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Game of Thrones S05E06 - Sansa and Ramsay Bolton's wedding night

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Sansa and Ramsay wed and bed
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Starhunter (14 days ago)
2:20 *"I hate asking a second time." **2:50** Asks Theon to watch...for a second time.*
Ian Levinson (1 month ago)
I know a lot of people thought this was pointless shock value and ruined sansa's character development but imo it makes sense. Sansa still had complete faith in littlefinger at this point and the abuse she suffered at ramsay's hands made her realize that she couldn't trust him. I'm not saying I'm glad this happened to her, but something horrible had to happen to make her see littlefinger wasn't always reliable. Not to mention that this was perfectly in character for ramsay
Mary Potter (1 month ago)
I bet he cut Sansa really bad; all over her body. or carved his name on her.
Portuguese MGTOW (1 month ago)
Rape is sooo hot!!
Francesca Colby (2 months ago)
Uhh I’m on episode 6 right now I might cry
everaceSx everaceSx (2 months ago)
the best sceene of the series R,I.P Ramsay Bolton you where the best
UnknownOne (3 months ago)
Spanking, slapping, punching, scratching are just a few of the pathetic things this despicable monster did to her. Guys who do this to women are disgusting.
Anne Chery (3 months ago)
I understand Sansa indures most of these things to survive but how much does it take for her to stand up for herself
Nora 799 (3 months ago)
And then there ist my friend who loves this bastard...
The Wraith (3 months ago)
A wedding and "Game of Thrones." Never a good mix.
Ahmad El Ali (4 months ago)
To be honest this is much Littlefinger 's fault as is Sansa Littlefinger for not protect her and give her some back up in case of this happen and Sansa for being a little stupid child whom doesn't learn from her mistake and trusted Littlefinger a man who she knows is willing kills his close allies only to gain power and not haven't asked for a plan to defeat the Bolton
ÖMER COŞKUN TV (4 months ago)
Lan karıyı siktiği adam bişey yapcana ağlıyor. Gevur ışte
Josh W (4 months ago)
Lord Ramsay is very nice
sookeysookey1 (4 months ago)
I know a lot of people hate this scene, but keep in mind that in Westeros, there is no such thing as marital rape. Unless Ramsay breaks Sanaa’s bones for making spaghetti two nights in a row, she has no right to refuse him. Sansa even married him with this in mind, just unlike tyrion, he decided to exercise it.
MEXEROS X (5 months ago)
Why they didnt show how he exactly raped Sansa?
sookeysookey1 (4 months ago)
MEXEROS X because of the law as they can show Sansa naked, but because her character is a teen, they legally can’t. Also it has more of an impact if they show theon’s reaction. In the book this scene is even worse. Theon has to cut the bride out of the dress with a knife and then, because she’s scared out of her mind and likely doesn’t want to do this, Ramsay has Theon “warm her up” with his mouth while he disrobes and then he rapes her.
Nuuska Muikkunen (5 months ago)
This scene was so hot
Austin Shelton (5 months ago)
S2 E6 sansa was almost raped. S5 E6 sansa was raped.
This was soon uploaded to pornhub...
Commander Shepard (5 months ago)
could be worse ramsay could tell theon to get her started with his mouth
Sworn Royal (6 months ago)
Wouldn't be the best thing ever if Ned and Robb's ghosts bust through the door and fuck ramsay up?
Atomic Wreck (6 months ago)
Iam glad she finally got fucked
Galaxy (6 months ago)
Gravy Trash (6 months ago)
Can someone give me a lttle backstory please on this
SteinchenTV (6 months ago)
Gravy Trash watch the show its great
Nate W (6 months ago)
Jesus Christ... I used to hate Sansa in Season 1, but now I can't help but feel sorry for her. Her and Theon. Holy shit
sookeysookey1 (4 months ago)
Nate W it’s called character development.
bigwillblahblahbla (7 months ago)
In the book he makes reek give her oral to make her wet. Also theroys that he made his dogs fuck her to, Every time she didn't get pregnant. So messed up
Frank Castle (7 months ago)
Brandon Stark as he watches this scene after getting his powers:😶😶😶😶😐😐😐
Cbev1994 (7 months ago)
Dope Fruit (7 months ago)
Why am i having a boner watching this
GTFO ! (7 months ago)
Promoting rape herself and then criticizing logan paul lmao
Mark Hogan (1 month ago)
She's not promoting rape you fucking imbecile. Are actors who pretend to get murdered in film promoting murder ?
Dixie Normis (7 months ago)
Everyone bitched about this scene when it aired lol fuck Sansa
sookeysookey1 (4 months ago)
Dixie Normis while I don’t like Sansa, I don’t get why. In Westeros, there is no such thing as marital rape, meaning Ramsay was completely in his right. In the books, the scene is way worse as Theon has to cut her out of her dress and warm her up with his tongue while the groom disrobes.
Sander Luther (7 months ago)
I'm satisfied Ramsay eaten by his dog duh his dog enjoy his organs anyway!!!!!
Fusion Faggot (7 months ago)
Reek is the fucking weirdo and there the porn stars XD
Maggy Foster (7 months ago)
I want him to die vary slowly
Eric Baratheon (8 months ago)
Can't blame Ramsay for smashing tho haha
Run Keral (8 months ago)
ewww she lost her virginity with Ramsey!!!!!Poor Sansa!
Dre4de (8 months ago)
Alfie Allen (Theon) was amazing in this scene. His face and body movements says it all.
Blake Oshag (8 months ago)
Not rape. The bitch was his wife. She got was she deserved. Hot love from her Husband. I hope she swept the floors and made dinner after.
sookeysookey1 (4 months ago)
debbiee in Westeros there is no concept of marital rape, since the entire concept of getting married is to have children and nothing more. That’s why nobody cared that Robert might’ve done it to Cersei a few times, since her duty as queen is to give children. Basically, Sansa knew since she was a child that was the entire point of being a wife. That’s why she was so scared with Tyrion, only he was merciful enough not to exercise his right. I think she was gonna manipulate him with it, but the entire reason he did it was to say “I know what you’re doing and I won’t have it.” In the book though this scene is way worse. First, Theon has to cut the bride out of her dress with a knife and then, he has to warm her up with his mouth.
debbiee (8 months ago)
Blake Oshag she got RAPED wtf is wrong with you this was disturbing
Blake Oshag (8 months ago)
Greatest scene in the show. I fap daily to it
lucky dominguez (9 months ago)
That was for Lady!!! The north remember bitch.
Aniket Wakade (9 months ago)
Alfie is so underrated! Such an amazing performance!! Hope he will get lead role in some movies with some good directors.
Sydney Parks (9 months ago)
0:39 when ramsay rips her dress, it looks like sansa has broken angel wings which makes me feel more sad for her idky
sookeysookey1 (4 months ago)
In the book, Sansa never marries Ramsay. It’s her childhood friend jeyne. Basically, she went to Kings landing with Sansa and when their dads died, she was taken to one of baelish’s brothels where she had her virginity intact but was forced to learn how to please a man (and keep in mind in the books, Sansa is 12). Once the lannisters made the alliance with roose, they lied and handed them over to her as “arya” who keep in mind is 9. The reason was that she looks enough like Arya that they could lie and say she grew in her time of grief and if they like her trivial stuff like what time is dinner at winterfell or who was the gardener, she would know. Anyway, long story, sorry. But on the wedding night, Ramsay has Theon disrobe her with a knife and he sees whipping scars on her back. I think it’s a reference to that.
Sydney Parks (9 months ago)
Maybe to show her losing her innocence
Dope Fruit (9 months ago)
I had a weird boner
Fi de França (9 months ago)
racistprincess666 (9 months ago)
Im new in got...still in season 3...but ive been wondering who will deflower sansa...now i know...poor girl...ending up with horrible men
Pas De Nom (10 months ago)
simon the fuck happened to you?
Chelsea Pratt (10 months ago)
considering what she said of it later she was sodomized
sookeysookey1 (4 months ago)
Chelsea Pratt in the book it’s way worse because it’s implied Ramsay makes his new wife pleasure his dogs and if she doesnt, he’ll cut her feet off.
Aribae (10 months ago)
Some of these comments are disgusting how can you say this is not rape????? She didn't want to do it so fuck yeah it's rape and some other cunts are saying that she deserved it NO ONE DESERVES THIS
sookeysookey1 (4 months ago)
Aribae because in the standards of the show it isn’t. In Westeros and up until recently, there was no concept of marital rape. Sansa goes into the marriage fully aware that this is how it’s gonna go down. She’s just being awkward because her foster brother is in the room. In the book though this scene is more dark as Ramsay makes his wife disrobe by having Theon do it with a knife and because she isn’t in the mood, he gets Theon to warm her up with his tongue.
Nationalist Canuck (11 months ago)
It’s not rape. Everyone who calls it rape is a left wing Hillary voter who is ignorant to the fact this is based off of medieval times and medieval morality + wedding tradition via westeros. Rape in westeros is the opposite of this, forcefully fucking someone whose not your wife
sookeysookey1 (4 months ago)
debbiee that’s the point. In the book though, he had Theon use a knife to cut her out of the dress and then warm her up because she wasn’t in the mood.
Nationalist Canuck (8 months ago)
debbiee Yeah disturbing that we didn’t get what we want.
debbiee (8 months ago)
Dumb One it was still VERY disturbing wtf
Jordy13 Xoxo (11 months ago)
Jesus, she has no luck does she
FR_Elly (11 months ago)
Бедная, весьма жалко ее
Son Goku (11 months ago)
As if getting tormented by Joffrey was bad enough for her. Now she has to deal with this asshole?!
aricente (11 months ago)
"You were so beautiful the night of you wedding"-bran the fucking creep
Mart Fisk (1 year ago)
Sidsm (1 year ago)
Poor Sansa and Theon :/
ese hombre (1 year ago)
I guess Ramsey is no Tyrion. I wonder if she's thinking that bedding Tyrion might not have been so bad.
Teo Vanly (1 year ago)
Meanwhile Bran is watching...
Gabe Dinnell (1 year ago)
meanwhile bran is somewhere in this room admiring her dress and beauty...
BlueBerryFairy1 (1 year ago)
He had the back of her dress made like this... so he could tear it apart
Ariana G (1 year ago)
I fucking hate this scene
xyhmo (1 year ago)
Still a better love story than twilight.
DarkZerol (1 year ago)
Should have called it Sansa and Ramsay Bolten's rape night.
lucaalbano8 (1 year ago)
Ramsay is such a bastard But y'know, in the offensive way, even though he is also literally a bastard... Yeah, you know what I mean.
Marvin Nash (1 year ago)
This is where the show jumped the shark. Not showing her boobs. Shame!
Lance Hollingsworth (1 year ago)
Poor Theon, having to watch his childhood crush get raped and not being able to do a thing about it. I bet Ramsey knew about his crush, the sick fuck.
jelaninoel (1 year ago)
Samkit Shah (1 year ago)
theon greyjoy could've closed his eyes but he watched
SteinchenTV (6 months ago)
Samkit Shah I'd watch if the guy who cut my dick off raped my sister too
Alan Casallas (1 year ago)
Bran is watching like "you look so beautiful".
George Snyder (1 year ago)
I jacked to this
Alisher Yokubjonov (1 year ago)
That's not even rape it is just too big for her so stfu salty liberals
debbiee (8 months ago)
Do you even know what rape is
Sealdrop (1 year ago)
Autumn Aurora (1 year ago)
Good scene but not graphic enough lol.
Nima ZER0 (1 year ago)
Aww now I think the death by dogs was a nice way to go :/
Jessie Swaby (1 year ago)
Sansa got her revenge and so did Jon.
Arshan (1 year ago)
She was so beautiful that night....
JOSE S (1 year ago)
HORRIBLE SCENE! I can't believe HBO aired this!
MEXEROS X (1 year ago)
Bwans_Art (1 year ago)
Ramsay is such a fascinating character
Piss BeUponHim (1 year ago)
I don't get why he wouldn't just treat her nice and make love instead lmao
Matheus Felipe (1 year ago)
Sansa: Balon d'or Ramsey: Messi Theon: Cristiano Ronaldo lllululululululullulul
Léa (1 year ago)
BasedLordTrump (1 year ago)
This isn't rape, they're married. In the medieval era women were property and you can't rape property. Stop applying 21st century customs to medieval customs.
debbiee (8 months ago)
This is still disturbing stfu
BasedLordTrump (1 year ago)
Stop applying 21st century customs to medieval ones. Stop being a triggered faggot.
Fabulous Trix! (1 year ago)
shut the fuck up
Green Power Ranger (1 year ago)
Poor Theon, he was struggling to hold back the tears from watching his best bud and foster sister getting together. Best Buds for life!
Kingslayer (1 year ago)
W.O.R. (1 year ago)
For those of you cheering for Ramsay here...what if this was *your* daughter getting done in her butt like this?
MEXEROS X (1 year ago)
Paul Markey (1 year ago)
I didn't much care for Ramsay as a villain. Most of his storyline felt like filler. First 2 seasons were phenomenal but the series kind of lags in the middle. This was definitely a low point for GoT. I'm glad its gotten good again!
CONNOR RK 900 (1 year ago)
how sansa ages in that scene?
Some Banana (1 year ago)
Arturo Andreu (1 year ago)
Rape? Don't thint so. She was his wife under westeros law and never said "NO". So if you ask me, she consented. And now everyone calls it "rape" That's "rape culture"! No more, no less.
debbiee (8 months ago)
She couldn't say no lol she was scared hed kill her wtf are you talking about
julia J: (1 year ago)
hi Bran
arif kaisar (1 year ago)
he doing a good job playing as ramsay
Natalia Escobar Ramos (1 year ago)
Dreazer (1 year ago)
Bran was under the bed
Lyla Gallagher (1 year ago)
Alfie Allen deserves an oscar for this.
JohnMasterLoquendo (1 year ago)
That was really unnecessary...
Gladys Chong (1 year ago)
He did worse things to Jeyne Poole.
Dorne (1 year ago)
Plot twist: Sansa's pussy was filled with wildfire and ramsay's cock burned off.
Deyi The (1 year ago)
There was another lad watching.
luis monreal (1 year ago)
Bran: you were there that night, so beautiful, using that white dress
Harish Pentyala (1 year ago)
he was badass
Hyperion ALZIZ (1 year ago)
Sansa got what she deserved. I can't stand her. Finally it happened after 3 marriages and other places see almost got raped.
Rainbowllamas (7 months ago)
RDKRL dude wtf without Sansa, Jon will probably die in the battle of the bastards
Lunahandycap (7 months ago)
RDKRL What ? NOOOOOOOO!!! I love her character because she saved ser dontos live, because she's awesome, because she tried to kill Joffrey, because she's savage and because she is great at ruling
RDKRL (7 months ago)
Well. Jon Snow became the King in the North because of his deeds and after long path. Danny went literally from zero to hero, ending slavery (like Abraham Fucking Lincoln) etc. Sansa became Queen in the North just because she was Stark, she didn't do anything special. In fact she didn't do ANYTHING the whole series. She saved Jon with the aid of Littlefinger, I'll give you that but that was really just because the plot needed it, she doesn't deserve to have such a big fanbase only because shes kinda pretty.
Lunahandycap (7 months ago)
Sansa is the Queen in the North. I'm just laughing my ass of at Sansa haters, like wtf!? Danny burns people (i'm okay with that) Jon is fucking his aunt (like seriously?) Arya is creepy as hell (I hope Gendry reunites with her) Cersei is a dumb pregnant bitch. Bran is the Internet. Meera is in the cyber friendzone (jorah is her guide). And what does Sansa? " Oh... we are going to need more food for the people!" 😂👌
RDKRL (7 months ago)
I agree, she deserved it. Cool characters are often killed in this show, this stupid girl was just raped. Its ok.
Sylvanas Windrunner (1 year ago)
I dont hope she is pregnant...

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