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Ozzy Man Reviews: Game of Thrones - Season 6 Episode 9

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Battle of the Bastards! Here is me recap and review. Here's a little treat for fun... A behind the scenes Ozzy Man video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-h9w8PgsZug Here are links to the music I used: Grinspoon - Lost Control https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgyM8edUIQI Cosmic Psychos - Fuckwit City https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q954LxEzyY8 DZ Deathrays - Keep Myself On Edge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12NRUrw-R-s Fair Dinkum Use (or at least I try, whatever it means these days) Xo.
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Text Comments (1673)
Luter Leko (7 days ago)
zig zag you dick head
Eva Ojo (8 days ago)
Luke Smalley (11 days ago)
I know this is late but I still can't believe wun wun died, sad times really.
If the writers had any consistency.. Sansa was hoping Jono would die while Ramsey depletes his army and LF was supposed to show up and finish them off.. after Jono had been killed. But of course, the writers ignore why she didn't tell him.
Yannick Naert (24 days ago)
This is my favourite game of thrones episode!
Ben Wilson (1 month ago)
When Sansa says it’s a trap, I thought Ramsay was being smart and he was gonna lure Jon in by making him ride for rickon and shoot Jon with an arrow
Mr Green (1 month ago)
Epic !!!! Hahahahah
ninz 489 (1 month ago)
Everytime he says fuck i remember deadpool.hahaha
Glacial Emperor (1 month ago)
It's because of you ozzy man reviews that I've started to watch game of thrones
Jeremy Jolivet (1 month ago)
Here guys you can see the difference between a real 'reaction/review' video with a personality.
DJ (1 month ago)
I know it's been 2 years since you did this but... "ZIG ZAG YA DICKHEAD". I was screaming that at the TV when this 1st aired. Who doesn't know to zig zag?!?!
Rubber Ninja (1 month ago)
That apocalypto reference though.
Akku8581 (1 month ago)
They needed to cut his dick of
Christian Cartmale (1 month ago)
I wanted to feel good about Ramsay getting the fuck, but man, that was straight up savage, mauled by dogs aint a good way. I know he has done some shady shit but the mate did cut of Theon's dick which brought the most character development to the Ironborn on the show. So what were we all really mad about?
Michael Nolan (1 month ago)
The second he popped that can he inhaled it...
627283 8383 (2 months ago)
Time for the weigh-ins XD
Ariyeh Levy (3 months ago)
wait 4 me getting a real beer{sa}
Joey Morrissey (3 months ago)
Bear Glare lmao
Mark Rogers (3 months ago)
Fucking Aussie assholes...
momin ansari (4 months ago)
Mosh pit at a limp bizkit concert
laalki80 (4 months ago)
Fuck yes Sansa, Fuck yes mate.
Emanuele Favuzza (4 months ago)
you are the howard stern of youtube
Zizou (6 months ago)
The best episode of the entire series
Age Rogers (6 months ago)
Such great music in this review!
dubsidious (7 months ago)
Finally fuck!
Idkanymore (7 months ago)
I still don't know why rickon didn't zig zag
dubsidious (7 months ago)
The softcock lol
Adam Golden (9 months ago)
Wun Wun pisses me off. Couldn't you have had a big fuck off shield made? Or a spear? Or rip down a god damn tree when you leave the woods before running into battle to become a giant pincushion? You're wasting time ripping guys in half instead of just killing the fuck out of them. No wonder all you stupid dicks are dead. At least the asshole at the Wall at a giant bow and arrow.
The thing about Sansa is that she never really lets on whether or not she's actually playing the game of thrones so I suspect that has to do with why she never told Jon about the Knights of the Vale. She kind of wants to be queen herself
Cheese Miester (10 months ago)
Mormont used Bear Glare! It's Super Effective!
Arif khondoker (10 months ago)
He got some runs on the board :D
whedonobsessed (10 months ago)
All I wanted during that episode was for Wun Wun to stop, drop and roll over the motherfucking Bolton Brigade cunts. Like seriously. Just roll over em. You'd take em out mate.
Dan Hughes (10 months ago)
This episode was a corker 😁😁
Brandon Johnson (10 months ago)
Oh my God, I lost my shit when he said Bear Glare!!!
hotsauceintheeye (11 months ago)
Jonno got his gobby, just a year overdue lol
You know it's a good episode when even ozzy gets exhausted summarizing it. XD
jademarissa (11 months ago)
What I did NOT expect was how well Bolton's strategy worked. Like, who knew the guy was smart. Holy shit. The level of dread and anxiety I experienced was off the charts. Also, a fuck yeah for Jon storming towards Ramsay and blocking those arrows like a badass.
mikiroony (11 months ago)
Miguel Kapotnick is a fucking TOP BLOKE
Ruthy Pegs (11 months ago)
Grinspoooooooon 🤘
The_Howler (11 months ago)
Literally my fav dialogue from this episode was 'You're doing to die tomorrow Lord Bolton, Sleep well.'
ladsham (1 year ago)
"The Bastardbowl". bloody marvelous.
hvf26 (1 year ago)
10/10 stiffy, absolutely throbbing HAHAHA
Born Again Atheist (1 year ago)
Horse pinball machine!
Dr. Feelgood (1 year ago)
this was also jon snows psychological rebirth, having died and stiff having felt dead on the inside it wasnt until he was bury under the mountain of people did jonno choose to live and when he stuck his head out it was like a rebirth. You could say the whole season Jon just looked scared and kinda seemed hollow but at the end he was like a fuckin wolf on fire, especially with the look he gave Ramsey at the end, it was like a fuckin demon k9
Real owl :0 (1 year ago)
He cracked open a cold one 😂💯🔥👌💯😂😂💯🔥🔥
Micheala Capricorn (1 year ago)
Are there any more giants? I can't believe they killed off the last Giant! he was amazing!
The Accordion Man (1 year ago)
All Rickon had to do was NOT RUN ONE FUCKING DIRECTION!!!
SCrawford (1 year ago)
When he said weigh ins i laughed so hard i couldn't breathe
Backsrteetboy123 (1 year ago)
Bastard bowl
Illiad (1 year ago)
great vid! i wish during the ramsay fight it was a boss battle with quick time events xD
Ibrahim Abdulrahman (1 year ago)
He is from Sleepy hallow ... I'M DEAD 🤣😂😂😂
ToxicEntity (1 year ago)
Wun Wun the pin cushion
Amirichi (1 year ago)
Dennis B (1 year ago)
Hey Ozzy what is the name of the song you use at the very start of the review?
He's from Sleepy Hollow! LOL
Chris Morales (1 year ago)
Brecconable (1 year ago)
Bastardbowl - Where Ramsey got sent on a boat to Destination FUCKED
Anthony Starke (1 year ago)
1:12 Bear glare
David cowan (1 year ago)
your are fuckin hilarious btw would love to get high n watch got with u haha
Prashant Ghimire (1 year ago)
Funny how he praises all the actors, but never praises the directors, writers and everyone else behind the scene
Mark Fowler (1 year ago)
:Now he's getting some runs on the board!!"
Shawna McPhail (1 year ago)
"He's from sleepy hollow" I cracked up laughing! Brilliant
Bob Muncher (1 year ago)
3:35 with the captions on is fucking sensational. "The tides are turning and there's Littlefinger zombie!!" I don't know why but it's so funny trying to picture Jon and his army all getting fucked by Boltons, only for a lone Littlefinger zombie to walk on the field and have all the Boltons shitting themselves running away. All this along with Ozzy's narration had me laughing for a minute like a silly cunt.
Paddlez-is-king (1 year ago)
Why didn't Wun Wun just fuckin tumble around the battlefield? Seriously why not?
A (1 year ago)
This is my best episode and my best review, fakin' nailed it Ozzy Man!
Nocturnal Toothbrush (1 year ago)
Fucking mint review for a mint episode.
Maxwell Winters (1 year ago)
" bastard bowl "
Deanna Jackson (1 year ago)
Best episode of the season.
Bruce Dyer (1 year ago)
Airdin (1 year ago)
fuck man, great video!
White Walkers more like Frozen Dickheads :))
Roey Gabay (1 year ago)
Bar glare😂
Tommy Egan (1 year ago)
This is hysterical!!! Comedic genius!
Old Fokker (1 year ago)
Oh fuck me gently with a wire brush and 2 pieces of toast, was that funny as fuck!!!
MissAustentatious (1 year ago)
FOR REFERENCE: "Yeah Nah" = No "Nah Yeah" = Yes
Toolness1 (1 year ago)
You're a damned genius. You shouldn't ever have to work a real job for the rest of your life and should make a cushy living just commentating shit.
I lost it when he said " Jonno gone for a hunt for a pre battle gobbie".
Koen Klaversma (1 year ago)
Please do the Mcgregor vs Alvarez fight!
Sam Fraser (1 year ago)
"Knocks his block off something chronic" is perhaps the greatest line in history.
Alicelikessushi (1 year ago)
That guy's from Sleepy Hollow XD Noice fuck yes mate, keep at the ground work.
Deborah Kogan (1 year ago)
You are absolutely the best.
redman0901 (1 year ago)
you crack me up, you found your niche, good for you.  great reviews keep up the good work, when I need a laugh, I come to your page.
Alex the Dub (1 year ago)
Crikey! Now it's become worse than being in a mosh pit in a Limp Bizkit concert Ozzy Man, you are beyond brilliant, ever since I saw your first video I took challenge of watching every single fucking one of them. Never stop it mate. P.S. Cheers from Russia, mate!!!
oh my god... have you done every episode of this? (im new to this channel so yeah...) thanks, now i've got something else to watch :D
"go on davos, fuck off umber" XD
Eva Breedveld (1 year ago)
Would be funny if Kit Harington got a gobby and the person afterwards says ' Ozzy man sends his regards'
lotus3 (1 year ago)
Bear glare!!!
when the new season starts, I'm going to watch your GoT reviews EXCLUSIVELY. Thank you for reducing me to tears.
Miguel Mil-Homens (1 year ago)
"He's from Sleepy hollow!" XD nice reference! :D
AJ Nappy (1 year ago)
"Refugees" hahaa
GrandSupremeDaddyo (1 year ago)
TORMUND GETS A KILL!!! I like to imagine all the pets in your neighborhood jumped up when you recorded that.
Just Wow me (1 year ago)
love your voice man !! great commentary as always
dm51964 (1 year ago)
Bastard bowl was the best ever battle scene and blew Hollywood out of the fucking water
Docktor Jim (1 year ago)
How does a burnt toy lead a person to assume a human sacrifice? I mean, fires happen.
Kevin Torres (1 year ago)
Jon pulled a leeroy jenkins
Denver-Rose Harmon (1 year ago)
This episode was superb and the review just as much so.
minush sha (1 year ago)
ZeroSteel45 (1 year ago)
This was probably my favorite ep of this show ever
Volvican (1 year ago)
What's a gobby?
Michael Jones (1 year ago)
Mr Robot!

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