accents. And I'm from Canada.
MilkMonster (4 years ago)
We don't sound posh. It's just that the Americans are taken aback by our calm and collected speech.
nastywitch6 (4 years ago)
Bring it on!!!
kopde (4 years ago)
Iceland to GoT = New Zealand to LotR?
neto6230 (4 years ago)
but we need more than 10 episodes
QuebecQueen (4 years ago)
OMG!!! I went to Iceland and it was the greatest trip of my life!! <333 Oh, god!! It's the nicest place on Earth after my Canada! <3 Oh, Rose and her accent! ^.^ I adore her! I can't wait for some more Ygritte badassness. :P<3
Jack (4 years ago)
cool ygritte is in this season
wikum3 (4 years ago)
Iceland is the new New Zealand
Zquirrelthing (4 years ago)
Don't really get why they are filming there, the whole thing about the upcoming seasons is the fact that winter is coming. But I guess I'll have to see!
Robin Scheffler (4 years ago)
I thought winger was coming
Hrafnhildur (4 years ago)
I know, I was fucking with ya
Robin Scheffler (4 years ago)
+Hrafnhildur Anna Francis winter*
Hrafnhildur (4 years ago)
winger is still active
Zee (4 years ago)
that location doesn't look like real life, its soo beautiful
mattyo watzky (4 years ago)
Guys, it's supposed to be winter out there...
Samir Hamadé (4 years ago)
Que locação foda!!
Abshan The 6th (4 years ago)
can't wait <33333333
TiyZzi (4 years ago)
Holy, the hound laugh.
Mara Santos (4 years ago)
Where is the bloody winta???
Roy Ælfan (4 years ago)
What is this music?
Dana Williams (4 years ago)
B c.f. tee incl. Bank: .
wolfmanjim (4 years ago)
I was there for about a week this summer and it rained almost the whole time. Still had fun, though.
Jacob011 (4 years ago)
Dammit, I have to read faster! I'm near the red wedding.
Ap0 (4 years ago)
Cannot wait!!!
Robert Romero (4 years ago)
I thought winter was coming...
Am AM (4 years ago)
to me this series is as good as lord of the rings such a damn good story.
Fuvity (4 years ago)
Winter apparently isn't coming anymore.
kut52 (4 years ago)
Farad Jabali has a great voice, he should work as a narrator :)
Z3us (4 years ago)
Is that grass? Sorry I'm from Minnesota, grass doesn't exist up here.
Jrende730 (4 years ago)
Minnesota is actually colder than Iceland due to the warm Gulf Stream carried up by the North Atlantic Drift.
Z3us (4 years ago)
Yeah I know. I want to visit a lot of Northern European countries when I can. Beautiful countries.
MrLockie300 (4 years ago)
+Awak3n3dDarkn3ss  You think that's green..... You should see Ireland! :L
Z3us (4 years ago)
It's so.....green. What a great country to film Game of Thrones. 
There's grass, moss, trees and more in the video...
arnar230 (4 years ago)
Iceland is avesome
MagieFR (4 years ago)
GetMeOuttaHereGaming (4 years ago)
Wait... Why are Brienne and The Hound in Iceland? Brienne is supposed to be in Kings Landing, and The Hound, well, not in freaking Iceland, that is Jon Snow area...
Glenn Quagmire (4 years ago)
The Thing is still alive it even traveled back in time aliens and their plots 
Dean Mullenders (4 years ago)
Amazing! I was on vacation in Iceland last summer, unfortunately, we chose the worst two weeks to be there, damn cold and a lot of rain. Great memories to see it again, I recognize most of the places seen in the video. Looking forward to season 4 :)
Sveinn Ólafsson (4 years ago)
Well, iceland is populated by morons just like everywhere else. But morons in ratio to land is much better. You can walk for hours, days, a month without seeing a single person. 
GeekFurious (4 years ago)
Ahhhh. Home. I miss you.
JAckh45 (4 years ago)
I guess Winter isnt coming anymore? mk
Random Game Stuff (4 years ago)
Really Minor Spoiler Alert! Winter is likely not arriving for another few seasons.
MrMooney48 (4 years ago)
NARCOTICjungle (4 years ago)
U nuuh nuuhtiinn jun snuhh.
drew morgan (4 years ago)
I thought winter was coming :/
Daenerys Stormborn (4 years ago)
Ygritte dies
PurplenightJenkins (4 years ago)
Sadly, but at least you're still alive. :D
Andreea Cozma (4 years ago)
Can't wait to be already April.I also have to finish A Dance of Dragons
IpoteticAMVsChannel (4 years ago)
at least we have the Vikings to entertain us until GoT starts :D
Richard Musiol (4 years ago)
Hell yeah!
Jessica Angela (4 years ago)
STOP uploading videos on youtube and start the show NOW!!!!! Geez hbo:(
Ishaan Sahai (4 years ago)
Winter is ... well gone !
Hahaha these vids are such teasers!! So excited, thanks for the previews Game of Thrones. If you get a chance check out my New Game of Thrones Orchestral piece dedicated to the new season, thanks
Blake Robbins (4 years ago)
Great stuff!
Mana Music OST (4 years ago)
So good!! Made me even more excited, thanks =)
MusicIsLife (4 years ago)
Wow, sounds really good!!
TechSource (4 years ago)
Hurry up and start already dammit!
ElTurtleBomb (4 years ago)
+El_TurtleBomb can't take care of those damn things after level 40
ElTurtleBomb (4 years ago)
+robert lynn so its like pokemons
justsaying (4 years ago)
+robert lynn I hope the white walkers and dragons don't hump around too. THAT I do not want to see.
Skullduggary (4 years ago)
Does it even matter, the women and men in this are HOT!
Skullduggary (4 years ago)
+Bidhan A Its not all about incest... well it is partly.
Demigoddess011 (4 years ago)
I live in Iceland, and it sucks so bad.
Edna Mode (9 months ago)
nah it doesn't tho, the weather can be pretty rough sometimes but apart from that i'd say we're quite lucky to live in such a peaceful place ;)
Federico Presti (4 years ago)
Alexander Forbes (4 years ago)
Good God Rose Leslie is so pleasant. 

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