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GOLD DIGGER PRANKS GONE TOO FAR SUBSCRIBE HERE --)) http://bit.ly/1DpPcvn Video by: https://www.youtube.com/user/riskyrobtv https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRs_jcZrHybnDiTCY0ZGdyg
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Aimim fan (22 days ago)
You expect a random girl to have sex with you? The Canadian did the right thing. You are a Jerk
Trenton R (25 days ago)
The blond girl at 3 minutes was too good to pass up. Sometimes you need to cut the prank and let them go for the gold. Everyone wins.
robert 5453 (29 days ago)
Last guy still go the money
tehran Austin (29 days ago)
Bullshit video.. ALL STAGE!! 👎
Ashwin vadiyatar (30 days ago)
I'm from india and I'm big fan of you..... Good lack bro...👍👍
ivor worrell (30 days ago)
*I do not call these ladies gold diggers, because what woman wants to be with a man let alone for him to touch her body and not get substantially rewarded for her services?Nothing in this world comes free nor cheap! For those who believe in the bible, even the price of mans' salvation was paid for in blood, so its only natural & normal that no wowan wants a broke ass man!*
tehran Austin (28 days ago)
+ivor worrell I DIDNT KNOW "KING JAMES " of England was given Authorise to write scripture..Let guess ur African ..Why are u African so soo illiterate n foolish.....It Riduclous insane how insane i enslave u African are...It beyond belife.
ivor worrell (28 days ago)
*the King James version.*
tehran Austin (29 days ago)
Which of the 100+ DIFFERENT biblesssss are you talking about??😂😂😂😂
QADEER janan (30 days ago)
I am from England I like so much your video
Quick Fast Cash (30 days ago)
WOW 👌😁
daclow Wilson (30 days ago)
The Canadian girl though 😋
Ferhat 702 (30 days ago)
Killer soe Soe (30 days ago)
Mene The mene (30 days ago)
Amazing video
Akshaya Pani (30 days ago)
Awesome ......
Ervie Jay Baguisi (30 days ago)
DoPPleR (30 days ago)
Not even close
Happy birthday to me ❤️ please help me to get 100 subscriber
Mr. Joe (30 days ago)
Myslasomonsa (30 days ago)
Funny Games (30 days ago)
DoPPleR (30 days ago)
Roberto Saldana (30 days ago)
DoPPleR (30 days ago)
Shadow Boss (30 days ago)
Shadow Boss (30 days ago)

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