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10 Things Gamers' PARENTS NEED TO KNOW

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10 things parents of gamers should know. This list has gripes for gamers and advice for parents. LISTEN UP. ★Follow Jake on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jakebaldino ★ Gameranx Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gameranx ★Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/user/gameranxTV
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TheReal Jordan8tor (3 hours ago)
while playing killzone 3 a conversation with me and my brother from a few days ago went something like this: Me: hey bro, i got an idea... my brother: since when? me: ............................... me: you know how the neighbor hates us right? Brother: yeah, i get reminded by the insane version of a feminist every time i step outside. Me: its about 12:am right now..... Brother: Volume? Me: Volume. It was then i turned the volume to 100 and shot every bullet my gun had into the wall.... five minutes later the neighbor is almost blowing our eardrums screaming for us to turn it down.... but in the end it was worth it.
Slacker48 (7 hours ago)
My dad gave away a game to some guy at a garage sale for 10 bucks, 2 years later we found out it was worth close to 300 dollars and it was my favorite game too and he didn’t tell me or my siblings
lalou1243 (8 hours ago)
My parents thought the playstation was not a console they thought only xbox and nientendo were only made
lalou1243 (8 hours ago)
10 thing gamer kids need to avoid to make sure their parents do not need to know :thought it was made for a bad thing
Ryze Agar (8 hours ago)
Me:i feel kinda sick Parents: its because of those “games” you play Me: no its not Parents: stop arguing or im gonna take your xbox from me Keep in mind i play on ps4
stickman Channel (12 hours ago)
I play duke nukem
xX_jewish_bowlcut_Xx (13 hours ago)
Lol me and my grandma used to play cod
Mozokuni (16 hours ago)
I was sitting in a family Christmas event when I saw my cousin open his gift from my mother and it was my Nintendo and all of my games. I asked her if it was mine and she said “you haven’t played those for months, since you got that new system.” I couldn’t believe it.
Ploper Dung (1 day ago)
*playing gta* "get off minecraft!"
Benedek Varga (1 day ago)
my mom saw an article in a magazine for parents, about, that a 9 y old girl who played fortnite and got addicted as hell, and those "stupid video games are bad, and they make people do terrible things in life". I tell her every time that scientists researched that this isn't true, really bad addtction is rare, and I'm not 9 anyways, but she won't stop.
israel ahmad (1 day ago)
Number 8 also goes for anime
Highlight Greatness (1 day ago)
Hey Mom can I get nba 2k 18 But honey you just got that game last year ITS CALLED 2K18 FOR A REASON INSTEAD OF 2K14 yes i'm stuck with 2k 14
SKP gaming and tech (2 days ago)
I wanted to show this to my mom but 8point my mother will be really..... ..
Salsamama32 (2 days ago)
This is a list my parents R E A L L Y need to know... Sending this video to them!!!
Fawaz 35 (2 days ago)
Idk why, but my mom calls my laptop sony.. she calls everything sony but my phone, that’s literally it... i wish i had a young mother.
Morgan Collins (2 days ago)
Me: mom our cat just died Mom: it’s cuz of those darn video games
Morgan Collins (2 days ago)
The pausing thing is too true Mom, do you really think I’m just being lazy because I don’t want to come watch a movie during a boss battle?
Ty Christensen (2 days ago)
Well I am younger than the age but I play Titan fall 2 and fallout4 and those are some or my favorite game yes some games are definitely not for my age but there are ones out there that are better for younger kids that want to play shooters
Caleb Johnson (3 days ago)
One game i played had a pause cut scene and on another it didnt i skiped it and i like to know whats going on in my game 😢😭
Healiox Flame (3 days ago)
I'm so conflicted, on one hand, I'm a gamer and I think my parents should know this stuff, but on the other hand, I like them being in the dark
NinjaShrimpGaming (3 days ago)
These damn kids
Itz Afiq (4 days ago)
My mother restrict me from playing online games... Hopefully she find this vids
Chaeol Roberts (4 days ago)
I used to play nfs with my 67 year old grandmother
Yo Mom (4 days ago)
Thank your for adding that. No pausing. Online games
T3am.T.3.M (4 days ago)
I feel like my mom and dad should watch this...
Lil Gay (4 days ago)
Dam I wish my mom was more encouraging
Lil Gay (4 days ago)
I’m 11 and my mom is the opposite of this whole video kill me :(
I'm 10 and I've finished Uncharted 4
Obay Ibrahim (4 days ago)
Be my father :)
Salea Gilner (4 days ago)
4:21 hey hey HEY! Shut up.
tinypunz4 life (4 days ago)
my dad plays cod so he lets my brother that s really the m rsted game he lets him play that and fighting games.
Oliver_Sanders (5 days ago)
My mom sold my genisus for $15 and im like WHAT HAVE YOU DOOOOOOOONE
Michael Soho (5 days ago)
so goddamn bright
Benjamin277 A Savage (5 days ago)
My dad Is Bomb He let's me play gta Call of duty When my Mom walks in Ur both Grounded
Unknown Gamers0211 (6 days ago)
Man I remember when I was playing halo 3 online, my mother always said "pause the game we need to talk" or "pause it, dinner ready". Also, she said "if you can't pause it then turn it off or quit". I can't do that either. I will get banned or lose all my hard working progress. Ah good old time.
Better Butter (6 days ago)
I really Want to show this to my mom ... specially that U can't pause an online game. :)
DinoKeitto (6 days ago)
"Mom my leg hurts" *It's cause your sitting on your chair playing games all day!* True story.
AntZ_K (7 days ago)
My dad used to be a call of duty gamer, i used to play call of duty since i was 5 😂 now he tells me : good job son,why are you flying?, when is the new call of duty coming out?...
ItzDimeF Wooh (7 days ago)
Games dont make us violent lag does
if i was a parent i would let my child buy cod even thought it is rated M
EddieTheBunny (8 days ago)
My dad sold my old Nintendo stuff at a garage sale.
Dokkae - Bae (8 days ago)
In the future I’m going to have my child play video games, and I’m going to be his favorite person
King-ACE-3 (8 days ago)
i have been playing COD since i was 4 years old and i turned out perfect .... ok kinda but it was not because of COD its because the kid called my mother a slut and i broke 2 of his teeth but COD did nothing to me...
Daniel Moreno (8 days ago)
Yeah uh no, my parents are Hispanic so they don’t understand gaming. They tell me to PAUSE me game when I’m playing online. My parents don’t buy me games. They sell my stuff and they tell me to turn it off when I’ve been playing “too much” when it’s been an hour
DeathLyon (8 days ago)
The first time I played rust my dad said why is she naked i said Facts in then he did not get mad lol
john schriber (8 days ago)
PC master race
_Inferno Wolf_ (8 days ago)
My parents call every GTA game GTA vice city.
Milan Alpha (9 days ago)
I’m a gamer. Master prestige in every cod ( except ghosts and infinity warfare), level 100 in fortnite and stuff ( the reason I’m saying this is cuz I don’t want to see a comment saying “Ur not a gamer shut up”.) but I’m not a nerdy gamer, like I don’t give a shit about old games...u guys are too nerdy and it pisses some of us off
BrianIzYourFan (9 days ago)
My mom bought me gta 5 and i was 13 then the cashiers were like we need either an id or driver licence then we had to go home get them and it was sooo annoying
theamazinggamer -_- (9 days ago)
...i have 1 and only 1 moment ever where my mom didn't blame video games. I was in pain with sickness so much where people say they would rather die, and my mom knew how well games worked as a pain killer for me, this was at 2 a.m. and my mom let me stay up all night playing video games
theamazinggamer -_- (9 days ago)
Building a working rocketship: IQ 200. Explaining why u can't save an online game to ur mom: IQ OVER 9,000!!!!!!!!
TheEp1cOne (9 days ago)
I play any game I want and I'm 11
Supreme Gamer (9 days ago)
My father says it's a waste of time
savg ! (10 days ago)
All dislikes are probably parents
Cross Fire (11 days ago)
Not all is called a playstation.......
Kyle (11 days ago)
My mom calls everything the computer even though she knows it’s a ps4. Lol
lukan vlogs (11 days ago)
My mom is so convinced that everyone you talk to online is a hacker or a creep
Ur Boi Cool Sword (11 days ago)
My mom calls gta 5 that realistic game and I say the same then so she knows what I'm talking about
Game RANT (11 days ago)
An M rated game? Bitch I be playing Outlast(R18+) lol I’m 13
Cormac Doherty (11 days ago)
I showed #2 to my mom
top 25 (11 days ago)
My mom's calls every console a Nintendo (WTF?)
Nanyo (11 days ago)
You cant pause a fucking online game
David Wright (11 days ago)
Me: can I play MW3 cause there's a target practice mode. Dad: sure. Me: can I play the actual game even though there's cussing. Dad:.... Me: I hear bad words every day. Dad: true.... BOOM! THATS HOW U GET UR PARENTS TO LET U PLAY M GAMES!
David Wright (11 days ago)
5:32 here we see a natural 8 year old who just got killed on fortnite in his natural habitat, the XBOX 1. Be very careful these rare creatures are vicious predators and start swearing at you and calling you a hacker if you kill them on fortnite. You have been warned.
DakiPlays (12 days ago)
My dad is gamer and my mom and my grandma and my sister xD
darkness Vocaloid luna (12 days ago)
My dad loves me playing GTA and violent games thats why I'm fucked up
Michael Brewer (12 days ago)
Why do all the good games have to be M-rated ??
Alif Najmi2136 (12 days ago)
And my parents always have tasks for me when I playing online games like Me:did you have any tasks for me before I play this game?when I start I can't pause the game.its online. Mom:no When playing Mom:Can you go to the shop to buy some carrots? Me:I'm playing! Mom:go to the store or you will never play the game without a broke screen.
Alif Najmi2136 (12 days ago)
My parents always say games only available in phone and PlayStations.I got no privacy when playing,always.
Ameer Rehman (12 days ago)
When my mom/sister/ non existent girlfriend says video games are a waste of time, then proceeds to watch 8 hours of some romantic drama
When my dinner is ready and my mom is telling me to eat but I playing online video games, so I told my mom that I'm playing video game but my mom say, just pause the game, then I said I can't I'm playing online video game, but my mom still say just pause it. And I just continue to play, you know it's hard to explain your parents that don't play games
Sorry if my grammar is bad, because I'm not speaking English too much
Venni tron (12 days ago)
I sent this to my parents
HowYouSay (12 days ago)
my parents call all my consoles "the gamebox"
Amy Searle (12 days ago)
Excuse me but ‘ *he* spends most of *his* time playing games’ ?!
Aman Ishaq (12 days ago)
Also gamers are a lot more civilised than other youth.
PopCorn Axes (13 days ago)
My dad always plays COD and Halo with me, and he's really good, he gets monster kills and OSOKs in really high ranked matches while I'm over here suckin Mongo dick.
FoxWarrior64 (13 days ago)
Hey grandson check out this ps4! GRANDMA THATS A NINTENDO WII. Hey don't judge me this one was cheaper!
Daniel Adjei (13 days ago)
Number 8 and number 2😡
Strong Penguin (13 days ago)
My family hates games
utube (14 days ago)
1 thing Boobies are not extra big
Johnny Calliber (14 days ago)
I'm 15 years old, so should I take a M rated game?
JAN Penetrante (14 days ago)
2 is my problem 😭
abr3ad 7w7 (14 days ago)
10 things that my mom blames me for gaming... Cant put on a shirt correctly by accident....games fault Cant close door propperly...games fault Bad grades...games fault...for real like I actually study alot Cant find something....games fault My mom says those games are driving you crazy... Me: I CANT FIND IT BECAUSE THIS HOUSE IS A MESS AND I DONT EVEN KNOW WHERE YOU PUT IT!
Kevin Maguire (15 days ago)
My Xbox would get confiscated for using it to much... but it was my dad playing forza
My home is full of gamers so I’m livin the sweet life
itsgoodkarna (15 days ago)
Like Obama
Janet Arechiga (15 days ago)
yuss im a gamer
Or that tell me get off your game and go play with your friends but I try to tell him that what will I do if I get off my game go to my friends house and play the game if I’m not already playing with them at my house and they’re at their house so there’s no difference really
That plane for two hours a day is not that long
ITS ZOD! (15 days ago)
Definitely the fact that everything is a Nintendo and that I can pause a game are the most relatable
Lego WW2 (16 days ago)
Lol my parents all the time say “ Just pause it “ I’m like wtf.
Lego WW2 (16 days ago)
Some times I get triggered and brake something. I broke my bed to day.
Blood8u (16 days ago)
I literally do everything my dad asks and then he just says you never get of that game floor still isn't swept you missed this dirt spec inside the wall didn't walk the dog because I didn't see you walk it
help me (16 days ago)
as soon as i heard "replica keyblade" i subscribed
Collin Green (16 days ago)
How about the just becuase my PS4 is in my room that doesnt mean thats all I am doing or becuase 3 hours ago I you walked by on me playing it and now you walked by again and im playing it doesnt mean I was the whole time (even thought that can be the case)
Jeffry Tompson (16 days ago)
My granddad walked into game and said he ordered Zelda online....from the CEX website
BubblesTheDino (16 days ago)
When they referred to the kid why didn't they just say they? Not just male pro nouns.
shade wolf458 (16 days ago)
Lol every gamer gets that moment where the romance scene comes on and then the folks walk in rofl
George Orwell II (16 days ago)
In the 1932 novel, "Brave New World" I think I found a reference to video games. The book takes place in 2500's so it's very weird.
George Orwell II (16 days ago)
Sometimes I play Contra with my stepdad. He grew up with video games, and believes my generation's video games are crap and too easy. I remember how after a couple matches he somehow beat me in COD black ops II.

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