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Minecraft Bukkit Plugin - Paintball War Edition - Tutorial

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Follow me on Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/+LtJim007 Plugin Thread: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/paintball_pure_war/ The BEST and CHEAPEST Minecraft Servers: http://billing.astralgameservers.com/aff.php?aff=273 Use Code "25LTJIM007" for 25% off! Visit my PlanetMinecraft page for Map downloads: http://www.planetminecraft.com/member/nightfire410/ This guy produces the best royalty free music, that I used a lot: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQKGLOK2FqmVgVwYferltKQ Go check him out! SEUS Shaders that I use: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1280299-sonic-ethers-unbelievable-shaders-v10-1 Add me on Skype: LtJim007
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Text Comments (35)
Spartan526 (20 days ago)
i have an issue where my snowballs turn into snowblocks. how do i fix this?
hey so i have a question. so if i have lets say 2 paintball maps with one lobby with it rotate though the different maps
AntonisX007GR (7 months ago)
what version?
Renaud Perron (8 months ago)
Zuphers (1 year ago)
Please help me! Every command i do starting with /pb, it just says /pb back to me, and nothing happens
Zuphers (1 year ago)
Kingo i had to restart my server COMPLETETLY! New folder, new everything.. And i used Spigot instead of Bukkit
Kingo (1 year ago)
how you fixed it pls help :(
Zuphers (1 year ago)
Nvm! I fixed it, now this is awesome!
Jordan Villafana (2 years ago)
how to enable voting?
what commands is for another arena ? (how to create it)
Karen Relamp (2 years ago)
what use shaders
aaron2004 (2 years ago)
cual de plugin de painball version
Redstoneaddict Gaming (2 years ago)
Linkinpark was so good in the end, he crushed you like you were a castle of glass
UW7 Juzii (2 years ago)
LtJim007 is this for bungeecord?
LtJim007 (2 years ago)
+Redstoneaddict Gaming 10/10 comment
loewie .mp4 (2 years ago)
how do you remove a lobby
Joshua Solano (2 years ago)
i want it so the game ends after 10 kills not 4 how?
Adi Gaming (2 years ago)
My players cant kill each other
Icyndr (2 years ago)
+Adi Gaming Make sure pvp is on for the server
RAZORS (2 years ago)
Hello, i just want to know if we can create more than 1 arena and how to setup signs to join the selected arena
Mo0aD (3 years ago)
bro how i can set the balls to kill from 3 hits or more
Foochops (3 years ago)
When my mates join the lobby. They are all invisible. And in game
TechCoreX (3 years ago)
why when i do [paintball] [paintball]                          pb lobby pb blue its not working
PokemonFreak2001 (3 years ago)
hey, it takes 2 hits to get a player out, how do i set that to 1 hit?
theopeegamer (3 years ago)
whelistan (3 years ago)
cantr u just delete who spamms on the chat or comment please love ur videos ;)
LtJim007 (3 years ago)
KACAPb TV Minecraft (3 years ago)
Слушай я вот этак и не сообразил что за команда чтоб забежать чрез табличку в лобби ты чегото там писал по 5 один я не чего не сообразил будто обыкновенно всё сиять а у тебя подругому напиши команду ..... ........ .......... Вот этак
RCISam (3 years ago)
Thanks LtJim i was waiting for Paintball!
LtJim007 (3 years ago)
np =D
Football Focus (3 years ago)
can you do a Auto Drop Party tutoral please
MrPiggy Skillz (3 years ago)
nice video! Thanks for helping a lot! :)
LtJim007 (3 years ago)
np :)
BlueSkiesMC (3 years ago)
Nice plugin
SharedVideo (3 years ago)
We are a Italian Minecraft Community and we ask you that you join in our Community, lenguages aren't problem, in the past we collaborated with English, Spanish....  Thanks for your time, PhynixMC Network

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