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Jon Snow and Melisandre love

23191 ratings | 39198433 views
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Text Comments (1856)
Hania khan (5 months ago)
Silvia Regina (21 days ago)
Sesxo Sexo erótico
Саид Гафуров (4 months ago)
Hania khan hello
aqil Khan Videos (4 months ago)
Hania khan Me two
Hania khan اممممم
Josh Crawford (2 days ago)
Bet that big red Bush was warm 😯
Greenmanblue (4 days ago)
A great scene, but so cut to ribbons here that it barely makes sense. Unless you have ADHD of course.
Enottik (2 days ago)
It's just that I know nothing cause I'm Jon Snow)
JourneyML1 (10 days ago)
Melisandre is the hottest character on GoT
Enottik (8 days ago)
My guess is Drogon's the hottest one)))
Master Wave (10 days ago)
then he goes on to fuck his aunt seasons later... guess melis was right :)
Türkçe altyazı mı? 🤔😱 Kanal sahibi Türk mü??
+Enottik 👍🏻💜🦋
Enottik (8 days ago)
No, unfortunately I don't, but I'm good at Valyrian)
+Enottik 😁Türkçe biliyor musun?
Enottik (14 days ago)
No, I'm from Targaryens)
per aspera ad astra ¿ (15 days ago)
I love the look Melisandre gives Jon after he says, 'I swore a vow,' at 1:50.
Enottik (13 days ago)
Let's set her up with Tormund - kissed by fire)
per aspera ad astra ¿ (14 days ago)
+Enottik terrific actress
per aspera ad astra ¿ (14 days ago)
+Enottik... I don't think we can see Jon's look when she says "then we shouldn't tell him"
Enottik (14 days ago)
What about his look when she said (about Stannis) "Then we shouldn't tell him!"
Wolfy (1 month ago)
I’m tying to see the whole tiddie son
Andreea Andreea (1 month ago)
Power to make Life.... power to make light... waw.... your spoiler over there
واو جميل
Dougie (1 month ago)
Why does it have 15K dislikes??? I’m confused it’s not clickbait
Salih Özevin (1 month ago)
Deloris Welch (1 month ago)
Figure lawsuit one before unlike hay satisfaction graduate climate principle.
Natalia Torres (1 month ago)
Morí cuando dijo que aún la ama. 😢
Crimson Corgi (1 month ago)
It's a shame she's a hag.
Walison (2 months ago)
Eu passava o pau nela
*ححلووووووروعـــة تم الاشتراك وااحلاااالايكككككك لعيونك رديها 🌷*
Mücahit Eserkaya (3 months ago)
Sahne türkçe altyazili , türk yok aq
ophir phil (3 months ago)
i hope they two sex in this season
liu Lu (3 months ago)
You know nothing, John snow😓
Lilly (3 months ago)
39 mln views. WTF?
Enottik (3 months ago)
Melisandre's flames are too hot to resist)
Ita Mala (3 months ago)
Sonia Bhabhi Official (4 months ago)
love you witch hunter
Jingo Unchained (4 months ago)
she is so fucking hot
Asif Iqbal Janbaz (4 months ago)
Full movie name
Enottik (4 months ago)
"Game of Thrones"
Stark333 (4 months ago)
38m carai o pessoal gosta
Billy Lawliet (4 months ago)
Bütün herşey Türklerden çıkıyor sakjksadjksajdkj
اوشي العبيدي (4 months ago)
Grondunn BloodBone (4 months ago)
What if she was Ygritte?
Rizwan Gutka (4 months ago)
مكحل بلوفه (4 months ago)
Rafaella Martins (4 months ago)
É massa💜
Suneel kumar Suneel (4 months ago)
I love my India
N Fast (4 months ago)
caothànhcông (4 months ago)
38m views,wow
أحمد العنيد (4 months ago)
صدرها يجنن 😋😋
Toxic Frost (4 months ago)
Little did he know she is a old hag
arktana (26 days ago)
stfu pedo
Eduar Barrera (4 months ago)
BOYA BABU (4 months ago)
Arifin Binussyahdan (4 months ago)
Dasar bego dosa tau lagi bulan ramadhan
Rajkumar Gupta (4 months ago)
Sonorika Domestoy (4 months ago)
سوماا شريف (4 months ago)
مرحبا ممكن صديقه انسانه جاده رمانسيه ترد على تعليق نتظر رردد
lee nasri (4 months ago)
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Emmy Jones (4 months ago)
Hot movie?
Michael Jordan (4 months ago)
He still loves Ygritte but fucks his auntie after a few episodes.
Manoj Kusharam (4 months ago)
Manoj mk
Nice day
Chandy Godfrey Yet (4 months ago)
Gini mit full
Avinash Sukane (4 months ago)
Avinash Sukane (4 months ago)
07737856326 Okjgfdd (4 months ago)
Kartik Majhi (4 months ago)
Andrey Berezin (4 months ago)
zhu zhu (4 months ago)
MNM* (4 months ago)
Mere bhi chus lo yr koi
sam rock (4 months ago)
Thik hai apki tamanna puri kardengay pahele reply do
sam rock (4 months ago)
Cristian Reyes (4 months ago)
MNM* como has estado
Cristian Reyes (4 months ago)
MNM* hola hermosa
Washid Khan (4 months ago)
So very hot video
ron burgundy?? (4 months ago)
What season and episode? I do not remember this scene
Enottik (4 months ago)
Season 5 Episode 4 "Sons of the Harpy" - the best scenes are here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBvnJxtO4Eg
Malik Malik (4 months ago)
scoot pilgrim (4 months ago)
Cristian Reyes (4 months ago)
বিষ্টি বেজা সকাল como has estado
Cristian Reyes (4 months ago)
বিষ্টি বেজা সকাল hola hermosa
عباللي اكو نيج
Truth (4 months ago)
Moyeez Ansari (4 months ago)
07734239077 باشه (4 months ago)
Maria Eduarda Souza (4 months ago)
I love Jon Snow ♥♥♥
junaeikhan junaeid (4 months ago)
كنج اليمن (4 months ago)
عايز كس يمني
Status Queen (4 months ago)
Movie Name..?
Enottik (4 months ago)
"Game of Thrones"...enjoy)
Hoang Thang (4 months ago)
Mdmasud Masud (4 months ago)
arslan rajput (4 months ago)
wow♥♥ hot move Love you
Eslam Eslamraghab (4 months ago)
Shelly B. Love (4 months ago)
PAriliMI 😍
DIL lagi (4 months ago)
Vijoy Das (4 months ago)
Derry Dharma (4 months ago)
serkan Kartal (4 months ago)
رغد الأعسم Raghad Ala3ssm 😍
Gopalarkhna Bhat (4 months ago)
Gopala Bhat
Nice video😍😍😍
Ambar Bora (4 months ago)
卢智 (4 months ago)
love sex
Jaegar Barlas (4 months ago)
Just..... No
ستار الربيعي (4 months ago)
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Khoda Madrajat (4 months ago)
I love you Elle
rinjimaru (4 months ago)
She has the best breast
Dance Chaabi Toop (4 months ago)
Very wonderful
Chika Chikago (4 months ago)
I love it
Nia Yenda (4 months ago)
Tak ada yg bermutu film yutup
Rock jaisson jaisson (4 months ago)
Samuel Saleh (4 months ago)
Mantap eh
Acang Hasan (4 months ago)
حزيفه كمال (4 months ago)
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joel Leonard. (4 months ago)
Ue sexy Jan Kahn
Harivansh Kumar (4 months ago)

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