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EPIC Rick and Morty Theme (Cover)

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Now available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/epic-rick-and-morty-theme/id1032596371?i=1032596372 Track 4 of Epic Renditions: An epic cover of Ryan Elder's amazing theme to one of my favourite shows, Rick and Morty. All samples this time courtesy of the lovely folks at www.SpitfireAudio.com - Wubalubadubdub! Samples used: BML Flutes BML Mural BML Horns BML Trumpets BML Bones BML Low Brass Hans Zimmer Percussion Spitfire Percussion
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Text Comments (214)
Emily Lee (4 days ago)
This would be great for if they ever made a movie
Marie Carie (2 months ago)
Please, PLEASE extend this!!! One minute is simply not enough!
MICHAEL JONES (2 months ago)
JAH David (3 months ago)
Please do Gravity Falls!
singingsun04 (4 months ago)
Meanwhile on the Series Finale of Rick and Morty in the year 2600
Megane Yasutora (4 months ago)
Rick and morty the movie
TeeOnTheBeat (4 months ago)
Jeff Photo Marketing (5 months ago)
Maurice (5 months ago)
if they make a movie they should use this
Jason Smith (6 months ago)
This would be good for an epic confrontation with Rick and Evil Morty or when Rick goes up against an army with an army of his own. Or when he finally finds a universe with Szechuan sauce xD
Drake M (6 months ago)
Rick and Morty the movie intro. No? No takers?
ShinyZ (6 months ago)
RICK AND MORTY The movie Rated R For bad Words DO IT JUSTIN! DO IT!
Moisés Prado (7 months ago)
Brayant Bonilla (7 months ago)
i cant wait for the movie
Lucifear (7 months ago)
The Ocelot Channel (8 months ago)
Who else just clicks on stuff that is Rick And Morty to find the funny jokes about Rick and Morty or see the fellow nerds?
Michael Setiawan (9 months ago)
This should be the finale ending theme
grail68 (9 months ago)
The bells got me. It's all about the bells.
Nien Numb (9 months ago)
Ya ha ha
PrimeJackup24 (9 months ago)
Sounds like you would hear this on space mountain!
Kyuranex Gaming (9 months ago)
This should be the theme for the season 3 finale By the way, ALL ABOARD THE SEASON 3 FINALE HYPE TRAIN!
Andreolina Catering (9 months ago)
FijiUnited (9 months ago)
Rick and Morty and Samus
Jhon Arwood (9 months ago)
This could be the music in the final episode in a battle against there every enemy, or just evil Morty. Or it could be in the Rick and Morty movie
Emmett L. Brown (10 months ago)
The 34 people that disliked were Council Members.
Emmett L. Brown (10 months ago)
This is basically if John Williams composed the Rick and Morty intro.
Guilherme Martins (10 months ago)
looks like a dota 2 theme
Jesse rule (10 months ago)
is there anyways you guys can do a longer verson this is to epic to leave so short
Satanic Snowflake (10 months ago)
It would be awesome to make a extended version of this
Erikz321 (10 months ago)
And for the final episode of season 3....
White Kidzpop Clean Edits (10 months ago)
This will play when they try to make a live movie adaptation in 30 years like all nostalgic tv shows
speed Stanley (10 months ago)
if they make a Rick and Morty movie this should be the theme
Hetific (8 months ago)
It is the theme song in begining
Connor Fraser (10 months ago)
This makes me want a Rick and Morty movie so bad!!!!! If they don't consider making a movie,...... They better shove a seed waaaaaay up their butts!
jordesqu (10 months ago)
If this was ever made into a movie I would soooooo watch t
Deppresso Esspresso (10 months ago)
you have to wait 0 seconds for it to be any good, I can't believe how bad people are these days NO BODY HAS TIME TO WAIT TILL IT GETS GOOD dislike
Panicky Productions (10 months ago)
This would be the intro to the movie if they made one.
MinecraftMaster 64 (10 months ago)
The cover for the rick and morty movie
deathworm2000 (10 months ago)
Grass taste bad!
Miguel Garcia94 (10 months ago)
Rick and Morty season 4 or the movie
Youssef Li (10 months ago)
If Hans Zimmer composed for R&M
This would be a good intro for a rick and morty movie
RandomPersonXIII (10 months ago)
If they ever made a live action Rick and Morty, this would be the trailer theme.
CrazyCam19 (10 months ago)
This sounds like something off of super smash bros haha.
CentraPlex (10 months ago)
Can you put this on new grounds
Nicholas Gregoire (11 months ago)
Oh jeez,Rick.Th-This theme is pretty epic
Kot337 (11 months ago)
i had fucking chills man
Aden John (11 months ago)
Logan. (11 months ago)
my alexa played this
Khamrin Harvey (11 months ago)
This is the theme for Morty vs evil Morty
David Fenton (11 months ago)
I would be epic if we had rick and morty movie
Joosek Michael (11 months ago)
Can you possibly... for the love of God, be an absolute hero for all of us, and make a long version from this piece of epicness!? I mean holy shit!! :D
Eibborify (11 months ago)
this is gianormous
Kodi Sanders (11 months ago)
Reminds me a bit of the Doctor Who opening theme
Troll Dad Gaming (11 months ago)
Amazing 👌
David Fenton (1 year ago)
Be good opening them for a movie 🎥
David Turner (1 year ago)
Cody Taylor (1 year ago)
This sounds like Metroid Prime.
Joker (1 year ago)
The One True Morty vs Evil Morty theme
Haru Saki (1 year ago)
where can i get that pic ? that is so cool
mauro perchia (1 year ago)
0:36 the actual cover starts
M4L Animations (1 year ago)
Can I use this for a Rick and Morty Fan Animation i'm working on? It's nearly complete. I will credit you of course.
MICHAEL JONES (2 months ago)
Bro I Wish u did!
Steven universe ._.- (1 year ago)
me: WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB stranger: wut
Anthony Ospina (1 year ago)
Please excuse me but this is fucking amazing!!!!!!! Thank you sooo much!
Exerect 16 (1 year ago)
This should be like in a movie if they are going even have one I hope so
Kyle MacGillivray (1 year ago)
sounds like star wars and Rick and Morty had a child
Raphael Phua (1 year ago)
Uh oh, *SUMMER* sault jump!
Courtney Rawson (1 year ago)
I like how Rick has no fucks given
gerarturo (1 year ago)
Metálisis (1 year ago)
0:36 this is amazing
RickandMortyfan776 (1 year ago)
This would be the main theme of the movie if Roiland and Harmon made one.
WendyChi Forever (1 year ago)
I have to, do this for band class
VarSil (1 year ago)
Nightmare Nexus (1 year ago)
I just came to look at da photo
Pete Madrona (1 year ago)
This intro cover is [click] okay! Nah, nah, seriously, it's so amazing! As if the original wasn't already great enough.
GameIdiots T.V (1 year ago)
this should be the theme for a movie rendition
JuryHat09 (1 year ago)
I got the chills from how good that was
RickandMortyfan776 (1 year ago)
Wubba Lubba dub dub
Bob Tibbles (1 year ago)
Sounds great! but imagine an extended version. :o
Shmatt S (1 year ago)
Please make an extended version!
Peridot Is a clod (1 year ago)
this theme is epic and I can prove it mathematically
The SpeakingBread (1 year ago)
everyone share this to Roilands tweeter account or something
Wolf 098 (1 year ago)
The beginning sounds like something out of Tron
Randy Butternubbs (1 year ago)
And that's the waaaaaaaay the views go
TerribilisScriptor (1 year ago)
will you ever do an extended version of this? it sounds amazing!
TerribilisScriptor (1 year ago)
this REALLY shows hoe DR.WHO-inspired rick and mortys show and theme is.
Tracey Raymundo (1 year ago)
Eddie M (1 year ago)
The theme for the Rick and Morty movie
GoldEagle 0949 (1 year ago)
sounds a little like CoD zombies
The cool gamer z (1 year ago)
I'm going to try to do a rick and morty fan film or tv show so if you want to see one expect some announcements coming soon.
Joshua Moore (1 year ago)
*Rick and Morty movie theme*
Xander Prime (1 year ago)
If they ever make a movie, PLEASE, THIS HAS TO BE THE INTRO!
run morty!!!!!! RUUUN!!!!!
Peep (1 year ago)
That is the strangest Beth I have ever seen.
AlexDeGhost (1 year ago)
This theme WILL play when Rick finally gets his Mulan dipping sauce!
Cluedo yeah. (1 year ago)
Sounds like an Age of Empire song
_This song truly Is epic. It deserves an extension._
Camilo Andres Peralta (1 year ago)

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