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Bling Bling! It's My Scene - Old EverythingGirl Games - Player: Peachie

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Time for a blast from the internet past! Who remembers these games? :P So much time was spent playing these games as a tween. I can't believe they're still salvageable online! You can play them too, with the link below. ^_^ Play the game on the archives here: http://web.archive.org/web/20040207011412/http://myscene.everythinggirl.com/games/shoppingspree/shoppingspree.aspx (Apologies for the very slight webcam glitches in one or two parts. My computer reacted a bit weirdly to making these games larger-sized for some reason.) ♥ Facebook: http://facebook.com/princesspeachieofficial ♥ Twitter: http://twitter.com/PeachieAngel ♥ Tumblr: http://playerpeachie.tumblr.com ♥ Instagram: http://instagram.com/princesspeachieangel
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Text Comments (155)
SsFinch with dolls (6 days ago)
I never liked bratz, I had a few my scene dolls and I honestly thought they were cuter and more real but that's jmho.
PrincessJewel (1 month ago)
Man i love my scene i got a couple of dolls for Christmas when i was a little girl.
Cynthia Pot (1 month ago)
The one playing guitar in the Masquerade Madness themed dress up's name is River, he's Barbie's boyfriend, and the one dressed as a vampire is named Sutton, I think he's Madison's boyfriend. In the Jammin in Jamaica animated movie, River is voiced by Alesandro Juliani, who voiced L in the English dub of Death Note
Cynthia Pot (1 month ago)
I have the Masquerade Madness animated special on DVD, along with Jammin in Jamaica. You should lets play Diva Starz Fashion Emergency. Also, if you like dress up games, you should play the Style Savvy games for the Nintendo DS and 3DS
Milena Bandersnatch (9 months ago)
Omg! I played it so much when I was 6-8 years old!! Loved these games! * u * Can't believe you're playing them!
Lulan M (9 months ago)
my scene were actually designed before bratsbut someone in Mattel stole the idea and created bratz.
. : Alexy☆Plexy : . (10 months ago)
I played alllll of these games! this, the polly pocket game where you find the amusement park tickets, and the old barbie game where you had to be a babysitter x,D
lovekrissy kel (1 year ago)
thanks for the video but where is the new version?
Ilija orlic (1 year ago)
I loved playing my scenes when was little
The Nekomimi (1 year ago)
I'm 18 and I played all these games as a kid lol
Ambar M.A (1 year ago)
love this gameeee memories u-u
I was cringing when she gave them non matching outfits
şanctμm jamïe (1 year ago)
could you play the old barbie games too? this is sooo nostalgic.
sailorginger (1 year ago)
This makes me so happy haha I was obsessed with this entire series of games hahaha <3
Y Z (1 year ago)
ever heard of covet fashion?
Lucas Conlon (1 year ago)
omg i remember myscene so much! these dolls were my life when i was younger! 💕
Princess Koko (1 year ago)
I remember this game 😊😍. Nostalgia 1000%
rosealeq (1 year ago)
I had so many of these dolls omg...the nostalgia haha
DearLieve (1 year ago)
i used to play this so much! :)
Nic Bonhomme (1 year ago)
What an awesome video! I love your cheery happy silly commentary! Please do more of these "girly" fun games - I love these to pieces!
Brittaney Douglas (2 years ago)
I remember these!!!! Ah!
mousie mika (2 years ago)
Ohmigosh, I remember playing this when I was six!
Mizz Bella Kitty (2 years ago)
I actually remember these kinds of games! I played Barbie games, Bratz games, Polly Pocket games, etc. It's hard to find the ones I played a little kid cause they keep on making new ones. I miss the old ones. Have you play the Barbie game where you babysit Krissy?
SeqZZ (2 years ago)
I'm not even old, and I remember this. I loved it.
k-trash (2 years ago)
this reminds me of gosupermodel (2005-2015). oh the nostalgia
Sam Biersack (2 years ago)
I never knew about these dolls or games but I had loads of like erm, idk the name for them but everyone used to collect these picture things and I have like loadssss from my scene and I used to give them out to everyone bc I had way too much xD
Ana R (2 years ago)
OMG the memories 😁😁😁😁
ThatDancingBambi (2 years ago)
I use to play my scene all the time when I was little
OhSoEnthusiastic (2 years ago)
I freakin' LOVED these games.
Emiko (2 years ago)
i loved playing this a long time ago lol
pollyyander (2 years ago)
i just thought, have you watched barbie life in the dreamhouse? its an official barbie show on youtube, and its hilarious. like my whole childhood, but they make jokes about themselves its great.
pikachuurin (2 years ago)
BradxChad is my new OTP
dream Princess (2 years ago)
when she screams about the music, well peachie how did you know it was that kind of song 😏😂lol I luv u btw
Ada Jiménez (2 years ago)
i loved this game my scene where ossom
agizzy23 (2 years ago)
I totally forgot about that website! Those creative games were what started my Internet addiction. That poor pixel pet that I have abandoned.
Karidoll (2 years ago)
I totally remember this! I can't believe it has been that long... time seriously flies!
Jemnifur (2 years ago)
peachie I was cracking up this whole time - your commentary is so hilarious! I love this so much!! thanks for the entertainment!
withlovevanessa (2 years ago)
Omg. This brings back so many memories!!!
Rosalind Causey (2 years ago)
I'm 26 also, and just watching the bling-bling one brought back many memories of sequined clothes getting caught on things and ruined. Oh 2002.
Princess Peachie (2 years ago)
The struggle was real
nutmegcutesocks (2 years ago)
I played games on the my scene site too as a preteen. I had so much fun with the dress up games. This has been quite the trip down memory lane. I also remember there was a my scene movie and Lindsey Lohan was in it 😆
Charissa Dubin (2 years ago)
Oh my goodness thank you for doing this video! I missed these games!!!!!
YummyTubbyToast (2 years ago)
I was so obsessed with these my scene games as a young child😂 I would always like printing out the finished product.
darkestskie (2 years ago)
omg I remember playing this with the Barbie ones
Martha Marie (2 years ago)
OMG I loved EverythingGirl games!!!! MyScene was the jaaaaaaam <3
Princess Peachie (2 years ago)
Wow I'm glad so many people remembered this game! I'm smiling knowing this video made you all happy and nostalgic. :D More to come later!
r0sybaby faerie (2 years ago)
i miss these games!!! omg i've been looking so hard!!! i'm 15 btw so not too young to know this!!!!
Clishay Ambition (2 years ago)
Oh, my goodness! You're such a cool person! Each video I watch of yours makes me sad I'm not your friend in real life. I'm a Spyro-playing, kawaii-loving girl myself! I liked My Scene, but I was more into playing on the Diva Starz website instead.
Femme Vlogger (2 years ago)
Clubfab was my favorite lol
Nikki Holt (2 years ago)
OMG I REMEMBER THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't seen it in so long 0_0! Thank you for the awesome flashback Peachie ^_^!
silverjeanne (2 years ago)
Oh my GODNESS, that Beauty Studio makeover thing was my fav game for years, oh goooood. Sweet nostalgia 😍😍
Blue (2 years ago)
I used to play this aaaaaaall the time omg, this was my favorite. I've even tried to go back and play my scene and other games I used to play since game, but none of the sites are up anymore and that's really a shame.
Haylee A (2 years ago)
Aw man I wish I played that when I was a kid. Does anybody remember Skybreeze? Those games were so fun!
Cindel Ribbens (2 years ago)
Omg Ruth i played this all the time as well years ago, nostalgia!
Diana Wildenberg (2 years ago)
Well, shit xD. I used to play those My Scene games allll the time, also Polly Pocket and Barbie ;D. xx
Diana Wildenberg (2 years ago)
+ShanellNo19 me tooooo T-T
Clishay Ambition (2 years ago)
I seriously miss the old school Mattel websites for Polly Pocket and Barbie. They were so fun!
Daphnes Nohansen (2 years ago)
These & the games on Barbie's website were my shit.
MsKittyGoesMeowMeow (2 years ago)
Peachie are you still wearing sweet lolita?
Princess Peachie (2 years ago)
I do, but only for special occasions now. :) I want to bring back the magic of wearing lolita and it was becoming too commonplace for me wearing it just whenever, so making it just a special thing got me to properly enjoy it again. After 9 years of being into lolita you kinda have to mix it up a bit or you get bored haha.
MsKittyGoesMeowMeow (2 years ago)
I remember these games!! I'm getting a wave of nostalgia now...
Izabela Oreluk (2 years ago)
Brighteyes Hope (2 years ago)
"What's your secret ... a hairbrush?" XD I never thought a Let's Play with such a game could work, but you proved me wrong, Peachie! XD
883Starcandy (2 years ago)
childhood games! <3
miyumi (2 years ago)
I have been looking for this so long omg! I played this when I was 7 years old :'D
_Nyanko_ (2 years ago)
this brings back some memories!! omg I forgot this was a thing xD I played zoinky(?) (zwink?) what ever that online game was where you gonaround talking to people and dressing up xD I played that all the time. that and when Disney games where a huge thing I was amazing at them >w < that porno music tho xDD
Serena (2 years ago)
oh my GOD i haven't thought of this game in YEARS lol
PyrusPerseus (2 years ago)
OMG I PLAYED THIS!!!!! Nostalgic!!!!!
llamapalooza (2 years ago)
This was seriously my favorite website!
Smol Miu (2 years ago)
Oh my god, I used to play on the everything girl website everyday when I was younger!!!
Baby Bunny (2 years ago)
I loved these games so much and I still do ;//u//;
liquidmalice (2 years ago)
oh my god everything girl and myscene were my shit!!! aaaa i loved those so much
ziggylavigne (2 years ago)
I spent about half of my life playing these games omfg
Rainbow Bones (2 years ago)
OMG I remember Myscene and I used to play all these games online such a long time ago, I remember I did try to look for the website again and couldnt find it
mintjaan (2 years ago)
My dad was really invested in Mattel toys so I if I asked for Bratz dolls, I would get My Scene instead. But honnestly the Was her face computer game was my favorite. I think I still have the CD-rom some where.
bublegirl21 (2 years ago)
OMG I used to play them all the tiiiiime ! it was so damn good, so much nostalgia right now ^^
Kats So Kawaii (2 years ago)
The funny thing is I can't watch gameplay often since the person playing never gets all the items or quests, or just plays around forever in the game! But watching you play crash or my little pony is so darn funny and I absolutely adore your gaming vids, keep it up peachie! 💜😉
Princess Peachie (2 years ago)
Thank you so much, glad you enjoy it regardless of your usual tastes!! I just try to play casually and enjoy myself- I'm deffo the kind of person who can just "play around forever" and mess around haha.
Omg I use to play all the my scene games! I used to be obsessed with online dress up games lol
Pringle Prangle (2 years ago)
Emily Hawthorne (2 years ago)
I played these SO MUCH. I had a Nolee doll...
ーari (2 years ago)
Lauren Griesmeyer (2 years ago)
Thank you for finding these! I went looking for them and couldn't find them!
Renaee Selina (2 years ago)
I used to play these, I thought I was Madison
Morgan Sea (2 years ago)
Omg this game was my shit!!
Mockingbird (2 years ago)
Clishay Ambition (2 years ago)
Beffycakez (2 years ago)
Ahhhhh I remember playing this~ Alongside the polly pocket website and barbie games! Also the bratz website used to have the poniez game and that was so fun when you groom the ponies and dye their manes etc. I think the website with all the games i used to play was something like everythinggirl.com haha~ aww the memories! <3
screechfoxes (2 years ago)
Oh my god, this is my childhood.
Sarah Nicole (2 years ago)
I played this game!!!
Hyuna Pamyu (2 years ago)
Such a throwback, thanks Peachie 🍑.
Allison Hood (2 years ago)
This is bringing back so many memories. I was obsessed with these games! Nolee was my fave.
Karolina Sarrasri (2 years ago)
Ah I remember Myscene ^^ I completely fell in love with the Masquerade Madness Madison doll back then , spent a lot of time saving up money to buy her and in the end I didn't even open the box for a whole month because I didn't want to mess her up >.<
Evil Goth Bunny (2 years ago)
My sister used to have these dolls, I never knew they had games too.
The Nekomimi (2 years ago)
omg I totally forgot about them!! I played the games and stuff all the time omg nostalgia
Lανιαн Møøn (2 years ago)
Yessssss!! This game was da shiznit back in our day! It was so silly but the webisodes made it so amazing! That and "Divastars"! Anybody remember them too?? lol
Lανιαн Møøn (2 years ago)
Diva Starz was before Bratz. That I remember. I also remember alot of my friends was saying how Bratz was knocking off of Diva Staz. Ahhh Memories...lol!
nutmegcutesocks (2 years ago)
I remember Diva Starz. I think they came out even before Bratz but they looked a lot like Bratz too. XD
Clishay Ambition (2 years ago)
The Diva Starz website was my absolute favorite thing in the whole world when I was younger.
Aja Nile (2 years ago)
Yessss I had more than one and they would talk I the middle of the night and tell on people in my room.
Evie Sakura (2 years ago)
Legendary Tacosaur (2 years ago)
I played these all the time!!
Blank Slate (2 years ago)
Ahhhh I used to play these games. And I was always confused why I would find them with the Barbie games though but I didn't realize both of them were from Mattel. One of my favorite games though to play was something called, "Penny's Courageous Ride" and it was an American Girl Doll game. And now that the doll who was part of the mini game is retired, so I'll have to play it from an archived website
Eleanor Sweet (2 years ago)
I USED TO LOVE PLAYING THISSS, wow! thanks for uploading :D <3
Lovely Bells (2 years ago)
I remember all of this!! Ah!!
Natalie Discher (2 years ago)
omg I used to play these all the time when I was like 5! the nostalgia!
bratzBabydoll (2 years ago)
Window to Poland (2 years ago)
now i understand why i couldnt find this website on google anymore :( im sooo sad its not online anymore, but thanks for making this video :)
Window to Poland (2 years ago)
my childhooood
peachmoonbunny (2 years ago)
I used to play these games all the time. Wow. So much nostalgia.

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