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How to add tools for Server Admins in Minecraft with Admin Panel Plugin

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Check out this awesome plugin which adds fast and easy ways for admins to kick/ban players, look through player inventories, change weather and control a server entirely! Try it today! GET 10% OFF YOUR OWN MINECRAFT SERVER: https://serverminer.com/?p=YOUTUBE When you purchase a server from ServerMiner, you can instantly install this plugin with a click of a button! No configuration needed! Plugin: Administration Panel V1.1.0 (Bukkit 1.8.8) Plugin Creator(s): Lionhard98 Plugin Download: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/administration-panel/ Intro/Outtro Music: Pamgaea by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Text Comments (54)
Cio Dokop (2 months ago)
You REVIEW is epic
wildmaster84 (5 months ago)
Aslo Note there is an Unfreez but you must change the item BTW . Exzample: SNOW_BALL
wildmaster84 (5 months ago)
Hay did u know there is 2 secrit fetures of the Administrator Panel, the Firework menu and the Admin stock
TheNewMoney (9 months ago)
Daniel Stanchev (10 months ago)
LuziDuzi (1 year ago)
This Plugin is so cool !!!
Roucool_PvP (1 year ago)
How do we unfreeze someone?
Hypnog8r Gameing (1 year ago)
i can not add pluagin. help
wildmaster84 (5 months ago)
You need to download a pluginreloader to load the admin panel
Aria Strike (1 year ago)
seems like a better version of staff+
Plevin (1 year ago)
vhat. 2K (1 year ago)
nice content guys I subscribed
Juan Niño (1 year ago)
item sender only you give cobbleston? i cant give food? or iron.........
how to de froze someone?
カEモNのT幸Eせ (1 year ago)
how to unfrezze
Banditos II-// (1 year ago)
AlteGurke click next the freeze bottom
Jacob Earl (1 year ago)
Can we download this with minecraft forge?
Tom Deacon (1 year ago)
Adventures Of The Noob Gamer it's a plugin. You need a server.
Gabriel_779804 (1 year ago)
hey we can kick or ban a player by using the command and we can also do /invsee [PLAYER NAME] if you have essentials plugin
Pantzer101 (1 year ago)
Obama? Is that you?
MC (1 year ago)
To do the freeze thing to un freeze you just freeze them again
Extatic Music (1 year ago)
I want moderators to beable to ban but not able to change gamemode. how do i do this?
Rakken Playz (1 year ago)
Guys!!! to unfreeze a player Click on the slot next to freeze player
Yohanan Diamond (2 years ago)
Both MC (2 years ago)
What IP server It crack server :D
Gamer4TheEnd (2 years ago)
you can unfreez someone the maker just typed the wrong Item name that is why it is not showing up it is in the 2nd choice just go to the config and Change the Item name and I should be there when you reload the server
Justin Zandee (2 years ago)
HE IS COMPLETELY... *rewind* still there.........
NachtDZN (2 years ago)
you can unfreeze witch /speed name type[fly,walk] 1
NachtDZN (2 years ago)
okey /speed NAME walk 1
Jurģis Debners (2 years ago)
ty u soo much, someone freezed me on my own server and I dint know how to fix it
Lucuz (2 years ago)
Does it also work for spigot?
Extatic Music (1 year ago)
Edan Smash (2 years ago)
me and my friend did it on his sever i froze hom for a laugh then i deoped my self to see if i could unfreaze my self and we are stuck now :D funny tho but we have to get alts to play on his sever now :D
LightningTE (2 years ago)
When I open the guy it does not show the items! HALP!
Inch' Allah (1 year ago)
I dont remember .. i think .. juste delete some sentence in green
Inch' Allah (2 years ago)
Not its good thx i finally fided the error
Lucuz (2 years ago)
I had a custom gui plugin that messed it up, see if there are any plu gins that could effect the ap
Inch' Allah (2 years ago)
me too !
ItzEzequiel (2 years ago)
can anyone do this even other players
Extatic Music (1 year ago)
Sergis (2 years ago)
ItzEzequiel (2 years ago)
How can I add this permissions in permissionsex? Can you please reply what permission should I put? essentials.administrationpanel?
- (1 year ago)
I gotta admit... That one was good
zeddadius zachary (1 year ago)
i dont permissionsex I forcesex
- (2 years ago)
This plugin is not part of Essentials, please check the page on spigot for the permissions
Fedor Boendermaker (2 years ago)
god dem it, my friend freezed me, so what do we have to do now?!!!
Rakken Playz (1 year ago)
oh yeah
- (2 years ago)
Click on the slot next to freeze player 😛 this took me a long time to find
LightningTE (2 years ago)
drink milk
Nguyen Tran (2 years ago)
do i need to OP
Jayden Lans (2 years ago)
+Tom Mining yes
tom mitrani (3 years ago)
IceDesigns (3 years ago)

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