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Minecraft Bukkit Plugin - Census signs - How many players are in a region

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tell how many players are in a region and what players are online simple signs [online] playername color [census] name download : http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/census-signs/ thanks for watching guys
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Text Comments (21)
Benjamin Brickner (4 years ago)
Does this work for multiple worlds??
ALEX B.L.V.D (4 years ago)
...players will get tokens after... (sorry I missed it)
ALEX B.L.V.D (4 years ago)
Variation, I'm planning to start a server can you do some videos that will help me make a HUB and something like a plugin that players will get after they win a mini game and then can spend them for power ups. Last thing... I would really like you do a video on some tips and tricks to making a server. Thank You
PortalsUnite (4 years ago)
Variation i am starting a pixelmon server and i dont know what protection plugin is good. I wont have factions so thats why i want to know. Please help
NoLimit_ (4 years ago)
Do libshungergames plugin
TheSpeedCola1 (4 years ago)
What's your server IP?
Harvey Mods (4 years ago)
Can I put your youtube name on my server
Daniel S (4 years ago)
This plugin is great! I habe searched it for hours!
PandaCrafterz (4 years ago)
Hi, My friend's name is TheBeastCrafter1 and we can't fit his name on the [online] sign... Is there a way I can still get his name on there? Thanks, Ben
Freddie Frillman (4 years ago)
Help! One of my plugins won't load! It's called "Citizens"! Please help!
Cade Griffin (4 years ago)
do zombieR or survival games please
Ruud Van Lingen (4 years ago)
Please make a video how to make a server without hamachi
Ruud Van Lingen (4 years ago)
Please make a video how to make a server without hamachi
yassine magri (4 years ago)
NIce plugin Like Thank you Thank you
JJCunningCreeper (4 years ago)
Hey Variation! Would u mind creating a playlist on all minigames/games plugins which you have reviewed and can u review more please? Thanks! =D Love yr vids!
JJCunningCreeper (4 years ago)
Thanks! =D Happy New Year, Variation! 
VariationVault (4 years ago)
sure, ill put together a playlist :D
Beanonaboard (4 years ago)
Nice useful plugin!
ElDerezzed (4 years ago)
create a plugin for a save inventory in a sign, and a load inventory (:
Crafty (4 years ago)
Cool man!!!!
PowerStudios1000 (4 years ago)

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