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Littlefinger against The 3-Eyed Raven, A Faceless Girl, and The Lady of Winterfell (Game of Thrones)

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[Contains Spoilers] Littlefinger's betrayal is a direct parallel/nod to Ned's betrayal. Beat by beat. We never see him ̶c̶o̶n̶s̶p̶i̶r̶e̶d̶ conspire with Joffrey and Cersei, just like we never see Sansa c̶o̶n̶s̶p̶i̶r̶e̶d̶ conspire with Bran and Arya. We saw Ned marching through the throne room believing the City Watch & Littlefinger were all behind him. Same thing Littlefinger believed the Vale army and Sansa were with him. Littlefinger was Protector of the Vale, yet they betrayed him; just like Ned was Protector of the Realm and was still betrayed. Arya's supposed trial was Sansa's attempt to trick him. Hurt him like how they were hurt by Ned's death. They basically gave him the middle finger (ha). To make him a fool just like how Littlefinger made their father a fool. To give him some kind of assurance just like how he gave Ned some assurance. (A quote from a Reddit user, "To ensure that up to the last minute, Littlefinger had no sense of danger. Otherwise, he could have prepared excuses, a defense, or perhaps even an escape.") They took away his "knowledge is power" philosophy and used it against him. Sansa was giving all the pain to Littlefinger, and it is why his death was the most satisfying. ------------------------------------------------------ My top 10 most satisfying deaths: 1) Littlefinger 2) Viserys 3) Ramsay 4) Joffrey (This one was spoiled for me by a fan from Lena Headey's & Peter Dinklage's Q&A; and that damn Quiznos ad—intentional or not, it gave me the idea how he'll die. Link: https://youtu.be/gFk0T3ifF48) 5) The Freys (Arya's great line; the execution, the presentation, and the delivery were magnificent.) 6) Meryn Trant (My blood was pumping & my heartbeat was pounding very fast while watching this. I felt like I came.) 7) Master Kraznys ("Zaldrīzes buzdari iksos daor." Complete chills. This scene is a masterpiece.) 8) Walder Frey (Too low because I got spoiled by the reveal. Someone pointed out the girl in the trailer will be Arya, which turned out to be true—so the surprise factor was taken away from me.) 9) Olly and Ser Alliser Thorne (My favorite theme music, bookended with Jon's "My watch has ended.") 10) High Sparrow (Everybody pointed out it will be wildfire, and yet, it was still enthralling. Lower only because of Margaery.) Note: I didn't feel anything towards Tywin's death. I was not happy, shock, or sad about it (I was more shock with Shae's death). I needed one or few more lines of dialogue from Tyrion and Tywin to make me elicit some emotional reaction. The Game of Faces: https://youtu.be/6MHzJcR8FUw
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Di Di Bee (2 months ago)
I found it odd that the Master mastermind did not take his own advice of a mere three episodes prior to his demise about fighting every battle in your mind, imagining everything happening all at once, everyone is your enemy, everyone's your friend, etc. "so that nothing will ever surprise you" (edit: it's in this video at 5:37). So he never imagined a scenario of being found out, so he was blindsided by the "quick to anger, slow to think (or something like that)" Stark children? He must have felt quite cozy and comfortable to let his guard down that much just a few stepping stones short of his goal. Especially after the death threat by Jon before he left for Dragonstone, and the presence of Lady Brienne and Arya, both of whom can't stand him and he knows it, and are trained expert killers, and he's seen it. Then again, he seriously thought Sansa might be considering reconciliation after selling her to the Boltons, marrying her off to one of the worst monsters in the show, and her barely escaping with her life and eventually returning home, no thanks to him, so maybe his ego got boosted a bit into the non-realitysphere by Lysa's psycho devotion and was somewhat blinded by pimp-vision caused by years of being surrounded by prostitutes.
Quintus Cosinius (23 hours ago)
​+jdsol1938 I'm pretty sure that you are right, when Jaqen H'ghar took the poison and Arya started pulling faces of him, one of those face was her own. He probably could wear it because her face had already been taken (the time she got another face for a while). But maybe something similar happened for Littlefinger. Or there was some other way. Or the theory is just wrong ;)
jdsol1938 (1 day ago)
+Quintus Cosinius in order for the faceless men to take your place they need your face
FlyingMonkies325 (16 days ago)
One thing u have to realize is nobody really liked Littlefinger and everyone knew who he was they were just all waiting until someone kills him Sansa too nobody wanted to admit it because in a way they felt sorry for him but at the same time they knew they had to put him down they all knew eventually he'd slip up and that really he's just an amature the way he manipulates ppl is the way ppl gaslight and bully others today, his downfall was his arrogance and closed mindedness he thought he was smart but he's not he was just a nusance. At the start of the show Varys proved how easy he is to manipulate and distract when he ran amock of him during his meetings with Ned he totally distracted him 100% with those meetings in order to then distract him from the coming news about Daenerys and then pointed it out to him just as he went into the meeting, even if what Littlefinger wanted by to be king of Kings Landing on The Iron Throne like zillions of other ppl... he never really could see the bigger picture and how big of a job it would really be he still thought too small and his arrogance held him back from seeing the bigger picture. Varys played on that the whole time while in Kings Landing by making him feel the way he was doing things was the correct way to go validating everything he was doing in order to keep him from becoming a bigger threat he said things to Littlefinger what he wanted to hear and reacted the way he wanted him to even making him sound more dangerous than he actually was knowing his "littlebirdies" would pick-up on that thus giving him a larger head :P Littlefingers liked to create the illusion he was more dangerous and smarter than he actually was, i guess he was a little dangerous because of the face he made it quite far without much help he built up his empire of brothels himself and worked his way up himself like Varys did but his shortsightedness would always eventually be the death of him, he never got cozy he was just a damn fool i read him like an open book from the start of the show, it wasn't prostitues or Sansa or Lysa's psycotic devotion but himself, he led himself to his own demise Varys just simply made sure he walked himself off that bridge and it didn't take much of a nudge... lol.
Ana Freitas (17 days ago)
Pimp-vision is now a thing & needs to stay pinned for all eternity. LF got cocky. He really did. And he is in every way soooo different from the northerners. This is not Kings Landing & nobody likes him. Grubby ferret dude, brothel keeper, he is just 'off' in the North. He tries with Arya & even wins that one only doesn't understand what makes her tick. Or Bran. Even Sansa is a new animal by now (bet no one told him how Ramsay died).The small wins probably made him feel he had more time, but many other explanations are equally awesome. I really think Sansa has a list of her own. Why not? It's not like Arya but there's a list. So Jon bends the knee to a woman that's coming to save us (check) & might want to marry her thus probably/closer to leaving Winterfell to me (check), also Arya won't be pissed cause it's Jon's choice (check). Now let's see what this particular sociopath thinks... She plays passive-aggressive down to a T; her poker face was simply of the charts... I think she got it from Bran, lol. Arya did Arya; the Faceless men did say you can't be you & us but that's not stopping her from trying. Having that said, I will never know if anyone LF interacted with (servants/northerners, etc) wasn't Arya wearing a face. Maybe it was Maybelline´s last appearance on a comment. Bran... sigh. Is really gone. Maybe that's why he is called the 3 eyed raven, even Bloodraven forgot his name after so many years or is beyond caring. Like Azor Ahai, no matter the persons name. There were so many micro expressions (or honest attempts) this season I might need new glasses. For what is worth, I hope they send ravens with this information everywhere is Westeros. Clearing Ned's name would mean a great deal to all. Loose ends... I hope Hot Pie lives & continues baking. yep...
Monster of Analysis (17 days ago)
"Pimp-vision" You have no idea the blessing you have bestowed upon my eyes.
Miranda High (2 hours ago)
judge jury and executioner lol love this
han sy (9 hours ago)
I found it odd watching the whole clip with some wierd clips inserted...
jdsol1938 (1 day ago)
i think arya is a faceless man and the manyfaced god has sent her on a mission
Keith Adams (16 days ago)
He gone
Ultimate Space Dad (17 days ago)
I loved this but I wish you had had the video of when Stansa is saying"You are accused of..." directed at Arya and then everyone turns to face him as she says his name so that we could see his smug little face disappear forever
Ultimate Space Dad (17 days ago)
"My sister asked you a question" BIG OOOFF
Julie W (18 days ago)
I think the final scene where she confronts Littlefinger and then sentences him to death is where Sansa shows that she's as strong as Valerian steel. I'll be surprised if she doesn't wind up as Queen at the end of all of it.
Eric Jones (18 days ago)
Hope Keener (19 days ago)
I hope so hard that they never clean that blood stain off the floor and everyone that ever stands before the starks of winterfell stands before that blood stain and becomes humbled.
Di Di Bee (16 days ago)
That was another call back to the servants cleaning up the blood at the Twins following the Red Wedding massacre.
RLynnT (21 days ago)
I love how she made Littlefinger think he was going to Arya's trial. If they full on said the trial was for him, even with this evidence, he would run. He'd never show up just to be killed. But he thought the chess pieces were moving how he predicted, but the queen surprised him in a checkmate with her bishop (Bran) and her knight (Arya)
Kelly D (22 days ago)
Excellent editing !
Atlas24gh (13 days ago)
3:46 gotcha! You are a dead man LF
Jesse Niskanen (23 days ago)
I really enjoyed this video. You did a very good job producing it. 👍🏿 Big like to this video. Keep up the good work.
jeremi karpinski (23 days ago)
How we see it: 3 eyed raven, faceless assassin, lady of winterfell How Littlefinger sees it: cripple, psycho, stupid
Virtual Kingdom (24 days ago)
Little finger you shoulda stayed in Camelot as an archer.
Yewty (25 days ago)
this was an awful death, they scooby doo'd the motherfucker because they were too dumb to write him
T Zokhuma (25 days ago)
Little finger Cause of death: Falling from ladder
JCarson (26 days ago)
"Give me a chance to defend myself." "Sure, head's up." 13:13
Miss Poste *argw27 (26 days ago)
I love the title 😊
TheLollypop587 (26 days ago)
9:28 My face when the other player uses hacks
Jacquelene Du Toit (26 days ago)
IS it just me, or just Brienne remind anyone else of Aveline?
Bodymore MD_ummy (27 days ago)
Aka the mid-evil X-men
Jorge of Albion (29 days ago)
R e s p e c t, find out what it means to me...
Richard Donnelly (29 days ago)
I wasnt ready for his death, felt he had so much to offer the series
124Nightwing (29 days ago)
Looks like Sansa never learned her father's lesson of "He who gives the sentence, should swing the sword."
Booker pryor (30 days ago)
Nicely done video!
cyberdogk9au (30 days ago)
Beautifully edited. Well done.
Jeremy Oates (1 month ago)
Very, very well edited. Cuts to the essence of the Baelish/Stark relationship in a way that sinks in. Brilliant work
Clive Doe (1 month ago)
The instant Sansa says Arya would become lady of winterfell is the moment she realised that she was wrong. She knew Arya never wanted to be a lady of anything.
d tczyk (1 month ago)
I think the scene is kinda cool, but I feel like the writers are playing catch up. And GRRM has something really interested planned for little finger and Varys but the show kind of let them fizzle our
BladePlays (1 month ago)
Littlefinger had no chance to survive once Bran became the 3-eyed raven. Everything he was/has is because of twisted lies. The moment Bran suspected, or anyone asked Bran to check, he could unearth all the lies and boom, just like that Littlefinger is exposed.
Monica T. Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Seeing Littlefinger die is sooo satisfying, every time
ScorpionRegent (1 month ago)
Stop Hodoring - Nice montage.
FPS Dovah (1 month ago)
plunmeister (1 month ago)
Bye bye Stinkyfinger.
PTM45 smi (1 month ago)
cersei giving womanly wisdom is an oxymoron
Purple Magic (1 month ago)
This is just messed up.
grimsoncrow (1 month ago)
So I guess at least in fiction, if you stab enough people in the back, someone will eventually stab you in the face?
ppoenicke (1 month ago)
One of the worst, most illogical scenes in the entire series. Littlefinger was wronged, just to strengthen three weaker, less interesting characters.
Seith Torres (1 month ago)
My sister and her husband clapped for this scene
luke higgins (1 month ago)
I love the editing
Mariah McCray (1 month ago)
I guess a pussy caught his tongue huh? 😛
Shaun Higgins (1 month ago)
At the point when Petyr Baelish died, it looked like Sansa felt as though a part of her died with him. Yet at the same time, she felt greatly relieved to be free from him and his manipulative ways. It's kind of a strange thing, to see someone who has gotten under your skin in a bad way perish before your eyes. In some ways perhaps, they do change you for the best, but in other ways they don't. It's really difficult to deal with those sort of conflicted feelings, especially when you feel like you're alone, believing that you have no one to turn to for help and emotional support. I guess what I'm trying to say is that, to those who feel vulnerable and isolated, there is always someone who will help you. There are some genuinely good people in this world. It might seem like this world is in short supply of kind hearted souls, but I can assure you that they are out there. Also search within yourselves, there is the potential for compassion that resides within your hearts as well, like a tree it must be nurtured and allowed to grow within you and branch throughout.
watewmark (1 month ago)
"I am lord protector of the Vale and I command you to escort me safely back to the Eyrie ! *- I think not* " most savage character in the scene XD
Cersei--"....You'll do things for them you know you shouldn't do...." Me- You'll do things TO them you know you shouldn't do..." *winking* Cersei--"You're a clever man, aren't you? Such a clever little man. SER GREGOR!!"
Seth Alvis (1 month ago)
Nothing to say
Lily Clovis (1 month ago)
elihub123 (1 month ago)
Is Arya the one who is coming for the Mountain?
Jam Jammy (1 month ago)
This is one of the MOST satisfying sceneeee in got7.
Cameron Wiley (1 month ago)
I like the flashbacks and the way they were cut in.
Morgan Smith (1 month ago)
After Bran’s time beyond the wall he’s like a guy that ate too much acid, far too often
Di Di Bee (16 days ago)
I think he's traumatized after getting touched by the Night King and all the rest of the stuff he went through, but especially the thing with Hodor. That seemed to break him. He showed his last bit of human emotion watching young Willis become Hodor and realizing his role in it. When it hit him what his role had been in Willis's life, to have been responsible for the catalyst that ended his childhood and made him the way he'd always known him, at around the same age as Bran was when he lost his childhood being pushed from that tower, he just couldn't take it and he shut down emotionally. I have a feeling he's going through some deep grief but he has to a. Deal with the Night King and the approaching threat of the Dead marching south past the wall (which he's also partially responsible for being possible), and b. Who could he tell that secret to, who wouldn't also judge him somehow? He must be wrestling with a great deal of guilt that he can't even discuss with anyone.
Rosey Graves (1 month ago)
Arya just SLIT HIS THROAT! OMG! JUST LIKE THAT! 😮 I love it! 😄 I always did love Arya. 😙
Reem Khatib (1 month ago)
Little finger is from the city of braavos where the faceless men are from so maybe it wasn't him who really died bcz there was a seen of him with a girl and aria was watching them and he had a golden coin from braavos so hmmm
Bane BlackGuard (1 month ago)
to be fair, they had access to information he could have never imagined they had. It doesn't matter how good you are strategizing if your opponent has near omniscience. In those last few moments, he must have been filled with amazement at the idea that these children somehow have control of an information network far superior to his own.
watewmark (1 month ago)
Bran is directly pluged on wikipedia via ethernet
Lilly (1 month ago)
2 things. 1, I love how sansa says she's a slow learner, and the parallel with Littlefinger saying to Ned "Stark are quick heart but slow minds" (when reuniting him with caitlyn in his brothel) 2, I love the fact Arya kills him herself. Like Ned said in the first episode when killing the desertor, never let anyone else do the job. If you have to kill someone, kill him yourself. You go, Starks :D
Mish Kosh (1 month ago)
Littlefucker did have his chances though... like a snowball in hell hahahahahaaa!!
3v1, not really fair... :P
Minecraft Rules (1 month ago)
I think that the last part of the conversation of Littlefinger and Sansa could be one of the ways he was turning them against eachother. At 3:35. LF: "After she murders you, what does she become?" S: "The Lady of Winterfell" But as I recall Arya has said that she does not want to be a lady, if she said that to Sansa I do not know. If she has then Sansa would have proof of Littlefinger's betrayal and trickery.
Courtney Tynes (1 month ago)
"I'm a slow learner- it's true, but I learn."
mzkim1223 (1 month ago)
really well done
Loveleen Chaudhari (1 month ago)
LOL sansa is still calling joffrey a baratheon
Di Di Bee (16 days ago)
I'm still confused why Cersei became Lannister again. Lady Olenna kept her married name after her husband died. So did Catelyn Stark and Lady Lysa Arryn. Tommen himself called her "Cersei Lannister" in court when announcing the cancellation of trial by combat. Apparently people still consider her a Lannister and not a Baratheon. Was it when she was arrested and then confessed so she could return to the Red Keep that her name was changed back? Did she have to renounce her claims on the throne or her familial ties to the King or something as part of her atonement?
Sue Hastings (1 month ago)
Very nice
Lyndajo LaCava (1 month ago)
Beautiful to see him getting back from the one our loving Sansa, it was nevertheless crossed his mind and for his own personal knowledge (and in the closets people who are the biggest challenge to be the threat )has forgotten his own knowledge used smartly against him self, LOL awesome!
Kevin Shannon (1 month ago)
All done Lord Baelish. All done
Ashwin Mohandas (1 month ago)
The Speed, the Precision, the Cut! ... The End. ( What satisfaction!) Valar morghulis
Vanessa Whitehead (1 month ago)
Littlefinger the quantum physicist.
Pamela García (1 month ago)
When Sansa said Lady of Winterfell (3:37), you can see in her expresion that she realized in her heart that Arya will never betray her. She knew that Arya will never want to be a lady because that was something she had been saying she was little. That moment, Sansa knew that she was being played by Peter and that she had to do kill him. All in that simple look.
Kain (1 month ago)
5:37 Wise words, classmates always asked me Why i was so intelligent. I could never answer that property without beeing an asshole, i should just say it the Way it is. If someone told me something i switched places with the variables of the Situation and Imagine every possible outcome before i thought about answering //properly*
Aman Madan (2 months ago)
Excellent work
Kimberly Huggins-Simkus (2 months ago)
I really enjoy your videos
Storm's End (2 months ago)
LF had no respect for the Stark men and thought himself intellectually superior to their honor. He never saw the She Wolves coming and had no reason to fear a crippled boy. The she-wolves taking command is foreshadowed by Arya's meeting with Nymeria and her pack. Alone, Nymeria was formidable, but not overwhelming, like the Stark She-Wolves now backed by the Vale, the northern Lords, and the army of wildlings loyal to Jon. LF never had a chance.
bridge4 (2 months ago)
yao!! =)
Storm's End (2 months ago)
Excellent and entertaining analysis. This is why I love this channel. Thank you for bringing the snark and the intelligence to carry it off.
Gorbag Goes Camping (2 months ago)
Gods I love Aria.
Cole Vowles (2 months ago)
This was really great stuff, for people needing a recap of Little finger's plans as a whole, this is perfect! Will be recommending to many friends!!
Jenna Ramos (2 months ago)
I’m curious how Littlefinger would have dealt with the trio had they not been supernaturally inclined
Watchers Review (1 month ago)
He would have won, but it was Littlefingers unfamiliarity with the supernatural, and lack of willingness to accept the nature of Arya and Bran's abilities which led him to misjudge the situation he was in.
Sajid Pathan (2 months ago)
Awesome editing man really liked it
Edgar Carrasco Roman (2 months ago)
Season 1 LF suggest cut Dany's troath
JoHnSapla7 (2 months ago)
You all naive people think that littlefinger is dead. He saw through all that and faked his death, just wait for season 8.
GloriousPotato (2 months ago)
Wonderfully edited!
Debra Sparks (2 months ago)
Sansa was on Arya’s s..t list, so Sansa thought she was there to kill her.
Kenia Hernández (2 months ago)
At 13:05 I'm fucked look.
Lhagvaa Sainzaya (2 months ago)
Гоё кино шүү
Elsadora wong (2 months ago)
the one thing littlefinger is too stupid to count on: that Bran Stark would be able to see through everything. Come on, if there is someone you know who can foretell the future, always, it shouldn't take rocket science to figure out that sooner or later they would yank out your dirty laundry.
Steven Granati (2 months ago)
Elsadora wong,he didn’t know though. Bran was a small child last time littlefinger saw him
billybad905 9toes (2 months ago)
with no one knowing where and what arya was up to all the time that she was missing little finger didn't have a clue about how dangerous she had become, she's a stone cold killer and shes learned from some of the best in the business, shes a fast learner and shes able to adapt and adjust to her environment because shes had some of the best teachers around and almost everyone underestimates her till its to late
billybad905 9toes (2 months ago)
Have to love it when little finger realizes that hes been caught up with
DementedDarkness546 (2 months ago)
Littlefinger never understood that Arya didn't want to be a lady. She wanted to be a badass warrior in her own right. He could never imagine someone motivated by something other than power.
FlyingMonkies325 (16 days ago)
No it wasn't like that... Littlefinger knew Arya never wanted to be a Lady just he was trying to make her like Lysa paranoid and hoping she would believe it and then turn against Arya then kill her, Arya was a threat to Littlefinger too but even Sansa was just a means to an end first he split up The Starks by practically killing Ned even if he didn't personally do it himself, killed John Arron then Lysa to take The Veil then he wanted to take Winterfell and then he would have used Sansa to go against Cersi to take Kings Landing he thought he could get Kings Landing THAT easy, what he wanted to do was accumilate a big enough army then probably strike Cersi when she was at her weakest but it's just not THAT easy whatsoever he was shortsighted and lazy by trying to manipulate others into doing his dirty work
SharpieMay (1 month ago)
During that scene, when Sansa says "she'll become Lady of Winterfell". I felt this was the moment that Sansa would have realized that Littlefinger was playing her, anyone who knows Arya, knows that *Lady of Winterfell* is the last title she would ever want. In my mind, this is when Sansa realizes what's going on and begins formulating her plan.
Mari Lavellan (2 months ago)
that was for sure the give away to sansa that littlefinger was back on his bullshit. sansa knows all to well that arya doesnt care about power or being a lady or any of that
Nihaal Kumar (2 months ago)
girl gone bad
Senpai Thomas (2 months ago)
Actually Littlefinger fucked up when he taught her his game. Sansa knows that Ariya of ALL people doesn't, wouldn't, and very will want to be known as a LADY. Ariya is anything BUT a lady. That's when Sansa TRULY began to piece shit together. I wish we could have had a scene where Sansa, Bran, and Ariya have a Small Counsel meeting where they snowball the ideas and facts they know about LF and Bran sees LF and their Aunt plotting Lord Eren's death. The tree scene would have been perfect for it.
Archangel Targaryen (2 months ago)
The Faceless assasin
Melekhov (2 months ago)
Lord Baelish wasn't killed. When he was observed talking to one of the servant girls in Winterfell he paid to faceless with The Coin to take his place so he could escape. He is the Master of Coin after all.
bobsickle (2 months ago)
"So what proof do you girls have that Littlefinger did anything?" "Our brother can see into the past, present and future and is basically the biggest bullshit in this show" "Sure, we'll just take your word on that and be cool with killing the current de-facto leader of the Vale." They REALLY can't write for shit without an actual story to copy from instead of just the footnotes they have now.
♡D.VA♡ (2 months ago)
This is the most satisfying death in game of thrones
deeon13 (2 months ago)
Great editing. Well done!
My2Cents (2 months ago)
Didn't Tyrion once say to Sansa in astonishment: "Lady Stark... you may survive us yet...!"
FlyingMonkies325 (16 days ago)
The Starks were always a nobel house infact really they were royalty they ruled Westeros centuries ago and were the best rulers Westeros ever had but some how along the lines The Baratheon's came along and took over so technically they should have been princes and princess's but right now they're all ladys and lords even if ppl don't proclaim them as that they do to the person in the family who they feel is old enough and wise enough such as Sansa well they want her as Queen and they recognize Bran as a Lord he was named Lord Of Winterfell after Ned died and technically they still recognize Arya as a Lady otherwise they'd have never recognized their council or their leadership just they can't have more than 1 lady and 1 lord since they can't have more than 1 queen or king. It's to do with who's best suited to the positions as well so a few factors go into being officially proclaimed as a title but they still sorta recognize you as Lady or Lord just you have to work harder to find a place to be of use in since you don't have a much power or say when you aren't officially proclaimed since you aren't suited to be Lady, Lord, King or Queen and you aren't just offically proclaimed just to be a Lady or Lord but potentially a Queen or King too.
cole turner (2 months ago)
God how does littlefinger not go insane with that manner of thinking? Fight everything everywhere, imagine everyone is friend and enemy, every possible series of events that could ever happening is happening. My mind would break if I had to think like that.
Well Good (2 months ago)
I don't think Arya is really Arya. If she is, and has all these crazy ninja powers, that would just be silly
Scott Sparling (2 months ago)
Nice editing
helleswahn (2 months ago)
can Sansa and Daenerys just rule westeros conjoined I love them both so much fuck Cersei tho
Carlos Zarate (2 months ago)
Great video

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