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Game Of Thrones Season 2: Religions Of Westeros

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Text Comments (1193)
Fuzato15 (1 month ago)
So let me put this straight. The seven - Catholicism Old gods - Animism/Shinto The drowned god - Old norse Paganism Lord of Light - Zoroastrism.
Simran Kalsi (9 months ago)
Its funny when you come to the realization that Everything is his IMAGINATION !!! His brain should be studied by the scientists! 😀
Chris sonofPear (6 months ago)
He draws a lot from history and mythology though.
MrsRosencranz1 (10 months ago)
So I'm going on record here. The end game doesn't rely on one hero or heroine It relies on a combination of all the religious beliefs. Two of the religions have proof. We've seen that. What about the others? I keep asking myself, what role does Theon play in this, why is he still around? And then there's Beric, what is his purpose in the story now? Well Beric can give his life for a resurrection Lord of the Light and all that. Theon will be the representative of the Drowned God. He's baptized. Bran represents the Old Gods. Now what about the Seven? Well all the archetypes are covered in the characters. Mother=Dany, Maiden=Brienne, Crone=Melisandre, Father=Jaime, Warrior=Jon, Smith=Gendry and of course Stranger=Arya. Davos is also a father and Cersei is also a mother. I see the end solution not as a Prince that was Promised but as a coalition of all the religious beliefs. Only that can break the magic that is The Night King And if there really is a god of tits and wine, well Tyrion can represent him.
Boxy Bob (1 year ago)
It's kind of strange hearing George r r martin talk about westeros. He doesn't sound like the man who thought of it all. He just sounds like a really big game of thrones fan.
Creepy Closet (1 year ago)
So are the old gods and rhalor real but the seven and drowned gods are loads of shit
mattwho81 (1 year ago)
So the Olds Gods have magic, the Drowned god has magic, the Lord of Light has magic, the Death god has magic... so why is the Faith of the Seven the only one without magic???
Elsa Frost (1 year ago)
I love it when George talks about his lore and stuff because you can see how much passion he has while explaining
In many countries, when pagans converted, they smashed & burned their statues to accept Christianity crucified Jesus parallels with the drowned god.
Artsem Laptseu (1 year ago)
Who else noticed George R R Martin saying Melissandre has been here "for a while"
Ma Diba (1 year ago)
The religion of the lord of light sounds like islam lol
wagwan6248 (1 year ago)
☝️لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله
Krys Bell (1 year ago)
Everything that happens is the Lord's will. GRRM is the one and only true God of Westeros.
Michael Reeves (1 year ago)
No one likes the Lord of light because no one wants to burn xD like nah The Smith has fire so we're good
neal johnson (1 year ago)
I love GoT a TON while knowing Jesus died IRL for all of our sins
Name (1 year ago)
Mount Lel 123 (1 year ago)
Tje God of Light is Zoroastrianism
aidencurl (1 year ago)
Why are all the gods such vicious cunts?
RoboticDoom (1 year ago)
Don't forget the great other who supposedly works through the white walkers
ShalinaNicohl (1 year ago)
What is the music playing when Geroge R. Martin is speaking about the Old Gods?
Resan Chea (1 year ago)
I wonder so much of how one single mind and make up all these stories that intertwine each other in many different ways you didnt expect, and all the unnessesary details he put in to just one religion, tradition, the history and lore he puts into his books are amazing
Keivan Farzanehkari (1 year ago)
Nothing about the other gods like the Storm God, Mother Rhoyne, the Great Other, the Many-Faced God, and the Horse God (Great Stallion)?
Nordfjord (1 year ago)
"I am the god oooof tits and wiine"
Ben Fisher (1 year ago)
Just my opinion: Lord of Light = Real Old Gods = Fake. Magic of the Children The Seven = Fake The Drowned God = Fake
charlottesasaki (1 year ago)
Didn't Jon pretty much confirm that there are no gods when he told the red woman of what he saw in the afterlife?
Kwaku Tutu (1 year ago)
Where's Vary's fertility God with 16 teets?
Double D (1 year ago)
Now why couldn't Middle-earth have had different religions? It would really distinguish the races and make them seem more real.
Dakota Baker (1 year ago)
At 3:58 He really wanted to say "Feast and Fuck". Nice save George. Nice save.
Jason Bean (1 year ago)
that is not dead which can eternal lie and with strange eons, even death may die H.P. Lovecraft
1wing1 (1 year ago)
1:47 shows how much the showmakers know about the universe they are filming. pathetic :D
Funnysterste (1 year ago)
It is easy to invent a religion. The moment it seems not to make any sense, you can call it mysteries. And there are many mysteries in the religions of the "real world".
Yiṣḥāq David (2 years ago)
Religion of the lord or light reminds me what kind of the religion Daesh follows. Dont tell me they follow true Islam because they do not.
G-Rex Saurus (1 year ago)
if Isis is not Islam, nothing is.
CountArtha (1 year ago)
I was thinking the same thing. The Lord of Light doesn't like sharing the world with other religions.
Dastardly Bastard (2 years ago)
"Its your Gods with all the rules" lol, I love this line.
siddhant betrabet (2 years ago)
Anyone else notice martin saying "She's been there for a while" referring to her super old age. Wow!
Semideiapranomedecanal (2 years ago)
Too bad stannis did not keep the fire sword in the show.
Sil Kozmic (2 years ago)
George has a turtle in his hat...
Xavier (2 years ago)
But which one is the true god? George?
michaelbollanduk (2 years ago)
That sword is aradunes give it back
G B (2 years ago)
The God of light is based on Zoratrianism I'm guessing seeing as they were the first monotheistic religion and their main form of worship is around an ever burning fire. The 7 is a nod to Catholicism. I mean the nuns, the priests, the money, it's all there. The drowned God sounds like some Greek mythology stuff. The old gods sound like a lot of native and indegenous religions where they believe in the spirit of nature. The true God is the many faced God or he could be the true devil. Who knows?
JTeck (2 years ago)
A boy does not see the Many Faced God here. A boy is pissed.
The Bestest (6 months ago)
look at the date made before the tv show said about it
Lola D (11 months ago)
This is from season 2. The many faced god wasn't really introduced at this point. There's only a brief mention of the "Red God" and that's it.
Healthy With Hilary (1 year ago)
This thread is hilarious..
Ona Ojo (1 year ago)
At the beginning when they talk about death as the only God, that's what the faceless men believe in, that every religion has a God for death and thus death is a god with many faces
puchy110 (1 year ago)
Speaking in third person is actually a Lorathi tradition, not one of the Many Faced God. However, a man is from Lorath, so a man speaks in the third person.
CPR (2 years ago)
Is the harpy a god?
Aura flower Thompson (1 year ago)
Jake Tryon (2 years ago)
does the Lord of light represent the christian religion?
CountArtha (1 year ago)
The hierarchical and liturgical aspects of the Faith of the Seven is definitely supposed to remind you of Christianity because of GoT's medieval-ish setting, but all the religions are essentially made up for the story. I always thought the Lamb Men's belief in a "Great Shepherd" sounded vaguely like early Judaism.
G-Rex Saurus (2 years ago)
clearly not.
Hi Sjdj (2 years ago)
+asmus hoyer Ya, they even represent aspects of one God, kinda like the Holy Trinity in Christianity.
Edgy Circle (2 years ago)
No, he belief in R'hollor is inspired by zoroastrianism. The Seven are obviously based on catholicism, they even have a pope.
Jake Tryon (2 years ago)
+Hillbilly Pig yes I know, but is that the inspiration. comparing melisandre religion to the christian religion. she burns nonbelievers on pyres the same christians do in public squares
Zachary Pensa (2 years ago)
I was looking to hear more about the more obscure religions. Many Faced God, the Lion of Night, etc.
"these weirwood trees" rofl, i just realized they spraypainted a normal tree white... for some reason i thought there was an actual white tree with red leaves somewhere in the world... could be, but i guess they did it this way because tbh that's way cheaper, and much easier.
Robin King (2 years ago)
Soo... Jon Snow is the true prophecy.. not stannice, since he was brought back to life
sentinel501 (2 years ago)
The Fire god and the Great Other (The winter god) are two sides of the same god. This god is not a benevolent god. The war for the dawn is just an amusing diversion for this god. Westeros is a world trapped within the Warp, endlessly repeating cycles to the tune of the capricious will of the Dark God of Chaos. The Emperor protects.
Dor Sivan (2 years ago)
the old gods? where's C'thun?
Becki P (2 years ago)
The Red God seems like it doesn't actually exist and in reality red priests and priestesses are wielders of blood magic. The Seven Gods seem like TOTAL bullshit- contrived human figures, way too contrived, I mean the mother, the warrior, it's all a bit too convenient. Of any, my money's on the Old Gods, because Bran is able to physically see through these weirwood trees, they clearly have some kind of grand essence. The many faced God seems more like a cult, or a lack of religion really since they worship death. Plus the House of Black and White has shrines to all the different Gods... hmm.. The Drowned God seems like a nice fantastical myth but not something real. The idea of bringing someone back to life is just performing mouth to mouth resuscitation.
LagiNaLangAko23 (6 months ago)
I have a different view... it's all magic, the various races and creatures on Planetos just happen to attribute these to different sources, like how various human cultures have widely different explanations for the same phenomena. I'm seeing that by the end of the novels, magic would start to be studied with a more scientific approach, like what happened irl with scientists unfolding the secrets of nature.
yorkey14 (1 year ago)
We have proof of both the red god and the old gods existing, both through Melisandre and Bran. For example; all Melisandre did to bring Jon back was chant, also in the case of Bran it is like you said, he can see through the trees and such. The many-faced god is pretty much just death, which we all know exists. As for the drowned god and the seven, we have no inclination on whether they are real or not.
Antonio Lozano Fenoll (2 years ago)
+Sandor Clegane The Old Gods had human sacrifices, as we're told in ADWD.
Dead Head (2 years ago)
They are all the same God. The God of death. The stranger of the 7 is death. The drowned God revolves around drowning a person, which is an act of dying. The many faced God is literally death. The red priests burn people. The old gods are the only ones who don't revolve around death.
Oddz (2 years ago)
@ Left wing- Technocrat only the red priest talk about the opposite to the Lord of light. GRRM has yet to confirm how the white walkers came to be so I have no idea about the other God. if it s the same as in the TV. show and they were created by children of the forest I will be a bit of let down though.
Nickoli Lion (2 years ago)
Sad he didn't mention the God of Many Faces.
Jack J (1 year ago)
The Night Watcher they worship the stranger
Nickoli Lion (1 year ago)
so is bai'hi in the real world, but it's a religion nonetheless
BenHopkins1000 (1 year ago)
Why? The Many-faced God is just a mashup of the other religions.
William Nissen (2 years ago)
They weren't up to that point in the story when this came out
Sturgeon (2 years ago)
GRRM is a member of the Holy Church of Our Lady of Fat Fuckery
Destrologia TM (2 years ago)
Lady of Fuck Offery
John Barrett (2 years ago)
fuck off
Jakob (2 years ago)
I knew Theon looked somewhat like a fish.
Kona RH (2 years ago)
Mad Craftsman (2 years ago)
Actually the word ''septos'' means ''holy''in ancient and modern greek
Nathaniel Berry (2 years ago)
I love how the Faith of the Seven is obviously supposed to be based off of Catholicism and yet the Seven is the only religion in ASOIAF with no physical proof of existence.
scapelife (2 years ago)
+Nathaniel Berry ah thanks
Nathaniel Berry (2 years ago)
+scapelife drowned God is CPR George Martin made thus very clear
Soviet Revolutionary (2 years ago)
+scapelife I think rhllor is the one, mostly because of story reasons, he's an exact opposite of winter, plus, the story originated in the shadow lands, told by people who couldn't have known about white walkers or their weaknesses
scapelife (2 years ago)
+Left wing- Technocrat I think that's all more magic people taking as signs of faith rather than a god's direct intervention Also I'm pretty sure the Drowned God resurrection thing is really just CPR in the books, not sure been while
Soviet Revolutionary (2 years ago)
+scapelife The old gods clearly talk to people through weirwoods, and the children exist The drowned god brings people back to life R'hllor prophecies tend to come true, and mel resurrects people
Melissa Phone (2 years ago)
George RR Martin is a genius
Nefelibata (1 year ago)
series then books again? that could be interesting.
Konstantinos Chiotis (1 year ago)
i wish to the old gods and the new to find inspiration and courage and finish his books
Om4r Fathy (2 years ago)
What's the soundtrack during the Drowned God part?
Nyxian Apotelesma (2 years ago)
Well, I think George R.R. Martin wants to have small hints/proods of that the religions exist. But I am very sure he will let the Faith be, giving it no real proof that the Seven exist. I think he wants it to be more like Christiany; New and mighty, but the religions around are older and have bigger proofs.
Liz Lee (9 months ago)
A huge part of why Christianity exploded onto the scene wasn't the soundness of its doctrine, it was the political connections and relationships that the church fostered between all of the great cities of Rome. Literally it was politically savy for the Franks the Goths and Saxons and evn Vikings to convert and have ties to both Rome and the Holy Roman Empire. And the Church learned about bureacracy and administration from the ancient ROmans. Instead of worshipping an Emperor, they worshipped Jesus now, who actually wasn't around anymore so he was even better figurehead for a powerful organization. Number one trick Christians used to trick people into converting was not allowing people to get married unless it was through the church, thus getting money for every single marriage ever and having in roads for important political marriage alliances. If a King and Queen can't get properly married there might be a succession crisis. Having an impartial Priest marry people in a religious rite that was standard across the whole world and on record meant that every married person was dependant on the church. The second trick which is more noble is holding monotheistic faith, with saints replacing the old gods. So as long you didn't commit blood sacrifice and declare your god the only god, and replaced with the communion (which is also a parody of blood sacrifice and MUCH cheaper) You could do whatever you were doing before the priests came along. If you had a harvest god, you could still have a big harvest party. If you had a spring equinox you could celebrate Easter. If you god had an animal that was lucky the saint had the same animal. The logic was there was only one god. And all these false gods were either demons... or just people who got confused with gods and were really just Saint sent by god. Which is what the Seven is all about. Many gods but only one.... So of course it might not have power as most of Christianities power comes from it's secular influence. It sorta sublimates the idea of magic powers, as witch craft is illegal and fertility is wrong and evil.
catbloc (2 years ago)
Dammit, I just came here to hear him pronounce R'hllor, and of course he doesn't say it.
karolwithak (2 years ago)
+Keegan McCoy There's an interview with Amazon Books where he pronounces it!
Kai (2 years ago)
azor ahai = the prince that was promised
StageLined (2 years ago)
I've noticed something, The Seven is the only religion in GOT that has no physical evidence of truth.
Trevor Pate (6 months ago)
Maybe they're using the Force.
Derek Pederson (1 year ago)
I am not sure any of the religions of Westeros are, or ever will be, proven to be true or false. I would say that this world contains various supernatural forces, and various groups associate them with the Gods they worship. But you're right, the Seven is the only well-developed religion which doesn't appear to be based on anything real (there is some very vague and dubious evidence that that may not be true, e.g. Catelyn prayed to the Seven that Bran could stay at Winterfell, then he was crippled); that is, aside from the Stranger, who exists in the sense that death does.
menecross (1 year ago)
Just like the real life religions.
Anwar Kisrawi (1 year ago)
Atheist people replying to you 🤦🏻‍♂️
MooN 2A (1 year ago)
Just go with the many faced god AKA death he's all of the gods aka george R.R martin
RandomMindz (2 years ago)
There's only one true God: Death
Martha Hudson (10 months ago)
RandomMindz syrio forel
Sacrificial Lamb (1 year ago)
RandomMindz No. The one true god is the one between a woman's legs.
And what do we say to death? Not today
Clayton Goldhawk (2 years ago)
what is the religion of the house of black and white ( i think thats a name). does anyone know a more in depth look on that since it wasn't touched on in this video
+Carlos Fermín I give you that but I wonder if cat is still alive in the tv show.
Carlos F (2 years ago)
+Christopher Brewer You're right, but that was a 'dream', wasn't it? I mean, it really happened but she can only warg in her dreams. So does Jon, although he has a stronger connection with his wolf, specially now that he's dead and he'll become 'Ghost' until he comes back. Bran is the only one who does it on purpose, and Rickon... he's in some isle with Osha haha
+Carlos Fermín and where is Rickon in all of this?
+Carlos Fermín but it is confirmed in book three of the books she wargs to her wolf and drags her mother out of the green fork.
Carlos F (2 years ago)
+Christopher Brewer Jon will warg on Ghost at the beginning of Season 6 almost for sure. About Arya... it isn't really confirmed in the books so I don't think she will warg on her direwolf anytime soon. 
Jack Bloomer (2 years ago)
6:58 stannis discarded his faith in the seven after his parents both died in ship breakers bay
CountArtha (1 year ago)
Stannis is a textbook case of Middle Child Syndrome.
MisterCharlton (2 years ago)
I told myself that if I ever become a screenwriter, I'm going to try and readapt the show, this time much closer to the books. Plus all the books would be out by then anyway, so it'd be easier.
Oddz (2 years ago)
@ Christopher Brewer, they are bringing her back next episode i think. Episode 7 I think we will see her at the end.
Jack Bloomer (2 years ago)
No not really
+Jack Bloomer I'm on book three and the Red profit icy looks to be pointing strongly at Davos. Do you see that?
Radle Grebdron (2 years ago)
The Faith of the Seven do remind me of Christianity. The Seven Gods are just seven aspects of the One God, and Christianity also have three gods in one, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. The Old Gods seems more like paganism, but in paganism the gods are not nameless, but many are derived from nature phenomenon: Thor of Thunder, Mother Earth, Sky Father (Zeus, Jupiter etc) etc
Chris sonofPear (6 months ago)
The Old Gods seem more like Animism and Druidism to me.
Liz Lee (9 months ago)
The Andals are sort of the early Christian Empires of Europe such as the Franks and the Saxons who converted to Christianity for political expediency. With amazing Warrior Kings like Charlemagne and Alfred. They were these amazing kings who were some of the greatest warriors and shittiest people of all time that decimated all other small time pagan religions. One of the weirder ones are the Vikings who converted to make alliances with these early Emperors. The two results are that the Visigoths, and other Roman barbarians are driven east to Rome and Byzatine. It also eliminates the practice of Islam in Spain, and it spreading through out Europe. If it weren't for the Vikings and the Early Frankish and Holy Roman Empire, all of Europe might have converted to Islam. Which is so weird. If you think about it. Weren't Christians and Muslims supposed to be mortal enemies at this time? But in reality the Crusades weren't the first time Europe was exposed to Islam. THe primary trick the early Christians used to pacify the native pagans, is to make up a Monotheistic religion with saints or evil demons. THey take the old gods and claim they are faces of the real god. Which is why Catholics pray to saints and still believe in exorcism and the devil. After most of Europe became Christian and the Vikings settled places like England and Ireland and France and Spain they became kings in their own right. THere were several Danish kings in England. And in France the Vikings mixed with the franks and founded Normandy, who basically ruled France and England on and Off for centuries, even though they didn't speak a word of English. These Norman lords, Lead by a powerful conqueror came from over the Narrow sea of the English channel and decimated the remaining Saxon and Pagan Tribes nearly destroying their culture, salting the Earth burning down the country until everyone surrendered. And if their Aren't enough parallels to the story... William the Conqueror was a Bastard son of a Duke in Normandy and had NO claim to anything. But became the founder of the Plantegenet Dynasty.
+Radle Grebdron If I recall correctly, GRRM stated that the Old Gods of the Forest are based off of various Animist and traditional Pagan faiths, particularly Celtic and Norse Paganism, which makes some sense, considering various themes in the Old Gods include some Celtic or Norse pagan elements. For example, Celtic paganism was usually described as Animist by Classical-era scholars, powers of seeing akin to Greenseeing were very important in Norse paganism with the Seiðr and whatnot, trees were, much like heart trees, very much venerated in both religions, and whilst there were various important tree locations like Uppsala or Irminsul, the importance of trees cannot go unstated, and the importance of the Children of the Forest (who seem somewhat akin to the Tuatha Dé Danann) in the Old Gods of the Forest also cannot go unstated.
jds001 (2 years ago)
Faith of the Seven: the christian trinity. Lord of Light: Zoroastrian fire worship. Old gods of the forest: obvious take on the Celtic religion of Britain, with green seers as druids.
LagiNaLangAko23 (6 months ago)
jds001 the lord of light is far less tolerant
Albert Rogers (3 years ago)
I have got to tell you all, that in one of the places that are shown in the Game of Thrones, I lived as a boy, because my Father was In Charge of it. I also met the previous ruler, who was an Earl.
Immersible (3 years ago)
What I'm more curious about, when it comes to these religions, is what the Targaryen view on the Lord of Light's religion is You'd imagine that being their motto "Blood and Fire" they'd have some sort of affiliation here.. That or I'm just bugging out from remembering something. o-o; I can't remember the last time Dany said anything about that religion.
Josh Workman (3 years ago)
Have they ever told a creation story from any of the gods
Ilgoth (3 years ago)
+Josh Workman Someone said you find that stuff from the book "World of Ice and Fire"
PeasantsArePeople (3 years ago)
It's sounds so wrong when d and d talk about the world but so right when George does
Matthew Thiele (3 years ago)
Lol I wonder how many people realize that "Lord of Light," "Light bringer," and "Morning Star" are all names for Lucifer.
LagiNaLangAko23 (6 months ago)
Llama Sombrero the night truly is dark and full of terror
Llama Sombrero (1 year ago)
Sic the Jake i heard The Seven is based on Catholics in the show. Which makes sense because 7 is a holy number in the bible, and they basically just extended the Trinity (Virgin Mary is The Mother, Satan is The Stranger etc), all being aspects of a single god.
Sic the Jake (1 year ago)
Christianity is made up of quite a few religions, Zoroastrianism being one of them.
Llama Sombrero (1 year ago)
Actually GRRM says the Lord of Light is based on Zoroastrianism, which was the first monotheistic religion and the foundation for good and evil in the middle east. The called their god the Lord of Light and are considered fire worshipers, because they believe fire to be holy and cleansing, and their Satan is a god of darkness.
Madelyn Today (1 year ago)
It's also like Christianity since its followers are always insisting that there is only one god.
block9699 (3 years ago)
Dang, 560,560 views. I screwed it up.
StyrbjornStarke (3 years ago)
The lord of light worshippers are basically Muslims,  crazy fanatics who want to destroy all other religions and tear down their idols.
Haleem AH (3 years ago)
+melcassy64 you are right. you should be thankful you didn't grow up in a muslim region. 
melcassy64 (3 years ago)
+Haleem AH My "thank god" was more of an expression. I'm glad that I didn't grew up in muslim region. Nothing is special about them other than they fact that they are the ones that like went to ever part of the world and settled changing mankind forever. Note I didn't say discovered. Most time they settled on occupied lands. My point is that they spread and so did their beliefs.
Haleem AH (3 years ago)
+melcassy64 so you think god has something to do with europe not being under islamic rule? what is so special about europeans that god would save europe but let other lands fall to muslims?
melcassy64 (3 years ago)
+StyrbjornStarke sort of right. The muslims militants conquered the lands they have today. They tried to get Europe but the Crusades happened. Most of world would've been an Islamic state if they had gotten Europe. Thank god that didn't happen because I can't imagine living under their rules.
Melchior Vulpius (3 years ago)
+SilverDragonfly GRRM said in an interview that he modeled the Faith of the Seven after the medieval Catholic Church and the followers of R'hllor are modeled after the Zoroastrians.
lokezep (3 years ago)
George RR Martin - you look like some sort of aquatic captain for Santa Claus with that goofy hat you wear.
Aaron Johnson (3 years ago)
"The Lord of Light wants his enemies burned, The Drowned God wants them drowned. Why are all the Gods such vicious cunts? Where is the God of tits and wine?" Probably my favorite line from the show.
Akrudibum Rum (1 year ago)
Benjamin Meijer we must sail there at once.
Altan Şirin (2 years ago)
Benjamin Meijer (2 years ago)
+Aaron Johnson "In the Summer Isles they worship a fertility goddess with sixteen teats."
Jimmy The Singh (3 years ago)
The only true gods are the old gods
LightningSamus (3 years ago)
"I've been all over the world, my boy, and everywhere I go people tell me about the 'true gods', they all think they found the right one. The one true god is what's between a woman's legs. And better yet a queen's legs."
Hadrian Tagalog (3 years ago)
even in Westeros, religions are causing problems, how ironic is that?
twistednightmare (4 months ago)
Haleem AH Christianity is belief in faith of their being a God,no evidence needed
CountArtha (1 year ago)
Power struggles between ambitious people cause problems. Religion is usually just an excuse.
Nick Schoonbeek (3 years ago)
+Gui Deandrade I've made myself to shame, because I had weak arguments, couldn't prove anything and started swearing because I was losing the discussion* I am the trueborn son of Robert of The House Baratheon, first of His Name. I am king of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, I am the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm. I am Joffrey!
Gui Deandrade (3 years ago)
+Joffrey King of the Andals Baratheon I've defeated the false-king Joffrey.
Nick Schoonbeek (3 years ago)
+Gui Deandrade I proved it. LOL.
FBI (3 years ago)
compared to The Old Gods and the Lord of Light, the Seven is pretty lame, it shows NO powers or blessings, the Old Gods has powers to let you see the future and wargs, the Lord of Light can revive the dead, has flaming swords and can see the future in fire etc. the Seven has nothing
LagiNaLangAko23 (6 months ago)
lokezep the whole incident with the High Sparrow reminded me of how Savonarola took control of Florence and expelled the Medicis. Amusing that the High Sparrow also burned to death in the show.
LagiNaLangAko23 (6 months ago)
Spoiler: There are no gods, just magic, which has not been understood yet and attributed to the supernatural. Making it worse is the Citadel's seeming agenda of preventing it from being studied. Which is weird coz there are archmaesters who have forged a Valyrian steel link. I think it's political, with the majority preferring to keep magic away since they are not proficient in it.
nessa tm (1 year ago)
gh0strec0n141 I think every religion does "their own thing" in GoT, there seems to be no wrong religion. We had evidence of the power of the Seven by what Cat said about Jon, we had evidence of the power of the Old Gods, of the Lord of Light, and the drowned god. Though the magic/power of the "Lord of Light" and also the Old Gods seem the most strong/powerful in the show somehow.
Adam Kehoe (1 year ago)
Valhallen "not today"
Krshwunk (2 years ago)
+gh0strec0n141 Except that the Seven are the gods of the dominant religion in Westeros. Says something about the other gods.
Sensei P (3 years ago)
See Muslims and Christians, you can see for yourself how easily are religions made. You write a book, put some supernatural powers, and events that no man can do. Describe the creation of everything you can see with a naked eye, put some rules to follow and put fear into everyone by raising them to be religious and tell them they'll burn forever is they disobey you.
valkyrie (1 year ago)
Superman is my god
Krisb BeatS (3 years ago)
The New Gods, well... they don't do jack shit; The Drowned God is just too wet and cold for my liking; with The Old Gods you can warg into animals, Hodor and travel through time; The Lord of Light can bring people back to life, birth shadow demons and promotes hot sexy sex with sexy red-heads.. For me it's a tie between the Old Gods and the Lord of Light, but if I had to choose between entering Hodor and entering Melisandre, I'd choose Melisandre...
Cotton Doraemon (1 year ago)
Krisb BeatS the many faces god is cool, I can be an assassin
Krisb BeatS (2 years ago)
+KondaBB I'd still tap that 500 yr old ass
KondaBB (2 years ago)
After episode of "Red woman" you should probable change your comment :D
Krisb BeatS (3 years ago)
+xxlCortez Mmm.. no
xxlCortez (3 years ago)
+Krisb BeatS For a moment, you pumping Melisandre and as you blink, you're tied to Pyre. Have sex with Thoros, he doesn't burn people.
notbobby125 (3 years ago)
Also notable is the Dothraki's belief in the Great Stallion. They don't deny the existence of the other gods, but believe that A. their power depends on location, so the Seven have more power in Westeros than in Essos and B. the Great Stallion is more powerful everywhere than the other Gods (everyone uses horses, after all).
megamovieman101 (3 years ago)
I like how in season 2 they gave credibility to the Lord of Light, season 3 to the Seven, and season 4 to the Old Gods... perhaps the fifth will give something on the Drowned God, but I'm doubtful... either way, I feel like the Lord of Light can be explained pretty easily. I don't think it's a religion so much as a cult. The voice Varys heard, the thing Stannis saw, and the resurrections Thoros and Beric did were just dark magic, and I don't really think it had anything to do with religion. The Old Gods, on the other hand, have the Children of the Forest. Could just be another form of magic, or maybe it's actually correct... then the Seven. All they really have is that speech Catelyn gave to Talisa in season 3 about Jon Snow, and her theory that they were punishing her for not keeping her promise to them. But all in all, I tend to lean towards the Old Gods as my favourites. It just seems to be the least violent of the four.
Joey Rozic (3 years ago)
Sorry Hbo, you forgot one more god. Great Other, enemy of the lord of light.
04nbod (3 years ago)
The Ironborn still consider the Storm God to be real in the context of the Drowned God
Melchior Vulpius (3 years ago)
+04nbod The Storm Gods haven't been worshiped for centuries.
04nbod (3 years ago)
And the Storm Gods who the Baratheons are supposedly descended from and the the Storm God enemy of the Drowned God
007majorgonzo (4 years ago)
i like episode where king geofrey is beating those hookerss
AdmiralFlynn895 (4 years ago)
They might as well call Westeros Red Country for 2 reasons: because of all the things they name with red in the title (red fork, red keep, red wedding, a lot of sigils with red in them) and because of all the blood that's been spilt there.
clol159 (4 years ago)
Question for book-readers (well anyone I guess, but I don't think it's been covered in the show- spoilers for TV watchers too): what religion do the Dornish follow? I may have just been incredibly ignorant whilst reading, but I don't think it's ever been mentioned specifically, and I don't feel like the Dornish would follow the Seven, seeing as the Faith seems to look down on "fornication" and bastardy (just look at Cersei's trial) whereas Dorne is very liberal in that sense. Old gods are out too, and the Drowned God; I guess R'hllor is an option, though I don't think I've ever seen it mentioned? Does Dorne follow its own religion like the North, or have I massively overlooked something? Because this could lead to certain things: many people who subscribe to R+L=J also believe that (more spoilers) Jon is in fact legitimate, Rhaegar and Lyanna having been secretly married...but the Faith opposes polygamy, meaning this marriage would be illegitimate; however, if they were married under some other religion, perhaps a Dornish religion (after all, the Tower of Joy is in Dorne), then Jon would not be a bastard at all, as the marriage would be legal in the sight of this other religion. I'd like to believe all that, that Jon is in fact the rightful heir to the throne, is TPTWP and all of that, but I don't think there is nearly enough evidence for it. A completely separate Dornish religion would, however, make me more inclined to accept it. By the way, all the Rhaegar/Jon stuff isn't the main reason I'm asking about Dornish religion - I have trouble accepting the many holes in R+L=J. The Dornish are interesting, however, and I really wish we knew more about them! 
clol159 (3 years ago)
+Cuadox Yup. But, she's a girl, so unfortunately the only way she's going to be any kind of ruler is as a wife to Trystane, which is incredibly frustrating (although he seems alright). And the show have decided that she's not worth anything and have likely killed her off (to be fair, good riddance to that self-absorbed, vainglorious brat they replaced Myrcella with in the show) so her chances are even slimmer there...
Mariya Martell (3 years ago)
+clol159 Just to add to what Xilen7 said about religion in Dorne, the Lord of Light also has some presence. In AFFC, when Obara relates to Doran how the people are mourning Oberyn, she mentions "and the red priests have lit their temple fires." It's unknown how big a presence it is, but I'd guess it's quite small. Dorne does a lot of trade with Essos, so this is possibly why this religion has some foothold there. In any case, even worship of the Seven is probably more relaxed in Dorne. There are also descendants of the First Men in Dorne, but they pre-date the peace made with the Children (and subsequent adoption of their religion), so I doubt they follow the Old Gods.
Xilen7 (3 years ago)
+clol159  Stannis is too uptight, stern, and zealous to be a good king. He'll need a very charismatic woman to be his queen, to balance it out and be his media-person. lol. Someone like Margaery Tyrell, that would be a good match. Stannis should also get rid of Melissandre and all those R'hllor and Lord of the Light rubbish. Westeros, being mostly of Faith of the Seven religion would not accept him as king. And even if he forces his way, there will be a religious schism which would lead to rebellions and more wars. Melissandre is poison. Sansa I think would be a better ruler of the North, more so than Rickon. Sansa has learned, and continues to learn about politics, schemes and intrigues. She is no longer a naive girl who dreams about princes, knights and making babies. She knows that everyone has their own agenda, and a lot plays under a facade. Though I don't think the Northmen would take kindly to a female ruler. She would need a strong warrior king to be her companion though. Stannis too would be a good husband for her. 
clol159 (3 years ago)
+Xilen7 Completely agree that Tommen is the best contender out of all of the current ones (although Stannis is warming to me a little...). Although I still like the idea of the kingdoms going back to rule themselves but answering to one High King (it's worked pretty well for Dorne, and the Kings in the North of old).  Problem with Tommen is that he's too easily manipulated and his current potential regents - Cersei, Tyrells, Littlefinger, High Sparrow - all have their own agenda. This is why I quite like the idea of Rickon as an ultimate King in the North: his regents could be the Manderlys and the Umbers, who seem to have the best interests of the North at heart, and so they could actually be a decent independent kingdom with Rickon as a good king in later life.
Xilen7 (3 years ago)
+clol159  In regards to that, who should be the king, I personally think Tommen would be a decent king when he grows up. At least compared to the previous three kings, and any of the four currently vying to be one. True, he's young and doesn't really have an extraordinary trait but you can see that he's kind and a listener. Plus he seems to be level-headed. Though he's very malleable and meek.  He would need a good regent, advisers to turn him into a good king and enough time to grow up (which he doesn't have really. Poor kid.). Someone like Tywin, Kevan or even Tyrion to guide him, but too bad they're either dead or in exile. If only Tommen was the older one instead of Joffrey...
nabil adoui (4 years ago)
the first time i see a video about religion with not many dislike and no war going in comments
Joshua Macknight (4 years ago)
sometimes i like going around and saying "by the old gods and the new" it just sounds so cool
Krolockinchen (4 years ago)
Since I read the Forgotten Realms series I always see either all gods in a fantasy worlds to be existent or non. Also, even though Melisandre proved her power, I kind of tend to see her more as a black mage or even juggler then a priestress just because I REALLY dislike her character and don't want to grant her god power :D
BlankPicketSign (4 years ago)
There is only one god, and that god is Death And we only say One Prayer to the One God "Not today"
Clementine (4 years ago)
the god of tits and wine is my religion 
Brandon Korner (4 years ago)
Which religion do you follow?
OboeWhizzy (4 years ago)
+jøkul Ptro Haha, I chose not to follow a religion. Thus, I can learn about all of them, honestly and bias-free. 
OboeWhizzy (4 years ago)
Cody Tito (4 years ago)
If there is R'Hlor or some sort of lord of light, there must be an equal and opposing lord of darkness and death. Who is the god of these others?  
Darth Visenya (4 years ago)
Yeah. I'll admit, it's a pretty crackpot theory. I mean, there's no way I want the White Walkers to win against my favourite characters like Arya and Tyrion.
Jurassic Lion (4 years ago)
+Nymeria Stark I wouldn't say Humans aren't evil but that's but said MILLIONs of times in fiction and human history. So it's not a surprise at this point. I think I'm on the side of the humans cause their entire species is at risk of anihilation against the white walkers who might be really chill, they just want to rule the planet. Kinda like a Planet of the Apes thing but fantasy.
Darth Visenya (4 years ago)
+The Flying Lion Perhaps. Except the Lord of Light wants people burned. And GRRM mentioned in an interview that the White Walkers/the Others are deeply misunderstood. So perhaps their leader, the Great Other, might actually be trying to accomplish a noble goal. What if the humans are evil?
Jurassic Lion (4 years ago)
+Nymeria Stark Oh Raava and Vaatu are from the Legend of Korra. But they're clearly inspired by Yin and Yang with Raava being a light spirit and Vaatu being dark. I think in GoT the Lord of Light is supposed to be white or light and The Great Other/Death is dark and evil.
Darth Visenya (4 years ago)
+The Flying Lion I don't know what the first one is, but yeah it's like Yin and Yang. The only thing is, no one is sure who's Yin and who's Yang.
entropy 4444 (4 years ago)
What id like to know is which of them are real. By the looks of things the 7 arent and the old gods are and r'hollar aswell. What i like to think is how the kindly man puts it in the temple of black and white he says they are all one but different faces.
Ramsay Bolton (4 years ago)
So who would you pray to if you lived in westeros? I like the god of light. And the Bravos many faced god.
Ramsay Bolton (4 years ago)
+roma percic I like Tyrion too.
i would pray to the god of tits and wine
SufferingPlanet (4 years ago)
Spoilers: Butterbumps is actually the god of the others.
Kastike Kei (4 years ago)
The Christians are coming.
Bunson Baker (3 years ago)
+Kastike Kei Nope, just some pathetic sod who wants to start shit online, thus uniting atheists and Christians in their hatred of people like you.
William McEntee (4 years ago)
what about the great other
Nick Starkey (4 years ago)
Pretty sure GRRM just confirmed Azor Ahai and the Prince that was promised are the same people.
Sari Farsi TV (4 years ago)
  There is only one god . and jesus his prophet not his son
twistednightmare (4 months ago)
Sari Farsi TV let's sacrifice you to the Lord of light
LagiNaLangAko23 (6 months ago)
The Flying Spaghetti Monster will punish your insolence!
William Ocoró (4 years ago)
another stupid that has been living in earth least than a hundred years and thinks he is right
Sari Farsi TV (4 years ago)
i am not heretic . but jesus didnt say im god or son ,  pluse i belive jesus Ibrahim and Noah Isac Mohamed  al of those guys are prophet and they share the same idea but christians still stupid sorry for the wards but they still think jesus is son hes not son of god hes justa prophet and god toke him to him , hes not dead and he will come back again to save us but still hes not Son of god , god says i dont have son or father or mother or anything in his book and he said : He begets not, nor was He begotten. And there is none co-equal or comparable unto Him
Nornagast (4 years ago)
That's what you believe, which some others consider heresy. Christians believe Jesus IS that one God. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are one single being with three revelations. I'm not religious but if you're not prepare to be called a heretic, don't dish it out. 
Léon Noël (4 years ago)
Spoiler Alert in this comment, only read if you know what AA and TPTWP are. Did he just confirm that AA and TPTWP are the same. I assumed they are two separate prophecies, one for Jon, and one for Dany.
*-Kyle John-* (1 year ago)
The Prince That Was Promised is Azor Ahai
Ismail Usman (4 years ago)
+Kiss Edmond TPTWP is Azor Ahai and lightbringer therefore belongs to either. 
Kiss Edmond (4 years ago)
Sry for my bad english, i never learned this language. But George R. R. Martin only confirmed is the TPTWP and the Lightbringer belong together isn't? Azor Ahai can be someone else.
Ismail Usman (4 years ago)
yes he did
franco mayer (4 years ago)
So acordding To George, Melissandre believes that Stannis is "THE PRINCE THAT WAS PROMISED" So it's the same Prince from the targaryen prophecy !
ChBrahm (4 years ago)
Valar Morghulis
Martha Hudson (10 months ago)
ChBrahm all men must die
StationaryParticles (3 years ago)
+ChBrahm Valar Dohaeris.

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