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Game Of Thrones~All dragon scenes seasons 1-7

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Welcome to my channel :3 This is every dragon scene from season 1-7 Undead Viserion:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GJuLc2WA_U&t=1s I do not own Game Of Thrones. All rights go to HBO, I just did the editing :P Yes. I did not include the 7x06 scene where Viserion dies because I was literally too sad to edit that, but you can find that easily on YT ~For emotional reasons I did not include undead Viserion~ I hope you enjoy, this took a while to edit :3 Please subscribe and Like :3
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Angel (1 month ago)
I have started a Patreon page so that I can improve my channel by upgrading my software :3 patreon.com/AngelTargaryen
Sarath Babu (1 day ago)
Angel 😘😍😘
Asraf Sikari (6 days ago)
Angel প
Gopi D (9 days ago)
Duburay gilua SARAT rf
Arvie Trance (12 days ago)
Angel for run been
Хрум Хрумыч (13 hours ago)
женщина хороша, однако!! она не блондиночка по рождению, и быстрее итого корешки у нее у окаянной богами расы, будто следствие большенный промах - изьян, на такие роли могут притязать лишь 100 процентов блонди)), хотя играет она хорошо, однако думаю блонди сыграла бы круче, и смотрелось бы все это эпическое бесчинство понатуральнее, ну-ка к какой расе принадлежат режиссеры и дррр руководители киношки то и снимают)) ублюдки))).
phong ngo (22 hours ago)
phim gi vậy
Morty Smith (1 day ago)
First time I’ve seen dragons actually look good in a show! Great artists
Como odié a Bronn por herir a Drogon. Ojalá se muera el octava temporada
Boštjan Čadež (1 day ago)
she would make a great pornstar
Gurvinder Kaur Sidhu (2 days ago)
Jahed Jahed (2 days ago)
full movie
Shandy Shagent (2 days ago)
Name movie
movies503 (2 days ago)
Villemo (2 days ago)
I love dragons
Bebe D (3 days ago)
John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:18 Whoever believes in Him is not judged; but he who does not believe has been judged, because he did not believe in the name of the only begotten Son of God. John 3:36 Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not believe in the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God remains upon him. "
Md Abdul Khan (4 days ago)
Md Abdul Khan (4 days ago)
BOHODIR Erkinov (4 days ago)
Чем именуется рус кими языком етот кинофильм
علي حمد (4 days ago)
بله اني شفتهم اذا ممترجمينه
عدو المرأه (4 days ago)
Skylynne Trevino (5 days ago)
41:46 she is just like get it over with
Anas Khan Pathan (5 days ago)
Missed the last fight with night king!! Viserion 😞
Anton haii (5 days ago)
keren amat
TAYLOR REIGNS (6 days ago)
who else smiled when viserion lowered his neck for tyrion to take off the chains
RakanWD (6 days ago)
Sheila Burns (7 days ago)
Hello Angel. Thank you for taking the time to make this beautiful compilation of all of the dragon scenes. And thanks for not including that horrible scene in S7.
silentgamz123 (7 days ago)
do dragons poop?
rajat kumar official (7 days ago)
mumma's dragons😈😈
M I B TV (7 days ago)
Allie Elmore (8 days ago)
I'm the mother of all Dragon's
Charles Freedom (8 days ago)
I love this cos we love it
Lucille Wittgenstein (9 days ago)
Drogon to Dany at Dragonstone ! ? Mummy is this little Boy my Daddy ! goshhhh hahahaha
Jabber lslam vai (10 days ago)
Very nice movie
Belisa Filpo (10 days ago)
esta buenidima
Banty khan (10 days ago)
林宏宇 (11 days ago)
Dyla Terate (11 days ago)
Tak ngarteh kok
Tayyab Gaffar (11 days ago)
Hi every one if you want to see all Seasons of Game of Thrones See Below Link. www.themoviesfunda.tk
Alexandros Ioannou (11 days ago)
When I saw Viserion getting killed by the Night King I was so sad but also so angry
Ravi Kishan (11 days ago)
md aziz robel (12 days ago)
md aziz robel (12 days ago)
wanderful movi
choè Nguyễn (12 days ago)
phim Nay ten j
Nice videos but a details . #technicalsolution123.
S.P. M (12 days ago)
Excellent, thanks for sharing. :)
Jgjv Hfh (13 days ago)
Willian Ramos (13 days ago)
ถ้ามีจริงๆ. อยากได้มาเลี้ยงที่บ้านจัง. มังกรน้อย
ซุ้ม.ท กัมปั้นทอง ไก่เชิงอีสาน
Addie Jolin (13 days ago)
They are such beautiful creatures
Jandro Sanchez (13 days ago)
Las mejores series
Marília Verônica (14 days ago)
Viet Hoqng Duc (14 days ago)
Xem dit nhau😄
j marco (14 days ago)
Game Of Fa9s.
md taimun (14 days ago)
Детям невозможно демонстрировать ужастиков.
Friends 24 (14 days ago)
I did like this movie
Raquelita Regondola (14 days ago)
Nice nice great movie Love It
Bạch Chúa tuyết (14 days ago)
Cho xin link bộ phim ạ
All beast
Давно находила схожее видео! Спасибо здоровенное, создатель!
Alrian Samama (15 days ago)
The Reaper (15 days ago)
How many people here like or love dragons? I do.
tung thanh (15 days ago)
I want this dragon now
Ema Kosikova (15 days ago)
Wtf Kimsi (16 days ago)
WHY DID SHE ABANDON THEMM?????!???? AND COMING BACK EXSPECTING THEM TO BE KIND????? oh no hunnny no, that’s not how life works
Kishanth Kishanth (16 days ago)
ஐ ஏ ஊ க ரத்தக் ரத்தக் ஹவுஸ் .
Antonio Dinis (17 days ago)
Oii gostei do canal mas eu gosto em portugues so me falta 6 ate no fim da historia
Jean-Paul maton (18 days ago)
the order is not correct. the first is oke (season 1 ending) then they are in that desert city (quarth) then the plunder that city then they travel towards that city (needs to be second) (before the city) then in the house of the undying (before the plunder). the rest is almost correct' but stil i love the dragons. and i know you must have put much time in to it. so please continue
Shahanawaz Rahi (18 days ago)
beautiful like and comments
Shahanawaz Rahi (18 days ago)
Masoom razz
Shahanawaz Rahi (18 days ago)
very nice pick char
MeTin (18 days ago)
Edward Nelson (19 days ago)
Angel Pabon Jr (19 days ago)
D&D were stupid enough 2 kill Viserion because they thought it would be cool! Bran was already marked!
Angel Pabon Jr (19 days ago)
Viserion & Rhaegal we're pissed but they would never harm their Mother! Bran better worg Viserion in S8!
Rubie ann Espiritu (19 days ago)
Nice movie
Zubenathi Panda (19 days ago)
do dragon still exist?
Alessia Sciarrone (21 days ago)
9:52 Love how Drogon wants attention
다욧중 (21 days ago)
Vanshika Bajpai (21 days ago)
Hindi dubbed kigye
Imran Shah (21 days ago)
if their could be part 2 of this beautifull serial. part 2 with 10 seasons
pyndap syiem (21 days ago)
Wooooooow I really like this movie ummmmmmm muaaaah 😘
moo moo (22 days ago)
this reminds me of the book series The Dragons of Pern. If you like good dragon stories, read those books. they should be a movie!
Safae Lamya (12 days ago)
moo moo 6
Arun Bhargav (23 days ago)
Hindi lengvege use karo
الي يشاهد بل رمضان حط لايك
Christian Caballero (23 days ago)
prayit no (23 days ago)
anak naga, wow
imran kham (23 days ago)
Harikeshmaurya Maurya (24 days ago)
Harikeshmaurya Maurya (24 days ago)
Ad me
Harikeshmaurya Maurya (24 days ago)
Nice movie
Creighton Claiborne (25 days ago)
She doesn't need a army she needs a army of dragons!!!
AlienGamer88 (25 days ago)
Love the dragon music... its so epic..
Light Fury 345 (25 days ago)
Whats her name
Furqan Khan (25 days ago)
Bhai hindi me daldo yr
ÅĹĞĖ ŘÎĂÑÕ (25 days ago)
وين راه بوقرون و هيدورة 😂😂😂😂😂
zizo azou (26 days ago)
نتوما عندكم داقرون و حنا بوقرون
Sabitri Das (27 days ago)
Khanipher Khalfani (27 days ago)
Nzuri sana am Tanzanian
Richard Zed (27 days ago)
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