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10 Best Management Simulation Games Where You're The Boss

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If you’re the type of organized person who likes to have things under control and make lots of elaborate plans then you’re most probably a fan of management simulation games. Be them business oriented or inspired by the political medium, these gaming titles possess the unique gift of keeping you in front of the computer for countless hours. And, because they are such an addictive genre, in today’s video we’re going to have a look at 10 of the best management simulation games. http://www.fraghero.com http://www.facebook.com/fraghero
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Text Comments (270)
The Holytacoman (16 hours ago)
I really liked this video all the descriptions were short and straight to the point I hate when people make videos way longer than they need to
Zaid Khan (3 days ago)
Download smartphone tycoon it is much better
brennan Kashkouli (10 days ago)
Not sure how he missed this, but Transport fever is also really good.
Tom Jones (11 days ago)
Need to be listing the games and the time stamps. Thumbs down.
Tuxedo (15 days ago)
How about Papers, Please?
Sondre Hardy (16 days ago)
excellent list all games i enjoy
Bryan Delgadillo (17 days ago)
Software Inc deserves a mention imo
Gabriel2fan World (19 days ago)
wish there was more simulation and management games also more complex and triple a type
Giovanni Laux (23 days ago)
*Space Empires* is amazingly deep and not very well known
Yash Deshpande (26 days ago)
Cuntless hours
Casey (1 month ago)
cuntless hours lol
jczlcheeze (1 month ago)
Oxygen not included. Really good about survival on an asteroid. U manage oxygen water food and everything you need to survive to colonize an uninhabitable place
Evil Master (1 month ago)
te ganaste un like bro
Vishal Dindalkop (1 month ago)
Very Good video and presented nicely
R3GARnator (1 month ago)
Ah, nice to find a decent top 10 list stead of a lazy cash in.
FragHero (1 month ago)
Thank you. Make sure to like and subscribe and turn on those notifications 😁
Artylic (1 month ago)
Big Pharma is a good one also Mini Metro should be in here too.
mr singh (1 month ago)
Soo nice games
TalX (1 month ago)
is this guy Norn Irish?
DJ AW (1 month ago)
Great list, so many I've played! Why no mention of planet coaster though?
Peter Trujillo (1 month ago)
Hey buddy, I have explored a site where there are a good amount of information about sports. It has all the details linked to all the kinds of sports. Just go to Google and type: "PlayGuide4U" to find out the magic.
Goodborn (1 month ago)
Is is just me who thinks that Casino Inc was the best managment game since then to ever be put out, I mean you had everything there, from bouncers to beat the shit out of people, to cheaters. That game was ahead of its time and still is..
Cevdet Arkun (2 months ago)
SimFarm Theme Hospital Evil Genius Mad Tv Black & White Movies....
Kirstine Normann (2 months ago)
Prison Architect is honestly the best. You have nearly endless possibilities and can always find something to do. Spend hours every day on it once, very recommended.
Alex (2 months ago)
Anno 1404 is a great game and all but be warned it is unlikely you'll be able to run the steam version due to the game bein a pain in the a** to adapt to newer operating system.
BlackSmokeDMax (2 months ago)
Playing Rimworld without manual priorities, newb! ;)
Cameron Moore (30 days ago)
sometimes i do not bother. And if have had a colony on every update since A13. They never clean anyway, they'd rather punch each other over the mess
Helter Skelter (2 months ago)
Ive sunk over 600 hours into rimworld. Its the best early access purchase ive made. Amazing game with fantastic mods, keeping it always fresh :)
Potatolich (2 months ago)
My only problem is that I played all of these games and my hunger more makes me suffer
Mac (2 months ago)
Youtubers Life is awesome. Make sure to check it out guys!!
Mac (2 months ago)
Its a game not a story. I forgot to mention it. xD
Static Shock (3 months ago)
The Movies was such a awesome game developed by Lionhead Studios which didn't got much attention and has very few active players. It was a game in which you can create your own movies !!! Yes with hundreds of sets, costumes, stunts, scenes, special effects, etc etc etc. I have a movie on my channel which I made with it, you should check it out...
Jack Galley (3 months ago)
cuntless hours
Daniel Mowery (3 months ago)
wow, i've played most of these games.
AA (3 months ago)
All games on pc?
Nathan Pinno (3 months ago)
I would suggest Big Pharma.
MrNuts70 (3 months ago)
Just watched a few of your vids and really enjoyed them! New sub alert! hehe
damon-st (3 months ago)
"makes you customize your own prison" GTFO of my face :@
ChristiaxnSS (3 months ago)
Ainz Ooal Gown (4 months ago)
My faveorite is definantly democracy 3
TheCetnikSRS (4 months ago)
I wish there is a place to buy Trade Empire. One of the best games ever :D
Will Mclean (4 months ago)
oxygen not included
1kvolt1978 (4 months ago)
Why no one mentioned "The Movies"? It was amazing for it's release time and very good even today. And it is kinda unique in genre.
1kvolt1978 (4 months ago)
I played it on Win7 without any problem. Win10, right? ;)
sixstrings2 (4 months ago)
I wish I could play "The Movies" again........ just can't get it to run
kairon156 (4 months ago)
Subscribed. I enjoyed most of these games and a few that I haven't played look like something I'll be interested in.
Astro chimp (4 months ago)
"cuntless arse"
missinginstereo 1 (4 months ago)
Cities Skylines is shit. There is zero challenge or anything of interest in the vanilla game. You either have to load up on content made by others or spend (literally) £85 to make it worthwhile.
eduard fernandez (4 months ago)
+./ Download PC Games http://tiny.cc/nr2sqy
George Dicu (4 months ago)
why dont u have the list of games on ur video details!?!??!
musicsoundsification (4 months ago)
What game is the one at 00:00 with the buildings, sheep
Simone De Salvatore (4 months ago)
There is Naples MOD??
FQY PW (4 months ago)
How is Openttd one of the first tycoon games when it originates from Ttd itself which was released 10 years before or so..
Dodo Bird (5 months ago)
0:29 Prison Architect 0:56 Cities: Skylines 1:23 Factorio 1:49 This Is the Police 2:14 Rimworld 2:41 Game Dev Tycoon 3:09 OpenTDD 3:44 Democracy 3 4:10 Tropico 5 4:46 Anno 1404 Honorable Mentions: 5:21 Offworld Trading Company 5:35 Planetbase 0:03 Banished 0:14 Football Manager 2017 Thank me, NOW!
Pup Studios (2 months ago)
Thank you sir/ma'am
son navy ramadhan (4 months ago)
what a beautiful tl;dr list.
Yuri Gagarin (4 months ago)
I'd also like to mention Software Inc
Tsl RomaRopen (4 months ago)
Dodo Bird (4 months ago)
Love you, dad 1 and dad 2
Kevin Allen (5 months ago)
I'm looking for the best business game simulator that a class can play and compete with each other. Something that they can get on in their free time or on scheduled days where they can learn the basics of running a business but it is still interesting for them to play. Any suggestions?
Conor McGregor (4 months ago)
Kevin Allen Capitalism Lab is definetely the best game on business management. There is no comparison.
Matthew James (5 months ago)
I thought the beginning scene of prison architect was really moving..great list!
Mach-77 (5 months ago)
no Oxygen Not Included?
Stormz Animations (5 months ago)
City skylines is the best one
spyrmac (5 months ago)
Can't you list them in the description with links ?
Kuggar (5 months ago)
Watched this video to find a new management sim to play... but I've played them all! >_<
1kvolt1978 (4 months ago)
Motorsport Manager?
Box Addict (5 months ago)
cuntless hours of fun
Sandroinorge (5 months ago)
I have like 4 of these games already. I want more!!
Rob Bleeker (5 months ago)
I can recommend Banished... I had hours of fun with that one already.......... I have watched an other you tuber play "Life is Feudal" and this new game, "Ostriv".. Though, I do not own the last two games, they look amazing and both need a lot of managing
Private Channel (6 months ago)
Who is the commentary?
Trance Kuja (6 months ago)
city skyline is a paintjob with no real management... citizens dont change job, the management is so inexistant that people dont even remember tax exist..
chelovek X (6 months ago)
Crusader Kings II where am i god
Riley Clarke (6 months ago)
evil genius
Helmi Jedidi (6 months ago)
How can we talk about simulation games without mentionning Transport Fever !
I don't trust you (6 months ago)
But I already have all of these T-T
Stanley Bishop (6 months ago)
Rimworld and no Dwarf Fortress? Come on...
eelsify (6 months ago)
I've literally played all of them. Oh god
Natcha Torres (6 months ago)
I had a lot of fun on fallout shelter
IngoGarza (6 months ago)
All I got from this video: COMPLEX
Filicatos (6 months ago)
Factorio is the most addicting game EVER
pastuh (6 months ago)
Industry Giant 2
LeMownster (6 months ago)
I know it is a "Not so good game now" but you had to put Minecraft, that is the God of the creations and creativity. Played it and enjoyed it for 4 years and ye since microsoft bought it I stopped playing :P
Jim Steinbrecher (6 months ago)
democracy 3 is one of the worst games ever made, incredibly shallow, one-dimensional gameplay - and most of dlcs are just paid versions of existing mods. and rimworld has such bad ai that, most of the time, youll just want to kill your own colonists. most of the others are decent, though tropico 5 is worse than tropico 3, in terms of gameplay.
Miguel de Dios (7 months ago)
Zeus: Master of Olympus was a great city management game with a mythological twist. One of Sierra’s best.
Gareth Davies (7 months ago)
Anyone played Software Inc>? Better then game dev tycoon and mad games. It's fantastic and only made by one guy :)
Trey Spooner (7 months ago)
'Evil Genius' is a great game, and never given much attention. A true diamond in the rough that came as a Game Informer mag demo disk.
Trey Spooner (4 months ago)
V Tesco yes and it can't come soon enough!
V Tesco (4 months ago)
Trey Spooner did you hear that Evil Genius 2 has officially been announced?
They are all very good games. I played a lot of hours of Banished, This is the Police, Democracy 3 (Africa) and Planetbase. Played a bit of Cities Skylines and Offworld Trading Company. Never played Factorio and Rimworld (they seem overwhelming), neither Game Dev Tycoon nor Tropico 5 (I played some Tropico game years ago). Played Transport Tycoon a long time ago. Thank you for the video.
Lord Bones (7 months ago)
GameDevTycoon does not belong in this list :(
ShadowAngel (7 months ago)
Why Tropico 5? Compared to the 3rd and especially 4th one it was dumbed down, broken, with stupid mechanics nobody needed (which are thankfully gone for the 6th game). Also no Planet Coaster, no Euro Truck Simulator. Really this list feels more like "I did a quick search online and than shat out a lazy video"
coen de beer (7 months ago)
you should try American conquest
Bermudav3 (7 months ago)
"cuntless hours"
rsloveforever (7 months ago)
Damn... I have almost every single game...
Evie K (7 months ago)
This is the Police is really tough and almost stressful. It's REALLY good.
Manuel Ramirez (7 months ago)
Why Anno 1404 when there is 1701?
SnowCat Gaming (8 months ago)
Spintires;possibly the best off-road game,astroneer;building a base on another planet with cool graphics,
Ste Andre-Cole (8 months ago)
Total extreme wrestling 2016 is a cool management game
D X (7 months ago)
And Really Hard.
wan hamdan (8 months ago)
Maxas Wildborn (8 months ago)
"...keeping you in front of your computer for c**t-less hours." ... foreveralone.jpg
HarryHardhead (8 months ago)
Thanks for posting this. Some of these games really look amazing. Especially, Offworld Trading Company (which you only flashed on the screen).
Danny Introini (8 months ago)
Tropico 5 is the number 1 game
BrunoBucarest (8 months ago)
Seems to me that this list isn't complete without Software Inc, Banished, Planet Coaster or the best of them all, Sim City 4 Deluxe...
Mr Nobody (8 months ago)
what is fiesbuk?
BelaayyasMusic (8 months ago)
Going old school, I would suggest 'Lords of the Realm' and 'Theme Hospital.'
Artylic (1 month ago)
Theme Hospital is the shit
aditya rangga (2 months ago)
Damn, thame hospital. I played that games around junior high. Where can i download TH?
Andrea P (5 months ago)
I agree Theme Hospital is still the best. The new TH comes out later this year, from 2 of the original devs of TH. https://www.twopointhospital.com/ https://steamcommunity.com/linkfilter/?url=https://www.twopointhospital.com
OverKillPlusOne (5 months ago)
BelaayyasMusic Dwarf Fortress.
Ryan Adams (8 months ago)
I like the list only because I have most of the games and HAVE NOT YET PLAYED THEM YET FUCKKKKK MY LIFE IS SO MUCH I would like to add rebuild 3 as a perfect zombie Apocalypse city building game its on steam go check it out its really fun and interesting story
Lazy Leecher (8 months ago)
A complex country management game is "Europa Universalis IV"
R9* Jeff (1 month ago)
+1 best strat game out there imo
Rayan Zahrani (3 months ago)
Europa Universalis IV is a more of a war game. A true country management is victoria ii.
Sergio Brinkhuis (6 months ago)
That's another Grand Strategy game, not a management game
Exocrime (8 months ago)
and crusader kings 2. u can play ck2 and if u are finished, u can continue on eu 4 ^^
Lukas Nathues (8 months ago)
Transport Fever is another Great Game
Saber ToothGaming (8 months ago)
0:19 did he say "for cuntless hours" or "countless hours" XD
MrStainless001 (7 months ago)
I said countless hours :)
Daisy Gabriels (8 months ago)
Anno 2070, Planetbase, Aven Colony? Is that music from Wildstar? I recognize it!
1OneHuman (8 months ago)
Game Dev Tycoon but no Software Inc? It probably fits better on this list being more comprehensive and thorough in the process of owning a software/ developmental company
Adam Peoples (8 months ago)
O no. No I will be playing for "cuntless arse."
Necron 99 (8 months ago)
dwarf fortress

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