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6 Best Sniper Games That Will Test Your Accuracy

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A genre that doesn’t have many standalone titles, the use of sniper rifles and sniping can be found in most First Person Shooters. Sniping games represent a complex physics based gaming mechanic which developers can have a field day recreating in-game. We tried to find games that really incorporated sniping in a big way we avoided including more then one title from a single franchise. The best Battlefield 1 sniper kills: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izhMdx4NaCc http://www.fraghero.com
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FragHero (1 year ago)
Check out http://www.youTube.com/WillyMammoth to see the best Battlefield 1 sniping vids ever
guys the games names in the description (: (
mohamed reda (10 months ago)
Far cry should not be on the list
нxяαмвε x -SUCA- (11 months ago)
FragHero if you really want to test your acc just buy a gun shot up a school and do a stand off with the cops of you die you have bad acc simple
Never played it (yet), but if you're looking for real Sniping strategy-based games, I think Sniper Elite is one you oughta go for. Am I right?
yahya Mohammed (7 days ago)
When I saw a thumb nail: dude sniper elite 3! I am liking this video
Usama Rafique (8 days ago)
I just don't like the Sniper Elite, follow a bullet and waste time. I cannot enjoy the two to three headshots in row without break in that game. FARCRY 3 and Sniper Ghost warrior are better choices than that
Klyn Hall (9 days ago)
Gee, you didn't mention all the glitches found in Sniper Elite 3. It proved so bad that I finally tossed it. Thankfully said glitches were not found in Sniper Elite 4 and I enjoy playing it all the time.
Deepak Tiwari (1 month ago)
U forget to mention sniper ghost warrior
Jason Parker (1 month ago)
Bottom Line: Arma 3 is the most realistic sniper experience you are going to get in a game. It is an open world unlike other's on the list with much smaller maps which in turn can make you feel like you are on rails. Wind compensation isn't a consideration without the ACE mod, but you still have to compensate for bullet drop by adjusting your zero or using your reticle/mil dots. Your elevation in relation to the target also has an effect on your point of impact. Without ACE....it beats everything on this list. With ACE...it embarasses every game on this list.
SMG DOG (1 month ago)
Sniper elite 4
DASBOAT (1 month ago)
Sniper Elite V2 on its hardest difficulty is the best sniping experience you could have
Feroz M (1 month ago)
i Have Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Played
MiniNinja_SENPAI (1 month ago)
i wish they will create a VR game like GGO
Kageki Harazaki (1 month ago)
I’ve play Sniper elite III once, it was awesome
inGameX (1 month ago)
wtf willy mammoth is actually talking slowly :O
Deon Christie (1 month ago)
Sniper Elite V2, most certainly my favorite Sniper game. The addition of xray just puts it in a whole new category. Can't wait for the next...
MrZeljko88 (1 month ago)
Sniper elite v2
ÅxxııF XxÅĐÅ (1 month ago)
Shiti shit 🤮
Alza07 (1 month ago)
If you think vanilla Arma 3 is hard at sniping try using ACE3
You Fook (2 months ago)
hey bitch, since you're including games that are not really focused heavily on sniping anyway, why didn't you include the original counter strike? deathmatch sniping is a show for real skill... you fucking douche
Dollahbills (2 months ago)
did u just fucking list far cry as a sniper game the fuck is wrong with you ...
R0J4 V (2 months ago)
msg v sniping was good
Roonie Coleman Coleman (2 months ago)
Where is vice city
Emilio Pavon (2 months ago)
Battlefield 1
captianGinu007 (2 months ago)
sniper elite 3 that game sucks
Petruha (2 months ago)
Weres sniper elite 1 it is the same realistic as arma 3 and definatly deserves a spot... Its also way better and realistic then sniper elite 3
PAULY PINEAPPLE (2 months ago)
I enjoyed the vid until that cringey bastard be all keep smoking people wid those headshots ! 😞 (shudder)
SteelbeastsCavalry (2 months ago)
Screw games... go to the range to "test your accuracy."
ThëGëaeGamër (2 months ago)
Sniper elite 4 not on there..
Famous Commander (2 months ago)
Badassvidsz (2 months ago)
Sniper 4 is my favorite
Lets Go Blues!!! (2 months ago)
ZOMBIE ARMY TRILOGY!!!!!! Best sniping game ever created!!!!
Danny Danko (2 months ago)
Battlefield 1 has great sniping Ranging your rifle from 75m 150m and 300 meters makes it much more fun, as well as the added challenge of doing this whilst counter sniping is great
sean130765 (2 months ago)
arma 2 and 3
Maximillian Osaben (2 months ago)
I'm still all about that Silent Scope. Still even have the big rifle gun controller for Xbox.
GameAbuse (2 months ago)
Holding breath is actually NOT at all a thing amongs snipers. Exaling is !
shadowdancerRFW (2 months ago)
I played Far Cry 3 by stealth killing everyone with a machete, or a shotgun. Rarely had to use anything else, so I missed the sniping in that game.
Squidward (2 months ago)
I had kinda hoped BF4 would be on this list
Jef2ray (2 months ago)
How about Ghost Recon
tjmoncur0231 (2 months ago)
Holding your breath before taking a shot is not actually the way to do it. The idea is to wait for the bottom or your breath (the point where you've breathed everything out).
MINON SHOWS (2 months ago)
"1-Sub 2-Like 3-Comment 4-I’ll do the Same😉 Thanks"
caribbeanchild (3 months ago)
Here's some news for you.... Arma 3 does not have any physics at all!!!!!! I say that after ten years of Arma scripting.
Mikkel Nielsen (3 months ago)
To everyone claiming BF belongs on this list... No. Also, this entire list is BS. Bullets do *not* drop as fast as shown in games. They can literally fly about 1 KM before even dropping 1 CM - of course it depends on bullet weight and velocity, but please stop thinking that a bullet will drop about half a meter after just 150 meters... This is completely unrealistic. The only game with marginally correct bullet physics is Arma. All other games should be considered arcade games.
Lawliet L (3 months ago)
Look, even bfr clicking on the video I knew it, FC3 is going to be here also
Debora Barajas (3 months ago)
After complain count mind defend run racial tube freeze notice close
Leonard Wyrick (3 months ago)
Top 10 mobile sniper games: Kill Shot, Coalition multiplayer, Hitman Sniper, Kill Shot Bravo, Sniper Arena, Lonewolf 17+, Sniper X, NOVA Legacy, Blazing Sniper, and Cover Fire. You're welcome.
derekpaul1113 (3 months ago)
what about PUBG?
Affan Syed (3 months ago)
Thank you sir!!! Pleasure watching this... Watching ahead for ur next move... Keep it up!
londontrada (3 months ago)
Does anyone else remember the Silent Scope you could win money playing?
Al Smith (3 months ago)
Battle field has the most bullet drop due tho giant maps
Experiment 101 (3 months ago)
But... but... you forgot Phantom Forces
What's the name of the game in 0:17...I used to play that when I was younger.
PPxnda (3 months ago)
I need fortnite
John Joseph (4 months ago)
Good videos!! Check out my Short Film called 'Sniper' on my channel!! :)
Harry Wilton (4 months ago)
tom clanceys ghost ren wildlands
Slade Alan 41 (4 months ago)
What about Skyrim you can snipe with a bow or crossbow I know it's not a sniping game but that hasn't stopped most of the people I'm subscribed to turning it into one
DBZ Instinct (4 months ago)
Could you do sniping games for Android and iOS please!!!!
Ankit Doshi (4 months ago)
you missed out on original FPS greats - Ghost Recon / Project IGI / May Payne 2
Abhishek Dutta (4 months ago)
Sniper ghost warrior 3
Mihzvol Wuriar (4 months ago)
Stalker should be on this list, almost every game gets gravity right, but I want to see any game that gets bullet penetration right, and stalker does it, some games you fire a sniper, and it penetrates everything 1km away, I do get this kind of kills in Stalker, but only against low armored bandits, but try it against a exo clad monolithian, you gotta be 200m max for it to penetrate the armor, anything longer than that, it'll only knock him off, unless you go for a headshot.... BTW, Crysis also have stupid accurate sniping gameplay, and Far cry 3 *doesn't,* because they still find you 500 meters away, and that's Bull, at least on the quickness they do it, you can barely shot twice before they find you
Baz Wax (4 months ago)
Silent scope was out well before 1999! I remember playing it at tower amusements,portobello,Edinburgh in about 1993...... what else have you just made up?
juan alvarez (4 months ago)
Battlefield 4 or 3
Natasha Bella (4 months ago)
sniper elite 👍👍👍
joshua montgomery (5 months ago)
Yeah where was Battlefield they have good sniping?
Devendra Kashyap (5 months ago)
I hate sniper 3
Mikheil Ghvinianidze (5 months ago)
No far cry is the worst sniper game. It does not even has bullet drop
Thanhtacles (5 months ago)
What do you guys think of the sniping in PUBG?
Zach Rice (5 months ago)
ever hear about fortnite??
João Agnelo (5 months ago)
Why is everyone mentionning a Battlefield in the comments? It's like you keep forgetting titles such as CS, Battlefield, CoD, MoH and so on are purely arcade shooters. Just as well as Far Cry (which i honestly don't know why it was included in this video). SInce i can remember, ArmA, ArmA 2 and ArmA 3 have always by default included at the very least gravity effects onto fired bullets (i.e., bullet drop). You don't even get that on most modern shooters because, again, they're arcade games.
Brap Brap Stututu (5 months ago)
Hitman sniper??
Max MJ (5 months ago)
What about FarCry 4?? It has awesome sniper guns.
WegrennerX (5 months ago)
OPF, stalker?
ps (5 months ago)
Far cry 3,?? Realy,, then what about bf
Byynx (5 months ago)
The only thing that will test your accuracy on fps games is the quality and state of your PC specialy the GPU and specialy in high demading graphics games like Battlefield, better GPU better mouse movement, less erratic mouse movement, and less recoil nothing more. The majoritie of people don't realize that many of the shots they miss it was not because of them but their PC. They dont even know what is EPP and MarckC fix.
DRGRIMM2113 DREAM WORLD (6 months ago)
GHOST RECON WILDLANDS is another good one too
David Shibata (6 months ago)
4:52 is the most realistic sniper game I've ever seen
ctrrl adeq (6 months ago)
Oldgames1000 (6 months ago)
Delta Force Black Hawk Down
sn kombo (6 months ago)
call of duty ww2
FIERCE_FIGHTER-9 (7 months ago)
what is that first game
John Doumba (7 months ago)
if you wanna train your FPS skills during work just click http://www.aimbooster.com/
bigsavage 101 (7 months ago)
Ghost Recon Wild Lands
surya gurram (7 months ago)
Is the game for Android phone
Michael Burns (7 months ago)
They need to bring back Socom II online foxhunt was my favorite map
# nsx-sandman (7 months ago)
Sniper elite 1!!!!
Mike_naugz88 (7 months ago)
Redo the vid and put WILDLANDS in there!!! 👍👍👍👍
Duncan Richardson (7 months ago)
Duncan Richardson (7 months ago)
craig black (7 months ago)
Bitch please play arma
Dr. Dinglefritz (7 months ago)
What about Battlefield
Mojo Player (7 months ago)
0:16 Name of this game?
Mojo Player (7 months ago)
i found is Sniper: Art of Victory
ken Gor (7 months ago)
which one you like most
xenomorphelv426 (8 months ago)
the only game that has true to life sniping procedure is Arma 3 ACE. the rest is bullshit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeG0Mhbg4TE
balake (8 months ago)
The one thing you don't do when snipeing is holding ur breath it the worst thing a real sniper can do
Malicious Upload (8 months ago)
"Arma 3 where the smallest gust of wind can affect a bullet"....... Derp
SmithyTV (8 months ago)
cool, this video was uploaded on my birthday
K1320 (8 months ago)
1 should be call of duty
2errible 2some (8 months ago)
Also it says sniper games some of these are not sniper games. Yes they have a sniper in them as a choice but to me a sniper game is about sniping and mostly they have it in the title. And everyone stop saying battlefield if your going to mention them games then you may aswell include every game that has a sniper rifle in it. The title says sniper games and half these are not there just games with the rifle in so does that mean we call them shotgun games because they have one in.
2errible 2some (8 months ago)
How can you put that as number 1 yes its a good game but you dont adjust windige on the rifle as you do in ghost so no its wrong sniper elite is more for fun.
Jerman Jarmen (8 months ago)
video games is good kind of private computers furniture and i think it is good
Kitzberger Soma (8 months ago)
Sniper Ghost Warrior 3👍😎
Dani e Idiomas (8 months ago)
I'd suggest MGS V. Try to hit a head at 250 m by standing and no pentazemin without using reflex mode to aim more accurately... Not the best, not sniping focused, but still a challenge
Will B (8 months ago)
Not primarily a sniper game but the sniper rifles in the bigger maps of battlefield 4 are fun as you have to accommodate for bullet drop etc.

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