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Watch Dogs Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 1 (PC)

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Watch Dogs Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 1 (PC) Leave a LIKE on this video for more! Subscribe for more! ► http://goo.gl/yCQnEn Check out Watch Dogs here ► http://goo.gl/oR6l6c Ubisoft Nordic on twitter - http://twitter.com/ubisoftnordic ● Livestreams: http://www.twitch.tv/keralis ● Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/iamkeralis ● Twitter: http://bit.ly/KeralisTwitter ● Facebook: http://on.fb.me/Keralis ● Website: http://www.keralis.net ● US Store: http://keralis.spreadshirt.com/ ● EU Store: http://keralis-eu.spreadshirt.net/ ● UK Store: http://keralis-uk.spreadshirt.net/ Enjoy!
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Text Comments (633)
Aman Hassanain (1 month ago)
Can i plqy in 256 vram
LukeTheRevhead (1 month ago)
The game is more than awesome
m (1 month ago)
I remember watching your minecraft vidoes i loved it
Subham Prasad (2 months ago)
pc requirment?
BaneCleaver (3 months ago)
damn man ur awesome
Silvanus Tech (4 months ago)
Bro what r the specs of ur PC?
Movies cut seens (5 months ago)
bro how to open skill treee
Michele Harmon (7 months ago)
123456789 mm
Frieda Sheya (7 months ago)
Does it work on i3 processor intel 4gb ram 256 gb storage Plz reply
Josiah Kamanu (8 months ago)
Has stopped working
Potato_Gaming (9 months ago)
i finished the 3 times on my ps3
Pankaj Sethi (9 months ago)
ooh love this gameplay
M.M TECH TECHO (9 months ago)
how did you got the game
Khalique Ahmed (9 months ago)
It have cheats
Youshaa Faisal (9 months ago)
What is your graphic card.
Vivek yadav (10 months ago)
This game was so cool I like it
Luana Emidio (10 months ago)
Nao entendi uma palavra do video, mas o jogo é muito bom
JOHN CENA (10 months ago)
Keralis ,your pc's specifications
Xanxus MinYou (10 months ago)
Hey Keralis, not sure if you'd see this comment, or even remember the answer to the question I'm bout to ask. But do you think you can tell me what's the setting you've used for this quality of gameplay? E.g: The mouse setting etc. Thanks!
Hacked Meme (11 months ago)
Lmao who's watching this cuz its free right now to see if its worth it xD
LukeTheRevhead (1 month ago)
Centurion G4 (11 months ago)
Are you running this game at max settings?
Rashid Khan (1 year ago)
Sir please tell me this game run in corei3 or not
Andres Miguel Paguio (1 year ago)
sir can I ask something about the game. Cus my watch dogs, doesnt have sounds when the character speak. The only sounds is effects other stuffs in outdoor. the people in the watch dogs. my character when he speak. it doesnt have sounds. How can I fix this. would you please help me.
THE champion (1 year ago)
Is this game like gta v
Preetish Gungabissoon (1 year ago)
Will the game work fine on nvidia geforce 940mx 4gb, 8gb ram?
RAMIZ AMER CH (1 year ago)
Its a bit like the American Season Person of Interest in the start ! All that hacking and choking that son of a bitch and shit ! By the way Mind blowing Gameplay !
Sudeep Ghosh (1 year ago)
is this game runs in 8gb ram without graphic card
EM zee (1 year ago)
I completed Call of Duty World at War on a pentium laptop with 2gb ram too. But it sucked, you know. Couldn't get the same experience I'd get with a graphic card.
Sudeep Ghosh (1 year ago)
man you don't know anything I just completed that game in 8 gb ram without graphic card. I really completed this
EM zee (1 year ago)
nope :(
Bob S. (1 year ago)
Mouse wheel isn't opening the skill tree. Anybody else having problems?
Bunny Arjun (1 year ago)
Press '+' key from your keyboard to open skill tree...
Mackee Dee Grappler (1 year ago)
It's better graphics than sleeping dogs :) nice gameplay dude..
DoomDriver32 (1 year ago)
Just played Watch Dogs in the weekend.. And gotta say this is one good ass game :p I love just driving around and If you're thinking of what to become like career wise this game is perfect for you.. And Keralis if you read this please do a playthrough of the new Watch Dogs 2!!!
HeroWS (1 year ago)
LeGrimReaper (1 year ago)
65k for a high school teacher... da faq?
Krish Patel (1 year ago)
Hi keralis, can you tell me your pc specs
alindastar (1 year ago)
If you are not doing voice-overs by now... you've missed your calling. Thanks for the tips.
MyAcer20 (1 year ago)
my fucking sound is not working i ownly have the subtitles and no voice sound how is this possible ?
Dallin Lee (1 year ago)
can't believe this has been almost 3 years ago.
Miguelangel Canchica (3 months ago)
CZDark (1 year ago)
Noooo!! Not the Sheep!!!!
XXXLittle_Vlogger88 (1 year ago)
a good guy
alexander troyak (1 year ago)
The nostalgia
subham kumar sahoo (1 year ago)
can i run it in win 8 32 bit
You only mentioned your OS. No, you can't. 32 bit.
premma nayagam (1 year ago)
bro give the link to download the game my laptop is lenovo g50 specification of my lap is i3 core,4 GB ram as I play the game on my laptop plz give the link to download the game and check I play on that laptop
Emerald Forge (2 years ago)
Anshul Sringeri (2 years ago)
He stole from a guy with cancer XD i'm so done
XboXeXplorer125 (1 year ago)
Anshul Sringeri when
Ahmad Badran (2 years ago)
how to save to when i reached i always open it the they tell me new game there is no continue can someone help plz
Aziz Hizem (2 years ago)
nice video man your si funny
john bales (2 years ago)
[GD]Storyswap Chara (1 year ago)
john bales it's not that fun unless you play with a friend
Alien Gaming (1 year ago)
RobinFarid VLOGS (2 years ago)
which key to press to open skill tree
Bunny Arjun (1 year ago)
Press '+' key from your keyboard to open skill tree...
The YouTube traveler (2 years ago)
you do it on your phone
sadams69100 (2 years ago)
You speaking is what ruined the video for me. better luck next time.
Blake Hum3r (2 years ago)
+sadams69100 meh. I know accents can be hard for people. Maybe try radbrad?
sadams69100 (2 years ago)
Lalaine De Leon (2 years ago)
Is it a first person game
The YouTube traveler (2 years ago)
Lalaine De Leon (2 years ago)
UnicornLeandraYT (2 years ago)
XboXeXplorer125 (1 year ago)
The first version of GTA I played was san andreas at age 7
perez (2 years ago)
my team won the superbowl when the black out happened LETS GO RAVENS NATION but now xD
JoshIPro (2 years ago)
This game is more like gta then other games iv seen
Streakstopper (2 years ago)
The memories lol
Nandy (2 years ago)
Watching this again after getting Watch_Dogs on sale, and I'm reminded of what a hilarious derp Keralis is. XD
2_FAT_2_FLY OR WALK (2 years ago)
wtf??? I know you rom your super pirate battle royal (minecraft) with sokar..... LOVED IT!
Kaustav 02 (2 years ago)
hey man can I play it on these specs: i7 5960x 64gb ddr4 tan 4 × NVIDIA GEForce GTX titan x
Buildpucipuci02 (2 years ago)
+Ryuga Gaming Nah we are kidding like one titan x is enough and 8 gb of ram. And the cpu is good.
Prakhar Saxena (2 years ago)
nearly unplayable....
Buildpucipuci02 (2 years ago)
no 4 gtx titan x will get u like 1-2 fps on that game
Kaustav 02 (2 years ago)
and of course i havr dircect x 12 and windows 10 pro OS
wanka willy (2 years ago)
How Much the graphic and ram you need to Wach dogs
the next comment is (2 years ago)
how much the grammar and English you need run: 'english' ?
Fawwaz Wafiy (2 years ago)
green slimeXD (2 years ago)
Im green slimexd
CARBON OO7 (2 years ago)
really wanted to play this game man :(
Sathvik Purushotham (2 years ago)
having problem in stating the game 0x00007b error anyone know how to solve this pls help me
Hyped Gamer (2 years ago)
+Sathvik Purushotham Report it to Ubisoft, if you bought the game.
Sathvik Purushotham (2 years ago)
+ddon47 yes... I have brought d game... and by d way there way there was some error in a dll file had to fix it that's all and d game worked !!
ddon47 (2 years ago)
+Sathvik Purushotham Buy The Game.
T. S. Simonsen (2 years ago)
"Where is a potention crime." Turns around.
Primsdag (2 years ago)
very cool
khabchitv abdelilah (2 years ago)
is there a game called watch cats ??
anshumaan chandra (2 years ago)
no but there is a game called sleeping dogs
Gilad Grinberg (2 years ago)
+khabchitv abdelilah LOL
Sumanth Krishna (2 years ago)
do u need a gaming mouse for this??
Sumanth Krishna (2 years ago)
dude do u need a gaming mouse for this game??
OGfranz (2 years ago)
+Sumanth krishna Well yeah, it's preferable. But not mandatory. If you play this with a gaming mouse you won't automatically be any better than you were before. Gaming mice just offer more features such as a higher DPI, Extra buttons, improved ergonomics, optical sensors with some (as oppose to laser sensors), and of course, with some (especially razer), fucking epileptic lights at 1000 lumens etc.
Sumanth Krishna (2 years ago)
dude do u need a gaming mouse for this game??
Hyped Gamer (2 years ago)
If you want some extra buttons to press, yes. But its optionally
The Spirity (3 years ago)
Bro..this game rocks!
jordan sharma (3 years ago)
Can i run this game in ultra or high quality at smooth frames ? My Laptop Spec:- Processor - i7 intel core 2.00 Ghz Windows :- 10 Graphic Card :- Nvida Gefore Gt 840 M 2 Gb Ram- 8 Gb DDR3 Thank You ...
Oscar Holloway (3 years ago)
+jordan sharma You can probably do shader at Ultra High but everything else just high
anamika dhawan (3 years ago)
Can I run ati radeon hd 5450 2gb i3 2120 3.30ghz 4gb ram
sherin anna (3 years ago)
guys pls help... at 5:41 the suddenly stops.... ny1 pls hlp... :(
Hugo Skagerö (3 years ago)
Cor Hendriks (3 years ago)
TheUltimateGamers (3 years ago)
use bandicam
Angel Castellanos (3 years ago)
how much did the game cost keralis
Theodor Butters (3 years ago)
+Angel Castellanos 60 euros
I am Unknown (3 years ago)
Hey Keralis can you tell me your uplay username so we can be friends
I am Unknown (3 years ago)
+I am Unknown I have sent a request to username KEralis if you are the owner please accept it its of raedon0406
TiNe TiNe (3 years ago)
hi Keralis, I just want to ask what is you system specs..? i want my game to be as smooth as your game. thank you.
Shinazuma Gaming (3 years ago)
Benito Mussolini (3 years ago)
Can you do a series on Middle earth shadow of mordor? Because I am getting that in a few weeks and I would like to see you play it.
Jerin Jacob (3 years ago)
can i play watch dogs with 2gb ram and AMD ATI-radeon R7 2gb graphics card
Swapnil Iqbal (3 years ago)
+Jerin Jacob maybe at the lowest res and settings but i doubt it
Anindya Chakravarty (3 years ago)
IDk why, but does anyone else get feeling of Sleeping dogs? I mean, the hideout and the type of character..I just feel that way.
Camille Hedehøj (3 years ago)
Face kam
samith hegde (3 years ago)
Somebody please reply fast. Can I run this game on NVidia GeForce GT 610 with MINIMUM SETTINGS? (1024x768)
antonne walker (3 years ago)
+samith hegde  honestly not really unless u like 5fps
whats that lag
BriceTheGamer (3 years ago)
Both are low
Ecstasy_Of _Agony (3 years ago)
Also, i've discovered this assuming you have the RELOADED version.  How to launch WATCH_DOGS game properly (0xc0000142 error fix) 1) Install the game RELOADED version  2) Copy the original crack into C:/Program Files/Ubisoft/WATCH_DOGS/bin 3) Install the Hotfix-RELOADED update but when prompted where to install, REMOVE the second WATCH_DOGS(which is on the right) given on the installation path              like this : C:/Program Files/Ubisoft/WATCH_DOGS/WATCH_DOGS        4) Copy the Hotfix crack into C:/Program Files/Ubisoft/WATCH_DOGS/bin       5) Launch the game via Watch_Dogs.exe found inside the same "bin" folder
MR.Darkwood (3 years ago)
I love Watchdogs!!!
Gasko Gaskovich (3 years ago)
okay can i shoot people like in gta? Not that i would, just asking...
Rafi M (3 years ago)
Marcuzb147 (3 years ago)
Yes you can, but only online though, otherwise your reputation would go down.
Ganesh Harris (3 years ago)
Ya this is a mix of gta batman arkham and assassins creed
Your reputation would go down, which if you're a menace or an anarchist, people call ghe cops when the news is up.
Therapy Gaming (3 years ago)
Connor Dillon (3 years ago)
did the story writers for this game go like, "uggh writing stories is SOO BORING, lets just use the plot for EVERY AC game ever
Jaden Watson (3 years ago)
I like your video
DunklerJägerZach (3 years ago)
Damn.. the graphic so good... I don't know whether my pc can handle it or not...
siddhant midha (3 years ago)
Hey Keralis, I am downloading this game will it work?
frank beans (3 years ago)
Just found you, pretty awesome walkthrough on watch dogs..I enjoyed your commentary very much.
Tirthankar Mazumder (10 months ago)
I agree. Amazing commentary and the slight accent made some parts of it so much better!
James Willday (4 years ago)
She died on my b day
TheBossMan LT (4 years ago)
Use bandicam
Zach Glindro (3 years ago)
Bandicam sucks
Aazaroth (4 years ago)
The Game is good with fucked up graphics jeez!..
Kristiāns Āboliņš (4 years ago)
your voice is too loud!!!!
Kelly Ross (4 years ago)
The voices are a bit low
lol i bims (4 years ago)
I have loved this game on ps3

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