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Rick and Morty - Tove Lo "Habits"

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Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) original version. AMV
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Peppamint tea!! * (22 days ago)
Why mister jellybean. That scene made me cry me face off. (Metaphorically) It's insane what kind of shit Morty has to deal with!!!!
sammi Chaos (1 year ago)
i love the way you break down the characters psychologically, its great man 👍👍you make some excellent points in this video. tbh i think its pretty obvious that rick does care about his family but wont let it show too much. the thing about rick is he thinks he has to keep any real emotion locked away as a way of protecting himself..he uses unhealthy coping skills like pretending he has no feelings and self medication because he thinks if he doesnt care about anything, nothing can hurt him, and if he can convince everyone else that he doesnt care, he can convince himself of that too. if u take a closer look at rick you can tell something(s) bad happened to him (we dont kno what yet) and hes in a lot of pain, and he wants to be sure he never feels that way again (any more than he already does) wich brings me to my next point, he seems like a selfish ass bc hes afraid to care bc hes afraid to get hurt, if hes learned anything its that u have to look out for "number one" so i think on tiny planet when he over heard the family talking about the hardships hes caused them he was forced to think about it. i think he knew from the very beginning that he could overthrow the government if he put his mind to it, but in the beginning he didnt feel like dealing with it so he chose not to, that is until he was forced to think of his family. i think he initially chose to turn himself in to do whats best for them, but i think he knew once he was in there (prison) he knew he could take them down from the inside (wich he did) so really he just killed two birds with one stone on that one..like "well fu-urp-ck i guess im o-overthrowing the government today"
wolf bane (1 year ago)
I love this 👍👍👏👏☺☺☺
Shinobu Takatsuki (1 year ago)
very cool man

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