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10 Things Every Reinhardt Main Hates to See

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10 Things Every Reinhardt Main Hates to See. Reinhardt Mains, hope you're ready to live through some of your most painful moments in Overwatch. These are things every Reinhardt hates. 🔔 Subscribe to TGN for daily video game videos: http://bit.ly/1KJq3G2 🔔 We love making gaming videos and we can only do it with your support. Video by Rusty Molboxer Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple Music by Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (406)
Blixzell (39 minutes ago)
its for the honor and glory
Free Runner (3 hours ago)
I feel this on a personal level 😭❤️
Jamal Sayeed (8 hours ago)
Reinhardt main here, absolute misery fighting everything on that list it's gotten so bad that I won't play Reinhardt with a Mei on the field cause somehow the Mei on my team hates me
Devin Poli (12 hours ago)
How about getting hooked as charging the roadhog and him pulling him straight to him???
Theicon 426 (14 hours ago)
As an ana main im sorry
darkkrenify (16 hours ago)
Jacob Griffin (16 hours ago)
As a 90 hour rein main I agree to all of these
Jordan Stolp (17 hours ago)
I hate when the enemy team tears through my 2000 health shield like tissue paper. Great, my biggest contribution to my team is out the window before said team even took 5 steps.
AquaFire 009 (18 hours ago)
Please do a video on Genji mains.
UNDEAD DRAGON09 (21 hours ago)
*D E L E T E* Brigitte please
Cold Star Films (21 hours ago)
This is incredibly accurate. Getting boops off the map mid-charge is the FUCKING WORST, but when your Mei fucks up ur perfect 6 man Earthshatter with a goddamn wall....I'm just gonna go install now, bye...
Pixel (1 day ago)
Well, more of an Orisa Main, so every 10 seconds I dont give a fuck about the Doomfist or Brigitte, but still, its annoying as hell...
Francis fw wells (1 day ago)
He soo mad🤣
okguys (1 day ago)
7:30 do you have any idea, ANY idea who I am?
Max Woudenberg (1 day ago)
I love the vulgarity Rusty!
King of Gamer (1 day ago)
all that 10 things are so true
Wiktorlando (1 day ago)
Only 2 things trigger me from this list. I am a Rein onetrick.
Filthy Commie (1 day ago)
As a rien main I agree with this list
Caucasian Empire (1 day ago)
Try and counter me I dear you
ACE 5 YUGIOH (1 day ago)
Hammer DOWN!!!
JuanmaRailgun (1 day ago)
2:24 What the heck is that map?!!
kicked snow75542 (1 day ago)
Logan Keith (1 day ago)
I'm a rein main and this list is the most honest thing ever to me
Pr. Gibus (1 day ago)
1: people who say Paragon isn't the best skin
Tempest50 (1 day ago)
Who would win? A 1 ton german charging with a Rocket pack charging at 50 mph, OR , 1 hook boi
Jon Lanham (1 day ago)
For some reason,i alwaus end up playing tank because everyone one else ,except maybe for one or two other decent human beings, decidedto go damage Please,i like rein,but i dont wanna play him EVERY.FRIGGING.MATCH.
Nova Army (1 day ago)
i agree
Skatingnoob V2 (1 day ago)
I just love that because i main Brig and Rein, I know what most brig's are going to do against me so i work around that, and it kinda make my rein even better. It's great.
I dont have a problem with number 7, it sombra mains that bother me
Vincent Singh (1 day ago)
This is so true I play rein so much this is all so true
oxoniumion. (1 day ago)
LlanaG (1 day ago)
"Who gives a shit. Bye." <3 <3 lmao
Serdadu (1 day ago)
Rusty I am a rein main and what I hate to see the must is no fucking dps watching my flank because some good Damm reaper will pop two shots kill me then wrath away like a scared cat
Gage Von Walther (2 days ago)
Or better yet when you're using charge and a *FLASH GRENADE* STOPS YOU DEAD, absolute garbage and no matter what even though I know that's the game mechanic my mind go ballistic
LifeLikeChris (2 days ago)
Nothing i hate more than playing against a good doomfist
charizardAnthony94 (2 days ago)
Season 10 was rough, but it is nice seeing those stun heroes. Gives me more practice on how to deal and sometimes you run into those that just choose because it's the meta and are just awful at doing it. Hearing multiple ticks with a fire strike as they all group up is just satisfying
Winter Breeze (2 days ago)
thank you someone finally said it! stop making everyone a tank buster!!!
Michael Tuik (2 days ago)
what i hate to see as a rein main is you not swinging your hammer but charging what looks like a 5 man shatter at 4:30 swing twice then charge the tank that still lives pls
Gaudimann (2 days ago)
I was a Rein-Main, still am a Rein-Main and will always be a Rein-Main! He is just so nice to play and his german voice is so funny!^^ The german german voice I mean.xD
British G. Gaming (2 days ago)
Like I said many times now...I like mei just because she cute
British G. Gaming (2 days ago)
But I show no mercy towards enemy mei's
gundorethemighty (2 days ago)
Stun's freaken sucks . an Rein should not be stun by any mean's , Doomfist butt fist punch counter rein's charge bs ,even a haft fist charge can stop rein bs .. then when you both knock each other over Rein has the huge delay unable to swing so doom can upper cut you in the nutz blast you in the face with about 3 finger shot's an you ether dead o stuck feeling like a wet noodle while doom about to punch you in the nutz once again,,,, What the hell up with Diva fly shit how can she fly threw a Rein that is charge haft the time must be a bug i guess. i don't even wanna talk about brig has high damage/healing/ can 2 shot almost any 200 hp person with ease can easly take out any tank in a 1v1 , the life of a Rein main is hard
Lucas Taylor (2 days ago)
I hate when I go to shatter and I get stunned by a shield
Lord Plop (2 days ago)
Yes, I do play Mei and enjoy doing all the things you mentioned. Except “intentionally” blocking your charge. We Mei’s don’t have time to think when putting up a wall. We do it to save our asses in a pinch, get to disgusting spots to snipe from, and block various enemy ults. The troll Meis you hate so much don’t make up the entirety of Mei players. Not all of us are trolls. Another thing: That blocking your charge thing and “saving the enemy Zen” was probably someone saying “Don’t be an idiot and charge straight into the enemy lines.” But hey most people don’t even play Mei seriously like I do so i’m probably wrong.
Nick Niehaus (2 days ago)
Orisa mains plz
Adam B (2 days ago)
Tough shit. Play Dva..
Zesty Zora (2 days ago)
All so accurate.
DarkRavin07 (2 days ago)
Thier is only two playable tanks. Rien and hog. Rien for when you trust your healer. Hog when its just fck your team, you need heals and by god. Your going to do it yourself.
Delta061 (2 days ago)
as someone who plays rein as my primary tank. i approve this
Michael Berger (2 days ago)
Being a Reinhardt main feels like masochism to me. Everything goes well? Let's shower praise on DPS and heals. We lose a team fight? Freaking Reinhardt wasn't blocking anything. It's a bloody thankless job being a Reinhardt main.
MarxenSableGuard (2 days ago)
This video spoke to my soul. Mei is Satan.
EHC MineMadNut (2 days ago)
You forgot pharrah
Drpepperkingkong (2 days ago)
Tank and Healer main here, mainly Rein for Tanking (Roady to Off Tank), with a good 25+ hours on each Healer, save for Brig.. Have not touched Comp for months now, nor do I see myself doing so in the foreseeable future. I think I quit around Season 6 or 7, thanks to Dive and my inability to keep up with an extremely mobile team. I hate Dive with a burning passion. And Hamtaro is just gonna make it worse. Stun Meta should be called "Reinhardt Juggling Meta", with the amount of CC, even in Quick Play (yay LFG. 6 Man Stun Team in a QP Game. Oh, the times they are a changing).
thedarklord321 (2 days ago)
I just remembered all the times i hear a genji ulting, charge into my allies and pin that genji
Neil Wiggs (2 days ago)
As a Rein main...agreed. Life is horrible, meta hates us, but thuqq lyfe because I still get my 4 golds a game carrying through gold. Here we go platinum, and I'm ready for my black cherry to get plucked.
ProdiJay (2 days ago)
somebody has been watching RaggTagg... all that language
Ayu131 Gaming (2 days ago)
I've been a Reinhardt main for the past 3 seasons and I do approve this list. Being outplayed by another Rein is kind of humiliating when my other 5 teammates are also my friends irl.
DerSisch (2 days ago)
Yep... accurate... and the way Blizzard can fix it: Make Rein unstunable through his shield. But these are only my 2 cents...
Draconis (2 days ago)
When I play Rein, it annoys me when someone else kills the hero I pinned with charge. I know it doesn’t matter, but it just bugs me
ScoutTheDawg (2 days ago)
When the entire team decides that reins shield isn’t important and flanks the enemy.
Kalorag (2 days ago)
Homie Otter21 (2 days ago)
Plz do vid on mccree mains
Homie Otter21 (2 days ago)
Also I love your comparisons. They make me laugh so f*cking hard
Alright if we are going to bitch then.....fuck doomfist, just fuck him. I cannot catch him, no one deals with him. And for some reason he always targets me, the rein. As if being cc'en by brig isn't bad enough, the doom always finds the time to push me back to the back of my team after brig did the same and vice versa.
Knacle (3 days ago)
rusty is like the one person on this channel that doesn't care what people think about what he says...i love it
pro gamings (3 days ago)
Im a reindhardt main and all these things Pisses me of so bad
der andi (3 days ago)
160 rein hours golden Hammer. Oh boi. Yknow what i love. Getting stunned mid charge by shield bash. While rocket punch stuns me and doomfist he cant be bashed. Oh. Okay sure her own teacher cant stop Brigitte. I love the character and playing her but goodness. Just give reins charge a cc imunity or resistance? And a ability that Slightly reduces incoming damage for all enemies within 20 meters of range thatd be swell id like to actually do my job as a tank please and thank you
Jokester (3 days ago)
I rather fight two Mei's at once than one Brigitte
Marcus Lara (3 days ago)
Those fucking friendly Meis and their stupid walls. It never fails that my fire strike gets blocked on the initial engagement because Mei thought and Ice wall would be useful to, you know, not see what the enemy team is doing
LegitNvidz (3 days ago)
I main reinhardt and i have figured out a pretty good counter for brig. If your healers are healing you a butt ton. Swing at her. Don't let her get away because you can swing through her shield. Put her in her place and she'll back off soon enough... if your healers aren't healing as much, give them a heads up when you need to get in there and swing your hammer.
Tanzenergise (3 days ago)
lol mei walls suck but charging an enemy mei into her OWN wall. priceless
Rares Sava (3 days ago)
10 Things Every Genji Main Hates to See plzzzzzzzzzzz
Retro Rikardo (3 days ago)
The real Rein mains thumbing down
Best_Genji_EU (3 days ago)
Aderyn Dalton (3 days ago)
Don't worry rein mains. I hate Briggite to and I don't play rein! So.... I'm with ya bros... I'm with ya
thehairylarrry (3 days ago)
Wow he's really angry this time
Chris Hughes (3 days ago)
I'm inclined to agree that Pharah should be on this list cause holy shit is it annoying as hell trying to protect your team when suddenly she hits her ult, your shield is down, and your dps is fucking useless. On a rare occasion a lucky fire strike will take her out. But unless the enemy Pharah forgot how to fly, it's open season on Rein when she's involved. And where's the damn healing
Daniel H. (4 days ago)
The new Sym...
Desert Breeze:D (4 days ago)
8:20 How dare u talk to roadhog that way he has beem through a lot
Desert Breeze:D (4 days ago)
Hammer *stunned*sounds like a cool ability
Master Gamer33 (4 days ago)
*plays both Mei and Rein* I play Rein and comp and I keep telling people that he requires discipline
Werty 67 (4 days ago)
Pretty accurate. (Im a diamond rein main btw) :)
Mr1Mingles (4 days ago)
As a Reinhardt main all I can say is F U C K those pharahs that go over you while the enemy team is pushing forward. They give you only two choices ; either die looking up and blocking rockets OR die looking forward blocking bullets, bombs, and those bastard icicles. I hope I'm not the only one who experiences this, because if I am, then I'm probably not as good at the game as I'd like to believe.
A Williams (4 days ago)
As a rein main I feel the pain
Gray Gray 121 (5 days ago)
Do tracer mains! Thanks
pegaweegee (5 days ago)
It's unbearable. Being a hero that is designed to work with the team, but your team is toxic and doesn't want to work together. 4100 is full of toxic supports who bash you for dying and Zaryas who get mad at you for holding up your shield to protect the team instead of giving her charge while exposing the whole team to stray arrows
Joey Muszynski (5 days ago)
Blocking an enemy Rein shatter, letting go of left trigger a solid second later (I play on xbox), and *S T U N N E D*
TheDarkFauna (5 days ago)
as a tank main in general, I can relate, especially to the supports not healing the tanks when they need it since I think that a tank is only as good as the supports since if you have a good support, tanks do a really good job of, well, tanking, but if you have a bad healer or someone as you said, just tries being dps as a healer, then no wonder tanks get taken out
wolfsonic1333 (5 days ago)
As a support/Reinhardt main let me tell you, in comp, I don’t even plug in the mike. Let me tell you, I maybe silent, but I am I dam good support, and play rein often( because comp) and let me tell you: fuck CC. Fuck stun, Lucio, and when playing support: screw snipers.
José Salguero (5 days ago)
yeah fuck brig
altijd gamen (5 days ago)
Reinhard is gone ged chancher
Luis Aritake-Wild (6 days ago)
I fucking hate Mei and road hog
Cole 96 (6 days ago)
I highly agree with the stun shit, and the initiative part, seeing team still behind away from the fight like cowards. Have 90 hours as rein and started playing him first time in season 9 I think. His charge is so glitch. But I do amazing as him. I'm. Very aggressive (smart aggressive)
AACM Birdzilla (6 days ago)
Ideas for next videos: *Top 10 boopers in overwatch* *Top 10 highlights in the game* *Top 10 characters that can auto-heal themselves* *Top 10 trolling characters* I mean, you can a a variety of stuff in this game to get advantage from it, its just my opinion
Papa Chomp (6 days ago)
I love Reinhardt
Ary Burr (7 days ago)
Rusty makes me love him more and more and wish my PC wasn’t garbage so I could play with him to try and make his games better ❤️
holynova15 (7 days ago)
Rusty if I somehow meet you in game I will heal you and YOU ONLY.
Ruby craft G (7 days ago)
I can protecting myself from a rip tire with Reinhard it’s easy!
rabba didi (7 days ago)
I agree on hating how stun somehow gets through the shield. No to meantion when junkrats mines send you flying mid charge so you look like an idiot when you crash into a wall or some other inanimate object
Daniella Pardo (7 days ago)
K-lexis Blaze (7 days ago)
My heart goes out to all tank mains, they're the real mvps
Evil Anvil (2 hours ago)
I do what I must.
Filthy Commie (1 day ago)
Thanks bruv
Serdadu (1 day ago)
I need you in my matchs then because I get blames for everything and I am always the only tank(rien) on the Damm team
Nick Niehaus (2 days ago)
K-lexis Blaze thx!
rumeicorn (7 days ago)
Any Ana mains here ? :p

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