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Game of Thrones Season 6: Journey To Spain (HBO)

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Text Comments (733)
Thor 27 (1 month ago)
Castillo de zafra está en extremadura. Será cabron el tio en medio de la nada dice.😝
Spain is amazing for castles, forts, palaces and landscapes.
NU Mi (8 months ago)
2:10 Peniscola! 😍😍😍😍
0disseos (11 months ago)
Europe is so beautiful. The variety of landscapes and cultures of Spain is amazing.
Spain ❤️
kevin oriordan (1 year ago)
Had the joy of visiting the surrounding area of Almeria a year prior to the filming of this. Some fantastic scenery there alright.
DVS ONE (1 year ago)
Spain rulez!!! 🇪🇸👍🏼
Buddy ALMENS BALCIN (1 year ago)
I worked in Hollywood in production, Spain is the great future location like it was in the past 50s and 60s, movies like Patton, Cid, QUO VADIS etc.. were filmed in Spain
TOP! waiting the next season!
IgnacioZgzSpain (2 years ago)
Spanish Pride 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸
MirkAssassin (2 years ago)
I just really wish the show wasn't so depressing
Evan T (2 years ago)
Looking forward to so many more breathtaking scenes. Que viva mi bella España!
Ander Ander (2 years ago)
orson welles dijo una vez que españa tenia los mejores exteriores para peliculas, ya que el paisaje es tan diverso como muy variado, las peliculas que se han rodado aqui son incontables!....
evan water (2 years ago)
mfw dany gained 20 lbs in one day..come on now. you're on one of the biggest show son TV. you couldn't keep 20 fucking pounds off
Fahd Farras (2 years ago)
that dothraki chick at the end though
maritta01 (2 years ago)
I´ve read some uneducated and ignorant people here writing stupid things about spaniards. Apparently, according to these people, we spaniards are lazy people who live in a country with poor infrastructures...what are you talking about? lazy people? what kind of ridiculous stereotypical image of the world is this? Most spaniards work long hours and few spaniards can take naps day in day out. Poor infrastructures? really? some people even dare to mention our trains as an example of those poor infrastructures...ermm, our high speed trains are among the best ones in the world...poor infrastructures they say, pathetic
juncear (11 months ago)
second country in the world with the most kilometers of high speed train after china, yeah, poor infrastructures...
Delia JM (2 years ago)
Come back to Spain! Anytime!
Ahsan Siddiqui (2 years ago)
Spains tourism is gonna sky rocket from here
DrQuiza (1 year ago)
Spain received in 2016 76 million tourists even if it only has 45 million inhabitants. It's ranked 1st in tourism competitiviness. Please don't come to Spain, there alredy are too many tourists! :-P
Ahsan Siddiqui (2 years ago)
+Jorge García lol cheers for letting me know
Jorge García (2 years ago)
+Ahsan Siddiqui we are actually the 3º most visited country in the world, but ok, more people is even better
Hamza Bhat (2 years ago)
I wonder how much money it takes to shoot one episode of GOT. Damn, the crowd, the costumes, locations, travel expenditures, production cost. There's so much more. They could make a dozen avengers movie with that money. But they won't be as good as this. :)
Jasmine Craig (2 years ago)
I read somewhere that it's 6 mil per episode
XAVI68S (2 years ago)
Spain has one of the highest life expectancies in the world, 86 years for woman 80 for man... why? climate? food? location?
+Walladalada And I'm on my way to take back that right without a payment.
robert111k (1 year ago)
And a pretty good public health care system as well.
Casrv Sfv (1 year ago)
Walladalada LOL 😂😂😂 you killed me there. The worst part is that it's true especially the leaders part!
Walladalada (2 years ago)
+XAVI68S olive oil and good sex. Oh, and a pact with the Devil. PD: for anyone asking, we sold our right to be politically relevant in the world and to have competent leaders.
DNAWKCARC (2 years ago)
happyness. enjoying life...
TDR CGM (2 years ago)
To all the idiots down there: Calling all spanish people lazy is like calling all americans obese
Redneck_Rodney (2 years ago)
I have never seen this series. Is it as good as say South Park?
BannedIP (2 years ago)
+Redneck_Rodney Yeah, in Sout Park they kill Kenny every time and in GoT they kill your most beloved characters every time.
jositoxxx1 (2 years ago)
Maester chris newman
Jasky Singh (2 years ago)
Qin heuang (2 years ago)
'extra in spain'. Read: The verry low paid actors/people working their, cause their economy is in shambles.
Miquel (2 years ago)
+Qin heuang you're fukin retarded :D
Alejandro Rocker (2 years ago)
yeah spain is a beautiful country, has got different incredible enviroments
Rolf Hartmann (2 years ago)
Spain has such a variety of environments that it's unreal. They filmed the entire movie Patton there using it for everything from North Africa to the Ardennes.
Mr Pink (1 year ago)
All the spaghetti westerns were also filmed in spain. And many historical movies like kingdom of heaven and conan. Spain is perfect to film historical movies.
haechan's tanned skin (2 years ago)
+VITOLLFOTOGRAFIA don't forget Alatriste
Yes, it's true. A lot of movies were made in Spain: all the famous westerns of Leone-Eatswood, the Empíre of the Sun, Conan the Barbarian, Doctor Zhivago, Papillon, Espartaco, some of 007 movies, Exodus, Wrath of the Titans-Clash of the Titans, Cloud Atlas, The Bourne ultimatun, Indiana Jones and the last crusader, Kingdom of heaven, Richard III, Lawrence of Arabia, Star Wars EP II, Green zone, 55 days at Pekín, Moby Dick, .....
DidaxS (2 years ago)
Yeah, Spain is incredible. There are enough different landscapes that they could literally film the whole series in Spain.
Stommelen (2 years ago)
What's the song in the beginning?
Duygu Findikci (2 years ago)
please next year come to Greece
skyrus2000 (2 years ago)
1:33 that guy checking out Daenerys with her voice-over saying "the landscape was insane.." lmao.
Marta S. (2 years ago)
Madre mía, me encanta que sitios que yo considero conocidos y sin importancia, ellos los vean como una maravilla. Un honor que mi serie favorita esté en mi país y encima alabándolo. Saludos!! 💕💕 *i spoke in spanish because i'm deeply proud of being part of this beautiful country right now. I was before, but this is huge you know. Can't wait to see Peñiscola or Guadalajara in my TV soon*
nerfdude64 (2 years ago)
Anybody know the music used at the end?
FerretJohn (2 years ago)
Chris Neuman looks like he's playing a Maester in the show
StrongImaginationA (2 years ago)
I was in Girona about two weeks before they started shooting there! >.<
Rita Ortiz (2 years ago)
Le doy al español y no responde
pedrop3 (2 years ago)
and you didnt see Portugal ....
FeelMetalMan (1 year ago)
yeah portugal can offer quite a display of locations too
N'importe NaWaX (2 years ago)
q están excelentes y para mi muy novedoso maravilloso
M sanz (2 years ago)
The better places aren't from spain, they are from Catalonia
Malmotv (5 months ago)
M sanz que pesados sois
Seguro que soy 100 veces más catalán que tú, y me da pena tu comentario. Que fuera de lugar, qué ganas de tocar las narices, en serio...
Javier Sánchez (1 year ago)
Comentario fuera de lugar, faltando al respeto a los Catalanes que se sienten Españoles
DrQuiza (1 year ago)
Porque siempre tenéis que dar la nota con estupideces como la tuya.
Bravo! (2 years ago)
yes, we have more things apart from party and women
Almogàver (2 years ago)
and more things than dumbasses killing bulls with spears.......
MoCtheFirst (2 years ago)
You are getting offended at words. Nobody is talking about owning women as property. You just want to understand it that way so you can get offended and lecture everybody about your moral superiority.
Walladalada (2 years ago)
+bravete pucelano we, the spanish women, are proud of you too ;) but still you don't have us!!
Kalupz (2 years ago)
Raghav Vaidya (2 years ago)
Didn't know the show was being produced by Gandalf
Hydra Tower (2 years ago)
Emilia Clarke was in costume in the throne room of Mareen (if it's not a backdrop).
harry Chambers (2 years ago)
Hang on, they mentioned they went to Southern Spain and then said they went to a desert just south of the Pyrenees mountains in the very north of Spain at 1:22
Az Zam (2 years ago)
Its not the very north. Its actually the southern tip of Navarre, which is on the upper reaches of the Ebro river which flows through Zaragoza down to the Mediterranean. That whole valley is very dry almost right up to the coast. Another desert further downstream is called the Monegros. The driest place in Spain is still the South East though (Murcia and Almería)
Antonio RI (2 years ago)
+harry Chambers bardenas reales, navarra, north of spain :)
jim hendix (2 years ago)
i hate danerys targerian she is soo bad actor games of thrones made her famous and she rafuse too show us her tits i hate her not about the tits but in the 1 3 season she did show them after 3 season she said noo i want show them no more wtf i realy hate her sry about my engilsh but they show made her famous and she rafouse too do what they say now that she is famous i realy hate her
Henbot (2 years ago)
+jim hendix clearly you are a simpleton
Loreq (2 years ago)
Am I the only one wondering why Bran is there...?
krischin (2 years ago)
Anyone who doesn't like Game of Thrones, probably hasn't seen enough of it.
Eliecer Hernández (2 years ago)
At least are straightforward
Kathrina T (2 years ago)
+Eliecer Hernández One of their brothers watches it and said that they're too stupid to get the plot 😂
Eliecer Hernández (2 years ago)
+Kathrina T Lot of cunts.... ;)
Kathrina T (2 years ago)
Agreed, my friends refuse to even try it :(
Luís Matos Dias (2 years ago)
Try to discover the Alentejo in Portugal
Yaleika (2 years ago)
Visité algunos de los sitios hace tiempo y después de verlos en el vídeo, no los veo de la misma forma Jajajajaja xD soy a la única que le pasa?
Bhaskar Singh Tomar (2 years ago)
Come shoot in India ... :/
DrQuiza (1 year ago)
How are they going to shoot in India if the universe of GOT is based in medieval Western Europe.
Ally VillalMouque (2 years ago)
daenerys te amo ♥
عائلة احمد (2 years ago)
"̯. متى تنزل الحلقات
Harshith Belagur (2 years ago)
TheYoungWolf (2 years ago)
Tower of fucking joy!!
SaturaPVP (2 years ago)
Well you can get the Spanish dirt underneath your finger nails in the studio, you just have to bring it XD
Greensky02 (2 years ago)
So Bran may know about Jon's parents... ooh!
Abubakar Sani Lawal (2 years ago)
So New Zealand have got (Most of) Middle Earth while Spain have got (Most of) Westeros. Lucky them
Jesse Miller (2 years ago)
+abubakar sani The Known World* Westeros is only the west part, meanwhile all the locations dany has been to are part of Essos
Jordan (2 years ago)
Barnabus (2 years ago)
3:36 Matthew McConaughey, is that you?
Lion Dale (2 years ago)
I would love to be an extra on GOT even if it's for free
Roberto Van Mullem (2 years ago)
m8 i would pay to be an extra
CreepyPhobia Misterios (2 years ago)
Una pena que aquí en España te cobren hasta por respirar...
buxx (2 years ago)
We have real ass castles in Germany. Mind to come for a visit? :)
buxx (2 years ago)
+Tw81w02 Are you 10?
I AM YOU (2 years ago)
0:34 David is so cute xD
David Roch (2 years ago)
So lucky to live in Spain. Insane and beautiful contrasts in such a "tiny" space!
I AM YOU (2 years ago)
I want all the actors and producers to fuck me till i bleed
Tottenham Hotspurs (2 years ago)
I'm still on Season 2. It's pretty obvious that Robb Stark will become King
Liam Murphy (2 years ago)
the North remembers
Liam Murphy (2 years ago)
Jessica!¡* (2 years ago)
Hackedideal (2 years ago)
Isa Valdes (2 years ago)
tower of joy flashback ? ;)
TheAzuradark (2 years ago)
where's jon? oh right he's dead ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) or is he? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
irrelavant intersts (2 years ago)
+Liam Murphy he got resurrected but olly will too the hunt staby hunt begins jon will be stabed in the head in e10 s6 by olly and thorne as white walkers
TheAzuradark (2 years ago)
+Mr Pink what do you mean by risky?
Liam Murphy (2 years ago)
+Mr Pink I won't get sued it's okay
Mr Pink (2 years ago)
+Liam Murphy That is very risky dude
Liam Murphy (2 years ago)
+TheAzuradark hes dead right now, but his true parents will be revealed as rhaegar targaryen and Lyanna stark in a flashback to Ned Stark's battle at the tower of joy. Jon will get brought back somehow after that.
Do you love Game of Thrones theme? I have recorded GOT theme everyday bedroom objects. Have worked very very hard for it, I would be obliged if you watch it once. If possible Thumbs up this comment so that it stays up. Thank you in advance.
Julia MACC (2 years ago)
My beautiful country :D
Khanya Bente (2 years ago)
The feels
Vermillion93 (2 years ago)
thank you, hbo. for an early birthday present. this is probably the best birthday present I've gotten so far.
StickManVS (2 years ago)
Bran with that deep fucking voice
Paperjay (2 years ago)
i will have my internship in sevilla :D also a beautiful city in Spain.
Az Zam (2 years ago)
Also a filming location. The Real Alcazar in Season 5.
nyongtory4e (2 years ago)
As a citizen of Girona I cant feel happier <3 Cant wait to see the result. I want to see the new season now!!
Dag Oredsson (2 years ago)
Chris Newman should be on the screen.
Cláudio Monteiro (2 years ago)
I think they're coming to Portugal as well ❤️
Grand Moff Tarkin (2 years ago)
+Cláudio Monteiro Nice.
indi sum (2 years ago)
hi, does someone knows what the music starting at 00:40 is? thanks!
GODISNOWHERE (2 years ago)
tyrions beard 😍😍😍
613 The Evil (2 years ago)
Where do we apply for a dothraki bride? :)
Yashit Garg (2 years ago)
Shoot in India. You would get the Best Shots.
DrQuiza (1 year ago)
Yeah, India has the best European landscapes and castles XD
[email protected] (2 years ago)
Luckiest people EVER!
Kim Jansen (2 years ago)
for some reason I started to tear up near the end because I'm so incredibly proud of this show
Gina Kim (2 years ago)
Ok so that's one more country on my Game of throne filming location tour list
Elaine Medina (2 years ago)
Same. Game Of Thrones really wants me to step up and go travelling.
Jon Snow. (2 years ago)
Eeee Game Of Trones👍👍👍👍
Jenn B (2 years ago)
AGH I can't wait until April 24!
Lexyvil (2 years ago)
Well, what Isaac said pretty much confirms something crucial~
FeelMetalMan (1 year ago)
haha you were kind of wrong!
caleb (2 years ago)
+Lexyvil ayyy good point mate
Lexyvil (2 years ago)
+caleb crabtree The actor talks of his experience of the beautiful landscape from when he saw it when we all know where Bran currently is in the show.
caleb (2 years ago)
+Lexyvil whats that
Objective Ninja (2 years ago)
Old Town confirmed... Will we see Robb's will?
Raven (2 years ago)
1:20 The bug wanted to know if Jon Snow was dead
Rafa Zaragoza (2 years ago)
Si es q como aquí en ningún sitio. Ojalá sigan grabando aquí.
Daniel Silva (2 years ago)
OMG I can't see nothing anymore. I'm so desperate to see this season, best show ever
Antonio Ramírez (2 years ago)
Mermaid Man (2 years ago)
you son of a bitch!
7jerryg (2 years ago)
I wanna be a thrones extra
LombreTheGentleman (2 years ago)
gay mostron
Freddyhlb X (2 years ago)
Todd Howard (2 years ago)
Just give me 20 good locations
Sydney (2 years ago)
What if they made a sort of Renaissance Fair location that is Winterfell or Westeros capitol like Harry Potter Hogwarts
DrQuiza (1 year ago)
GOT is medieval fantasy, not Renaissance fantasy.
Cpn. Beartato (2 years ago)
i love this shooooow

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