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101 Things to Ask Google Home

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What can you ask Google Home? Today on Tech With Brett I answer that question with 101 things that you can ask. Browse through the list below and click the timestamp to jump to that part of the video. I have starred my favorite ones so make sure you try those out and see the bottom of this list for a few that I missed that you can try on your own! Buy Now: https://goo.gl/FMqsRH More Google Home: https://goo.gl/aBRe1d 1. What can you do? 0:48 2. When’s my first event tomorrow? 1:00 3. Turn your volume to 7. 1:08 4. Repeat that. 1:11 5. Wake me up at 6AM. 1:19 6. Tell me about my day. 1:24 7. How long will it take me to get to work? 1:43 8. How long will it take to get to McDonald's? 1:50 9. What does circumlocution mean? 2:03 10. How many calories in a apple? 2:15 🌟 11. How many calories in a burrito from Cafe Rio? 2:22 12. Who won the BYU game? 2:42 13. How is the S&P 500 doing? 2:52 14. How is GoPro's stock? 3:04 15. Spell Pterodactyl 3:17 16. How do I say “More Please” in Spanish? 3:29 17. What is 10 x 10? 3:39 18. How many species of tiger are there? 3:45 19. Where is the nearest pharmacy? 3:55 20. What is their phone number? 4:04 21. Count to 10. 4:09 22. What does a horse say? 4:17 23. What does a cat sound like? 4:25 24. What does a dog say? 4:34 25. What does a duck say? 4:43 26. Play Frosty the Snowman. 4:50 27. Next Song. 5:03 28. What song is this? 5:08 29. Set a kitchen timer for 5 minutes. 5:14 30. How many teaspoons in a cup? 5:21 31. Add butter to my shopping list. 5:32 🌟 32. Play Tech With Brett in the Kitchen. - FAIL 5:42 33. Set the thermostat to 68 degrees. 5:55 34. Turn the lights down. 6:02 35. Tell me a fun fact. 6:11 36. Tell me a Thanksgiving Day fact. 6:19 37. Tell me a Christmas fact. 6:28 38. I’m Bored. 6:44 39. Make me laugh. 6:54 40. Tell me a joke. 7:06 41. How much does a Google Home cost? 7:15 42. What is on my shopping list? 7:24 43. When is Christmas? 7:28 44. How many days till Christmas? 7:35 45. When is your birthday? 7:41 46. Who is better, Siri or you? 7:46 47. Stop timer. 7:55 48. What’s the weather? 7:56 49. Flip a coin. 8:06 50. Roll a die. 8:12 51. Pick a card. 8:17 52. Find a recipe for Chicken Pot Pie. 8:20 53. Do a barrell roll. 8:30 54. What’s the loneliest number. 8:34 55. Where am I? 8:39 🌟 56. Beam me up Scotty! 8:44 57. How can entropy be reversed? 8:57 🌟 58. Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start. 9:04 59. Who’s on first? 9:12 60. I am your father. 9:15 61. Who shot first? 9:22 62. Set phasers to kill. 9:28 63. Did you fart? 9:38 64. It’s my birthday. 9:44 65. It’s not my birthday. 9:51 66. Who let the dogs out? 9:59 🌟 67. Do you want to build a snowman? 10:08 68. How many roads must a man walk down. 10:15 69. Who is the real Slim Shady? 10:27 🌟 70. Who you gonna call? 10:35 71. Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego? 10:45 72. Where is Waldo? 10:52 73. Party on, Wayne! 11:00 74. Tell me something interesting. 11:05 75. Define cookie butter. 11:18 76. Where can I buy Tim Tams? 11:28 77. How far is it do Disneyland? 11:36 78. How long would it take me to walk there? 11:44 🌟 79. Make me a sandwich. 11:52 80. What is your favorite color? 11:58 81. What is your name? 12:06 82. What gender are you? 12:11 83. When does Costco open? 12:14 84. When will it snow? 12:23 85. What’s my favorite color? 12:30 86. Remember my lock code 7462. 12:35 87. Play us a beat. 12:47 88. Turn off the TV. 12:58 89. Call me Iron Man. 13:04 T-Shirt Link: http://amzn.to/2gqZfMK 90. What is my name? 13:11 91. How is my day? 13:15 🌟 92. Let’s play a game. 13:27 93. Play the top videos in the Kitchen 13:40 94. How much is flight to Las Vegas? 13:48 95. When is the next showing of Roque One? 14:02 96. What is the meaning of life? 14:10 97. Play the Learning Leader podcast. 14:25 98. Order an Uber. 14:32 99. What is your quest? 14:37 100. Are you Skynet? 14:44 🌟 101. Let’s play crystal ball 14:53 Missed Easter Eggs: Ok Google, Can you rap? Sing a song. Sing for me. Are you feeling lucky? How old are you? What am I thinking right now? Do you ever get tired? Sing “Happy Birthday” What did my dog just say? Do a backflip "Ok Google, what are your Easter eggs?" Google Home Complete List Sources: http://www.androidauthority.com/google-home-voice-commands-727911/ https://www.cnet.com/how-to/google-home-fun-easter-eggs-to-try/ Connect with me @TechWithBrett Disclaimer: This description contains affiliate links of products mentioned in video. If clicked and purchased I will receive commission to help this channel grow. #madebygoogle #googlehome #eastereggs #VoiceAssistant #Magic #gadgetoftheyear #okgoogle #homeautomation #Android #Google #HowTo #Tutorial #Commands #okaygoogle
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Text Comments (427)
NanaEphemera (1 year ago)
Cracked up on #56 ... then she says, 'Did it work?' Cracked up again ... great job.
Qing Gu (27 days ago)
Tried, hhhhhahahahah
NanaEphemera wat
Brianna Carino (1 year ago)
I have that at home too
Nayo Torres (2 days ago)
I want to buy a Google home but I can't find them on Amazon and I think I know why. Google's way better than Alexa
Tech With Brett (2 days ago)
Yep, there are many others places you can get one.
Dumb Shit (5 days ago)
“+30 extra life”
Dumb Shit (5 days ago)
Ask her about jesus christ
Becca’s Bunch (13 days ago)
I’m getting the google home mini
Raza Moghal (1 month ago)
Brilliant video. Thanks so much.
Raza Moghal (1 month ago)
Amazingly useful video. Thank you
G-M (1 month ago)
I was waiting for "What does the fox say" xD
Colin Jones (1 month ago)
Ask google " is this the way to Amarillo "
Rod Kervin (1 month ago)
I asked google what was the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. I got a long technical answer, then "also, 42."
Rod Kervin (1 month ago)
8:47 inspired me to ask for tea, earl grey, hot. "you got it captain!"
Lexi Johnson (1 month ago)
Thanks for putting so much effort into this video it helped a lot.
elgoog elgoog (1 month ago)
You sad that not activeit somewone well your wrong you activait my google home mini
Anna Wharton (2 months ago)
More useful to ask Hey Google text ...(whomever) and speak the text message. Will it send from your contacts?
Ramon Rodriguez Solar (2 months ago)
Are you saying OK google first ? Or just the commands ?
Tech With Brett (2 months ago)
Depending on what country you are in there is a feature where you only need to activate it once and then ask it many questions. Tutorial: https://youtu.be/vEFTQMi6W2I
Ramon Rodriguez Solar (2 months ago)
+Tech With Brett ok , I just thought it was wierd that you could do commands without saying ok Google
Tech With Brett (2 months ago)
You need to say "Ok Google" before each command.
John Newton (2 months ago)
How do you get 'her' to learn things ? Only managed our names, favourite colours, favourite teams etc...............
Tech With Brett (2 months ago)
I think you figured out most of the items. https://support.google.com/googlehome/answer/7536723 For Sports: https://support.google.com/chromecast/answer/7071998?hl=en
marcus s (2 months ago)
Does "Lets Get Spooky" still work?
marcus s (2 months ago)
Tech With Brett it doesn't
Tech With Brett (2 months ago)
I have not tried it for awhile but it should.
Nek Lamp (4 months ago)
I ask it "what is the current day number" and it replies "I can not help you with that"...... Waste of money?????
Nek Lamp (4 months ago)
Tech With Brett "What's today's day number?".... unorthodox but it worked
Tech With Brett (4 months ago)
Try, "What is the date today?"
a------------ (4 months ago)
Love the description of everything in the video. Thumbs up. I would love to see a video of productive useful things google home can do instead of all these gimmicky commands.
Kers A HerpaFuqer (4 months ago)
It'd be fucking great if they had an option of a male with a strong Indian heritage accent
christopher crowley (4 months ago)
Could you do a video for us outside the US to get US settings. ?
drsfireforgod (5 months ago)
My cat never has interest in what videos I watch but she is staring hard right at you and growling like crazy. I paused it and scrolled away from the video and she stopped. I started playing and she did it again. I don't think she likes you and I don't know why. I like the video though. :)
Tech With Brett (4 months ago)
Haha! I feel the same way about your cat. Usually cats do come up to me though so that is funny.
Gaby Mckenner (5 months ago)
I need help! My mother tried connecting her Samsung to my mini google and then after that I couldn’t connect my iPhone to it I did all the voice stuff and connected my email to it over again and it won’t connect! Edit:I tried connecting it again it says that my device needs to on and in range which it is!! Bluetooth is on and searching for paired devices!! Please help?! Edit: wow I just read it over again and I say connect a lot
Gaby Mckenner (5 months ago)
drsfireforgod ok
drsfireforgod (5 months ago)
Switch your phone to airplane mode then manually turn on wi-fi and bluetooth. Proceed to google home app for setup as normal. Once finished change phone to previous settings.
Tech With Brett (5 months ago)
What exactly are you trying to connect? Do you not see the Google Home Mini under the devices tab or the Google Home app? Your account should be linked there. As long as you can give requests to the Google Home it should be working fine.
Gaby Mckenner (5 months ago)
Tech With Brett I am connected to WiFi all the time and I unplugged and rebooted it and it still won’t connect
Tech With Brett (5 months ago)
Try rebooting both devices. Are you connected to the WiFi?
Simone Regina (5 months ago)
Ask Google to tell you a riddle and she takes you on a wild adventure!!!
King Tellez (5 months ago)
I speak spanish
Tech With Brett (5 months ago)
Spanish should be coming this year!
Joe T (5 months ago)
want to watcn cnn news from youtube - used to be able to but now can not pls help
Steven Conway (5 months ago)
How do I connect Uber to the Google Home? I have tried and I don't see it anywhere within the Google home app.
Tech With Brett (5 months ago)
Ask your Google Home to Link Uber and then you should see a link in the Google Home app.
Oonggaboong (6 months ago)
Ah, I wish you asked her "What does the fox say?"
PhillyDj Hook (6 months ago)
Proof that he's gay 12:31
Ryguy Studios (6 months ago)
My google home still went off I yelled at my google home saying "HOW DID YOU TRIGGER???!!! NO ONE SAID OK GO..." Thats when i realized i was talking to a piece of technology
Ashley Beadle (6 months ago)
I actually shared it with my family the older folks for fun when they first opened it everything in the house was connecting to it including my phone and i kept messing with my mom and she's NOT the greatest tech installing fan and the volume kept going up and down and music coming on lol my dad ratted me out but was fun while it lasted
Ashley Beadle (6 months ago)
Make me a sandwich
how to remove the key word ok Google
ha ha ha anyway thank you for the video it was worthy watching and really greatful for your quick reply
Tech With Brett (6 months ago)
Oh, I just cut it out when editing the video.
But you didn't say ok Google in the video You directly said the comments
Tech With Brett (6 months ago)
Not possible, you can mute it with the switch or button but then it is just a speaker you control from your home.
Peter Magbor (7 months ago)
Hell of a job man! New subscriber here
Tech With Brett (7 months ago)
Thank you!
Dove Hayes (7 months ago)
This dam speaker says ohh la la in an evil voice.. I was sleeping when it happened and it can't through my phone as well
Liberation (7 months ago)
I don’t know if it was the google home or your subconscious suggestion, I subscribed your channel 1second before you asked google home.
Tech With Brett (7 months ago)
Haha! Thank you!
Thomas Stark (7 months ago)
i switched the mic off before this video haha.
BILL CIPHER8912 (7 months ago)
BILL CIPHER8912 (7 months ago)
BILL CIPHER8912 (7 months ago)
BILL CIPHER8912 (7 months ago)
wb Haley (8 months ago)
dis boi (8 months ago)
You said google home and it went off
Thunder music (8 months ago)
#AskGoogle hey Google measure my internet speed !!!!!! Ism if Google give answer or not
Noah Cremers (8 months ago)
The crystal ball was on point 😂
Charlie Kingston (8 months ago)
What about will you marry me? Or what's 0÷0?
manapple9000 (8 months ago)
Let's play would you rather
laddy money (8 months ago)
(The guy): "OK Google" Google home): "bleep" (The guy): tell them damn kids to be quiet while I make a YouTube video about Google home. (Google home): screw you buddy should have wore a condom
Slime _twilightslime (8 months ago)
Omg are You magic
Adnan Ullah (8 months ago)
Nice video !!!!!! Great
Lil Me (9 months ago)
Is there a way to slow the speaker down with google home?
Isabella Brisson (9 months ago)
Ask Google if she knows the muffin man XD 😄
Matt Bates (9 months ago)
You're all mugs for buying GH if you already have and android phone. All they've done is put the already built in app into a piece off plastic. Google are living proof they can get people to do anything hahaha
Foxy (26 days ago)
+Tech With Brett hahaha good point
Tech With Brett (9 months ago)
+Matt Bates But what do you do if your phone is in the other room charging huh?
Giovanni Funaro (9 months ago)
Really opened my mind to the possibilities
Grand Design Exposed (9 months ago)
Yes the Intellectual Inquisition is here!!!
Johnny TwoShoes (9 months ago)
People will get bored with it within a few days and then it will just collect dust.
Michael Greene (9 months ago)
Ask it who jesus is?
Squish Craft (9 months ago)
Even at the beginning mine activated lol
EVIL OKAI (10 months ago)
Dude try to make it count to 878 trilion
curiousgeorgieo (10 months ago)
Did you have a toddler waiting for you to play with you for the whole recording?
Tech With Brett (10 months ago)
+curiousgeorgieo Lol, you can try the fun commands in the description of this video: https://youtu.be/i9ZPJFkP6mg
curiousgeorgieo (10 months ago)
Tech With Brett hah nice. I just found out that my toddler is terrified of Google home oh No!
Tech With Brett (10 months ago)
+curiousgeorgieo Yes... A few of them.
Stormy Syndrome (10 months ago)
Great eavesdropping devices. No need to bug homes any longer :)
Brooke Bavis (10 months ago)
the intro set off my google home at 3 am ghee thanks...
Tech With Brett (10 months ago)
+Brooke Bavis You are welcome?...
Joe Siraco (10 months ago)
I too like my house 68°. I live in Florida and some people come in and say "It's cold in here!" C'mon it's Florida people. But It does get chilly inside.
ThejewelCraft0100 (10 months ago)
Michael Buble. beautiful.
Janet Holmes (10 months ago)
can google home connect with data base such as excel
Tech With Brett (10 months ago)
+Janet Holmes If you download Ifttt you can link Google docs to your Google Assistant and add items to a spreadsheet I believe.
グーチ動画 (10 months ago)
He's lds I think
グーチ動画 (10 months ago)
He's near Provo
Phoebe Brodrip (10 months ago)
79 got me!!
So Lashay Makeup Artistry (10 months ago)
Thank you for editing ok google out other videos are sooo annoying lol
Goofy_Goober (10 months ago)
You can ask her “who runs the world” and she wills respond with “girls”, and tell you why! I learned that today just if anybody wanted to know.
Cameron Williams (10 months ago)
Mormon lol
Nicole Tello (10 months ago)
Thank you for muting it when u call it
Nicole Tello (10 months ago)
And great vid
annabelle Dalton (10 months ago)
Thanks you so much for not continuously saying ok google
Knockoff Luv (10 months ago)
Good video bud! Thanks for the ideas
lia (10 months ago)
Things to ask google home. “It’s my birthday”
Aryan Desai (4 months ago)
That’s so weird
Aryan Desai (4 months ago)
lia wtf
kirra (10 months ago)
I got one today for Christmas
Kelly Preston (10 months ago)
kirra challenge skit me to
So did my mum
Bunnyslippers (10 months ago)
polar1234 (10 months ago)
kirra challenge skit same!!
Connor Casazza (10 months ago)
kirra challenge skit ay same
Andi Cazaciuc (10 months ago)
0:28 triggered it
Bluefox 186 (7 months ago)
Andi Cazaciuc triggered mine
Leila Gentile (8 months ago)
Andi Cazaciuc it triggerd mine too
Squish Craft (9 months ago)
Tech With Brett 😂🤷🏻‍♀️
Squish Craft (9 months ago)
Andi Cazaciuc same
Tech With Brett (10 months ago)
+Andi Cazaciuc Is it too late to apologize?
HiTechKing (10 months ago)
very nice of you haha i didn't have to turn my google home off
Chaotic Erebus (10 months ago)
You're from Utah?! Me too!
Tech With Brett (10 months ago)
+Matt Valdez woot woot!
Richard Bond (10 months ago)
Great! Now all I need to do is convert it all the English (UK) and I can have some fun!
P Schmied (10 months ago)
At 0:29 you said "a Google Home", which triggers :-D
KJ Dance Academy (11 months ago)
its like hes the King of all google
mixindave1 (11 months ago)
can you play your own uploaded music on google play music?
mixindave1 (11 months ago)
well thats good. i have a few thousand songs on there already. im getting one as part of a google pixel 2 contract. although we do already own echo dots :/ haha
Tech With Brett (11 months ago)
+mixindave1 Yes you can. Try including "from my library" in your request. You can see full details here under the Advanced Voice commands: https://support.google.com/googlehome/answer/7030379#advancedcommands
stephendraycott (11 months ago)
Love your videos mate
Ex1le CrAzy (11 months ago)
Lol you triggered my Google!
TheAndsinpants (11 months ago)
Cafe Rio....Someone's from Utah.
Cee Dee (11 months ago)
I love this google video. I bought one the other day clueless on what to ask it. So thank you
Jeffrey A. (11 months ago)
"Okay Google, Stop." SERIOUSLY!?!?!!? LMFAO you idiot xD
Tech With Brett (11 months ago)
+Jeffrey A. Nobody has said anything until this month about that. So sorry!
0:1 says oh I'm not going to say "ok Google" 2:40 ok Google stop
Tech With Brett it's ok my mic was muted eny way
Tech With Brett (11 months ago)
+mario stuffed toy adventures Sorry...
ZanesFacebook (11 months ago)
When you said "own a Google home" mine went off
Peter Rottenhoffer (11 months ago)
12:36 remember lock code 7462 ->>>> 74622 lol? ! ITS FUCKED!!!
Alexa C (11 months ago)
You can now call santa on your google home
Faye Oharra (11 months ago)
Thank you for the video. It was helpful in setting up my google home.
Kemi Joseph (11 months ago)
I love this Google I can't wait to have one
Daan de dodo (11 months ago)
I liked it
Smelliot VEVO (11 months ago)
Thank you for not saying ok google, mine always gets triggered and I don’t know what’s going on
ili foo (6 months ago)
Mine gets triggered too
Tech With Brett (11 months ago)
+Elliot Henson You are welcome!
Un Usual Work (11 months ago)
I want an app that record screen video record with audio sound .... i use mobizen app ............ but i have a problem that is ,, when i plug earphone then audio is not record ... What the problem and what's the solution .. PLEASE tell me must i use whatsapp for video calling and my device is Samsung s6 edge+ Model SM-G928F and Os version is 7.0 ............. please answer me on my email [email protected]
Tech With Brett (11 months ago)
+Un Usual Work will do.
Rajiv jaigopal wadhwa (11 months ago)
you can also ask it to count to 100 , ask currency conversion, play songs of another language like hindi songs, and listen to Bible .
Anita Work (11 months ago)
Just looking at this for Christmas....for it to see the lights I just have to buy the bulbs?????
Tech With Brett (11 months ago)
+Anita Work Yes you just need to find Bulbs that are Google Assistant Compatible like these: https://youtu.be/v-KTc-mz41s
Stewart midtoad (11 months ago)
I'd rather see a short video showing capabilities instead of this lengthy trivia session.
Tech With Brett (11 months ago)
+Stewart midtoad Thanks for the feedback! There was so much to talk about one big answer was the solution.
Vergil20xx (11 months ago)
How did you energize and got sandwiched?
K Stevenson (11 months ago)
This was a great video. Thanks! It seems so natural. I wonder how the Echo stacks up

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