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Game of Thrones Best Jon Snow + Daenerys Scenes HD

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Best Jonerys scenes. Game of Thrones Best Jon Snow + Daenerys Targaryen Scenes HD
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Text Comments (133)
shooglechic (2 days ago)
Jon Snow feels how every girl feels when their man asks for "the knee".
trellzx86 (2 days ago)
Ibet she preggo now
Tammy Martinez (4 days ago)
Eweee! Jonerys gross!🤮🤮🤮
Paullittos (5 days ago)
shit HDR
jellyfishsii (5 days ago)
Everything changed when she saw that Kit bod.
You know what they say, cold hands warm heart🔥🔥🔥jon snow
Martine Favol (23 days ago)
I believe they are brother and sister
Martine Favol (5 days ago)
Well we will see soon. Happy hollidays🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️
Hillary Clark (5 days ago)
Martine Favol she’s his aunt. Her brother Rhaegar was Jon’s father
Witcher Crafts (1 month ago)
I was digging this couple until the incest part was revealed. Not so cute anymore.
matorchiana (1 month ago)
Jonerys ....!!! yes baby...!!!
yor_kum in_mi_mou (1 month ago)
the contrast of this is more lit😍u feel me ??
Casey Boone (1 month ago)
Nope Khal drago forever!!
Casey Boone (1 month ago)
Oh good grief I’m just saying that I like him is all
heyitsmira (1 month ago)
He's dead, you gotta let it go, didn't you learn anything w/ Dany trying to bring him back??
Duncan Sands (1 month ago)
I like his Yorkshire accent, she can really act, but i hate the show because it is so feminist. And the men are ridiculous!
Duncan Sands (26 days ago)
sorry i don't speak yank!
TheSuperNats (26 days ago)
Duncan Sands you got your attention now shoo
Duncan Sands (30 days ago)
Freddie Mercury III??? Don't have a problem with queens in power we have 5 now, the politics is what i'm bitching about, can't stand these liberal twats; would much prefer Sarah Palin as Queen just to piss you P.C bastards off!!
Duncan Sands (30 days ago)
Dildo Baggins wanking over Japanese boy dolls don't you have a vibrator to greaseZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ re charge!!!
maccajoe (30 days ago)
I suggest you look at British/Europe mediaeval history which all fantasy is based off. You will see plenty of Queen's in power
Teddy P. Gray (1 month ago)
Lefted out some key moments between them.
cloudgirl150 (1 month ago)
Dany: We sail together. Jon: We bang together. Dany: What? Jon: We sail together.
Sgodo Jinsem (11 days ago)
Tyrion: Ill guard the door.
Lester Lee (1 month ago)
Ship: I ship them.
sami picatchou (1 month ago)
How can somebody be that beautiful 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤❤🔥
atom (1 month ago)
ive never seen a picture this clear
Hunter Rowlands (1 month ago)
People are literally encouraging incest right now wtf
Hunter Rowlands (29 days ago)
heyitsmira those are all good points, I just think the situation is funny from a modern prospective. Believe it or not actual royal families throughout history were way worse about incest and it led actual royal houses to ruin, so as far as that goes GOT is much more tame about it. I’m excited to see what happens with that plot line
heyitsmira (30 days ago)
+Hunter Rowlands ok, but the whole thing about incest being "negative" is only speculated in GoT/ASOIAF's universe. They have very primitive knowledge of genetics, Ned figured out the Lannister incest bc of hair color lmao. You can say incest gave birth to the Mad King and Joffrey, but it also gave birth to Myrcella, Tommen (good kids that did no harm to anyone), and even Raeghar (a not at all mad man). You can't just blame psychopathy on incest, because then people like Ramsay Bolton and Euron Greyjoy wouldn't be as they are. The characters that blamed it on incest had no actual deep knowledge on the matter, you can't give credit to them instead of analysing the universe crudely (and while I did ship Jonerys a lot when I started reading ASOIAF, before the show happened, I am not defending incest bc of it. I'm explaining why it isn't wrong in the context of the books)
Hunter Rowlands (30 days ago)
heyitsmira lol I think the characters are forgivable, but I’m just saying that it’s kinda hilarious that people (like yourself) ship these two so bad that they’re willing to defend incest, despite us knowing the negative repercussions of incest (the mad king, Joffrey etc.)
heyitsmira (1 month ago)
I'm sorry, but aunt and niece that have never seen each other before? What's wrong about that? They don't see each other like that. From the moral aspect, they are not wrong as their emotional connection isn't that of family. From the genetic aspect, their bloodline relied entirely on incest, and that was way more taboo than this (like sisters and brothers). From society aspect, again, they are either seen as people from two different houses (not everyone from the seven kingdoms needs to know the thruth Bran will reveal), or as Targaryens that always did this shit. So idg your point
Sig (1 month ago)
I wonder what's gonna Be Dany's reaction when She will find out who Jon is
Lone Wolf (2 months ago)
Dany: beautiful aren't they Jon : not the word i was thinking of DANY STARING -_-" Jon : Ahm , Yeah gorgeous beasts
anonymous nation (3 months ago)
Jon is hot enough to get any girl
anonymous nation (3 months ago)
Inside ruthless,proud Daenerys targeryen there is a sweet little girl who values love and the people who know to love
Lina San (3 months ago)
Isnt she his aunt?
Lachlan Browse (3 months ago)
1- They don’t know that yet 2- Targaryen’s often marry within their Family 3- Her parents we’re siblings so it’s not the worst that’s happened within the Family 3- There’s been MUCH worse cases of incest in GoT (Remember Craster?)
Zack Lamotte (3 months ago)
The editing is awful in this video. SO MUCH dialogue is left out...why not just make a vid which includes ALL dialogue between the two?
Eric Grisham (3 months ago)
YouTube's copyright rules. It would get taken down.
noel erskine (3 months ago)
Jon’s face when daeny say there my children 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
Frenchify (3 months ago)
Jon: And your family hasn't seen its end. You're still here. So are you, Aegon >:D Such a mind blow I love it. It's cute that Jon and Dany fell in love. A bit fucked up but I can ignore the incest for a show, I can deal with it.
Małgorzata Czarnowska (4 months ago)
What is the song title in last scene?
Małgorzata Czarnowska (3 months ago)
Nikita Atkinson thank you 😊
Nikita Atkinson (3 months ago)
Truth by Ramin Djawadi
Lateasha Hoyte (4 months ago)
One of my favorite
acetonefree111 (4 months ago)
"fewer" enemies. Stannis would approve
Himanshu Singh (4 months ago)
"He's the heir to the Iron throne" but why he is on his aunt??
Manuel (12 days ago)
1montrealfan *their
heyitsmira (1 month ago)
+Tammy Martinez the Starks have had at least one case like theirs. Only brother x sister and children x parents are looked down upon. Marrying with your cousin, somewhat relative and such wasn't such a stretch, even for northeners.
The Green Reaper (1 month ago)
Because Pornhub has been payin GRRM+DnD for some promo-material for their latest 'Aunt/Stepsister'-subcategory!
Lisab Sau (1 month ago)
Tammy Martinwz Jon's entire life has been a lie and this is what will effect him the most. He will find out that Ned was his Uncle and think of how he was treated while the entire time Rhaegar and Lyanna was his parents and it was kept from him. He will overcome this because he has no choice with the impending wars. Parents and sibling incest is the taboo in Westeros not cousins or Uncles/nieces and vise versa. There has been eggs planted in the show like when Dany used Drogon to fight the Lannisters..she said "You don't know how you feel about that?" In Season 8 HE may become the badass Targaryen on the dragon who tears shit up just like his namesake.
Ghorn Is bae (1 month ago)
1montrealfan. It’s a story with lots of aristocratic families, they’ve always married between themselves so it’s pretty much certain all the families are somehow related. Maybe 2nd to 3rd degree cousins or closer, just like the remaining royal families in Europe.
Logicgal (4 months ago)
My crush and I stole glances just them. I miss him.
escapethegrind (4 months ago)
" He loved her And she loved him " oof
Lachlan Browse (3 months ago)
Bran’s talking about Jon’s parents, but we could all see what the show was implying ( is it still an implication if it was obvious as hell)
1montrealfan (4 months ago)
escapethegrind it true Jon and Dany love each other
Olivia-Kay Kenny (5 months ago)
They better not die
Sandeep (2 months ago)
You haven't been paying attention
1montrealfan (4 months ago)
SittingOnClouds ŁïlÿÃlíñå exactly they love each other
Tinker Sbg (5 months ago)
Damn.... the way he looks at her 7:59
1montrealfan (4 months ago)
Tinker Sbg you can tell he loves her and Dany feels the same
Juliana Toloza (5 months ago)
* ( ♥ ‿ ♥) *
Margaux C (5 months ago)
during this whole video I was lile : " GOD EMILIA'S EYESSSSS"
Karen Lubbe (6 months ago)
Her eyes look so blue
RINXZR Espada (4 months ago)
Karen Lubbe that's cause in the books they're lilac so it had to be somewhat close
George Depp (6 months ago)
My type is the kind of person. Willing to adapt to please you with out humiliating herself doing it. That's my idea of the perfect woman. No one will ever be a perfect match. And personality does matter but that's the key thing for me.
George Depp (6 months ago)
you once asked me what was my type.
Fallon (6 months ago)
Dany: I can't have kids Jon: Wanna bet
Diez Gater (1 month ago)
jon - *hold my beer*
Trev0r98 (1 month ago)
Her dragons will be distinctly uncivil in that event.
Maïlyne Dahhane (1 month ago)
Daenerys is not pregnant
The Green Reaper (1 month ago)
Jon: "Hold my Ale'....
1montrealfan ikr
AmateraZ (6 months ago)
why is the subtiltes so fucked up
Darren Andrei Aton (6 months ago)
How do you get the video quality like this??
Honest Rios (11 days ago)
this is that zenith tv quality
Jan Fiala (2 months ago)
that is called 4k with high dynamic contrast my friend.. beautifull picture even after youtube converison to 1080p
LolDarrellLol (6 months ago)
The part where Jon was trying to be a hero and ran away from Daenerys and her dragon while they were north, and then being saved by Benjin was the worst writing ever.
Andrew Ellis (10 days ago)
Well . . . as far as GOT goes, you're not wrong
ShanghaiRooster (3 months ago)
Yeah yeah. Watch more closely - yes Jon moves away to buy the others time to get on Drogon, but when he's knocked through the ice he's running towards Drogon.
CD (4 months ago)
Funny it's one of the best shows in history. Maybe your just an asswipe
1montrealfan (4 months ago)
Eric Becker they were trying to get a white walker to show Cersei in hopes that she would help them
Eric Becker (4 months ago)
It also didnt change the result one bit (except Benjen dying). So what was the purpose of the scene ???
Nikki Morris (7 months ago)
You left out a lot of good parts. . .what happened?
angelique mercado (7 months ago)
I just can't. Aunt and nephew banging. Some weirdo shit.
Stannis The Mannis (7 months ago)
5:15. Sight of that big ass lizard of a flamethrower spraying death and sending the enemies to blackout gave Jon more relief than lying with a thousand whores.
Susan Yaggey (7 months ago)
never saw the show
Summer S (7 months ago)
*Mad queen*
1montrealfan (4 months ago)
Summer S if anyone is a mad queen it’s Cersei
TAZY (4 months ago)
She's one weak ass Mad queen
Khrono (6 months ago)
hAvE yOu CoMe To BeNd ThE kNeE jOn SnOw?
Frank Potter (9 months ago)
Gendry is the true heir to the iron throne.
Deep space 9 (1 month ago)
+heyitsmira so are you saying her raped her then? Danny fan's are fucking pathetic, Sansa was raped...that is rape...But everyone should feel sorry for Danny? We should call the show game of Danny then.
heyitsmira (1 month ago)
+Deep space 9 The man that kept Dany and Vis and arranged her marriage to Drogo said later that he had to put security to protect Dany bc Viserys wanted to rape her and take her virginity in the night before her wedding with Drogo, claiming it was his by right.
Tammy Martinez (1 month ago)
Targaryen rule ended. Jon Arryn, Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark deposed the family.
Dos g (4 months ago)
he didnt rape her he just touch her not a sexual way but more like a merchandise before the weeding with Drogo
Deep space 9 (5 months ago)
wow you still on this site? I have thought of new usernames for you= here goes...prince of danny, game of danny, danny is my true love, danny's campaign manager...Bill clinton Targarian is still the best though. Ps. Gendry would make a fine ruler- he does not shove his supposed birth right down every ones throat. And if he marries Aria......He has no expieriience? So Danny has? in Mereen she lived on top of a Pyramid and daydreamed of fucking Daairio while Jon was stabbed to death, Aria lived blind on the streets of Braavos and Sansa was being raped and beaten by Ramsey.Bill Clinton Targarian.....ps. in witch episode did Visaerys rape Danny? in witch book?
Sophia Rose (9 months ago)
nice quality video.
Vinny Farlene (9 months ago)
so all of them pretty much lol
Hugs 4 Arts (9 months ago)
I loved the part where Jon said that he didn't liked what he was good at... You can see how he is the son of Raegar who according to sir Selmy "doesn't like what he is good at" which is Killing enemies.
Tammy Martinez (1 month ago)
Lou Headman no I think she enjoys burning people like her father!
Justin Choi (2 months ago)
I thought he meant he didn’t like talking like Tyrion and he is a man of action
Lou Headman (8 months ago)
Hugs 4 Arts you can tell Dany was taken back by it and was thinking about Raegar
Billie Eilish (9 months ago)
Charlie Marshall (9 months ago)
When they are walking out of the cave, it looks like their silhouettes are a married couple holding hands Foreshadowinggg that we all missed
Darren Cahill (3 months ago)
I saw that too lol
Ess Ji (3 months ago)
Nope I never missed that one. I knew the directors purposely put that shot in there to look like they were holding hands foreshadowing the union that was bout to take place 👍😎
Tamara Potter (3 months ago)
Charlie Marshall omg yesss
Frenchify (3 months ago)
No, I noticed it too. Their shoulders were nearly touching. I was impatiently waiting a difference angle just to see if they were in fact holding hands. I was disappointed.
Nikki Morris (9 months ago)
Oh, you left out some good parts. . .Isn’t their survival more important than your pride. . .is one.
Анна Жиленко (9 months ago)
Thanks! However, this video would be more useful with subtitles
Simone Raven (11 months ago)
I've been having sex for about 10 years now... and the boatsex scene at the end still confuses the hell out of me! Like what the fuck is going on?! I loved that scene but it just really confuses me... can someone please explain what moves they're doing?!
Shockwave 11 (8 months ago)
You made me laugh with that one. I'm all for Kit's beauty.
Juliana Toloza (8 months ago)
making heirs . . . duh
timothy brown (9 months ago)
Simone Raven it called Emilia Clarke doesn’t want to do nude scenes anymore so Kit show them your ass.
MsIrishrule (10 months ago)
Simone Raven no moves... just love... pure love !! It transcends any technique or skill... it’s instinctive and ethereal! Only one who is w/their true love knows!!❤️❤️❤️
MsIrishrule (10 months ago)
Kevin Moua best answer ever!!! Lol
tigerlilmm (11 months ago)
Thanks for this!

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