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[TF2] The 10 Stages of Every TF2 Trader

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Each and every trader changes as they progress through their trading career Let's break down this change into 10 stages for maximum hilarity. Oh boy, the first video since being on summer break and it had to be a huge ambitious one. Since a ton of effort went into making this video, I want to give a massive shoutout to everyone who helped me along the way. Hamaji Neo - For inspiring me and allowing me to steal his idea Fluxe - For designing the sfm portion of the thumbnail Dwarfish - For creating the first 5 stage animations Stuffed - For creating the last 5 stage animations Literally all my subscribers - For waiting 10 years for another video Also, join my discord server for all things trading! https://discord.gg/Twb8SKY ――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― ● Hud: Bud Hud ● Twitter: Twitter.com/VirtualTF ● Main Music: KonoSuba: 04. 女神様 ● Outro Music: Vexento - Staring At The Lights ● Outro SFM made by Apple https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAppleJhon ● SFM Thumbnail made by Fluxe https://steamcommunity.com/id/41459/ https://twitter.com/NotFakeFluxe ● SFM Stage Animations 1-5 made by Dwarfish https://steamcommunity.com/id/Dwarfish/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwrHFf2lPVLv8I6-bBXATLw ● SFM Stage Animations 6-10 made by Stuffed https://steamcommunity.com/id/stuffedbutter/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXsqmABGRz7ZvQYbF12qu7g ――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― Thanks for watching!
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TheVirtualEconomist (3 months ago)
Hope everyone enjoyed the video! Since a ton of effort went into making this video, I want to give a massive shoutout to everyone who helped me along the way. Hamaji Neo - For inspiring me and allowing me to steal his idea Fluxe - For designing the sfm portion of the thumbnail Dwarfish - For creating the first 5 stage animations Stuffed - For creating the last 5 stage animations Literally all my subscribers - For waiting 10 years for another video Join my discord server for all things trading! https://discord.gg/Twb8SKY Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/VirtualTF And for all those asking: I would say I am personally at stage 9. I've been pretty lazy about trading throughout the last year :p
leon springer (1 month ago)
Zombieking 23311 (1 month ago)
You literally done nothing what the hell is the point of making videos if the only thing you do is talk
Ytrewq Wertyq (2 months ago)
3:44 map name?
Stoney (2 months ago)
is what you said because dr.buddha's videos were outdated?
Gareth [WR] (2 months ago)
TheVirtualEconomist ten stages of every Demoknight
YeBoiSoul (6 hours ago)
I trade for fun, Hoovy stuff, y'know.
GetGutta (17 hours ago)
trading was cool when tf2 outpost was the go to website to trade. now its cold and lame
SNIKS (1 day ago)
Dude you can't say it was inspired it the same format.
CJWmort (2 days ago)
This is so true lmao i started watching these trading videos and wanted to trade too and then later found out that i need premium to trade
EmeraldPotato (2 days ago)
The wolf of wall street
Leo Plays (2 days ago)
What is the intro music
The Gaming Crusader (3 days ago)
Or even better get a job to afford keys and boxes then you won't be getting scammed all the fucking time.
MRMEG4 (3 days ago)
Can’t get past step 0
Kenraali (3 days ago)
I used to live for trading. tf2 and csgo. Made like 1500€ profit over 2-3 years, cashed all out recently cuz market was garbage
Archetype (3 days ago)
I wish people would trade with me but I have nothing good so I cant
part1cle (4 days ago)
Lego Chicken (2 days ago)
Edit: I gave it one more shot after watching one of your videos and over the weekend I traded my way to 2 keys just from buying and selling hats Idk if I’m just rlly good or if I just got rlly lucky either way I owe it all to you because if I hadn’t watched your video I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am or where I’ll be in the future
Zack WithaK (6 days ago)
Thirty five *fucking* ref for a key?!? I've been away from TF2 for a while and recently got back into it. What the hell did I miss?
강호연 (6 days ago)
I’m still on stage 4, what stage are you in?
Jacc With a b (8 days ago)
How i started Get game (spare mon with me) Blue moon crates apear Buy keys Git hatz _"...i can t r a d e this."_
Mr. Bonnie Bon (8 days ago)
I don't trade so I watched this and now I don't want to trade so I'll just waste money on hats because I've been seeing people that spend millions of dollars on that game and the own everything accept for those things that are a waste of money. Also not many people have those anymore and just get hat.
TheSlappingZebra (8 days ago)
And i'm still trying to learn how to buy stuff from bots on backpack.tf
Sensei (8 days ago)
3:48 map name?
AyyItsAido (9 days ago)
Back in 2017, I unboxed a disco beat down hong kong cone on my 2nd crate EVER, I then sold it and unboxed 2 more for goodluck where I got a scorching flames brotherhood of arms
Variklis (9 days ago)
i couldn't trade for a very long time but once i was finally able to i already had some pretty high value items at my disposal. as a result i now own some pimpin' cosmetics and have some great looking sets for each class! ...but no unusuals, sadly.
Natan titelbaum (9 days ago)
i bought keys the blue moon and the normal one stage 2
Natan titelbaum (9 days ago)
i have one question for the secret saxton what is the chance for a secret saxton to give a strange?
TheOverThinker (10 days ago)
Fun story, so, one time, a guy in a trading server offered me a skinned Crusaders Crossbow. I agreed, since I was going to go main Medic. Looking on backpack.tf, it costed about 1-2 ref. Not much, I had 3 ref anyway to dispose of. Since he had a trade hold, he said he was going to keep it for me, and I was excited. Not for the skin, but the price. Since HE didn't know the cost, but I filled him in, I managed to get it for 2 Mann Co. Crates, since he actually had quite a few keys apparently. I got a Civie Grade Minimal Wear Crusader's Crossbow for essentially free.
Officer Forbits (10 days ago)
You literally even stole the music from him. The funniest part is that proves how much you either don’t give a shit or how badly you need to leech content.
Oliver Dover (10 days ago)
I bought a key and got a red item lol was so happy first try lol
TBH, I never really cared that much for Unusuals, sure I've had one or two. But, as long as I have cosmetics then I'm fine.... if only VALVE allowed you to use your Email to trade instead of a phone.
RIP BLOB (10 days ago)
Didn't spend 2 hours in phase 3, was tryna buy a kritzkrieg for scrap and said "wtf i cant see my items" "because you're f2p..."
Soviet (11 days ago)
Hey going to ask from a pro trader,i own this rocket launcher,it's not even on backpack.tf nor on the steam market,can i can abit a help from you,how much do you think it's worth,heres my inv https://steamcommunity.com/id/SomeSombraMain/inventory/
de muffin boi (11 days ago)
Hamaji Neo look a-like
CoconutMan (11 days ago)
I thought this was a hamaji vid
AdmiralGrim (11 days ago)
I use to trade low-mid tier cosmetics not unusuals. First few days were alright,I'd get 3-4 ref profit. But later on people would just decline my trades if they're 1 scrap lower than bp.tf price.
The Cuddly Gamer (12 days ago)
I'm at stage 2 I can't get trades XD
xXtentionKord (13 days ago)
Lol I remember when I was new at tf2 some dude offerd a phlog and A strange sniper for my laughing taunt I accept cause I thought it was overpay
Jaxtapoz (13 days ago)
Why tf does this guy always use everyone else's ideas so frequently?
Robert Miles (13 days ago)
Fcffc. FT for cuff fc fcfff5fcC
xdude228 (13 days ago)
I had almost the inverse of the trading stages. When I first saw an Unusual, back in 2011, my first thought wasn't "Holy hell that's amazing I want 20", it was "I want to prove I'm better than that guy without ever touching one of those fancy hats". So instead of getting into trading, I started training and playing like crazy, to the point where I could dominate almost anybody wearing an Unusual and racked up nearly 30,000 kills on my rocket launcher. Before I decided to retire from the game to branch out and play other games, I even had a few Platinum and Gold highlander friends who would ask me to MGE them for anti-soldier training (Since I myself preferred more laid-back playing and not hyper competitive). I guess the whole point of this story is that Unusuals can push you to succeed in different ways than you would expect.
Lego Chicken (13 days ago)
I’ve spent over $500 in this game but my inventory is only worth about $40 maybe less cause I sold stuff to buy the stick of truth
Meh. (13 days ago)
I stopped trading when I realized "HEY I could just be saving money from my summer job and just buy the Australium instead"
Poptarts N’ Cereal (13 days ago)
I am so, so close to stage 5. Wish me luck!
Brosef Ballin (13 days ago)
Why the fuck does every top 10 youtuber have a faggy voice?
Juicy Juice (14 days ago)
Me: anyone have a free unusual? Everyone: go get a life loser Me: ask if anyone wants fiery cock? Everyone : ME!!!
RG-royal gaming (15 days ago)
I have 8 k on this game and I have no unusal
nerfdis (15 days ago)
Instructions unclear, sold 50 buck unusual for a spelled rocket launcher
a bridge (15 days ago)
Or just 1 mummys credit card
CEAN (17 days ago)
I quit trading
mydragons456YT (18 days ago)
im still in the scrap banking stage and yet its been almost a whole year sense i started trading (ps i use scrap.tf)
Bradley Barnett (19 days ago)
does enyone have a chicken kiev
Jacob The dude (20 days ago)
I probably wouldn't get to stage 5 mainly because I find most unusual ugly and perfer strange cosmetics more.
KrisGames bg (20 days ago)
Once i helped a guy and lost about 2 ref now we are best friends now and he gave me the ref back now he is trading unusuals
Gao Feng (21 days ago)
Anyone reached stage 10 and stopped playing tf2? (I’m at stage 9, neglected trading for 5 months alr...)
A Green Hedgehog (21 days ago)
...and here I am still trying to find a trade for a tough guys toque
wolfy boy (21 days ago)
so, being a TF2 trader has a UNhappy ending?
Andy Underlife (22 days ago)
I finnaly got from scrap making to my first hat! But then scrap tf2 stoped working for some reason and everyone is ignoring my help ticket and the support center
Tyler Mcquade (23 days ago)
I played tf2 for 5 years and I just learned to trade
Nøbødy (23 days ago)
i don't know in what stage i am...
Ze doctor (23 days ago)
I started low teir got bored and bought keys with my pocket money now that I have a job I still buy a few keys here and there
Emmicon (24 days ago)
this video makes me want to start playing tf2 again... but idk, should i do it?
blackboard212 (24 days ago)
i was in stage 6 when i stopped got to 22keys from 2ref (i scrapped a bunch of items i had to get my 2 ref haha) and traded for those sexy 1 scrap profits haha but i ended up getting a job and wanted to play some other games instead of trading for 12+hours a day so decided to cash out was a great experience would recommend it to anyone who enjoys profit.
Dutch Plays (25 days ago)
I once managed to sell a “stock” item to a retard that didnt figure out how to get the “deefalt” weapon. Basically i got a free killstreak direct hit... i did tell him how to get it back tho (the stock weapons)
*Toad Gamer* (26 days ago)
I'll stick with gibus, gibus is the best tf2 hat.
I use a fly unusual
BeckenPower (28 days ago)
When i was F2P i deleted all my stuff from achivments like unusual scrap metal or vision taunt and so on cuz i didnt have space in backpack for regular weapons which i thought are better, god i hate myself for that ;c
BeckenPower (28 days ago)
Last time i felt like trading i got so high i sold my Strange Profesional killstreak Australium Ambassador with headshots part on market and made amazing -$20 "profit" Im still kind of trader but i ended up keeping high tier stuff for my spy main and just playing with it, i allmost allways loose on trades :p
Banton b (28 days ago)
At stage 4-3 and it's just depressing to hear how it ends...
Cl Gaming (1 month ago)
I got my first cheap unusual at tf2mart.net It's not bad
Cl Gaming (1 month ago)
I got a unusual silver cyclone soldier Cemetery taunt (I forgot the name)
White Pikmin (1 month ago)
6:30 I used to love this place. But it soon became infested with friendly killing sniper war. D:
A Meme (1 month ago)
The one problem with me trading is this when you trade so much your gameplay really dries out and just becomes a trader I know a few people who are still good at the game and good at trading honestly I don't know how to do that
Mustafa (1 month ago)
This is so accurate I got to stage 7 with a 80 key noir unusual and got scammed off of it the same way you almost got scammed. That was 2 years ago today
KELTIC Brand (1 month ago)
Rip pyrofuzion
Dimerson (1 month ago)
Does anybody remember the good ol' times where a key only cost 12 ref?
The Wittless Wonder (1 month ago)
Dude, I just want the banana hat
Jordan Foster (1 month ago)
I remember in like 2010 joining all the trade servers starting out with nothing I eventually ended up with an ok unusual and worked my way up till i got a pretty decent one. There is much more satisfaction in earning an item through trade than just buying it off marketplace or steam.
Jesse Davis (1 month ago)
Video idea stolen
Harriss Jung (1 month ago)
Natetendo (1 month ago)
Robert Ivey (1 month ago)
I sold my first unusual (Massed Flies Herald's Helm) for $20 and now all I got are a few stranges, some 2 ref hats and some vintage weapons... ;( It's a start. When I get money I'll get more cool stuff.
thelonelysoysauce (1 month ago)
That is true my friend did that and now he unfriended all of his tf2 friends ;-;
Zombi (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who thinks a lot of unusual just look kinda dumb and cosmetically aren't worth it? Like I understand the appeal of something like burning flames but to me it's more a sign of wealth than fashion. Most of my cosmetic loadouts are only worth about 10 ref but still gel really nicely together. Don't get me wrong though that's because I'm poor, if I DID own an unusual I have no doubt I would wear it.
JakeTheDog (1 month ago)
"I will get an unusual, no matter the cost!" "$2000 DOLLARS??"
fucking lootboxes are better than this trading shit
Omega The Genç (1 month ago)
I am a low tier trader. And i am not planning on "leveling up".
Get your own Video ideas faggot
Zontar (1 month ago)
Back in the day I was big into trading, when a good afternoon could net two or three keys in profit. Now though, as a part of the work force, it's just not worth my time now. Low tier unusuals will take months to trade up to, but two hours of overtime at work.
iKONChan IsMyBias (1 month ago)
I have a story there was a guy that got a unusual(also me because i was poor) so he gave both of us and i just said "thx dude!!!!!!" But the other guy said "hahaha noobs i have unusual now!!!" But after that he got roasted one player even said "we have no hats but we have skill bruh you have 0 kills and 15 deaths XD" so he said "atleast i get respect because they will see that i have unusual" but suddenly the trader that gave both us the unusual got mad he said"hey wanna trade again ill give you 6 weapon skins one with unusual effect(smg XD) so they trade they trader said ok thats the 4 skins theyre really rare(not really theyre common asf)so he gave the unusual and said "yay i got wapon skins" and the trade was complete and everyone in chat said "SCAMMED!!!!!" One said "haha idiot those are the most common weapon skins XD get rekt" and the trader said to me good jog that you werent cocky when you got my unusual" and the cocky guy said "fak" and he slowly left embarresed.Thank you for listening to this story
(1 month ago)
I got scammed at stage 6 out of 20 keys and stopped playing completely because after all of my hard work it's had been taken away from me , then after a year I got back with 3 keys left in my inventory , and just got a nice looking all class loadout and started playing again , so I'm switching to overwatch now
Sarmale (1 month ago)
I have no clue what youre saying cause what the fuck is a tf2 but yeah good video
Edwin N (1 month ago)
Yo I’m almost at stage 10
Whatever Wolf (1 month ago)
almost nothing but crates
Boxe HP (1 month ago)
Welp i got to stage 7 and started betting everything i had . 6 months later lost it all , no regrets
Cellum Corna (1 month ago)
uuuuh i wanna trade but i dont know wtf your talking about xd
Ed Jackson (1 month ago)
Tip to go premium: Buy a crate from the Mann co. store then buy 10-20 keys from marketplace.tf. A crate only costs about 2 cents.
Fox (1 month ago)
I realized that his loadouts changed as the video went on
RetroHawk206 (1 month ago)
Im at 6 stage
S T A M (1 month ago)
12:18 ok now that's a sick butterfly knife
Natalia Borys (1 month ago)
"The pink heart flowing effortlessly around the head... The flames dancing magnificently around his strange choice of headwear...!" I laughed way too much at it xD
Jambib Manky (1 month ago)
I’m sure it’s not your voice
Bill Rogers (1 month ago)
boooooo copying hamaji neo thumbs down
Adas Kvietinskas (1 month ago)
Stage 2 every f2p hopes dies there so as mine :(

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