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Comparing the Japan Vlogs of PewDiePie and Logan Paul

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Roughly two days ago PewDiePie uploaded a Vlog where he was in Japan for five days. I thought it would be fitting to compare his vlog to the one of Logan Paul from about two months ago to see where the differences and similarities of both videos are. ▼ MORE INFO DOWN BELOW ▼ Join our Discord to watch new videos earlier!: https://discord.gg/AQYGZRh ▷ FOLLOW ME ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/DustinGoeres ► Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eden.dustin/ ► Snapchat: eden_dustin | Snapcode: http://bit.ly/1OsJK6E ► Xbox Live Gamertag: EdenGamingYT ▷ MY SETUP ► CPU - http://amzn.to/2zvVp21* ► Video Card - http://amzn.to/2jeDXZD* (not exactly the same, but similar) ► RAM - http://amzn.to/2hpAPdd* x2 ► Mouse - http://amzn.to/2hpKPCY* ► Headphones - http://amzn.to/2hpTncW* ► Microphone - http://amzn.to/2jxluI2* ► Camera - http://amzn.to/2hpKFvm* ▷ Video sources: ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTW9GjBW6ho ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCsVKbha2EU *Links which have an asterisk (*) next to them are affiliate links. If you buy something via this link, I will earn a small revenue from it. The product and its price will stay the same for you, so see this as a way to support me and what I do here. Thanks! :)
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Text Comments (12461)
Dustin Eden (2 months ago)
Hi everyone! Recently this video has been blowing up and I wanted to say a quick thanks for taking such interest in my video! :) I've been reading all of your comments so far and it honestly warms my heart to see so much love for Pewds. I think he truely deserved some slack after all the bullshit he's been going through (WSJ outlash, Scare PewDiePie cancelled, N-word debate, etc.), and seeing all the positive changes he has made since then, he really has deserved all the love you guys have been putting in the comments. He might never see this video though, so consider leaving a nice comment under one if his videos, or just send him a nice tweet. In any case, keep being supportive and have a great rest of your day! :) - Eden
Wolfheart 147 (1 day ago)
Dustin Eden you so nice =3
random person (6 days ago)
thats so sweet
Aidan Powell (10 days ago)
Dustin Eden I have so much respect for you for sitting through a Logan Paul vlog to make this video. Mad respect.
Thanks for all the kindness about the video, pewds deserves some slack but he is also way more respectful than Logan Paul, who should not be allowed in Japan
•smøl child• (16 days ago)
I completely agree with you. he deserves way more
Basically: jake paul was disrespectful as f**k PewDiePie was very respectful and kind.
syub syub (2 hours ago)
sigh all these youtubers should respect poods instead of tryna pick beef with him like bruh hes like honestly one of the most down to earth and sweetest youtuber ever m glad i have been watching him all these yrs
MinetaIsAGiantGrape (2 hours ago)
I found Felix's vlog more enjoyable and relaxing on my ears.
Dreamy subliminals (3 hours ago)
Logan just sounds stupid honestly
E H (6 hours ago)
Watching logan paul’s vlog brought my physical pain.
A Sleepy Boi (6 hours ago)
"we gotta be respectful to their culture" runs around the street screaming like a fucking idiot
Linda Jackson777 (7 hours ago)
lmao the difference with white people from europe and from america... White americans are so stupid it's crazy. I mean... yall white americans voted a orange for president. People from europe at least have rescept for other cultures.. and for dead people.
Linda Jackson777 (6 hours ago)
yeah, not all of them but A LOT of them are more than 50%
JESS (7 hours ago)
Not all of them are like that tho
samueltc (8 hours ago)
Mason Is Crazy (8 hours ago)
Anyone Else watch AggRetsuko? Cause when I saw her at 9:58 I WAS SO HAPPY!!! That’s literally my favorite Anime! Now I’m gonna beg my parents to take me to japan 😃!
Kirsty Watson (9 hours ago)
I love that there is no commentary just a side by side comparison and it speaks volumes
Bittersweet (10 hours ago)
Logan Paul is basically your cliché, high school bro/jock, but 50x worse.
- Clammy (12 hours ago)
Pewdiepie didn't film a dead body and wasn't a dick.
ThatGirlEvie 21 (15 hours ago)
When I'm watching pewdiepie's half of the vlog its just so calm and peaceful, but when it switches to Logan's half...well you know what happens
willyboose (15 hours ago)
Imagine meeting pewdiepie
ELLACORINNE HOWLE (16 hours ago)
I wish Logan died when he coughed.
Loren Choi (16 hours ago)
I hope that my country will prevent logan from entering it
19373773818726363782816 (16 hours ago)
I don’t know why but I just skipped every Logan part in the video
Angelia Nathalie (17 hours ago)
its just so uncomfortable to watch logan, jesus christ.
It's MysticLuna (22 hours ago)
Logan paul always seems obnoxious
Ink Hed (22 hours ago)
1:55 did this dude just say if people are unhappy with themselves or feeling down it’s because they aren’t in the Logang? How conceited can this guy get 😦
Jessie 0_0 (1 day ago)
pewdiepie is so much cleaner, appropriate, and actually is about Japan and all that... Logan..... cringe and disrespectful
Kawaii Fluffy ball (1 day ago)
Logan makes me cringe. It’s just so disrespectful to be yelling out of nowhere in a very peaceful place
Wolfheart 147 (1 day ago)
Hey Logan was in japan and didn't video a dead person!!! He's LEARNING!!!
Wolfheart 147 (1 day ago)
Or was this when he was in japan and filmed a dead person?
Gacha Maya! (8 hours ago)
Awh Pewds is so sweet, and at least he know *MANNERS* , *LOGAN* *PAUL* *YOU* *HEARED* *THAT* ???
FrAnCiS J (1 day ago)
Wtf tho . Pewdiepie was so Calm compared to Logan. Logan has already come to my country and did the disrespectful shit he did in Japan. He went to Venice and jumped in one of the rivers. Jumping in the rivers is illegal and those rivers are one of the dirtiest because of its history. And yeah im from Italy. I hope He doesn't go to the Phillippines ( Im filipino too) if He does then he's fucked. And lastly I hope Logan get knock out on KSI vs Logan match.
w00tz0r9000i (1 day ago)
Clicked for Pewdiepie (saw the video when he posted it originally), and saw how Logan was... What a cringeload.
HAWK _YT (1 day ago)
7:06 pewds know da wey
Leah Episode (1 day ago)
Logan Paul came their for himself. Pewds came for the enjoyment of him and his fans.
TheSommeguy (1 day ago)
This was a really interesting video! PewDiePie has somehow become one of the most underrated channels on the entire platform despite his crazy number of subscribers Unfortunately, I didn't make it to the end, because this made me really want to enjoy Pdp's vlog without Logan Paul cutting in every few seconds
Christine J. (1 day ago)
Send Logan to North Korea and he'll behave like an angel in no time.
Dafuk (1 day ago)
I legit wanted to skip over Logan's vlog
Mark Parkinson (1 day ago)
I can't believe Logan thought he could take the honey without paying. He probably thinks he's a bee or something.
ΜØŘPĦIĆŽ _Z (1 day ago)
Who needs to be demontized? Chill Swedish man with An good impression, or crazy american rampaging around japan
Kaberator (1 day ago)
So is pewdiepie racist or...
Kaberator (1 day ago)
Alexandru Calciu some people think pewdiepie is racist, but he clearly isn’t as shown in the video
Alexandru Calciu (1 day ago)
Kaberator what do you mean? Where did he show racism?
Photohobby (1 day ago)
This is '' Comparing the Japan Vlogs of European and American ''
its me (1 day ago)
Logan: *runs around causing a scene* Pewds: *respectfully shows things and doesn’t make a scene*
The Last Commander (1 day ago)
Luckily logan's voice is rext in his vid. If he did, he could have shouted much louder
PlushFoxy Videos ;D (1 day ago)
This video might make me watch pews again
Lesley Wang (2 days ago)
sorry, can nearly finish the video because of Logan. He is fking stupid
jay z (2 days ago)
if he comes to russia we'll use our slav magic to kill him
random person (2 days ago)
pew die pie is wayyyyyyyyyy more respectful than Logan retard. embarrassment to Americans.
BBrownChico (2 days ago)
The bastard better not come to my country
Thehoundindustries (2 days ago)
I have never seen a logan paul video until this moment. I haven't been missing much.
Jazmine Salazar (2 days ago)
i love marzias laugh
CPTSalt (2 days ago)
Pewds- :D Logan:- D:<
lyricesia lol (2 days ago)
I like more when Logan's voice sick
Invaldalia (2 days ago)
At least pewds didn't film a dead body
Kawaī desu pigeon (2 days ago)
Fuck you logan paul
Swekkie (2 days ago)
And this is why i respect the king of youtube Felix. He's nice and has respect for other countries! He does research before he visits and he's a soft and nice human being.
Don’t allow Logan Paul to be in countries,put him on an off coast oil rig
Coughs at food place and then puts mask on
iliana smiley (2 days ago)
The difference between them visiting at temples says a l o t fuck this whole video says alot
Youmna Yousif (2 days ago)
Pewdiepie vlogs is the best
Grizzy Playz (2 days ago)
pewdiepie in jap.:is this a dream?!dont wake me up but logan:KILL MEHHH!!!!I HAVE THE WORST NIGHTMARE!!!
Sam Jones (2 days ago)
*lady at cafe speaks in high voice, which is common in cafes and in a lot of japanese women in general, especially dressed up as they were* logan: lol why she talking like that *also asks her if she can say pikachu.* ??? *sees people respectfully putting coins in the wishing wells and quietly wishing* logan: throws coins in well and screams. and much more. literally logan is trash at being respectful lmao
Michael Heins (2 days ago)
Some feedback from a Dad who is easily old enough to be the Dad of either person. Paul is all fragile ego. It's all about him. Pewds is genuinely interested. Two very different people. Life is long - both have many years ahead of them. Paul has the opportunity to grow into a decent human being. His choice. I wish them both well.
Gang Game olik (2 days ago)
Logan paul won
bunbun mochi (2 days ago)
Even at the first part you could see the difference... pewds' had a good and calming vibe
The Ukulele Fish (2 days ago)
I love this video so much, thank you for making it. It emphasizes all of the reasons I hate Logan Paul. He’s obnoxious, disrespectful, and doesn’t know how to control himself. PewDiePie shows that you can have a good time in another country without being disrespectful to their culture or rude to other people in general.
Yael Mori goanis (2 days ago)
7:01- 7:20 watch this one clip and you will get the main difference
Hmm (2 days ago)
I wish I was in Japan... Not in the weaboo way but because you can see these guys doing all the fun things having fun hanging out. Really makes me feel warm inside.
Capptain64 (2 days ago)
Logan Paul should have stayed taken down. PewDiePie is honestly God of YouTube, most loved and praised. He has more respect than Logan.
Aber * (2 days ago)
Logan is probably the most disrespectful person ever
Golden Carrot (2 days ago)
"hmm mm. u *burp* awaauater"
Harshit Sinha (2 days ago)
Why being such a douche Logan...
MoosestacheUnicorn 4 (3 days ago)
Pewdiepie: Everything is so cute!!! Logan: AHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHH!!!!!!!!
Piyush InfoUna (3 days ago)
Logan is *C R I N G E*
Maverick Caroffino (3 days ago)
Omg now I can kinda understand some of the costumes that they’re wearing like the rage one is aggretsuko from the anima aggretsuko!
DeadshotJay (3 days ago)
darren caluya (3 days ago)
the difference is felix is swedish and logan is american
VIPE Venom (3 days ago)
Clearly pewds is more mature
OuterSpaceBlue (3 days ago)
Pewds vid- Aesthetic, calming, respectful, amazing Logan's vid- annoying, trying to be funny, it's all about him, disrespectful
Kirsty Hill (3 days ago)
Way too glad Pewds is the most subscribed, Logan had a security guard for pretty much no reason whereas Pewds had some friends with him. If anyone was going to need a security guard it should’ve been Felix as he’s 5x more famous than Logan. Never stopped liking Felix, never will.
coonsinyz (3 days ago)
coughing up his views
Glenimate (3 days ago)
Pewds for me I feel like he love what hes doing in a peaceful way
Naomi Hasunuma (3 days ago)
PewDiePie is not even close on how bad Logan was.
Jessie Reissman (3 days ago)
Logan Paul is a disgraceful human. Throwing a tomato against the wall of a very nice hotel is disgusting. Hopefully he got bird flu and passes away quickly.
Sezor (3 days ago)
“All about the respect👌🏻”
Matty Mcleish (3 days ago)
Logan:if your not part of the Logan are you good? Me:I’m perfect but are you and your fans good ?
[GD] JPlayz99 (3 days ago)
The ghouls from tokyo needs to eradicate the paul brothers once they decide to come back
レムRem (21 hours ago)
Ehm... I don't know how to tell you guys this, but... There are no real ghouls in Tokyo... And Logan will probably never show his ugly face in Japan ever again... Sry
Roxel Genji Montages (3 days ago)
Yeah kaneki should kill him
the only comparison that matters : One was a nice wholesome vlog about travelling around in Japan One was Logan Paul vlog
Pewdiepie definitely has something that Logan lacks. Decency
I can tell Pewdiepie did everything he wanted to do when visiting Japan. As for Logan he was just stupid all for show and Likes he stuffed up. Trying to have no limits in a country that's values respect is beyond stupid.
Corrupt (3 days ago)
Pewdiepie is much more relaxed and mature. Meanwhile Logan is acting way too excited about everything, and he generally seems to have problems...
craic 87 (3 days ago)
Felix is such a genuinely great person. He has so much respect for those that he surrounds himself with. I feel so bad for the folks that had to deal with Logan. He was so rude and disrespectful.
MarwynQ (3 days ago)
As someone who deeply respects Asian and Japanese Culture, seeing what Logan just did in more detail genuinely disguists me. Such a peaceful and polite country, and then there is this brat.
Lynx (3 days ago)
Japanese are so respectful that when they forget the put one of your order in they will say sorry so much and even give something like chocolates so it’s very disrespectful for foreign or other people to disrespect the Japanese like jake Paul
Malik Rahman (3 days ago)
Is Logon Paul barred from every country now? He makes my skin crawl. Disgusting thing.
lordbread (3 days ago)
Why is that sushi costume cute
Milk Mugget (3 days ago)
Pewdiepie is better
Hogwartsimmer 7 (3 days ago)
Let’s just hope Logan never visits England
Hogwartsimmer 7 (3 days ago)
Let’s just hope Logan never visits England
Vixen (1 day ago)
He probably will
Spoonk Clich (3 days ago)
PewDiePie looks like Issac Butterfield in the thumbnail
Sky L.A. (3 days ago)
I'm not being biased, but we all know Pewdiepie was way better in so many levels. Pewdiepie actually showed his respect with the culture and people. But with Logan? It seems like he was intentionally trying to offend them.
Aiko Nini (3 days ago)
Logan: Japan is all about the respect *about like 5 seconds later* Logan: *starts to goat scream* Me: yoU beTTeR stOP
thevioletskull (3 days ago)
I don't need to watch the video to know that pews was better.
WDPaz (3 days ago)
pewdiepie is amazing in japan.
JANuary j (3 days ago)
XxTheUnknown0n3Xx (3 days ago)
Pewdiepie is better only because he actually gets peoples attention and he is very respectful. I like both youtubers but i like pewdiepie in japan more than logan

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