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Jonas Brothers-talk about the song Games

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the jonas brothers talking about there song games
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Sharon Gilman (7 years ago)
they look so weird and hippy here
Olivia Bishop (8 years ago)
OMG I miss this!!! I Love You Guys!!!
Brittany Butler (8 years ago)
"games" is my favorite song by them! :)
Dani V (8 years ago)
love them 4 ever! Jonas you rock! ♥
Piper Thompson (9 years ago)
Nick never talks this much... it was so cute i love him!!!
Elana92 (9 years ago)
AHHAH i used to use that joke. bord games make me bord
Sarah Hardman (9 years ago)
i love joes hair here
ashlee5082 (9 years ago)
i think monopoly
Kelly S (10 years ago)
board games make me board hahah lol=]=]=]=]
Quinn Purcell (10 years ago)
When Nick tells the joke Joe just shakes his head in sorrow. lol it's ok Nick I still love you!!!

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