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Weekly planet pod theme

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This Theme song belongs to Internet celebrity Nick Mason and Mr.sunday movies. I created this for fan purposes only. Greatest Movie podcast ...with an amazingly buttkicking theme
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Ampwich (2 years ago)
0:18 Is that what they really look like?
SPI Studios (10 months ago)
Now he has done a face reveal https://www.planetbcasting.com/our-shows/the-weekly-planet/
Nayshjin (1 year ago)
hope he does it sometime
SPI Studios (1 year ago)
James has never done a face reveal before
sisk908 (1 year ago)
DaGerminator no, the guy on the left is Tommy Dassolo, he was on the show before. But yes the guy on the right is Maso
Nayshjin (2 years ago)
yes , thats james and nickmason from nicks twitter
Nayshjin (2 years ago)
right click and select loop for loop

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