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Game of Thrones Season 5: Trailer #2 - The Wheel (HBO)

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Text Comments (5406)
JourneyML1 (3 days ago)
Weakest GoT season tbh, thank god S6 was much better again
Maureen Kitty (25 days ago)
Why do I hear the France nation anthem in the background ?
Frank The Bunny (2 months ago)
Rather Death Than Slavery
Patrick Triggers Me (3 months ago)
Is that Rather Death than Slavery I hear in the background? 👀
bitter coffee (4 months ago)
daenerys: * sees cersei getting into a car or something * daenerys: * proceeds to slash the wheels on it *
AhavaShinobi (5 months ago)
That shot at 1:28 always gets me
MoisésCastroTV (6 months ago)
Dylan J (6 months ago)
I just hear the French national anthem now since the song was part of the AC Unity soundtrack
cristian alvarez (6 months ago)
its sad how they did not manage to adapt such a complex book with so many cool twists and character arcs that you dont see much out there. i mean the faith alone this season should have been more ruthless.
Anthony Ciancio (8 months ago)
am i the only one who thicks this one of the best seasons
B.B. KING (2 months ago)
Anthony Ciancio no
I'm savage not average (8 months ago)
Ben feleğin tekerine çomak sokaaarıııım
Nancy Waugh (8 months ago)
In the being of movie so can watch it on tube star in the being of movie ok thank you
abdulrhman al-harbi (9 months ago)
Best trailer Second worst trailer
abdulrhman al-harbi (9 months ago)
abdulrhman al-harbi (9 months ago)
Still the best season trailer
Dallas Dude (9 months ago)
When she said Starks Jon Snow didnt came out, I know his snow, but you think that was a clue to let us know! He was a Targaryen!
Dallas Dude (8 months ago)
Purpose (9 months ago)
Assassin's creed unity bgm?
jxr gxz (9 months ago)
Why I see this until now?
Spirited Away (9 months ago)
Im not going to stop the internet im going to brake the internet.
Nirmit Mishra (10 months ago)
Trailer be so lit... Can't say much about the season.
How I did get to know with: Valar Morghulis! (͡๏̯͡๏) a few days ago some stranger in the holly early morning comes to me in da silent shtreet starred in my fukin eyes and said: Valar Morghulis !.. so i was in the wtf mode yet., then he replayed me seriously: "Valar Dohaeris" and suddenly disappeared..! At the first, I thought that maybe it was a nightmare in the early day., or a hidden camera maybe, i donkare. Or maybe that fagg was a sleepless cracky insomnia shits.. or perhaps all of that was a morning illusion because i dont eat the breakfast in de fuking early morning... UNTILL TODAY WHICH I SAW THAT CRACKI FUKER AGAIN and he said me that shits again ! when he was riding some fukin old bike ! So I decided to investigating about that in the mother of holly giant things Google. so i searched "vaalaar morgoogles" in the googles, but nothing funds.. actually got an error page! Until today i finally figured out that those shits comes from this serial !!! (my serial noobi friend told me that,) so i SAW EVERY FUKING EPISODE of that to find those shits! and i fired from my work for that too.. Anyway, where the fukin comes these ridiculous words?! Can you plz completely design funny new language words like that for the world people to be using them instead of the english boring words!? i think it would be better and useful than a serial making for you guys.. no needs to be worry about budget or future storylines.. no needs to any characters.. just the words! i mean funny words., your talents are in that, not a movie making.. dont waste your talents..! just make new words for people to talking each other.. I really appreciate that.
Mordexx (11 months ago)
Kim Kardashian: I'm not going to stop the internet... I'm going to break the internet
🐃MINOTAUR🐃 (11 months ago)
choky jedug (1 year ago)
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Kemily Play (1 year ago)
um beijo da kemily ply
Allfath3r (1 year ago)
By far the worst season of the show, but it's still so much better than most television.
Vj Thaosen (1 year ago)
Assassin's Creed fans Hi
cool piggy Jr videos (1 year ago)
the best season
From Time (1 year ago)
The most iconic line from the show.
ethan ob (1 year ago)
This is still the worst season so far, but damn this trailer is insane ( in the good way)
Eranga Peiris (1 year ago)
2017 ,,, watching epic season 7
Gabe Logan (1 year ago)
THATS why i hate Daenerys she is so hypocrite and liar ... "I will brake the wheel " and in the next season Bent the knee Jon Snow ... like WTF
pernah emuda (1 year ago)
Game of Thrones season 7 free streaming >> http://vk.com/wall438918888_2
Selena Taylor (1 year ago)
she's not wrong...
Glori Castillo (1 year ago)
Ahh the assassins creed music
No Emoji (1 year ago)
Starks all the way.
Clem13 (1 year ago)
"Unis pour la liberté". lol. n'empêche Game of thrones sur un fond de Marseillaise c'est bizarre^^.
I۞_۞I (1 year ago)
RIP Tyrell and Baratheon
LGranthamsHeir (1 year ago)
Olenna's gone now, but Gendry is still with us :-)
Joyce M (1 year ago)
This season was so boring until the last 3 episodes
Lilian (1 year ago)
Well this trailer agrees with you since half the images it shows are taken from these 3 last episodes lol
Elias Robert (1 year ago)
The best Game of Thrones trailer ever ! This is just perfect (but the season wasn't)
Wilmer Alvarez (1 year ago)
I'm looking for the music of this trailer...
Вася Пупкин (1 year ago)
Rather Death Than Slavery
Miro Rizzo (1 year ago)
the trailer should've ended with the night king raising the dead
SirNoobX (1 year ago)
Lannister, Baratheon, Stark, Tyrell. They’re all just comments up voted. This one’s on top, then that one’s on top, and on and on it spins, crushing those on the ground. I’m not going to stop the comments. I’m going to break the the comments section.
Mingdong Gu (1 year ago)
Mohamed Mirghani (1 year ago)
2017 still watching this trailer
•twincomets• (1 year ago)
That last line from Daario gives me chills every time.
•twincomets• (1 year ago)
#it'scomplicated - agreed
#it'scomplicated - (1 year ago)
His best line tbh
Alexander Deyloff (1 year ago)
good luck breaking the wheel Dany. Adolf Hitler tried, Napoleon tried, Alexander the great tried. You'll need a miracle
General Grievous (1 year ago)
the one true king of westeros will return for s7 as 1000th Lord Commander of the night's watch
Angelica Perez (1 year ago)
eyyy arno how u get here??!?
Marmer (1 year ago)
how did assassins creed get all the way here???????
RipaMoramee643 (1 year ago)
Is it just me or does it actually feature the opening lines of La Marseillaise?
RipaMoramee643 (1 year ago)
I recognized right, then... Still, the 'why' bothers me.
leïla (1 year ago)
RipaMoramee643 it does, it's because they used a song from AC Unity (which is about the french revolution) called " Rather death than slavery ", if you're curious. Don't know why they used it though.
Queen Cersei (1 year ago)
And how is she going to break the wheel? Restoring Targaryen dynasty? pff ridiculous
Peter Joy (1 year ago)
Peter Joy (1 year ago)
Lorem Ipsum Thanks
leïla (1 year ago)
Peter Joy " Rather death than slavery " from AC Unity
Dimitri Solaz (1 year ago)
0:28 to 0:33 : "... patriiiiie le jour de gloire eeeest arrivééé" La Marseillaise ?
AsGLeague (1 year ago)
Is the Series worth watch not the eps i mean the whole show? Im the type of guy who love mythical beast etc like Dragons, the Dragon in the show look good, like real dragons not no fury poddle like the one dragon movie about the boy oh pete dragon lol. (i know that more a kid movie but still) Also do they have decent appearance in the show , and in the beginning of the show is it like one of the time where dragons are nothing but a myth/legend, and all of sudden dragons are soon to find out they real :3 lol im sorry i just love show/movies with dragons
AsGLeague (1 year ago)
Brilliant Thanks alot
imharsha 22 (2 years ago)
plz tell the name of the background music...
Sophia Will (1 year ago)
Assassin's Creed Unity-Rather Death than Slavery
Daniel Dominguez (2 years ago)
Starks have never been on the top of the wheel. they dont care about the wheel. They were the only descent people in a world of undescency. The only reason i can think of about someone hating the Starks is because they are good people so it is obvious bad people will dislike them. The worst thing a Stark has ever done was when Robb fell in love with the wrong girl...besides that...they are the only ones in all Westeros and Essos that care about making the world a better place. Not even Daenerys. She is obssesed with the Iron Throne and takes desicions with emotions and not the reason. That dialogue above with her critizacing the Starks just proves how unfair she is...
Lilith N. (3 months ago)
How many have died for the starks? Including one dragon now. Fuck off.
Sefi Peri (9 months ago)
Weirdo Reborn It was a great strategic move, of course. But it was extremely morally wrong.
Weirdo Reborn (9 months ago)
Sefi Peri And it did him good until his mother freed Jaime . You don't understand war at all , he had to do that since Tywin's army was greater in numbers facing it like that would've been stupid . I'm not a fan of House Stark but Robb is extremely underrated as a military strategist .
Sefi Peri (10 months ago)
Daniel Dominguez Daenerys made the world a better place by freeing a shit ton of slaves. The worst thing Robb has done was sacrifice 2000 men of his to confuse the Lannisters.
kapitan19969838 (1 year ago)
+uberjens I have almost every book from the series and I'll appreciate if you apologised for insulting me
StannyBWrath (2 years ago)
Why can't hardhome be a 2 minute bird eye view and the battle of ice and battle of winterfell be full on episode?
Watch Oasis (1 year ago)
JitoLibidoHTS why couldn't both be an entire episode lol
FallenStar (2 years ago)
Season 4 in my opinion was the best season of GoT. 5 was the weakest.
Striker163 (2 years ago)
And season six was probably in the middle.
Ororo Monroe (2 years ago)
This trailer has many characters opening doors
LGranthamsHeir (2 years ago)
The best GoT promo trailer EVER.
Constantin Zenz (2 years ago)
Still gives me goosebumps
Matt Wilson (2 years ago)
To think that if Stannis had chilled at Castle black a bit longer and Sansa was honest with Jon about Littlefinger, then Jon Snow's army could have fucked Ramsay right from the start.
XxVidzxX (2 years ago)
We're almsot at the end of season 6 and im still waiting for Daenerys to "break the wheel" but all she's managed to do is kill a few dothraki and mismanage the fuck out of mereen.
JuanCarlos Bravo (1 year ago)
Then she's insane and Westeros better hope she dies fighting the Others.
JuanCarlos Bravo (1 year ago)
She'll never break the wheel. She's a part of the wheel. If she wants to break it, she'll need to burn every single potential rival to her throne. The way of the Tagareans. The way of the Mad King.
XxVidzxX (2 years ago)
Brice Race (2 years ago)
+David R she'll break Lannister and Baratheon from the wheel but stark and Tyrell will stay.
XxVidzxX (2 years ago)
+David R Maybe
TheChosen2030 (2 years ago)
worse season. the one that ruined stannis
Adam Blake (2 years ago)
People go way too harsh on this season imo. I mean yeah it's the weakest of Game of Thrones, but it's still fucking Game of Thrones. Have the people who say that season 5 sucks even seen shit like Intelligence or the worst seasons of The Walking Dead? That is TV that genuinely sucks, GoT season 5 is just comparatively weaker.
StannyBWrath (2 years ago)
The season that ruined Stannis. Battle of Winterfell is supposed to be the most complex military campaign in the history of Thrones. The way Stannis takes Deepwood Motte and uses the ice lakes of the Crofters' village, and the support of Morse Umber, mountain clans...ugh fuck. Usurpers, D&D.
Leo Richards (2 years ago)
+JitoLibidoHTS Thing is we dont know lol but good old george said hes nearly finish it so i would guess later this year or 2017
StannyBWrath (2 years ago)
+Ours Is The Fury yayyyy this year or 2017?
Leo Richards (2 years ago)
Dont worry my friends the winds of winter is coming😊😊😄
SMB (2 years ago)
Not my proudest fap.
Potato (2 years ago)
Stop trying to be me.
Cykk (2 years ago)
Stop posting this on all the trailers
Jon Snow (2 years ago)
i love watching game of throned trailers BEST TRAILERS
Salo (2 years ago)
you know nothing Jon Snow
Jon Snow (2 years ago)
whats the song?
Jager Bradley (2 years ago)
Rather Death Than Slavery, Assassin's Creed Unity OST
Zdeněk Dráb (2 years ago)
Sarude - Dandstorm
WilliStriker (2 years ago)
The moment when Roose talks about Stannis is so awesome!
Milkman Michael (2 years ago)
Shame that Northern storyline never really paid off and there was a Stannis and Roose scene now that would have been awesome
Gowtham Prudhvi (2 years ago)
Who came here too see how much trailers spoil the season?
Mehri Gulamova (2 years ago)
Winter is really coming!!!
salar KH (2 years ago)
It won't be the same without Stannis... .
Fire and Blood (5 months ago)
true, it won't be the same, it will be far better
Lunahandycap (8 months ago)
He killed his dauther... stannis is a dick ! EVEN FUCKING SELYSE PSYCHO BITCH WAnTED TO RESCUE HER DAUTHER!!!
Ema Salcău (1 year ago)
Stannis role was shot to shit. he spent all the seasons preparing and then mopping aroung for getting his shit pushed in at blackwater bay and then he died. wtf.
Mother of Dragons (1 year ago)
The Mannis.
Milkman Michael (2 years ago)
The show kinda sucks without Stannis to on it
cristian alvarez (2 years ago)
all the characters gambled, and pretty much lost in this season.
Stella Maris (2 years ago)
"We are not to simply bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels of injustice, we are to drive a spoke into the wheel itself." ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Marta (2 years ago)
This trailer is better than trailer from season 6.
Patrick Drum (2 years ago)
valar morghulis !
Nazaleon (2 years ago)
season 6 got 25 mill view
Raj Sitaula (2 years ago)
i want that targyrian girl to die in season 6
Raj Sitaula (2 years ago)
+Ibrah89 but i do not mean that i only want targerian to die, she is one whose death makes me happy... bolton's cock should be chopped off by theon
Ibrah89 (2 years ago)
Are you mad? I want imstead ramsay Bolton's skin off from his fucking body.
Barnabus (2 years ago)
Who else came here after watching the Season 6 trailer?
WilliStriker (2 years ago)
Was ist nur aus Game of Thrones geworden!? Nachdem ich voller Vorfreude die fünfte Staffel geschaut habe, wich diese von Folge zu Folge immer mehr der Enttäuschung. In den ersten sieben Folgen war purer Stillstand angesagt. Die Charaktere entwickelten sich genauso wenig weiter wie die Handlung. Alles drehte sich im Kreis, nicht nachvollziehbare Entscheidungen wurden getroffen, und die Dialoge waren längst nicht mehr so geschliffen, wie noch in den Staffeln zuvor. In den letzten drei Folgen zogen die Ereignisse dann zwar erheblich an, rettete den Gesamteindruck aber auch nicht mehr, zumal die letzte Folge dann doch nur zu einem reinen Cliffhanger-Festival verkam. Die gesamte Staffel wirkte einfach völlig unrund. Aber der Reihe nach. Zu aller erst gab es viele unnötige Handlungsstränge bzw. wurde unwichtigen Figuren und Handlungssträngen viel zu viel Zeit gewidmet. Sei es die angedeutete Beziehung von Grauer Wurm und Missandei, wo man sich nur fragen kann, wozu!? Sei es der gesamte Strang der sich in Dorne abspielt, der teilweise sogar richtig peinlich wurde oder die geliebte von Ramsay, deren Eifersüchteleien ebenfalls nichts zur Serie beigetragen haben. Dann noch die Vergewaltigung von Sansa usw... Dinge die vor allem auch im Buch nie stattfanden Ganz schlimm war Strang um Stannis. Zu Anfang tatsächlich der Interessanteste, weil er als einziger Charakter eine spürbare Entwicklung nahm. Die Szene mit ihm und seiner Tochter war für mich eine der stärksten und emotionalsten der gesamten Serie. Leider wurde diese Szene ganz bewusst eingebaut, um bei einer späteren Entscheidung Stannis eine emotionale Fallhöhe zu verleihen. Wäre er so eindimensional wie vorher gezeigt worden, hätte diese Szene garantiert nicht gewirkt. Das ist sehr manipulativ von den Machern. Allgemein, wie sie die Stannis Storyline aus dem Buch einfach zerstört haben und ihm dann nicht einmal ein würdiges Ende geben... Königsmund ging mir ebenfalls ziemlich auf den Wecker. Als ob so ein paar spärlich bekleidete und mit Dolchen bewaffnete Mönche, eine ganze Stadt für sich einnehmen können, dass war völlig lächerlich und überzogen. Der Strang um Brienne war ebenfalls ein einziger Witz, bei dem sich ne Menge glücklicher Zufälle gehäuft haben. Mein größtes Problem mit dieser Staffel und dem derzeitigen Verlauf der Serie, ist aber dieser ständige negativ Strudel indem sie sich derzeit befindet. Ein geliebter Charakter nach dem nächsten stirbt, es passiert einfach nichts Positives mehr. Dennoch bin ich noch optimistisch und freue mich auf Staffel 6, vielleicht haben sie ja aus ihren Fehlern gelernt und hören auf immer mehr vom Buch abzuweichen...
WilliStriker (2 years ago)
Waaaas? Inwiefern war der gut? Die Schlacht erstens mal wurde nicht mal gezeigt und story technisch war alles sehr unlogisch als ob stannis nichtmsl Späher aussenden würde etc... So wie er sich verhalten hat, ja das war badass usw aber ansonsten...D&D Dreck !
Thoros of Myr (2 years ago)
Ich Fand den Tod von Stannis recht gut :D
aa aa (2 years ago)
Yea i agree last season was garbage, i wanted to see the dragon lady destroy that castle with all this garbage people in it. To bad that's never gona happen as they are all dead or soon to be dead.
giorgos tzimas (2 years ago)
1:22 when ??
copper redd (2 years ago)
break it!
Audrey Cb (2 years ago)
Audrey Cb (2 years ago)
Still waiting for the season 6 trailer, what's happen? It's sucks. Really I can't be more patient than it, I will finish with Xanax if there is no trailer to come. Butchers, They love to plays with our nerves. It's a Fair Game. (Well, if there is grammatical mistakes, Sorry I'm french.)
BestMovieSounds (2 years ago)
Am I the only one who really liked this trailer? The season wasn't that good, but this trailer was so epic.
Alex Martell (1 year ago)
yeah I love this trailer
Urno (1 year ago)
+Amando yeah true
Amando (1 year ago)
Urno this line Kinda gave goosebumes to all books riders cause they were hoping to See one of the Best battles of all time...But they ruined it extremely. i'm not a books reader, i just informate myself about some differences, i also Kinda hate thoose People Who always Compare the show and the books But here they had choose such a Bad and unlogical way..I mean if they wanted to kill stannis and let jon defeat them, why they didnt Made it so : Mance choose stannis together with some Northern houses to take back the north they march Into battle But get tricked and flee back to castle black at the Moment the nightswatch want to kill Davos and The others Who are defending jons body. Jon gets ressurrected and sansa arrives..together they reunites the while North behind them and take back the North from the boltons. if they want to kill stannis and mance they could have did it in that battle..they didnt even had to Show this battle just explain it in season 6 amd season 6 still could have gone that way...shame how much potential they lost.
BestMovieSounds (1 year ago)
+Urno They better release a trailer soon :o
Tesla (2 years ago)
imo, this is the best trailer of game of thrones......ever!!!
Stann Hamb (2 years ago)
RandomSuzanne (2 years ago)
I still think this trailer is better as the official trailer (#1) of season 5.
Raphael NK (1 year ago)
RandomSuzanne season #7 be the best
Ciaran Smith (2 years ago)
That and the 1st Season 4 Trailer.
LGranthamsHeir (2 years ago)
It's the best GoT promo trailer EVER.
Vito Lucci (2 years ago)
god damn it just release the new trailer already
fi dem tounsi (2 years ago)
waiting 4 ever ............
Fc Fnjd (2 years ago)
I loveeeee game of throneees and dragons are my lovely abimal
Andrea Guevara (2 years ago)
Objective Ninja (2 years ago)
S4: 4.6 S5: 4.12 S6: 4.24 S7: 4.48 = 5.18?
Joel Jackman (1 year ago)
Well then today's the day...
slappy2013 (1 year ago)
will be my end OMG you were right. It is staring way later
Striker163 (2 years ago)
+John Castillo the problem with people is they always look at each new season as a new story. thats what it essentially is for most shows, but GOT is not one of them. Got sets things up seasons in advanced. Ramsay killing Roose has been actively established since the early episodes of S5. Essentially most of S5 was buildup for S6 and when watching those two seasons back to back it really feels like a 20 episodes season, with the first 7 episodes being mostly buldup and the remaining 13 filled with velocity. Unfortunately for most people they can't really distinguish this because of how poorly written other shows are and when something doesn't appear to fit the "norm" of television storytelling it can be ridiculed. Ramsay killing Roose was not rushed, they spent about 8 episodes establishing it, just not in S6. OSHA honestly isn't fucking important, even In the books, which I love more than the show, she's not important, as for Dorne, there is no defending that Bs
John Castillo (2 years ago)
Funny thing is I actually agree with you about those characters, other than Osha she isn't an important character. But they kinda set up Ramsay killing Roose since last season. the Martell thing pissed me off but i'm glad because Dorne was terrible so I don't wanna see em again. I disagree though, although you can argue that those deatjs were rushed and could have been done better, the quality of the show is still great in regards to everything else, I love where they are going this season. Jon, Sansa and Bran's storylines are gripping to me, I like where they are going with King's Landing and Arya too. Its all a matter of opinion really
XBarajasX (2 years ago)
Is there a date for the 6th season trailer?
toh786 (2 years ago)
I guess my estimation was off by a month xD
Nixion Trial (2 years ago)
+XBarajasX yesterday
dragonmcmx (2 years ago)
+Athbi Almuzaini Both of you are incorrect, it was officially released on February 1st, but was leaked online after being played at IMAX screenings on January 29th.
A Al-M (2 years ago)
+toh786 actually the first trailer was out in 30 of Jan
toh786 (2 years ago)
The first season 5 trailer came on the 3rd February, so since season 6 will be aired two weeks than when season 5 was aired, perhaps around February 10-15? My guess.
Alex Stroup (2 years ago)
Such potential....
Milkman Michael (2 years ago)
It looked so good how in the seven hells did they screw it up so much
sansa stark (2 years ago)
God damn Emilia Clarke sucks
Prodigy (2 years ago)
Im sure everyone agrees that this is the worst season of got. But it seems they are going to redeem themselves in season 6
David Michael (1 year ago)
For me the worst season is 2 (even though I still love the shit out of it of course)...I actually love this season.
Steven Harrison (1 year ago)
Striker163 yeah that arya stabbing was just a giant fuck up. And I didn't like how they killed Roose off. And like you said a couple other things. But then again those last two episodes of the season are two of my favorite of the entire series. So season 6 was at times my favorite season and at other times as bad as season 5
Striker163 (2 years ago)
+N. T. Season 6 was a tough one to pin down. Definitely much better than S5, but it still had some bumps, mainly around Arya getting stabbed and a few issues here and there. The good news is there is no Dorne wide fuckup. As someone who loves the show and has read the books I'd say it's my third favorite season right behind seasons 4 and 1. I will say this season had much better dialogue overall compared to S5, best music of the series to. It was also insanity progressive, especially in the last two episodes alone. Personally I'd say it's a combination of Seasons 1, 4, and 5. Pulling the good from both seasons 1 and 4, however taking some of the bad from season 5. Of course it isn't just a rehash, this season did plenty to define itself and imo was an overall return to quality for the show.
mister VALCLASSE (2 years ago)
I disagree It had the bedt action scenes of all game of thrones
N. T. (2 years ago)
how do you feel about s6 now?
Victorious (2 years ago)
The worst season.

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