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10 Characters who've lifted Thor's Hammer

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Marvel | 10 Characters who've lifted Thor's Hammer Disclaimer : All images and clips are used in a fair way here. Copyright belongs to Marvel and other original content creators Note: The characters are arranged in a random order Mjolnir is a fictional weapon appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. It is depicted as the favored weapon of the superhero Thor List of 10 characters who have lifted Thor's Mjolnir Also watch: 8 Facts about Quicksilver https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZdfxU5KXbs
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Videos Sight (1 year ago)
Also Watch 7 characters who've beaten Superman https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=-YwshTkgv-o
Kelly Paone (1 month ago)
Videos Sight i love ur vids
VAHAB. R.A (1 month ago)
Logan Hix 1
Craig Downton (1 month ago)
Videos Sight 17mil views well done mate
beatergamer 321 (2 months ago)
Hulk dint lifted this hammer
What about Beta Ray Bill?
Logan Jones (12 days ago)
I liked and subscribed and I didn’t know hulk could lift his hammer
Richard Lopez (12 days ago)
Kurse in " The Dark World" smacked the hammer away like nothing when while it was flying at him in full speed. Kurse was stronger than the Hulk and Juggernaut. It took a damn black hole to destroy him!!
ariana jane (13 days ago)
But in the real movies Hulk can’t lift it
Hemanth Kumar (15 days ago)
Sora Parveen (15 days ago)
Hulk can lift in only comic
Trrristan (16 days ago)
Women could lift Mjolnir because feminism.
Gaarious Redd (17 days ago)
include saitama
Benita Summers (19 days ago)
Benita Summers (19 days ago)
In the mural
Robert Laurence Merin (20 days ago)
You know that Odin is controlling the hammer but gave it Thor.
walterpakiaolol (21 days ago)
An I'm one human that gives a shit about it!
Jyoti Biswas (22 days ago)
i personally feel not anyone like xyz will be able to lift THOR's hammer...there is a very strong reason that only THOR is the one who OWNS it...His evil sister i get it and Odin..but deadpool ?!!!! seriously...never compare Thor to such people please...
Emustrider (22 days ago)
milneer..........MILNEER!?!?!?!?! Jesus christ, learn to say the damn word.
Brye Thurlow (23 days ago)
So we all just gone ignore the fact this man called it milner
Sreekala nair (24 days ago)
What about groot. He made and lifted the stormbreaker
Adamatronamus (24 days ago)
What about HYDRA cap. That made sense right?
ItsAndro (26 days ago)
John Cena can throw Thor's hammer off the known universe and beyond. AGREE?!
Roderick Afriyie (28 days ago)
deadpool lifted his hammer
Ahmad Osama (28 days ago)
OH YOU KNOW WHO CAN LIFT MJOLNIR? The Avengers Tower and Jarves
Josh Walker (28 days ago)
my character evouta
official b.w.g.p (29 days ago)
Peter Parker and Miguel O'Hare
Sinceré Acéro (1 month ago)
I met Thor... well Chris Hemsworth. I live near his old house.
Sinceré Acéro (1 month ago)
Hela just overwrites this whole video.
Ultra instinct Frieza (1 month ago)
In the first avenger hulk could't hold the hammer
Frankie Valerio (1 month ago)
How I would react if I saw Thor’s hammer: Me: Hmm I wonder if I can pick this up *Uses all my strength* Thor: Uhh what are u doing? Me: *Finally lifts Thor’s hammer* *Then thunder destroys everything* Me: Here u go. Thor:......Ok
Samuel Green (1 month ago)
What about Beta Ray Bill? He lifted the hammer, didn't he?
Gaming with Dylan (1 month ago)
Vision lift it because he is not a mortal and thor is not a mortal
Raees Khan (1 month ago)
Legend has it that Captain America resisted to pick up Thor's hammer for a unknown reason.
Gale Manderville (1 month ago)
What about hela
SAÇMA (1 month ago)
you forgot spiderman
Emotey (1 month ago)
wtf is "Mylnir"
Philip Chacko (1 month ago)
wat about Thor's evil sister ?
Mr Crap (1 month ago)
You forgot groot in the infinity war
Seth Winters (1 month ago)
Stan Lee lifted the hammer in a fan made video. He was a janitor and picked it up to move it out of his way while he was cleaning and nobody saw that. Later on, Thor comes back and is confused how it was moved.
Mason Bruno (1 month ago)
Why u always lieing
Aarron Koshy (1 month ago)
What about Hela, Thor’s sister? She destroyed it with 1 hand in Ragnarock.
Deyl_gamer Acosta (1 month ago)
hela can pick up
Delimar Virella (1 month ago)
Femenine version of god is goddess. Storm would be a goddess.
AK48smoker (1 month ago)
is it sentient? it seems to be tempered with pragmatism. supes got to use it because right time right place, but after that? fuck u fly boy.
neil gwaba (1 month ago)
they cant lift the hammer but the table can. so why not lift the table instead? RIP logic boys.
SurvivalGamer hacker (1 month ago)
Nina Kim (1 month ago)
That X-men girl - Stormcaster Thor in Infinity War - Stormbreaker . . . When U have a storm caster hammer u will need storm breaker to break it...
Tanish Singh (1 month ago)
Odin and hela also
Jabeen Naaz (1 month ago)
Please reply
Wade Wilson (1 month ago)
Where's Wonder Woman
Rainbow6ixSiege (1 month ago)
Hela broke it...😂
Jabeen Naaz (1 month ago)
In mcu only 4 characters lifted thor hammer Hella Odin Vision Groot
MrFlimFlam (1 month ago)
You missed one and that’s Thor
Jason Stanley (1 month ago)
Who grants the powers to the people who lift it
Elmeera Cheryl (1 month ago)
-Thor -Vision -Hela ( Thor's sister ) ( broke it ) -Odin ( maybe ) I think just that no one can hold Thor's hammer
MD Kashif (1 month ago)
0:50 is funny
Vinod Shah (1 month ago)
Vijay Challani (1 month ago)
Khalid Ali (1 month ago)
Black widow could have lifted the hammer! My gawd! I think in the future movies... black widow can lift the hammer
Reversed Sadoh (1 month ago)
bro in the ultimate universe thors hammer is a tech one not a magic one thats why magneto and hulk could lift it
Rupa Parashar (1 month ago)
fake vidio
Mayank Rawat (1 month ago)
Lod u Superman DC mei aata😂
Antoine Jones (1 month ago)
A female version of Thor is Horr ... LoL
Let me ask, why is superman on marvel?
Comics: Hulk lifting thor's hammer, Movies: Hulk tries to get up while the hammer is heavy
Boston Celtics (1 month ago)
VIVA614 (1 month ago)
that's bullshit
DR POKEBLOX BLA BLA (1 month ago)
Characters who lifted thor hammer:all of us...why?beacause it's a toy😉😉
Shivani Vijayesh (1 month ago)
hulk cannot take third hammer
Fathima Sulthana (1 month ago)
easy I can easily lift and I am just 2 years old
The gaming Bacon (1 month ago)
I could barely hear this guy
Alex Ettenberger (1 month ago)
Silver Surfer as well
Yogesh Sharma (1 month ago)
make video for the hulk fact in hindi
KWait Kwait (1 month ago)
That's not true
DazzlingM GT (1 month ago)
Its just comic
Divanture Pal (1 month ago)
Well to bad Loki’s dead
Berting Labra (1 month ago)
can saitama can lift thors hammer
prasanna kumari (1 month ago)
Spidey 2099
Spe4tZ 2 (1 month ago)
Can you pls subscribe to my channel?? Pls pls
Kamlesh Yadav (1 month ago)
Hulk can never pick up Thor's hammer
Monica Litz (1 month ago)
I love how evryone is like "Ummmmmmmmm...." when vision lifted thors hammer XD
Ali Kalesha (1 month ago)
manboiman (1 month ago)
vision has a infinity stone in his forehead
Ruby Minecart (1 month ago)
They lifted the hammer on comics why u maded that
Ruby Minecart (1 month ago)
Fake all fake
Alec Bicasan (1 month ago)
Its cartons
Awesome Kid (1 month ago)
Blazing Wolf (1 month ago)
You missed out Wonder Woman
Ileana Kaulave (1 month ago)
JasonGamingYT JayDaOne (1 month ago)
bichitra parida (1 month ago)
Green hulk can't
Dc Pradhan (1 month ago)
From where did superman come he is in DC
Ankit Chanchal (1 month ago)
What about HELA And ODIN? And until now you have only talked about lifts in the comics, not in the Movies
KRAZE (1 month ago)
You mad
Hans Po (1 month ago)
Vission can lift Thors hammer because Vission is a robot.
c_vee12 (1 month ago)
Number 11: Sam Winchester 😂
Sonu Singh (1 month ago)
Odin lifty
Sonu Singh (1 month ago)
And hela Lift hammer
Sonu Singh (1 month ago)
I am groot lift Thor hammer in avenger infity war
Gage Simmons (1 month ago)
U forgot hela bro
Harshan Singh (1 month ago)
i have also lifted thor's hammar😆😆
Alexes Managat (1 month ago)
Wonder Woman is also a god.
Ban Syiem (1 month ago)
I can lift Thor's hammer hundreds of them at the same time

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