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The Children of the Forest's Biggest Secret Exposed? - Game of Thrones Season 8 (Theory)

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Welcome back for another Game of Thrones and ASOIAF Theory Video. Today I will be talking about several characters from this story. This theory mostly revolves around Bloodraven and the Children of the Forest, and their relationship with Bran Stark. I happen to believe Bloodraven, also known as the Three Eyed Raven, purposely put Bran Stark in position to lose the use of his legs. It appeared as if Bloodraven wanted to groom Bran, to help him become the next Three Eyed Raven, but I believe he may have had a hidden agenda with the Children of the Forest. I don't think they are as innocent as they appear. We know the Children of the Forest created the Night King. After they did this, they ended up losing control of their creation, so they had to team up with the First Men in order to stop them. They were successful, and the Others went back beyond the Wall, but somehow the Children of the Forest ended up behind the Wall as well. Now that man has taken control of all of the lands, I think it is very possible that the Children of the Forest are still looking to get their revenge, and they may have been lying to us for all these years. Do they really want to stop the Night King, or have they been manipulating everyone into believing so? There is one major reveal coming next season, and it could have something to do with their relationship.. I am not 100% sure that I am right, but I think there is more to the Children and the Others that we need to learn, and we may be surprised when we find out.. Let me know what you think. Thank you for watching! Images and video clips from Game of Thrones are property of their creators, used here under fair use. Support the channel on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/TalkingThrones Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/Talking_Thrones Outro Music: Light of the Seven Remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXCuTo-x0Wc
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Talking Thrones (1 month ago)
Something I forgot to add.. The Night's King was brothers with the King in the North at the time, and they ended up fighting each other until the death. If this theory is true, then this story from history may parallel what's happening now. Jon will have to kill his 'brother' Brandon Stark (Same name as the Night's King) I'm not saying Bran is the NK, but if Mel is right, he is a servant of the great other.. Sad thing is, Bran may not even know it, but still die because of it..
Ryan Thomas (3 days ago)
Hafiz Farook what? Is this a serious post? Am I missing something because I've heard a lot of theories and a lot I didn't agree with but that were argued well and even have a chance could be right but you do realize this has no chance whatsoever none nil zero chance because gendry is Roberts bastard meaning nothing at all to do with cersei other than shed kill him on sight just hearing of him being Roberts bsdtsrd again he is nothing at all to do with cersei nor lannisters nor really anything remotely akin to cersei
Joseph Raja (5 days ago)
It is interesting. But the Below contradict with the motive. Why would Bran help Stark to solve the Issues Between them? Sansa and Arya? He informed them about the little finger and He probably made a soft spot for Lannisters in Starks' heart. After All, Starks are Nobel men. If the Lannisters and Starks comes to an understanding then Knight King will face more resistance.
Shane Kinsley (7 days ago)
Talking Thrones it's funny how you bring this up you remember when what's his name Brandon the kids that can't walk sorry I'm bad at spilling names any way remember the episode when he had the wildling girl she refused to talk about the 3 eyed Raven like she was scared or that she knew he was a bad guy so maybe the wildling no that the Raven guy is bad news and no not to go anywhere near that place
Andrew Morris (8 days ago)
But when has Mel been right?Brans visions are like HD compared to her fuzzy black an white picture
Follow The Sun (14 days ago)
I watched this again for the third time, and re-read your add-on above but, 'I fail to agree. Think about this,' the book's side plots that are seemingly too far out are not written into in the show's scripts! It seems everything "too intriguing" or too tricky has been made simpler for the TV viewer, especially regarding the whole GOT "3-"Eyed Raven" story-line. Note, 'all the changes from the book that were made to make the story more palatable & digestible for the average IQ watcher, and its not hard to see that all the overly complicated stuff has been omitted from the show just so the casual watcher could enjoy each episode. Based on that I can't possibly see the writers, producers, and editors making it more complicated than it already is. Sorry but because the audience is at a lower level mentally (than the book readers) the TV story has been made simpler and your narrative does not fit the IQ number the show has been projected/targeted at.
Maximus Genatilia (1 day ago)
STUNT DOUBLES ? LMAO Mate you need to get out of your basement
Df Mf (2 days ago)
I get prince charming from shrek vibes off jamie.
Daniel Barrett (2 days ago)
Brilliant theory would bet on this! Perhaps Bran fights back mentally at points to regain control? Also could he fly by warging into the dead dragon? Perhaps he is already helping the night king, i mean hes powerful but enough to raise a dragon? He might have used Brans warging combined with his strength, using the allure of flying to draw whats left of bran in?
Leona Larson (3 days ago)
Where does it say that the children were sent to live on the north side of the wall, it only says that leaf walked the earth for a thousand years watching it never says they were made to live on that side of the wall.
Chawn Crawley (5 days ago)
This theory is a lot better than what we all know HBO is going actually hand us.
Dave Mann (5 days ago)
but why do they specifically have to use bran? what was wrong wth jojen? unless night king needs a stark face to be able to see hes plan through. which may lead to bran realising and killing himself to stop it
Lisa McLaughlin (6 days ago)
You are still the BEST theorist for the show love!!!!
Lisa McLaughlin (6 days ago)
This theory doesn’t work in the books though, Jojen is still alive in the book.
I lasted 8 minutes. You’re clutching at straws methinks.
Talking Thrones (6 days ago)
"I would f*ck me."
Basically Free (6 days ago)
Bloodraven = Nightking = Bran
simeon antonov (7 days ago)
Wow! This was trully mind-blowing. If even a small part of it is true, you shoud be given a chance to work along side with the D&D
Andrew Morris (8 days ago)
i think Jojen knew he was going to die an he went along with it because he knew it was his destiny to die for a greater cause
dakota humphreys (9 days ago)
This is a very convincing theory to me also my favorite video so far including all the new ones you have made thanks TT!
Luna RikaRiko (10 days ago)
I love this theory!
AudreyDurden (10 days ago)
also. I've never known anyone who dwells in a "Lair" to be a good person. blood Raven is the evil character ...he looks pretty evil in the visits to the past. seriously, I bet Christopher Lee was considered for that role, but it would have been way to obvious that blood raven is an evil character if he was played by Christopher Lee.
AudreyDurden (10 days ago)
"I've been watching you. all of you" sounds he's just a pedo
Sebastian Plackner (10 days ago)
that would be a really crazy Twist! do you think there is anything that doesn't fit for this Theory? can you imagine other Twist like that or would you like to make a Video about that?
AudreyDurden (10 days ago)
sneaky little forest children...always up to no good and telling lies...two words for them little freaks:. MALEVOLENT SUBTERFUGE
Mateusz98421 (10 days ago)
You amused me! I think think you've raised the best concernes and asked the best questions. I believe that you're a 100% right regarding the manipulation, the influence and the deeds. Where you're mistaken, on my opinion, is the motive. I know that vengeance makes a person desperate, but we are talking about 100s of years time in the planning, and an other in carrying it out. Taking back the land does not need this much scheme and conspiracy, "just" an army. As personal preference, I would be deeply disappointed if that's what it all would come down to, to sheer revenge. It just wouldn't feel worthy of this great epic to me. I'm convinced btw, wonderful theory, the logic, or rather, enlightens the lack of logic in many things, and offers an explenation that adds up. However, the motive I don't like. Great job anyways, you earned one more subscribers :D
Ahmad Almaidoor (10 days ago)
yes agree with this theory very much. The reasons are as follows: 1.three eye raven: 1.1. Three eye raven is Brynden Rivers, and he is the Bastard son of a targaryen king. 1..2. He can ride dragons (we know this because bastards from tergaryen blood had dragons in the dance of the dragons) 1.3. We see the Night king riding a dragon ( The way the dragon was revived is similar to the way he changed the babies.) 1.4. the Dragon is not as whitewalkers but more like the night king. ( for this part you need to see how he does it) the night king doesnt raise him from a distance but holds his hand against the dragon head) 2. Bran is dead in the cave. 2.1 IF the body switching is true, then it was brynden , night king,*killed bran in that cave. the switch happened already. 2.2 Brynden used the children of the forest ( that is the magic to keep him live longer by making him a tree somehow) 2.3 living long enough to switch his body with bran ( the three eye raven was looking for potential host for a long period of time! the theory on the Euron greyjoy * thats another story: but simple enough: Euron went on exploring and collecting magical things from all over the world for someone"" now: he says to Daenerys " we should all leave and when winter is finished we will come and rule over the land* could be working with the three eye raven somehow) 2.4. he showed bran the ritual of creating the night king ( here i fail to see the connection but for this i have a theory: body switching does NOT mean memory switch* which means how will he ride a dragon if he doesnt know he is a targaryen* i fail here but lets go on ) 2.5 Brynden didnt have the power to go into another human like Bran does with HODOR* miss u HODOR* so he needs that host body! 3.The theory of bran being the night king: Now your theory comes in great sense to bran being the night king and the reasons are simple. 3.1 Brynden killed his other bastard brother and many characters in the story * we know this from the lore of the three eye raven* however, His motives seems for the best of all. * what if he wants to be the KING and role the seven kingdoms* yet he will have none to rule if all are dead!! 3,2 Brynden motives are unclear to what he wants! or want to have ! but the story of the knight Watch King is very interesting. * it is said a knight watch commander brought a female walker and ruled as a king of the watch for 13 years* who is she? how was she created? and why did she comply and live as a queen ? 3.3. the Night queen was offered human sacrifices, and skeletons in the cave of the three eye raven , brynden, show that too.* this is just a point that could mean something is in relation here, however The queen was killed by the starks and the free folks* it was an alliance !! 4. Brynden manipulated the past: 4.1 Brynden manipulated the past for he says to bran * dont stay in the past too long * * memories dont transfer and he wanted bran to carry this memory of not going to the past* before he body switch! 4.2 Brynded fell in love with someone in the past. 4.3 he tells the children of the forest to create the first white walker. 4.4 he moves his body to the king 4.5 he creates the queen * but she is in love with the knights watch commander* could be mistress* The night Queen is found in the haunted forest, which is WAY TOO far from the Night's king place in the story and too close to the wall somehow. ( this raises a question: what do children of the forest EAT and the walkers too???) White-Walkers never reached the east!! And we know they can survive ! but does the Night King survive>>??? No one from the EAST mentions Winter. they are not afraid and have no memory of it ! Could it be that Winter is a curse first created to kill the first men but wasn't Enough! Forests = Green = Good weather * i think* Which brings a question, Why does the Night king want to come and invade / kill if he will be gone by the end of winter!!! This reflects one thing: His motives are centered more in a revenge or hate to someone or some house , or something! If the children create the walkers and can not control them then are they self motivated to hate humans no matter what!!! And what about the Night Queen!! Walkers are created by dragon glass and die by dragon glass! The Resistance: I think there are two clans of children of the forest! the first is the ones who made the pact with humans and wanted peace and the other is the one that hated humans and wanted their death. in many places we see conflict in revelations to bran! * dont listen to crows they are liers* One important note is What happened in Valyria is connected to this! somehow ! Euron Greyjoy will play a part in making it happen! Faceless God is also connected. in conclusion, Brynded wants all men to die! he achieves that by manipulating the past and future to have Bran body. Is it the hate to what happened to Vlayria? is it because of love? or is it because of envy? or maybe he wanted to help the children of the forest because Tergaryen are just as unique as the children themselves?! and man is the one who took it all from both! I am very unclear to how to explain everything together in text. this is the best thing is could write down to maybe shedding some light on how complex the situation is right now.
Super2goodforu (11 days ago)
Something that has bothered me, is when Old Nan, who is sitting with Bran in Season 2 says to him about the crow in the window. Don't listen to him, all crows are liars" Any thoughts?
M M (11 days ago)
That actually makes a lot of sense.
Michael J H (11 days ago)
I can't see any way this is wrong. You have worked oot the end twist I think!!
Rohit Bapat (12 days ago)
You can direct game of thrones part 2 series
FIISH (12 days ago)
You have earned yourself a subscriber your grace
Talking Thrones (12 days ago)
Bless you, my lord.
Cristal Obatala (12 days ago)
I like your theory...
unknown (13 days ago)
I don't think those wights that killed jojen were actuall wights. I believe they were reanimated by the 3er otherwise the night king wpuld already know the 3er location amd mot need to mark bran
Charlie Pace (14 days ago)
Isn’t the reason the children are north of the wall because of the andal invasion? They were probably south of the wall right after the pact with the first men then the andals cut their trees down and drove them north
Jordan Wirig (14 days ago)
What if the Nights king is trying too undo his curse?
Kenny Craig (15 days ago)
The pact was broken...What was the pact? A Stark must always remain at Winterfell?
MrCrossover Mark (15 days ago)
I have to agree that it is pretty suspicious that an old all-seeing stranger who has lived for thousands of years and who cant be touched by any wights or white walkers would want to help a young boy gain his abilities without any explanation. I mean the bloodraven couldve lived another thousand years if he wanted to but why pass it on to someone else.
Martha Glatt (15 days ago)
Excellent absolutely amazing thank you so much for sharing this video with us 💕💕💕🌹👌
Grimsoks Indeed (15 days ago)
Makes sense to me maybe both of them blood raven and night king are doing all this because they are looking for someone to take their places not just anyone a gifted one.
Rosalie Lewis (15 days ago)
I often wonder if GRRM is as entertained by the many tinfoil theories as I am. There is a lot of good stuff in this video but one of my favorites is the notion that blood raven is the puppet master manipulating the event on behalf of the others and children of the forest. Great fun theories for contemplation.
rowell669 (15 days ago)
That's really interesting and plausible. I haven't read the books, but ive gathered they are much more complex than the show is. I mean much more than any other book to TV show adaptation. I've really enjoyed watching these predictions, however, I'm really afraid the end of the show won't be nearly as complicated as we want it to be. I love these twists and the intrigue, but with one season left, a short one at that, I don't think the ending will be this detailed or satisfying. Because someone else is writing the plot. And they have a fraction of GRRM's talent and imagination. But we can always hope. I had begun to suspect that bloodraven entered Bran when he was supposed to die. He has the power, why wouldn't he? And all the talk about Bran becoming the 3 eyed Raven. I mean he tells us, I'm not Bran anymore, it doesn't get much plainer than that. I just wonder is Bran there at all anymore? But it's not as if the 3 eyed Raven is pretending to be Bran. He keeps telling everyone he's not Bran . And that's odd to me. There is much more, or should be much more of the origins of the white walkers and the pact with Craster. They are Craster's sons! They are Gilly's and little Sam's BROTHERS! That blows my mind! And why is that? They have to play a key role otherwise they wouldn't have lived this long. They serve no other purpose. Maybe the plot twist is the story isn't about Jon and Danny at all. I don't even know. It's fun to guess though. There's so many different variables. They should make an alternate ending for each one. And we'd all get what we want.
Darryl Tone (15 days ago)
Why is Bloodraven always sitting. He shares a lot of similarities with Bran. He is shown standing when he and Bran are traveling through time yes. But all other shots of them are both r sitting. Why doesn't he stand or walk? Is the Bloodraven Bran himself? And does that mean that the Bloodraven, Bran and the Night knight are the same
George Chilala (16 days ago)
Sheeeeeeeeet!!!! i just bought this theory.
Adam Boyko (17 days ago)
you must've put ton of thought into this .if this theory came true that would be amazing
Adam Boyko (17 days ago)
Talking Thrones it’s makes a lot of sense too.
Talking Thrones (17 days ago)
This one was very complicated to piece together. Thanks for noticing.
Snuggle_ muggle (18 days ago)
u are like petyr baelish of 2018....manipulating our minds so easily with these theories...no offense
ettanasf (18 days ago)
I dunno man. You play it pretty fast and loose with the word "proof" and it's variants. I think the "Say you got any corn" thing SUPPORTS your theory, but it is FAR from proof. It's circumstantial at best, conjecture at its worst.
Stefanie Herbsthofer (19 days ago)
Really, this makes all sense.
movie gurl74 (19 days ago)
Good Lord man! u have convinced me the children and the old 3 eye raven are the boogeyman
Billy Lyons (20 days ago)
I don't know if this has been answered yet but is the others the same as the white walkers? The children made the white walkers I know but then I think in the books it's mention that the 13th commander of the nights watch falls in love with a female other which I think it's said that the children turn the 13th Lord commander into a White Walker. I may be missing something lol
Sirxchrish (20 days ago)
If the three eyed raven saw the future with the white walkers breaking the wall down...who benefits other than the night king? I think the three eyed raven orchestrated this to happen, not in an evil way but to bring balance to the land. Maybe he saw what would have happened if the wrong person sat on the iron throne? So many potential reasons.
Lyssa Leigh (20 days ago)
Such a good video, really enjoyed!
craig eagleson (22 days ago)
It’s kinda interesting that the overhead view of the gods eye has the same spiral pattern around it that was seen in the very first episode with the arranged body parts in the snow
tyler lorenz (22 days ago)
mountain criminal horizon favor psychologist education hello offense land suggestion.
Lanksey (23 days ago)
There’s 1 season left in got. It’s a wrap.
TAO TAO (23 days ago)
Awesome analysis!
martin macht (24 days ago)
Wrong info here!!
Spark Stallion (24 days ago)
But why would he spill out the secret about Jon's lineage? It will only make Jon stronger and pose a competition to the night king?
Jake B (25 days ago)
woof lol
Talking Thrones (25 days ago)
James Taylor (25 days ago)
Cotf are true enemy..but they r bound with starks..qourin halfhand knew the cotf r true enemy..thsts why he got jon snow and aurther dayne TSOTM...(mance) the duty of the sword mornong is to fight the true enemy
James Taylor (25 days ago)
This is awsome video..for the tv show..it also shows how different the books are..great video for the show
Chris Phillips (25 days ago)
What if the child sacrifice craster was leaving for the walkers, was actually the nights king re populating the children of the Forrest as part of a treaty?
kevin Gilding (25 days ago)
Daenarys's Dragons brought all of this back.
Cynthia Hay (25 days ago)
This is the twist.
Test Flyer (26 days ago)
Step away from the aluminum hat...at least a little... Agreed, the Isle of Faces should be central to the end game of the Night King. And Holland Reed is probably there. My guess is that Leif and the other Children stayed north of the wall to help contain the problem they created. That’s why they worked with Bran the Builder to create the Wall. The continued guess is that as long as Leif and the other Children were at that Werewood tree the magic of the wall could not be broken. Note that the Night King did not ever attempt to march on the wall until the Werewood tree, the Children and Blood Raven were destroyed. That’s also why all of the Starks revere their Werewood tree. Every one of them go to that tree to pray. The Children didn’t bind Bood Raven to the Werewood tree, he bound himself there by staying in the visions too long. The images on the cave walls at Dragonstone seemed to indicate that the Children and Men joined forces at some point. Unless, of course, you’re going with the theory that everything has been misdirection up to now. This can be great if done like Jacob’s Ladder, but can also go wrong to the point of absolute stupidity. Look what happened when everyone thought they had killed off Jon.
Cynthia Hay (26 days ago)
How did they loose control of the WW?
Marquita Reed (26 days ago)
I just look at the way Bloodraven appeared when Bran and his crew first met him and how his appearance changed after the crew had spent some time with him in that cave. Whatever they were feeding Bran was working to reverse the image of Bloodraven because by they time he told Bran he would be no more, but instead would be him (Bloodraven), he looked tremendously younger, beardless, and more human like. He was feeding Bran what he needed to help him destroy himself, thus all the reasons Bran was acting so unbothered. I like this video because it said a lot of the things I'd already assumed.
Cody Chase (26 days ago)
Man, you stretch too far to fit what you wish the narrative to be.
Yadwinder Singh (26 days ago)
When i was reading the Bran falling chapter, i thought it was a very good way of ending the chapter with that crows waiting for corn bit.
Minkley McMoo (27 days ago)
Aren't we supposed to believe the bones are the previous 3ER?
Minkley McMoo (27 days ago)
Talking Thrones 8000 years worth
Talking Thrones (27 days ago)
All of them? I don't think so.. There are too many skeletons.
Ted L (27 days ago)
The tree was a special place for the children and so some stayed there to protect it and be its caretaker and feed it wildlings
Ted L (27 days ago)
The tree was a special place for the children and so some stayed there to protect it and be its caretaker and feed it wildlings
N I K O L A (27 days ago)
Why would he show him the tower of joy, where a potential azor ahai - the prince that was promised was created. The hero that will end the long night. It makes no sense. Cool clip tho!
abarairukia75 (28 days ago)
If this is true, Bran Stark will be the dumbest a-hole in the GOT universe lol!
Shann Lewis (28 days ago)
I havnt read the books yet and so was just wondering what the history of the bloodraven was and how he became the bloodraven in the firstplace?? Great theory btw plenty of food for thought. 👍
Phil Thalhammer (29 days ago)
Dude that's the only game of throne Thrones theories that I've dude that's the only game of Thrones theory that actually blew my mind that would be incredible if that was the twist
Palium Noobi (29 days ago)
ur stories are very stretchy
modestymaltese (29 days ago)
None of this happened in the books. The show is off the rails. GRRM's UK publisher tweeted as much the second they killed Mance Rayder. So, hold your horses. Either discuss the books or drop the subject.
hawkmoon2013 (29 days ago)
Regardless of what is inside him. He knew experiences of others including his father. If it is memory which constructs a personality, we can say that he could be anyone who he can remember. Conceptually Bran is very similar to Kwizatz Haderach.
moon butt74 (29 days ago)
You did a great job hitting the creepy factor in this ! There's a hint of The Thing on the Doorstep here.
Lovis (30 days ago)
That´s why Arya is going to kill Bran.
Tom AcM (1 month ago)
Ever since we saw the blood Raven and brans abilities I thought they were the great other and the red god . All the whispers in the fires all the visions people have it's all down to them two .
pett pette (1 month ago)
i always said Jon may have to kill Bran. So this sits well with me! Thanks
mmd janvier (1 month ago)
I super like this theory... I am also doubting the 3-eyed Raven... There's a reason why he's stuck in the tree like a punishment... like he's imprisoned...
Mali Rabbit (1 month ago)
The question is who/what could have ‘ imprisoned ‘ the children north of the wall along with the others? Who had that kind of power? Bran the builder used giants an old spells / magic in building the wall . After the nights king touched Bran , those spells were made null and void . Who has that kind of power! How will/ can this be explained in the last season?
Paul Moldovanu (1 month ago)
What the first 2 twist that already happen?
Talking Thrones (1 month ago)
Stannis burning Shireen, and the Hodor reveal..
L Adcock (1 month ago)
I like your tinfoil, just sayin
Talking Thrones (1 month ago)
Thank you
Cj Romero (1 month ago)
This was one of your best videos , I literally had this thought before about the three eyed raven being evil with the children and causing brans fall, great video , something is off with the children of the forest and the three eyed raven , I like your videos because you don't look at game of thrones in a little box , you see possibilities in any situation of this story
Not sure if I'm gonna word this the right way but what if Jojens seizures are actually blood raven communicating with him like bran did to hodor, and blood raven is "downloading" information to him giving him the appearance of being a Green-seer? Or if bran can mess with time maybe it's actually bran talking to him like he did with hodor and the seizures happen cause time shouldn't be messed with or something weird like that?
SadBananaMusic (1 month ago)
I really like the re-interpretation of "All men must die".  Gave me chills to think that it was not a man-made, philosophical-type, saying, but rather a call to arms from The Children and/or Walkers.  It also makes "All men must serve" have a different meaning as well.  Makes me want to investigate the connections of The Children and those from Valyria (if there are any) where the call and response of Valar Morghulis and Valar Dohaeris originated, and why it is used with seemingly more importance with the Faceless Men. Good stuff, dude.  Good stuff.
Sam Lopez (1 month ago)
Just a theory,, what if blood Raven jumped into brans body when he had to jump into hoedor,, he did say listen to your friend bran,, like uve been saying blood Raven has been manipulating people and events
blackeyedlily (1 month ago)
I really like your videos and you have some great idea, but (and I know what Ned says about the word but) I have a lot of trouble with this one. I can even see how you could come up with some of these ideas. However, I think there is too much inference here, rather than logical conclusions.
Talking Thrones (1 month ago)
Well, I did say, I'm not 100% sold on the idea.
Jezza Us (1 month ago)
But the children are dead.
Jezza Us (1 month ago)
Talking Thrones Really don't think the show will bother with them now. May be in the books. Great work btw.
Talking Thrones (1 month ago)
"Not all of them." Robbie B
Mande Peer (1 month ago)
Dude book Jojen was annoying I’m not really upset about it lol
Talking Thrones (1 month ago)
Lmao well I hope he tasted good
Black Zoro (1 month ago)
Do you think the children also made the 3eye raven?
Kristy Briggs (1 month ago)
I totally agree with everything that was said thank you for putting this out there
J- 786 (1 month ago)
I think Blood Raven has body jumped and is now Brandon.
Talking Thrones (1 month ago)
I like it
nancy martinez (1 month ago)
Hey there 🙃 don't know if I'm late or missed a video where you might have covered the part where bran basically tells meera to f*co off because he no longer needed her? I really need closure...just like meera 😭💔
SSU (1 month ago)
Q: How did the children end up north of the wall? A: Same way the humans ended up there, they were on the north side when the wall was built. For all we know there are still children south, or there may have been for a long time with only an outpost north to know what happens there (and stopping the others from destroying trees)
Antoinette Rapana (1 month ago)
Mind blown.. ive been waiting for this exact theory for what feels like forever. Ty!
Talking Thrones (1 month ago)
Margaret Anderson (1 month ago)
I think the children of the forest are all dead and they didn't know how to undo the spell when they made the white walkers, and the white walkers main mission is to kill all men, and I also think that the night King is a Targaryen became all the dragons were gone too and now they're back. I don't know but there is a connection between the whites and the dragons.
Noctis (1 month ago)
Since i watch so much i might as well subscribe
Talking Thrones (1 month ago)
Thanks for joining the team
rene kaminawash (1 month ago)
I was watching you pulls out his mobile phone on facebook
Anonymous (1 month ago)
chilyn del valle (1 month ago)
I love love love this theory!!!! I would love to see this happen in the show!!! Another captivating video, thank you!
Deborah Buono (1 month ago)
I always wondered why they let Jojen die, it seemed deliberate to me too.

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