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Jared Leto's method acting in Blade Runner 2049 - 1080p

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He is such a good actor! "Oh I have millions!" That scared me, I mean it gave me the chills I kneed time to recover!
I was shocked by this scene in the cinema. Wallace is like God here. It's impressive.
JuraMalopolska (8 days ago)
diobeł jared leto no jesus hahaha
ma20101992 (1 month ago)
This movie is a god damn masterpiece
Raghu Seetharaman (2 months ago)
Jared Leto should play Jesus.
Raghu Seetharaman (2 months ago)
Yousef Ibrahim Passion of the Christ 2: Jesus has a Joke.
Yousef Ibrahim (2 months ago)
Raghu Seetharaman he IS jesus lol
Rudy Juarez (5 months ago)
"Oh I have millions!!" Four words from him and I'm scared shitless.
Jean Leques (5 months ago)
Great Person as well. This guy is something special
Luiz Martinelli (6 months ago)
Amazing actor
White Noise (6 months ago)
I love the design of the room.
Os Strange (7 months ago)
Tired of reading people saying that Jared is bad as an actor, and it's just because he performed a different version (new one) than anyone imagined. But they still don't realize that there are many factors which involved his joker's performance, such as the screenplay, director, producers, cut scenes etc. In this role as Niander Wallace, it's brilliant and maybe he has less minutes in screen than his joker in suicide squad. So I have no doubt in his performer skills and hope that everyone will adore him in suicide squad 2
musofede (1 day ago)
I agree. Actors able to change performance so well are very rare. And in this case the actor believes in your performance and he passes down the feeling
Min Roh (1 month ago)
He’s a good actor. But he’s a bad joker
Bruce Snow (5 months ago)
Os Strange it's really baffling that they blame Jared for Joker, even though he was not given anything to work with. Plus most of his darker scenes were cut.
Samuel Yang (7 months ago)
Ajay Menon (19 days ago)
Samuel Yang then you don't know anything about acting. Sorry your opinion is 👎
Jonnathan Crane (3 months ago)
Ironic how a blind actor on set can see clearer than you do pal.
Gilliganfrog (5 months ago)
Raging Kid : Corny? It was harsh, done intentionally to further f*ck with poor Deckard's head, and to give him just a tiny taste of how sadistic and wantonly violent Wallace was willing to be.
Raging Kid (6 months ago)
I thought killing the fake Rachael in front of Deckard was a bit corny?
Niander Wallace (6 months ago)
His whole aura and his theme that surrounds him is just the work of sheer brilliance, I give credit to Leto he played the part perfectly but the Director,script writer, and consume designers definitely helped him massively along the way, unless it was his idea to have a futuristic Zen temple as his home.
thousandyoung (7 months ago)
Funny that most review sites put "Star Wars: The Mary Sue Awakens" as one of the Best Movies of 2017 which is frankly pathetic while giving this movie a lower score. So much for the little credibility i still had in review sites. Jewllywood has become a Turdfest of Shills, Agendas and Prostitutes just like the Oscars. Don't miss the next Fast and Furious and Transformers Clownfest!!!
Glen Richardson (14 days ago)
EgocentricHead (29 days ago)
Harrison Ford is half-Jewish, you dumb fuck. And the guy who co-wrote this movie, Michael Green, is Jewish. How fucking dumb you have to be to actually imply that Hollywood is bad because it's full of Jews while also praising a Hollywood movie that has Jews in it? Also, you mention Fast & Furious and Transformers, but why you don't mention MCU movies? MCU movies have outpaced Fast and Furious and Transformers movies. Don't you have problem with those movies? Fucking hypocrite.
Ichimaru Gin (5 months ago)
red letter media, your movie sucks.org these some honest review channels
Rogelio Espinosa (5 months ago)
Review Sites are jokes most of the time. Blade Runner isn't my personal favorite but is better than Star Wars
Tongathedevil (7 months ago)
thousandyoung (7 months ago)
Much better than his poor Joker performance.
Deer Heart (27 days ago)
I disagree i thought he was the best thing in Suicide Squad
EgocentricHead (29 days ago)
MCU movies are trash. They ruined cinema.
Unbiased Basketball Stan (5 months ago)
thousandyoung Script, editing, and lack of screen time. It wasn’t his fault.
Valarie Vals (6 months ago)
He was great the script was terrible
Will C (6 months ago)
thousandyoung Apples and oranges. Besides, if WB hadn't tempered with the film as much as they did, Leto could possibly have been well revered as the Joker.
Ronnie Faulcon Jr (8 months ago)
I love his lines of "You think I have nothing to offer but pain only I know you love pain. Pain reminds you of the joy you felt was real." "You do not know what pain is yet. You will learn."
My Perspective (8 months ago)
Leto is an amazing actor. He was great. Hey Mr Sunday Movies, FUCK YOU. You lied. Leto was awesome in this movie
Grigorean Ciprian (6 months ago)
My Perspective I agree. It was a great performance
val (8 months ago)
"Oh I have millions" Gives me chills every time. This scene. This movie. So good.
FunkMastaMegaFlex (2 months ago)
it was perfect in many ways. Also Letos best character.
Luke Narlee (6 months ago)
Yes! One of my favorite lines in the movie. Delivered perfectly by Leto. I don't know why everyone loves to bash him so much.

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