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Coding Best The Music For Kid 123

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☺Welcome My Friend. ☺Educational Cartoons and Games for Kids. ☺Free Kids Games Here ... ♥ Do not forget to watch our other videos. ♥ Thank you for watching videos . ♥ Please subscribe to the channel. 😀😍❤😀😍❤😀😍 A completely free interactive musical that teaches basic coding concepts to kids aged 4 to 8, designed specifically for girls! Children are introduced to coding by creating their own characters and building their own musical story worlds. The purpose of "Coding, the Musical" is to get girls engaging with computer science in a fun, playful and extremely creative environment so that they fall in love with coding and want to learn more! 20 beautifully animated interactive stories, 60 songs, 40 games and 5 fundamental coding concepts - lots of learning, lots of fun! "What a fun way to introduce coding to young kids! There are almost endless options for building the story. Even though the app was written for elementary aged kids, even adults could learn some of the essentials from this charming app." - Smart Apps For Kids "I wish I had this as a child, it takes what can be quite a dry topic and makes it simple, fun and engaging." - Kelsey Murphy-Drummond, Senior Developer at Salesforce "What a great way to introduce kids to coding. Concepts are encountered in a fun way first, then elaborated on later in the program. Let's hope this inspires a generation of kids to take up computer science." - Kris Urbas, Senior Software Engineer at Research Gate "This app is fab! So colorful and engaging! Girls are going to absolutely love it! And even I understand what coding is about now. What a great fun way to learn. Highly recommended." - Karen El Falaki, Drama teacher and Musical Director at Berlin Metropolitan School Learning features: - Learn coding by making a musical. - Creative, interactive and fun! - Unpacks the most important fundamental coding concepts. - Develops logical thinking and sequencing. - Completely immersive, easy to use interface, no coding knowledge needed. - Oral instructions and guidance mean children don't have to be able to read. Core coding concepts: World 1: Arrays, directional functions and booleans World 2: Variables and conditionals The "Coding, the Musical" method was developed by elementary school teacher Leah Hinton, in consultation with numerous teachers and developers, and with the help of children and parents around the world. Coding for kids - teach your child coding and prepare them for a bright future! Detail: https://itunes.apple.com/vn/app/coding-the-musical/id1314956964?mt=8
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