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How Much Would it Cost to Be Lucio?

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How Much Would it Cost to Be Lucio? Let's break it down! Lucio's weapons, armor, gadgets, even his DJ set. How much does it all cost? If you didn't steal half of this stuff of course... 🔔 Subscribe to TGN for daily video game videos: http://bit.ly/1KJq3G2 🔔 We love making gaming videos and we can only do it with your support. ⭐️ Donate through Super Chat by clicking the 💲 icon during livestreams Voiced by Rusty Molboxer Written by Jeffrey Harris Edited by Pedro "Fgeitas" Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple Music by Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (367)
Ugundan Knuckles Leader (13 hours ago)
He’s like the marshmallow of overwatch world...
Carlos Ortiz (1 day ago)
What about the haircut
Kroepoek YT (1 day ago)
What would it cost to be doomfist? Or tracer? Or genji
Kyleidoscope (2 days ago)
How much would it cost to be the cybernetic ninja, Genji?
jammer7205 (3 days ago)
Also can you do reinhardt
jammer7205 (3 days ago)
Actually it takes place in 2037 or that’s what I heard
HeyIt'sBrian (4 days ago)
tracer plz
Carlos Sanchez (5 days ago)
How much to be pharaoh
501st Legion (6 days ago)
Do genji
How about the man bun
Eli Samsel (8 days ago)
You are so off his sound gun would be a lot more because it takes a lot more Force to kill someone with sound equal to a nuclear blast also is making me feel a whole lot more expensive than what you did and is vizer doesn't even come close also all technology needed is compact which means it would make it that much more expensive or the same thing artist Future
Tuva Daloğlu (8 days ago)
1:31 did he just try to heal by shooting :D
Blake swinburne (10 days ago)
1:40 actually his father made it
Faith Editz ッ (10 days ago)
Bet you can’t do McCree
SpongeBobs REVENGE (13 days ago)
*NOTHING* Just go to hero select and pick him
iSyntrax (13 days ago)
Lenni ootko täällä?
MrArchaicWolf (14 days ago)
Well if Overwatch is set roughly 70 years in the future. Then Lucio set up would cost somewhere around 105 million dollars (in the 1940s 2013 the price of a loaf of bread has gone up about 2000%) or due to inflation.
jackson Hoover (14 days ago)
boi his legs have exosuits on them
Orange Flavored Death (14 days ago)
what about all of those bluetooth speakers on his dreds?
XOmegaFlare (16 days ago)
why does the thumbnail look something out of an anime or something
Tommy LeBaron (16 days ago)
This video was kind of awful
ExtinctSombra (16 days ago)
Stolen? His dad created that tec, he just stole back what was stolen from his dad
wowzers lucio spends a ton
how much would it cost to be mcree?
Watery Shark (17 days ago)
How much will It cost to be TGN? Hehe Jk
Beefy (17 days ago)
It cost 60 dollars actually All you gotta do is buy overwatch
DNCN_ (18 days ago)
first you gotta be black
Scoty (18 days ago)
Can i just by Overwatch or...yeee im not selling my life sooo overwatch
rigerman EX (18 days ago)
But what about inflation and the damage he would cause to his surroundings.
Totoposh Plays (18 days ago)
Lucio looks like monika in the thumbnail
Slender Jack (18 days ago)
What about genji? His suit is literally his life support
Gaming TurnOns (19 days ago)
2017: *Overwatch rule 34* Well, hopefully it will get better in 2018! 2018:
Łukasz Pustelnik (20 days ago)
If you're not Brazilian then you can already step off
Val man Val man (20 days ago)
luis2626 (20 days ago)
Lucio likes to show off his work with flash and at the same time top of the line tech. This is more of Lucio's DJ table style. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wx7ZpLH3myg
Eltic (20 days ago)
I think his pants is a exoskeleton.
The Joker Hisoka (20 days ago)
How Much Does Would It Cost To be Genji tho?
BillyBoBJones VII (20 days ago)
How much for begete
Angelo Miguel Serrano (20 days ago)
1:30 When an Ana player go Lucio for the first time
Adam Lockhart (21 days ago)
Why the fuck do you want to be Lucio? He's shit.
Jam Sauce (21 days ago)
All it takes is heart and music!
Rodrigo Ortega Lizana (21 days ago)
That's how you get tinnitus
dr_ jlo (22 days ago)
What about health care wall riding isint safe boi
MaxMegaBrain (22 days ago)
those headphones make pewdiepies chair seem like a deal you cant miss
Pizzapie9904 (22 days ago)
Free- if you steal it like him.
Atsuko Kagari (23 days ago)
Still blizzards little bitch I see.
Cai Bill (23 days ago)
Wait HD 700 is not a DJ headphones , it also is not the best. Because it has a open back design, which means you will hear all the noise around you, not ideal for DJing for sure. Go get a AKG N90Q a cool 1000$
ignas Montvila (23 days ago)
Hey the sonic thing created his father not him
C H I L L E D P A I N (23 days ago)
Someone hit up elon musk
Nine_nunb (23 days ago)
Lucio didn’t steal the sonic technology his dad made it
2ba1anced (23 days ago)
Why are you looking for the most expensive? Instead of the best/one that looks the most like lucio
Hypersphere (24 days ago)
He needs Deadmau5's studio It's so epic and I think something around 5 mil too 👌
Hypersphere (24 days ago)
Those displays are so useless only DJs who want to be cool or look rich buy that shit only the CDJs and the Mixer are enough
Krisalis (24 days ago)
This isn’t even considering how much inflation money will have between 2018 and 2076.
David Jeffery (25 days ago)
Your sanity
Navy Quartz (25 days ago)
My first overwatch skin was the jazzy lucio
Med _v1 (26 days ago)
to be black
Nicholas Surguladze (26 days ago)
His other hobby is football
Mr. Bublee (27 days ago)
Well how much would it cost to be tracer? How much would it cost to be sombre?
XxBLAZExX (27 days ago)
$199 + $45000 + $100 + $62 + $26000 + $250 + $500 + $30000 + $5000000 + $300
Peri clod (27 days ago)
I got an overwatch anniversary add before the video loaded
box head Dude (27 days ago)
Will cost you your rights
MrStealYourkill : (27 days ago)
What about his hair tho
Zephyr Drake (27 days ago)
Actually the Senheiser HD800s is a more expensive better headphone than the HD700 XD
MrTacoBoy (27 days ago)
08:43 Thank me later
Nickrabbids (27 days ago)
You also forgot that (as any Brazilian) He also plays Soccer! (I'm Brazilian myself so I can say that)
RandomStuff (27 days ago)
Please do how much it would cost to be Moira or Tracer.
YaBoiMd (27 days ago)
but that's just a theory, A Game Theory
julianbasher playz (27 days ago)
It's actually 5,143,980.58 because of the soccer ball
Nguyen Andy (28 days ago)
how to buy black
Zuknax (28 days ago)
More than Lil Tae's toilet.
MushroomGecko (28 days ago)
What it costs to be Junkrat!!! (Probably not a lot)
Fuzzy Pengu (28 days ago)
You should do junkrat
Bape Hoodie (28 days ago)
TazManienWray 121 (28 days ago)
Next do tracer please like if think so
Sir Baka (28 days ago)
But there’s also the possibility of buying custom gear... actually screw it that’s too complicated.
Owen Godfrey (28 days ago)
I am a lucio main :)
Tom Spurr (29 days ago)
What if lucio if from wakanda?
SMB (29 days ago)
How much would it cost to be Genji
Cruzyi_HD (29 days ago)
How much it cost to be genji. Oh 1hp...
ahyou (29 days ago)
"well that was a mouth-full" *wink wink*
TheRealGaming (29 days ago)
who else is cringing at the horrible gameplay
Rabid_Dog2 (29 days ago)
Do someone that doesn’t have much tech. Such as either Junkrat or Roadhog.
Troll Lolol (29 days ago)
It wouldn’t cost him anything he stole it
JuK3 (29 days ago)
what about his legs being an exoskeleton??
PumpkinLord (29 days ago)
Does this include tax?
Mr. Garry Manatee (29 days ago)
Do bastion
ObeyFelix 12 (29 days ago)
How much would it cost to be hanzo
Hannah Sullenbarger (29 days ago)
Sombra? :3
lenny the burger (29 days ago)
But he stole the gun so its free
Isabella Hauptmann (29 days ago)
How much would it cost to be Hanzo.
Nolan Pickle (29 days ago)
Do junkrat
CrystalSkiez Of Legend (30 days ago)
What about the "gold gun" for lucio?
Harutix (30 days ago)
idk its to inaccurate for me :/
Mohamedbh (30 days ago)
How much would it cost to be reinhardt
Fireheart318 (30 days ago)
I’m pretty sure the leg armor is just part of his skates
Johnson Reamer (30 days ago)
Why does it sound like he's advertising everything
EC Powers (30 days ago)
You forgot about dreadlocks maintenance costs
Steal the painkillers (30 days ago)
Those skates are wack as hell boi try again
Josue Cruz (30 days ago)
I would like to know how much would it be to be a mercy?

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