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City Car Racing 3D- Car Drifting Games

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Are you FAN of fastest racing and drifting cars on the planet? Wanna experience fast and the very furious cars in the downtown city racing peak zone? Then what are you waiting for. Download this free 3D racing plus drifting game with the amazing physics and RC controls. Are you ready to drive high performance cars at high speed for the real racing experience on specially designed tracks and roads? Now grab the steering wheel and drag your drive to its limit, put your feet in the vehicle and drive. We have specially designed this game to put you in driving seat, and give you a real racing experience. So get ready to drift and race in the city on very luxurious tracks. A complete 360 view so you can race drive and drift with the ease. City car racing 3d drifting is the best game you ever had played. You can drive your car as fast as you can through the huge traffic and realistic environment of the city like go auto and racing car mania game. Like the racing in city game, to drive your car you want, overload traffic, earn coin and bought new car for the next level as the free games and car racing online. Do you like racing and drifting on real highway? Are you waiting for something new in racing games? If yes than wait is over! We welcome you in one of the best drifting racing car in which you have an opportunity to fulfill your racing dreams to drive the sports cars on real highway curvy paths in this city car racing 3d and drifting games. This drifting game will give you a real fun of driving and I am damn sure that after playing the first level of this racing and drifting game you will addict to play it again and again real racing and drifting game. Give us your value able feedback so we can improve your game experience. Kindly rate our game. Thank you have fun. Features: Super-fast sports cars with powerful engine. Amazing RC controls to give you full control over the car. Amazing 3D environment and 3D designed tracks in the city. Amazing fastest cars with the furious engine. Easy to learn and play. A game to enhance your driving parking and drifting skills. Realistic cockpit scenes like racing junk. Different locations and cars to choose. As real as a racing competition in the racing and drifting world.
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marcucciso girouard (2 months ago)
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wilburnso abbate (2 months ago)
actually genius. fantastic trick
penleysp grace (2 months ago)
the survey was very easy.
schechterso wendy (2 months ago)
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mccraryso moritz (2 months ago)
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Audra Head (4 months ago)
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Audra Head (4 months ago)
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TiniDerpWolf (4 months ago)
I understand you put work into this, (or used a template, idk) but there are 2 major flaws. 1. You mentioned "Amazing Physics". If they're so amazing, then why did the car almost flip instead of properly hitting the wall and taking damage? 2. Supercars can't drift. They're AWD. (Or at least Lamborghinis are) 3. Why is the supercar's suspension so damn high? Is it a rally car? 4. Where are the shadows? Where are they? Not even some fake shadowing? It's 2018, man. People want the most realistic graphics/gameplay.

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