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10 Things Every Reinhardt Main Hates to See

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10 Things Every Reinhardt Main Hates to See. Reinhardt Mains, hope you're ready to live through some of your most painful moments in Overwatch. These are things every Reinhardt hates. 🔔 Subscribe to TGN for daily video game videos: http://bit.ly/1KJq3G2 🔔 We love making gaming videos and we can only do it with your support. Video by Rusty Molboxer Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple Music by Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (671)
SkySlasher (6 hours ago)
This is why I prefer Orisa I have learned the basics of rein but admittedly my aggressive tendencies kinda screws my team over without me realizing it
the titan BT-7274 (20 hours ago)
Once again fuck ana
Ashton Cassim (1 day ago)
Whole heartedly agree withthis whole list. Except now we also have to deal with a little fucking hamster with an inertia proble. 😂
OtakuWolf (2 days ago)
I'm a tank main in general. This makes me so happy to know that other people experience this.
K-Yem (2 days ago)
Ahh charge. it often feels like it's an ability they don't want me to use. Every time I charge I can feel Jeff standing behind me... staring into my soul... dissapointed. IT WAS A SHORT DISTANCE AND I GOT THE MERCY, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT JEFF.
ShadowSlayer (3 days ago)
HAMMER DOW- *brigitte comes* ... theres still fight in me left...
;;Sombra (4 days ago)
My friend is a rein main, I think she could relate so hard.
Chunhao Wang (4 days ago)
3:13 basically the situation of every game when I play tanks.
Jovandiscotime 1 (5 days ago)
U kno wat else I fucing hate as a rein main, it’s wen ur team never gets behind ur shield then dies and then blames u fur not shielding them
The Alpha (9 days ago)
Being a Reinhardt Main can be tough but it's mostly about timing knowing when that Brigitte Shield Bash is on cooldown
Kyan Beauzile (10 days ago)
I have been recognized!!! Yay!
Gamers by Knight (11 days ago)
I have charged at a D.VA before and I hit her right after she activated her ult. I charged half way across a map while pushing a bomb in front of me with hopes of putting my shield up
Jake Pac17 (11 days ago)
i've noticed that the heros who have 1 star on the dificulty, are easy to play but they require a lot of team qordination to work well. Like rein can not do something himself if his team is't active behind his shield. Exept bastion. He can sit in a corner and melt down any passing by enemy. And the 3-stars-dificuly heros are these who can carry games. Like genji.
Franco Fernando (12 days ago)
Yup, as a Rein main, all of this is true lol...Especially riptires...I'm like a magnet for ripetires
Uruburus (13 days ago)
3:37 my internal reinhard syndrome was screaming for the rest of the video from that flame strike...
Dillon George (13 days ago)
Battle wolf (16 days ago)
As an Ana I'm shooting you but I can't do shit if you try to go in 3 v 1
OurMortalSin (17 days ago)
I'm happy they are at least doing a bug fix patch for Rein with his shatter. As well as stopping the brig from stunning him out of a charge with no consequence. But with all the new stuns and heroes being added I feel everyone's favorite German shield needs a buff to stand a chance. I'm probably wrong but I don't think they have done any work with Rein what so ever in terms of buffs.
Saimeren (20 days ago)
I need a Roadhog and Zenny video.
JonZillaGaming (21 days ago)
It's sad that quite often when I use Ana as a Support, I'm Gold Healing when we have a Lucio, Moira and in some real bad cases we have a Mercy and I out heal her
The Bear Jew (22 days ago)
This is amazing.
Windy City Sports Den (23 days ago)
1. Brigette 2. Brigette 3. Brigette 4. Brigette 5. Brigette 6. Brigette 7. Brigette 8. Brigette 9. Brigette 10. FUCKING BRIGETTE
Impulse (23 days ago)
You should add another to the list: When a Reinhardt uses his ult, and immediately follows it up with a charge instead of finding the angle to firestrike multiple targets.. and then charge the HVT.
Communist Leader (24 days ago)
Yes I am a Mei main and enjoy all of those things
Crimson Kitsune (25 days ago)
I have to say, that I love playing with Anas. Usally I get their mirko boost, which helps to break through.
Boda Csaba (26 days ago)
As a Good Reinhardt / Roadhog main I'm fine with your list. But well. Every1 can some mistakes in different situations... You know what i mean. When i saw some people did " random charge " as rein... well .. you know the rest :) Nice vid btween :)
Unusual ByDefault (26 days ago)
I'm a lucio main and that boop at 3:45 was a thing of beauty! and a bit lucky ^^
Ender Girl (26 days ago)
I have respect for Reinhard players to easy to kill and nobody help them to fight, only some lucky gut who landet As Support but even they are by the Damage dealers right I don’t know cours I don’t play him.
tony idarraga (27 days ago)
my fists and my butthole clenched the second i saw 'riptire' on the list
William Bambolo (29 days ago)
Gimmie the fucking beyblade meta over season 10 shit
Sojo Vanks (29 days ago)
As a Reinhart main. I don’t care really. I’m the greatest there ever was and Nothing Can Stop Me!
zackiswhack1 (30 days ago)
Matt Watson (30 days ago)
I would shoot brofresco 13 times
Ziggy Wynder (1 month ago)
The thing that stinks about being a Reinhardt main is that you try to protect your team from damage, but instead your team scatters like roaches. The worse part is that when you tell your team members to group up, they almost never listen and end up losing the game.
Cody Hines (1 month ago)
Rein is my secondary main and my go-to tank since he's the tank I best understand and what I hate to see is when my barrier goes from 2000 to 0 in approximately two seconds and then I die, thanks Zenyatta and Junkrat/Bastion/Orisa.
Varay (1 month ago)
I love rusty, I get a smile on my face everytime I hear ur retarded jokes :)
Chillerguy1234 (1 month ago)
I can't find the enemy Sombra main on this list...
Honiahaka (1 month ago)
stuns in this game i tell you what
madslicer (1 month ago)
The boops! The boops are the worst playing rein you are the heaviest character on that map but get hit by a Lucio boop or a pharah concussion blast or a whip shot and you fly halfway across the map. Even junks mines do it. But if you are a light character its fun you only get booped half a foot.
MrArdaion (1 month ago)
i am a Reinhardt main and i know what you mean Nr .11: when you use your earthshatter and it wont work -_-
Robert Han (1 month ago)
Being yelled to put our shield up while it's broken. We know we have a giant shield ability, we literally use that ability more than any other ability we have. But if we're standing next to the choke behind cover, than you should have enough common sense to know our shit is broken and you should do the same you idiots
Seprons (1 month ago)
I literally stopped playing Overwatch for almost 2 months because I would just get thrown around as Reinhardt...
BB Hoody (1 month ago)
This is why I learned Orisa. Fortify saves my ass all the time as well as halt. She doesn't innitiate as well as Rein. But she can survive better than he can in this meta. Love the big jolly German. But this meta is so unkind to him.
sora (1 month ago)
The truth come out rein mains aren't trash just the team they're on is
Stelios P (1 month ago)
The thing with stuns while we charging must stop!I mean how the hell a flashbang or a hook or a Briggite bash can stop an 1 ton ball of steel charging in pushed by a freaking rocket in his back???Not to mention the bass from a subwoofer from a Lucio😂😂😂Cmon Jeff that's dogshit!!The only thing i could accept stoping Reins charge is Meis wall.
TotalDramaKatie (1 month ago)
I've honestly been complaining for a while that Roadhog's hook range should be nerfed
The Freak (1 month ago)
I was waiting for a “when you use your earth shatter and dies but the earth shatter didn’t activate and now you lost it”
Mr. Dab (1 month ago)
showcases how little they know, if your soldier and dva are dead you shouldnt be trying to push in you should be retreating, but your a quick play warrior so youd never understand the concept of a team fight
WhiteSpider Gaming (1 month ago)
My poor hog is unplayable
Severyn Korneyev (1 month ago)
Oh, this is so true...
Azure Dementia (1 month ago)
although i flex but for the life of me i cannot play rein and when i see someone go rein when Im being told to go rein, it makes me wanna hug them cause seriously reins have to be so patient and good at their job. i love you rein players
FurryEskimo (1 month ago)
In the Rein main and I can’t Stand all the new abilities that counter me!!! My shield means nothing! I used to be able to protect people!!
léo RODRIGUES (1 month ago)
A top ten isn't enough for reinhardt XD = mei freezing you through the shield, bastion op damages, reaper op damages, orisa and winston infinite shields that block your ultimate, the hacking sombra, the flanking dps with a rein (because then, shielding is useless because you shield nobody, the rip tire going through the shield, etc...
Shara Siren (1 month ago)
The amount of earth shatters I stopped when playing brig honestly started to hurt, competent tanks are seriously one of the most devoted classes right now
the savior brony (1 month ago)
Im a rein orisa main and im constantly stuck with the "whyd you charge?!?#?#" and im just there like yall arent dpsing healing or anything so i have to try and do all of it myself
Alijah sylva (1 month ago)
Next sombra, doomfist, mei, or brig I see I’m solo shattering their ass and charging them in into the next dimension
Mariq (1 month ago)
I can tell he's no higher than gold
Carlos Ramirez (1 month ago)
Dude I agree 100
Joshua Saenz (1 month ago)
After having been the cause of a 5 man Dva bomb kill (failed to look up) I don’t play main tank except Winston
Mygo51 (1 month ago)
When the 6 ennemies are grouped in front of you... You charge... 6 bump... 0 caught
Juliet _ (1 month ago)
The most annoying thing about Reinhardts(as a healer) them charging into fire no warning and getting themselves killed immediately while still expecting you to heal and rez them like come on dude ( I'm sorry this happened to me today and I'm still a little salty about it)
Jacko (1 month ago)
I wonder what it feels like to rein knowing that torbjorn's daughter counters him
NewMEndy 19008 (1 month ago)
Why did you say kill only the supports with riptires I got killed the whole game with one
kingpaya (1 month ago)
And you’re so right with this list keep going 🤙
kingpaya (1 month ago)
Im a Rhein Main it’s hard yeah but if you have a good healer behind you you can do nearly everything without dying but the only thing o don’t get is why everyone in my team has to play Tracer and genji every time and i have always gold in kills 🤷‍♂️
A (1 month ago)
I main balderich (reinhardt with balderichs armor) and i agree with this list fuck fuck fuck and fuck mei
Looney Droid55 (1 month ago)
The fact of stuns continually caused me to turn into a rein who plays more like a high health doomfist and fire strike charges dive comps to the spawn
TheEpicPancake (1 month ago)
Phara. Just Phara.
pacovato (1 month ago)
I'm Rusty who gives a shit? Bye.
Pug Fabijo (1 month ago)
As a rein/tank main is agree on 3 od these the rest aint so worse
M M (1 month ago)
you shouldve included when the healers in your team are zen and lucio
TheFaceTank (1 month ago)
Honestly after you play on the big guy for so long you just learn how to play around it. Yeah their is definitely times when we take abuse but believe me their is also times when I just watched the brig wiff her shield bash on my tracer and I'm totally pinning her then shattering the rest of her team. You just gotta pick your battles with him
Isaak Gibbons (1 month ago)
I've been a Rinehart Maine since the beta yeah I know how fucked up it is especially since they keep fucking with hitbox and you know anything faster then him is most likely going to win which is pretty much everyone
DrJaws16 (1 month ago)
As a rien main I will target a stun hero as my #1 priority
Moluna (1 month ago)
KJ PlayZ (1 month ago)
Joel Peter (1 month ago)
You forgto the "having a perfect charge yet the ennemy somehow gets booped away because he jumped"
BubbleShield570 (1 month ago)
11 : Reinhardt, pls stop charging after shatter, its f*cking annoying when you send ennemies to space when are trying to shoot easy tragets lying on the floor. Thank you.
Peter Cassidy (1 month ago)
I literally dealt with about five of these things last night doing my placement matches... It's enough to make a guy drink!
Will Emburg (1 month ago)
Played rein on numbani, I got frozen, stunned by brigette, flashbanged, frozen, stunned by Bridgette, mei lured immediately and then I got meteor strikes by your neighborhood doomfist
raco (1 month ago)
True that m8 And it is junkshit not junkrat. Or shitrat
Menegroth1 (1 month ago)
love your content
Spheal777 (1 month ago)
As a rein main nothing AND I MEAN NOTHING pisses me off more than when the following things occur: 1. "REIN PUT YOUR SHIELD UP DUDE" alright motherfucker let me explain this too you. *grabs their head and forces them to look at the bastion, junkrat, solider etc who is constantly melting my shield in a matter of 1/3 of a second* do you see this pile of shit? Kill him and maybe I can keep the shield up for more than a millisecond maybe if you and your stupid ass dps friend would do their fucking job I wouldnt have to drop my shield and start swinging kill something and maybe I cam do better to protect your stupid ass 2: "WHAT THE HELL REIN YOU'RE THE REASON I DIED" okay douche canoe sure let me hobble my slow ass all the way up too you because you decided to go on a major flank and it went horribly wrong and I'm trying to defend the other 4 members of our TEAM but no it's my fault you died. 3: Bastion. . . Fuck you 4: "WHY THE FUCK DID YOU CHARGE YOU.COST US THE FIGHT" okay so the Winston's Tesla cannon has been eating through my health like a pack of piranhas on a chunk of raw meat, and the enemy dps is chewing through my shield like an alligator through a gazelle. the zen is busy healing the stupid hanzo, genji, and widow who cant land a fucking shot to save thier lives, and are massively out of position, on top of the mercy being stuck up the pharahs ass and cant be bothered with the only fucking tank on the team keeping the enemy from walking through the choke I'm gonna die anyway so I'm gonna roll the dice and see if I cant take one of those motherfuckers with me. 5: *looks behind me sees everyone is behind me keeps going and checks again "cool our whole team is here and were about to push point" *walks onto the point expecting a battle of epic proportions sees nothing happening enemy team turns around and insert solid snake chime here and frenzies me like a pack of sharks with a dead whale in the water and dies* "WHERE WAS MY TEAM" *check spectator mode and sees a 5v1 with a tracer who's flanking in the complete opposite direction of the point* . . . . . *screams internally*
Tommy van der walt (1 month ago)
TGN's commentators have more salt than the ocean itself. Git gud, man the fuck up. And fuck that Mei, call him over to an alley and fuck her dank pussy 'till she needs a steel plate to replace her broken COCKsix. FYI this is not salt, this is pure hatred combined with frustration, anger, and a big fuckoff headache. All because of that little S-L-U-TE
Tommy van der walt (1 month ago)
Riddle me this: Why can't Reinhardt stop himself while charging, but a shitty rusty metal hook, a punch to the face from Doomfist, and a shield bash can stop him? Bear in mind when Pharah knocks him back with a pure concussion pulse, nothing happens. He can take a rocket to the chest and still go on with 1HP. Shouldn't Sombra's hack be the only thing that can shut down his boosters? I mean I can understand why Rein can't stop himself when he already has all that momentum, but for fuck sakes why can virtually every other CC ability? Even a flashbang (pure concussion) can magically fuck up his jet boosters.
Domi plays Overwatch (1 month ago)
The oris shelld is o p a f cuz I ulted and I was actually in front o the selld and nothing happened
Thorgal Pak (1 month ago)
i have been playing rein since the beginning of overwatch. and every single freaking thing on the list is so damn true. i even raged while watching this vid with the mei wall thing. that shit blocked my shatters. love the vids man. keep it up. and to all tank mains: we don't get recognized a lot but tanks are a core part of the team so stay tank and do what you like best!
The Radioactive Player (1 month ago)
"HAMMER-" * the enemy team pumps out over 16 thousand dps in the precise instant that you pop your ult * "OH MY GOD WHY?"
Darkestasylum 32 (1 month ago)
Met the shittiest reinhardt player ever. I was playing reinhardt too. Went in for rein v rein. Had 250 health. He had full health. He was nano boosted. I won.
Gaudimann (1 month ago)
Yay, I´m a real Rein-main.xD
Darkestasylum 32 (1 month ago)
Gaudimann yeah 😂
Gaudimann (1 month ago)
Was I right? xD
Darkestasylum 32 (1 month ago)
Gaudimann lol
Gaudimann (1 month ago)
Wow, I guess it was Hammer into Charge into Firestrike into Hammer?
ttoucansam (1 month ago)
All those fat charges in the vid.... i'm going to need some private time
Yahli Atzmon (1 month ago)
this is so accurate
RainyOW (1 month ago)
20 hours on reinhardt in a single seasin and i still get called a 12 year old kid when im a 20 years od girl, yes a girl, was a one trick solider but went for main tank for the last three seasons.
Gaudimann (1 month ago)
We need more female Rein-Mains! I´m a 2509 plat, so I think I´m not that bad! But you can always be better! Outsmarting the Rein, bringing your team to destroy his shield, etc.^^
RainyOW (1 month ago)
season 10 got me tiled as fuck but still got me 400sr more
Cruahann (1 month ago)
No sombra? Hacking away your shield is pretty annoying
the void (1 month ago)
This is so accurate
I totally agree. Nobody stands behind the shield and then they blame you when they die.
—InsertName— (1 month ago)
I’ve saved so many ungrateful dps with the “fuck you” tank abilities (dvas boost, reins charge, etc)
Mr Modder (1 month ago)
As a rein main, this is so true! Especially when I get a fucking ice wall blocking my shatter. Oh wait that wasn't in the vid. Oh well I just added another one!
Tomás Watkins (1 month ago)
There's nothing more infuriating than moving forward to a capture point, blocking damage and getting dangerously close to an enemy, only to realize that your team moved away from your shield and decided to flank instead without telling you, leaving you with a big "SHOOT ME! I'M ALONE!" sign hanging from your neck.
Jordthe destro1 (1 month ago)
Please do a video on Zenyatta mains

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