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Your brain on video games | Daphne Bavelier

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How do fast-paced video games affect the brain? Step into the lab with cognitive researcher Daphne Bavelier to hear surprising news about how video games, even action-packed shooter games, can help us learn, focus and, fascinatingly, multitask. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at http://www.ted.com/translate Follow TED news on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tednews Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksDirector
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Text Comments (12867)
Syed Salman (15 hours ago)
Is she feeling cold?
Drbluz CZ (17 hours ago)
Video games helped me to have good english
Kosteri x (1 day ago)
Wonder what the brain does on board games. I seldom play video games.
PixelatedGameplays (1 day ago)
I knew it!!!!!!!,I am right!!!My grandmother is wrong!!!!.....,A small part..........
Chrystina Salis (2 days ago)
Videogames helped me learn freakin english guys...
TheInappropriateBear (2 days ago)
I played video games once and now im gay
Younes Toufouti (2 days ago)
Most if not all gamers i know are more intelligent than the non-gamers i know
GAME SENS 🕹 (2 days ago)
Gamers are awesome ...
Joao Ramos (3 days ago)
Play TedTalks while listening to video games
kobi2187 (3 days ago)
it's not the skills, it's the violent content of the video games
I do U do (3 days ago)
How dis girl gonna be talking about brains when she don't have one?
*Grixern* *\o/* (4 days ago)
Hahaha I was always told for my whole life in my 6 years of gaming and im 14 now that video games made your eye sight worse, I didn’t really care about it but now I realized that if anything it makes it better. That just made my day
BROKOOLI (5 days ago)
Online gamer are all in the 20ish
M 1 (5 days ago)
I play video games N i really have fun with it but i think if u play 2 much of video games u will waste alot of time. I mean if u play 2 hours a day in one year u will waste 730 hours.
TheLinkster (6 days ago)
I dont play shooters though, what effects do other genres have on you?
Abir Mahmud Dipto (6 days ago)
2012? Why am I watching this now?
Jonathan Torres (6 days ago)
By the time I became an adult, I learned that there're two main things that were made for kids but only adults really have fun with, video games and boobs!
Iliana Serna (7 days ago)
My sister doesn't play games she has terrible vision I play lots, I have glasses not great XD
Shon ElectricShoes (7 days ago)
Pubg mobile or fortnight
Mr_Baksteen _HD (8 days ago)
HRN (8 days ago)
K s h F i 3 d (8 days ago)
Just get a gaming toilet, your eye and hand coordination will get better and you memory will increase instantly if you pay few more bucks for gaming toilet paper.
Vintage Beefs (8 days ago)
How much would you say is a health amount of time to play a weak right now I play 28 hours not so good
Millennial Mike (8 days ago)
I have a video why outline positives and negatives about video games. I think the positives outweigh the negatives but let me know what you think https://youtu.be/vSh9-2yNV4w
Kyle Brown (8 days ago)
My parents don’t let me play during the week but they let me watch tv, I always argue that watching tv is more mindless then playing a game but they don’t care
Augusto Tuttolomondo (9 days ago)
watching this made me feel retarded
Nightmare Dreams (9 days ago)
This girl is annoying af
Efe Onobrakpeya (9 days ago)
She probably hasn't played skyrim
imna meren (9 days ago)
Eat 2 eggs a day
Dang i play alot if fortnite and when she pulled the eye test 8 could see all the rows
priyansh soni (10 days ago)
The 6k dislikes were from parents
AleN_YouTube TM (10 days ago)
But...As much as we are close to tehnology machines...!We are increasing chance of getting cancer xd
Caesar (10 days ago)
15 hours a weak.. lmao
Ethan Coulter (10 days ago)
I am showing my parents this And how they think I can go blind while playing too many video games and I can finally prove them wrong
Riley Bauman (10 days ago)
My brain on video games is happier then when my brain is learning.
KylePanda (10 days ago)
Wait is this against video games or not? If it's not against it... L👍I👍K👍E!!!
Le MinhHa (10 days ago)
I've played many games but not so often. However, I disagree with many aspects of this talk. For example, the attention and vision tests, the speaker showed that games actually increased these abilities. Well, it depends on what kind of attention and vision that we are talking about and the ones in this talk just one of them. My questions are: 1. Does she mean gamers are better in staying focus in solving a mathematics problem? 2. If you are working with computer 8 hours a day, and you come back home playing games for couple of hours, will your vision be improved? C'mon! Games are ways to entertain more or less the same as watching TV and surfing the Internet. The problem is that people are easily becoming addicted with games. The fact is, there are bad effects on psychology as well. For me it took time, money and energy and my mind couldn't get away from them. This talk is one of many examples showing that you should watch TED talks with a critical mind and don't believe everything they've said.
Frostfire (10 days ago)
10:16 Well, yeah, we have to go do something for our moms and come back during an online game. Lol. No, but seriously, Fortnite players have to switch items, look for enemies, and keep track of the storm at the same time.
Nay Nay (11 days ago)
Sooooo isint that wy the owners of cod r calld activision? Lol
Evil Dad (11 days ago)
Screw this video the only effect video games have on me is happiness
Bryson Banks (11 days ago)
Jeff Kaplan (11 days ago)
My parents think videogames are dangerous for my brain they took my xbox i only played 3 hours a day
Jesus Wasere (11 days ago)
@judgered2 Herre my man, its cheapssss www.gamesect.co.uk
Galaxy Gaming (12 days ago)
They should talk about this on the needs my parents would believe this
Galaxy Gaming (12 days ago)
Video games matter
Max Hyper (12 days ago)
Sean Beahan (12 days ago)
Video game
Sean Beahan (12 days ago)
Flex (12 days ago)
That's a good video to show your parents that being a gamer is good. 😂😂😂
K-leb Harper (12 days ago)
I’m texting this to every parent I know
xeno biotics (13 days ago)
Yeah 6 hours per day for 4 years
TheSast (13 days ago)
OVER 6000 pepole that continue to hate videogames because they dont want in anyway to have been wrong
PurplePenguin (14 days ago)
.................................My usual on Rainbow Six on PC is 48 hours a week............................................total hours displayed on Uplay 967 hours in 1 year. 307 hours total on Battlefield 1........I have stopped all gaming because they have become boring to me.
Jiashen Chen (14 days ago)
And then I realized neither the comment section or Video talked at least BRIEFLY about Tetris, which can change change your brain and even with a normal sleeping schedule you'll experience things(you know, Tetris Effect).
Dhushyanth Gowda (14 days ago)
ma'am i have debate competition in my school topic is video games are viral boon or ban and for 15 min i have to debate that is boon then other 15 min i have to debate that is ban so please help me in it day after tomorrow the competition is
Red Dragon (15 days ago)
Your brain 🧠 after watching this rubbish 😳🤤😴
PineApple Gaming (15 days ago)
I love this woman
Premon 105 (16 days ago)
She was nervous but she nailed it
Pvt. Prinny (16 days ago)
this...is your brain on videogames ! *shows an egg on a frying pan*
Look! It's the first time I've seen someone older than 40 not hate on videogames!
Mr. Tangerine (17 days ago)
**tries to process everything in Team Fortress 2 (Spy checking, Dropping (killing) Medic, checking flank routes)**
EpicPersonGaming (17 days ago)
Final Buster (17 days ago)
Finally someone supports videogames.
Kyle Toussaint (17 days ago)
I wish she was my mom
GDASH Azooz (18 days ago)
E-Sports anyone?
Antonio Vazquez (18 days ago)
Im not gonna watch this because she looks like a mom, i know she's gonna say something bad about it
Hell _Sign (16 days ago)
Antonio Vazquez It's the complete opposite bud, you don't need to worry bout that.
Salea Gilner (18 days ago)
How trick your parents: It's educational mom!!
HitSpot (9 days ago)
Salea Gilner Underrated comment.
Facu Fourcade (18 days ago)
Its she ir he?
Waifu (19 days ago)
SideWayz (19 days ago)
Well zombies is more entertaining than sudoku
Bran'dor Graccus (19 days ago)
French accent
willshealy (19 days ago)
Video Games and technology are the future. Get over it.
Hiren Shrimali (20 days ago)
I play Witcher the wild hunt! 🤭
BigNutBuster69 (20 days ago)
Lol I bet she played 300 million out of the 600 million hours of black ops
John Lloyd Octaviano (20 days ago)
Well I played almost Call of Duty and other games etc... I think I agree
Lynn Baker (20 days ago)
When I first got Fallout 4 I couldn't put it down for 18 Hrs. at a time when I wasn't working. I just turned 61.
N K (20 days ago)
https://globalgaminginventory.com/blogs/news/nn GREAT ARTICLE!
Agamaz (20 days ago)
did she even finish a game
Internet Troll (20 days ago)
Thanks. Now I will no scope some morons.
cosmic silverback (21 days ago)
Dont listen to this girl or guy games wont kill u
Ethan Southern (21 days ago)
Next week on TED! Daphne Bavelier on Crack Cocaine
Ranger (21 days ago)
She is retarded
AddictedScar (21 days ago)
I play so much my veins pop in my eye
I actually think video games are a great way to get rid of the drive to say, race around like a madman. Especially with people like me with mild autism that are a danger to themselves and others. If I'm feeling mad then I'd go play Halo, when I'm in a dangerous mood I play Forza and drive around like a madman, so I'm satisfied and won't do it in real life!.
IrishGamer96 07 (21 days ago)
Ill just shoot someone in real life with a pump shotgun point blank, he'll be fine.
ZYT Zhen_R_ (21 days ago)
Whatever how boring it is just do it in Minecraft and put it in hypixel and make it a full game and that’s done
SAÇMA (21 days ago)
Harbi ha 1.5 hızda altyazıyla izleyip dediği soruları cevaplarken üstten mesaj okudum dlsnsjflx
Irakli Dvalishvili (21 days ago)
Don’t listen to this irrelevant “according to newest search” lady. Her arguments are just dumb. I myself as LoL player assure you video games (mostly competitive) are addictive and she says nothing about it
Matthew Sukley (21 days ago)
wonder how much she was paid to say how it's not bad for you.
Jebin George (21 days ago)
Daphne bavelier What about PUBG
Doxy anugras (21 days ago)
This is True.. i can confirm it. i am a gamer, more than 3 genre, action, strategy, turn-based, adventure, even kids game-house, type shark to brand new AAA game.. i can 'read' other riders on street so i can anticipate their movement. even i can place my vision to their position at the time on the same time while im driving.. maybe gamer's brain evolving? i don't know.. who know. edit : Fyi, im 28 y.o , i play a game since my 6 y.o start by playing aladin on my sister laptop, to mario bros nintendo, to mortal kombat and sonic on sega, to ps 1 - ps 3 and now i play on PC. im pc gamer now. i play DotA2. civ 6. etc
The Scorpion (21 days ago)
Very stoopid
Hallows _ (21 days ago)
Leftist these days omg all these liberals
רותם טמסות (21 days ago)
The first adult i seen who not gamer and in our side Neat
Click Bait (22 days ago)
Video games over stimulate the mind and make hard things seem to be expected to be easier. They take deductive and inductive reasoning down a more strategic level but training the mind without the body is kind of lame and when faced with real experiances the players feel that reality is too stiff and much too hard to deal with leading to screen time adiction.
Click Bait (22 days ago)
Brain on Grand Theft Auto.
Super A (22 days ago)
Gamers rise up ✊
Axpt (22 days ago)
Wow true
Dread colon (22 days ago)
Omg I swear this one people just love to destroy passion of video games
Umang (22 days ago)
I can’t wait to show this to my parents

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