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WORLD RECORD TIME! - Rules of Survival: Battle Royale

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Was it just me or was that crazy! Want to keep up to date with everything? Check here: https://twitter.com/MedalCore Discord link: https://discord.gg/wD37kjE If you scrolled this far down, you are one amazing person and I wish you the best for the rest of your day!
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Text Comments (202)
Medalcore (5 months ago)
Just a quick video for now, have another one coming out later today! MUCH HECKIN LOVE <3
Earl Masangkay (5 months ago)
Hey all of you that hates medal why are you watching medal if you will judge him. Don't watch medal's video if you hate him. He's not good like noah but he's a pro gamer.
Arjun Godbole (5 months ago)
Mine is 14 kills in 1 min or 1min 15 sec
Alec Mendez (5 months ago)
Alec Mendez (5 months ago)
Alec Mendez (5 months ago)
Try to figure it out idiot see that talkshits rounded by weaks its not world record u asshole be like EXAGGERATING all shits be like Noah u MEDAL be humble
ElgiS (4 months ago)
7 kills = 7 bots Lol
Dane Ybanez (4 months ago)
Try beating 8 kills in 10 seconds by Shroud😏😏
GODZILLA FAN (4 months ago)
James Andrei (4 months ago)
Me nine in 40 seconds
sumit bandhiya (5 months ago)
Not pro
sumit bandhiya (5 months ago)
Earl Masangkay (5 months ago)
That's why i love wro i got 8 kills in 2 minutes in training base.
Key RoS (5 months ago)
I surrvived for 36 mind boi
What's with you and WOROD RECORD BRAH.
Gian paulino (5 months ago)
Noah is the best
Frozen - (5 months ago)
The people with the cat were real but other were bots lol
Teng Gaming (5 months ago)
Play pubg🔜
bangxtan (5 months ago)
those are just bots, lol.
BLACK BIRD (5 months ago)
He doesnt know...that he killed all the bots not an actual player
tantan velonza (5 months ago)
That's bot fucker
Lewis Wells (5 months ago)
Am I the only one who noticed the subject go onto (fists are good I fisted someone) hahahahahaha lmfao
Miko Senpai (5 months ago)
MEDAL NUMBA WAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OnlyPoTato (5 months ago)
What a botkiller
xd Matthew 18 (5 months ago)
Medal i got 4 kills in 13 seconds
VINCENT SOO (5 months ago)
Ros have so many bot😂😂
Gading Mas (5 months ago)
Kill bot
Scary J (5 months ago)
medal many bots in america server just try to asia if you are really strong idol :)
真德秀 (5 months ago)
Azimul Hakim Sazen (5 months ago)
All bots 😑
real jay badz (5 months ago)
Me i kill 14 bots. In just a min . With sniper awm
Gaby Mekhtfi (5 months ago)
I got 10 kill in 1 min
RangerZS (5 months ago)
Lol was close xD
uganda knukles (5 months ago)
I got 9 kills in35 secs at training base not a big deal
The king records (5 months ago)
They all are bots😈👿👿
Kier Gaming (5 months ago)
Everysingle bot 😂
LuisPrimo (5 months ago)
Medal hope we play sometimes iam a filipino fan 12 years old fan here is my name on asia server Glocoke same on amerika server BIG FAN RIGHT HERE!!!
Unknown Legend (5 months ago)
you are hacking,because when you jump and it goes to other direction which means you are using aimbot by shifting your keyboard
Clash With Sugat (5 months ago)
its not world record.i kill 9 people in 1 min but all were bot though😂
Earl Belmar Dacian (5 months ago)
That's what Happen to me too..Yesterday Its so weird!💯
Jose Jubay (5 months ago)
Noob that is bot noobbbbbbbb
Axel Anaya (5 months ago)
Old the people that you kill they are bots
vincent kalaw (5 months ago)
I got 26 solo squad am i pro 20 kill using halo only lul
Crip Killa6969 (5 months ago)
He killed 7 boys. He hit two shots and acts like he just hit 6 in a row “I’m hitting every shot” and he’s saying he destroying them when he knows their bots
curry stephen (5 months ago)
Add me in ros name CarToy
llx DROPEz xll (5 months ago)
that’s all bots wtf😂😂
GAMES HACKER (5 months ago)
I swear I got 7kills in 1mint.50senconds
Butter cup (5 months ago)
I have killed 7 people in 1 min
ANONYMOUS GUY (5 months ago)
I destroyed 3 fireteam in few seconds but omg "CONGRATULATIONS" YOU GOT BANNED FOR 24 Hours Thank you NETEASE!😫😐😑😕😓
Tiny ROS (5 months ago)
I was on a hill and. I killed like 15 people in 2 minutes
Tiny ROS (5 months ago)
With a wro
danilou # (5 months ago)
Shade (5 months ago)
person or BOTS?
Rheigfred Pagco (5 months ago)
7 bots kill?? Notice at NOAH.. Have been never brake the record.. R.I.P. bro...
clarence colos (5 months ago)
Where's noah?
Dark Lord YT (5 months ago)
They were bots
Rigil Delos Reyes (5 months ago)
If I just record my last game, I got 9 kills in like a minute (SOME OF THEM ARE BOTSS)
C The G (5 months ago)
The keyboard clicking is soooo fucking annoying...
john luke andoy (5 months ago)
Realy? World record?
et boss (5 months ago)
Damn you are a savegy hecker
kuldip jung kc nep gamer (5 months ago)
but when i played solo last month i landed on training base and killed 10 people in 2 minutes
Kim Humphrey (5 months ago)
R.I.P BOT😂:'(
head4death (5 months ago)
5 of them were bots
Captain Adi (5 months ago)
I watched this livestream
MSI Prime (5 months ago)
killing bots to get world record 😂 like hartzy,, 😂 we appreciate it though 🐸
Haney Fa (5 months ago)
Bro prob 6 bots lol
Axcel Tibay (5 months ago)
Really Medal? It's only bots
Wasim Ali (5 months ago)
I wasted 2mins of my life :(
MEMCON TM (5 months ago)
7kills omg dont get bannd from netease Play escape from tarkov
Marvel SM (5 months ago)
Destroying bots 😂😂😂😂
fs2 k16 (5 months ago)
Nobody will believe me but I got 10 kills in 2 minutes destroyed two fireteams in bitter lake alone
Pro Gamer (5 months ago)
ok I appreciate it
Russell Cool BRO (5 months ago)
I did it faster in echo valley there was so much bots and players and i did it in 40 secs 7 kills
Justin OfficialYT! (5 months ago)
Laurits Fält-Hansen (5 months ago)
I have Got 7 kills In 18 sec
Angela (5 months ago)
Lol Heny
Jeno Patriarca (5 months ago)
Hecc yec
PSeudo from YT (5 months ago)
whatch my videos plss
John Paul Parale (5 months ago)
Notification Squad! Medal Squad👍❤ Much Love ❤👏 I was late. MY BATTERY 😪😥
jere wehsing (5 months ago)
Medal 1 of the best player in ros <3 subs for you
Genji_Sensei Senpai (5 months ago)
I kill 12 player with in a minute ✌
jake josue (5 months ago)
There bots bro not all does but some of them are bots your dome
Freezex (5 months ago)
But Shroud Kill 8 in 10 sec in PUBG
Toby 511 (5 months ago)
Medal going rampage 7 kill XD
oh bruh (5 months ago)
bro change your keyboard. it's so loud and annoying. No hate, I'm just suggesting :))
SamsGaming (5 months ago)
Pubg better
ArTiC-_- S3V3N_0 (5 months ago)
Nice medal
ExiLiZuZ (5 months ago)
Im early
music forever (5 months ago)
You are gretest man
PSeudo from YT (5 months ago)
whatch my videos plss
hot sticky white water (5 months ago)
the best gun in rules of survival is Medal
Medalcore (5 months ago)
lol thanks
Flux Ros (5 months ago)
Three were bots brother
Luca (5 months ago)
All bots haha
Kryptoxx (5 months ago)
What is your highest kills Medal?
Kenji Games (5 months ago)
That Timing of Bots going on the same place and your skills also thats why you got that kill thats combine of Luck and Skillzzzz!
Medalcore (5 months ago)
Mai Ngan (5 months ago)
rose Caram (5 months ago)
Nahh it's not the world record
khmer gamingYT (5 months ago)
Medalcore why noah is upload rule of survival
Robert Lucio (5 months ago)
Medal i heckin love you
Robert Lucio (5 months ago)
Omg medalcore you just replied honestly you just made my day
Medalcore (5 months ago)
Justive Vien Fernandez (5 months ago)
destroying bots omegalul
MiggsMcKing (5 months ago)
hey medal can we collab im aslo from philippines like jazon i just posted my first ever video.
Æ Jøkér (5 months ago)
Medal You Know it ⭐💯💯💯⭐ 💯⭐💯💯⭐ ⭐⭐💯💯⭐ ⭐⭐💯💯⭐ ⭐⭐💯💯⭐ ⭐⭐💯💯⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐💯💯💯⭐ 💯💯⭐💯💯 💯💯⭐💯💯 💯💯⭐💯💯 💯💯⭐💯💯 ⭐💯💯💯⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐💯💯💯⭐ 💯💯⭐💯💯 💯💯⭐💯💯 💯💯⭐💯💯 💯💯⭐💯💯 ⭐💯💯💯⭐
Medalcore (5 months ago)
Medalcore (5 months ago)
SJ NEWSTNM (5 months ago)
Lol medal the hacker
GkillaS (5 months ago)
4 of them are bots.
ClAsH WiTh HaRsH (5 months ago)
WTF was this? Noah is better and I got 10 kills Under a Minute... Without using Any sort of Meds! WASTED MY TIME! FUCKING REMOVE THIS VIDEO!

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