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Dragon Ball Xenoverse - GT Saga! (Walkthrough #41)

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Text Comments (25)
Casa Pocha (2 years ago)
megusta tu vineo y eres un capo
Caleb Jo (2 years ago)
what if its a hundred dollars
AnimeGamer1 (3 years ago)
is this also a x box one game
Jaygotclout Goku (3 years ago)
the tail
BantaSaurus139 (3 years ago)
I need help!! I really want this DLC but I can't find it on the Xbox games store please help (360)
Sherry Ramos (3 years ago)
He say ed that goku dies and then vegeta gets angry and vegeta blows up freiza but he say ed it was in the comics he never say ed in the movie
Greg Willis (3 years ago)
Greg Willis (3 years ago)
Thanks crunchy for ruining the vid I had to skip the baby fight because you were spoiling revival of f
Adamayawaya (3 years ago)
U could have grabbed his tail when his shields down to do more damage leading to faster kill just a friendly tip crunchy
Robert Alexander (3 years ago)
IssaDregon (3 years ago)
What is the outro song?
Hecto Villafana (3 years ago)
You should change your clothes
Alex San Juan (3 years ago)
Aye yo crunchy how can I get to play with you on Xenoverse ?
Wisifox (3 years ago)
SSJ4 Goku's hair isn't long like that...
Kanisha Reed (3 years ago)
Its sill bad ass
Dark Mudkip (3 years ago)
Why is his character dead?
TheAtlasProject (2 years ago)
Its an accessory you get from a 7 star parallel wuest called Angel Halo
Dark Mudkip (3 years ago)
vDecimal (3 years ago)
Legit_Dinosaur (3 years ago)
Nice video friend ^^ looks awesome!! ^^ 
Why goku why u die! Wtf!
ShawnnThaGoat (3 years ago)
xenoverse livestream like if its a good idea
ShawnnThaGoat (3 years ago)
+bluejaden_11 just playing online with subs for an hour
Flat Top Bop (3 years ago)
Sup crunchy

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