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Shroud Highest kill Game - Call of Duty Black Ops 4 BR

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Shroud Highest kill Game - Call of Duty Black Ops 4 BR
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daryll oberes (16 hours ago)
How to play this game? Where to find this?
Xeno (16 hours ago)
shroud is the most boring streamer ever. says nothing and just sits still the whole time.
MonsterKat (21 hours ago)
When Activision proved everyone wrong with Blackout lol.... I was one of the doubters but they did a pretty good job!
MonsterKat (21 hours ago)
Did shroud seriously say PUBG has the best gunplay? I must be playing a different game...
Im Drowning (1 day ago)
20:10 Shroud dropshotted em 😂
Von Daddy (1 day ago)
pc or xbox?
WILL (1 day ago)
He should play CS:GO
Luke Blackmore (1 day ago)
Bappo no hacko
AstonVids Tv (1 day ago)
No bully I have crwplin deprwshon
AstonVids Tv (1 day ago)
I would like to be referred as swoopy nooples
AstonVids Tv (1 day ago)
Have you hear of LGBTQ I am the letter b coz I have a heart that likes boys and grils and I have a slit in my leg but I have a Weenis
AstonVids Tv (1 day ago)
I identify as an it
AstonVids Tv (1 day ago)
Who me you call me peep
chad_ ryann (1 day ago)
does it really say where the fuck i am every time someone subs
bobymalony (1 day ago)
Boring cod dies
srcontrol11 (1 day ago)
if this is really COD its looks horrible
Derek Chatham (1 day ago)
I love this game but I have buggy issues with 16gb ram and a gtx1060. 1060 isn't the best but should at least be decent. Fix the bugs
Alex Harrison (1 day ago)
Fortnight might still stay relevant but yea PUBG is officially dead. And honestly has been dead for while now
PogChamp (1 day ago)
As much as people are hating on BF5.... I have a feeling that Battlefield's BR is going to be amazing, because their vehicle system and gun play fits perfectly for a BR. They have so much experience with bullet drop and how a gun should feel at certain ranges. Not to mention the Frostbite engine is literally made for BR. Big open maps, huge variety in guns. It'll be interesting when Dice decides to release a BR for Battlefield.
Dun Hildas (1 day ago)
Why do people bother to engage when they know you have a sniper and they have an AR? Honestly once I know the one I'm looking at has a Sniper who is aiming at me, I'm ducking out to get closer.
Zach LaCaze (2 days ago)
Pubg gun play is shit wtf are you talking about that game looks like a fuckin cartoon
brandon toomey (2 days ago)
Glad he's done playing running simulator
Willy Wonka (2 days ago)
This guy should look into streaming.
PUBG Sexy Gamer (2 days ago)
is me on youtube
Sam Comain (2 days ago)
This depresses me, I’ll never get this good!
Kai Babauta (2 days ago)
When your kill record is only 7 :(
Anduhsun (2 days ago)
Lmao this man just said PUBGs gun play is "sooo good"
Fwz Dev (2 days ago)
Shroud come play with me arena in world of warcraft , lets test your mentality because i adore your amazing mind :)
daniel martinez (2 days ago)
This guys skill is insane he deserves sooooooo many donations jesus christ!
Sharif Khan (2 days ago)
Looks like any other shooter just with the feature of having to find loot rather than getting a pre-loadout. Straight trash. Real BR is FTN
jimmy Chitwood (2 days ago)
91 BOI (2 days ago)
I'm done with cod for ever I never thought I would say this and I started on cod4 but the fact that this video started and I thought it was pubg or something like that and they didn't try to push the line on Gaming and try something new gaming has become all about money the last 5-7 years in out for good this is lazy.
YouCanCallMeReTro (2 days ago)
91 BOI Have you actually played the game? I have fun with it. If you don't want to play blackout multiplayer and zombies is right there too..
Remarkable SeiF (3 days ago)
where the fock i am?
kmW (3 days ago)
Call of duty... Shroud... Only 2018 could cause this.
AnimeX Forever (3 days ago)
better than ninja
MikeLFC (3 days ago)
hes the worst looter ever. twice he doesnt pick up trauma kits from dead body loot. cya shitter
Virus Of Cyrus (3 days ago)
And WTF was with 0:51?? How the Fu*k does a "Knife" go through a door??? That guy must of been so pissed off as most people would of thought they were killed by a hacker if they were killed by a knife through a door! what a messed up game already. But its not as bad as the video I saw of Shroud playing CS when he shot someone through a 6inch concrete wall with a pistol! cheats?
Virus Of Cyrus (3 days ago)
ROFL! Even Pro's have stupid moments and brain farts @0:45 he threw his knife at a BBQ! LOL!
Jay Trockeneis (3 days ago)
Now IDK if Shroud is trolling or not... lol
Handicap Gaming (3 days ago)
‪https://youtu.be/ZHnvnIlzEgc check out my channel and subscribe ‬I only play with one arm
Cory Vachon (3 days ago)
I still have a video of him on day 1 of launch getting his ass and his group's asses handed to them by 1 dude with a .50cal sniper from less than 50m away at the end circle. It's funny how people don't show those videos of him. People really need to get off Shroud's D already.
Avic Script (3 days ago)
check out my first bo4 video :D
SenKai935 DBZ (3 days ago)
Shroud=Aimbot but im sure we all know that
Ебаные зароты!
Rick Post (3 days ago)
This game is pure cancer for real evryone is just waithing in a corner en then kils you
LilDabatron _ (3 days ago)
All he needs is a pistol and it’s over, I love shroud all homo
ItNÖrvS (3 days ago)
its only a freak... 24/7 no job and palying computer games.... thats scary men... look for some real life or friends or a job to do anything in your life please
NickStone68 (3 days ago)
5:07 well said, dude. Could not agree more with that statement
Jason Vanderwal (3 days ago)
Cheapest way to get BO4 https://www.g2a.com/r/blackopscod4
Patrick Wolf (3 days ago)
Mines 16
i'llay ler (3 days ago)
cool -respekt-Victory-!!)
Captain Crayzay (3 days ago)
Shroud should play PUBG I bet he'd be the best.
Gamer Xavi77s (3 days ago)
Awsome easy win I like & subscribed...please check out my channel aswell ty
Anthony Williams (3 days ago)
Lol he makes this game look so easy. In squad I can probably only kill one person but lot better in solo
Gl Dragon (3 days ago)
This guy should try Free Fire 🤣
Dalton Craig (4 days ago)
Love how easy it is to spot fortnite players in the game. They are jumping like crazy and spamming smgs.
Daryl keam (4 days ago)
Scott Smith (4 days ago)
Blackout is probably the worst battle royal lol id rather of had a single player
The Xbox player (4 days ago)
Swear he can see everyone
Alcibiades (4 days ago)
This guy looks 60 & in his 20s at the same time...
Alcibiades (1 day ago)
+PewPewMan im perfect 20/20.. you're just saying that because you're swinging off this Gamers nuts..
PewPewMan (1 day ago)
You need to check your eyes checked dude lol.
Aaron D (4 days ago)
This game is absolutely crazy with it's close up chaotic spray fights!
MagicMalignacy (4 days ago)
I feel like I’m the only one that sorta likes the inventory system...and I’m a console noob😂
Lofi Guardian (4 days ago)
The game looks rather decent. Let's hope they do not mess up, meaning fixing things that are fixed. Adding stupid mechanics that aren't needed etc.
rituko (4 days ago)
The Gaming Definition will easy top that score
kaibahseto (4 days ago)
more cod stupidity.....a knife is a 1 shot kill but i have to shoot someone a hundred times
Ripper Jack (4 days ago)
man ...rip fortnite … virgins can't afford it lol
JDM Imports (4 days ago)
fov looks weird so high , consoles are locked
MemetosEFX (4 days ago)
For some reason I dont find this game exciting and fun. I've been playing cod since II and from bo2 the gameplay didnt really change. I mean the movement is the same, the graphics, the recoil, etc.
MemetosEFX (4 days ago)
Why isnt blackout as realistic as pubg I mean look at that recoil and running. I was dissapointed when I played this.
NPC (4 days ago)
It's sad that the older gen are relegated to Cod4 due to the learning difficulty curve of Fortnite. If Shroud was 5 years younger he could have been amazing
ibarix (4 days ago)
i thought i was watching this in 1,5x speed
Selipar Putus (4 days ago)
this game will be polluted by fvcking hacker
CALLOFMOODY (4 days ago)
I hate they did this to call of duty!!! Smh made this shit so childish with the fortnite game style
Steven Seagal (4 days ago)
It takes to much time to loot
Chaoxytal (5 days ago)
is this on PC? this looks extremely awful...
XFOWLERX 838 (3 days ago)
Chaoxytal he put the settings down for better performance
Stanislaw Meczynski (5 days ago)
he is a cyborg ;0
josiah santiago (5 days ago)
Can someone please tell me how to make those motion graphic animations that shroud has when someone subs. I'm talking about that ninja that pops up at the top with the hoodie over 1 eye.
Jimi Teunissen (5 days ago)
Pause the video on 5.05 and you can see the ATV's tires going through the road barriers.
Adonay Pichardo (5 days ago)
this game is disgusting fast
TheBadger (5 days ago)
you should play ring of elysium its a great game and free its like pubg but a tad better in my own opinion
erix rodriguez (5 days ago)
shroud plays like a COD trailer
Greim (5 days ago)
I dont like weapon design in this game they look like DOOM/ QUAKE/ UNREAL weapons all beefy and technological
Arachne (5 days ago)
This guy should try out for Cloud9.
timothy gillespie (5 days ago)
so this game mode is a straight rip of pubg put into black ops.....lol between that and reused maps damn this game was lazy
MeMo House (5 days ago)
rotten travail!!! PUBG 100% is best!
Patrick Dekker (5 days ago)
this game looks so cheap. i mean really
T BZ (5 days ago)
I wonder his success rate on 1v1 when it’s a peaking situation...It’s gotta be damn high!
Isaiah Kuhle (5 days ago)
When he said "how am I alive still?" I thought, because your fuckin Shroud
john Cena (5 days ago)
Shroud best cheater ever
seagate40 (5 days ago)
dice needs to make a battlegrounds with frostbite 3 LOL
The Pro (5 days ago)
mad camping skills... MAAADD
xTr4c3d (5 days ago)
You can just see how much better his ping is because everyone reacts so late to his actions
RobertsDigital (5 days ago)
call of duty games are never realistic.....they ae still stuck in the year 2009 or somthing
yungTrunks (5 days ago)
Monetizing videos that don’t even have your content nice
GG Chickenwing (6 days ago)
i feel like he would be a beast at CSGO
China Number 1 (6 days ago)
NitroVipers3 (6 days ago)
Sorry but ROE is a getter game if you want a more realistic experience.
Jayo Caine (6 days ago)
Jumping around, no recoil. Nah no thanks
Mango0 (6 days ago)
shrouds voice makes me want to dropkick him in the teeth
Brandon (6 days ago)
That knife at 1:46!! DAAAAMMMMNN!!!
Alfredo L. Hidalgo (6 days ago)
Shroud is always talking about PUBG like get over man
Austyn Jacobson (6 days ago)
my personal favorite is the "fapper"
Makkatya (6 days ago)
loved the combat axe save..
Snipja (6 days ago)
This game is awesome like an optimized pubg :D
Alejandro Martínez Q (6 days ago)
Blackout is more fast and funny to pubg.

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