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Text Comments (21279)
United Strafes (14 hours ago)
I got called a noob once and it hurt my vagay jay.
Mason Gorman (16 hours ago)
Love this. Keep roasting. No mercy!
Molten76 - (1 day ago)
Abigail Morrissette (3 days ago)
Watching this after seeing Poppy Harlow work it.
RadenWA (4 days ago)
WTF I thought the name was "Gloria _Bolga_ "
Dylan Jones (5 days ago)
Trusted news source ✊😀
Agnes Tjiong (5 days ago)
I never get ads on ur vids..
vsGoliath (5 days ago)
Hurray, she killed the bully! Now what's going to happen when he respawns in, like, 30 seconds?
​​​ ​​​ (8 days ago)
Theyre not even on the same map lmao
Tysen Hopson (8 days ago)
Copyright alert. First offense
Postpocalyptic. (9 days ago)
_They leveled up.._
tattoofet fetish (10 days ago)
I would love to bully those bullyhunters
Hayosiko Takagumi (10 days ago)
We are a serious group with institutional power! Beware!
SpectrE i (12 days ago)
Gloria Borger *pew pew pew pew*
sheldon murphy (12 days ago)
They were nothing but Antifa members. Their proceeds from the sales of those overpriced headphones were going to fund their riots.
Chromiia YT (13 days ago)
*BULLY HUNTER_77* : Name the bully Me: Myself ;-;
DareDev1l (14 days ago)
9:25 is that nicolas cage besides zucc?
JoeyG2013 (14 days ago)
I need to be loaned some money from the harassed charity to get a skin in fortnite
TimeWarpDrive 77 (16 days ago)
zuckbot 9000
Peter Wilks (17 days ago)
Pew noos
Hectiik Zexity (18 days ago)
Remember they have rounds killing them won't help
Mind Of Will (18 days ago)
months later i still don't understand who thought bullyhunters was a good idea.
Aer0 (18 days ago)
it this april fools? on 15th april?
Aer0 (18 days ago)
Guys what is the background music that is used on this video.
Zlane (20 days ago)
Oh no! Im being bullied! And worse! Its online!!!!!!!1!!!!!
Grand Noobian (20 days ago)
9:14 Freud is smirking in his grave...
Dj PixelFreak (21 days ago)
I'll tell you now, they do not censor shit. Like i barely get on fb but I did a week ago for once and the first thing I see is a dog being hung upside down having his stomach flesh hang off him and him trying to move to get out. It was fucking sick. And the fact your allowed to share such gruesome shit like that really tells me this generation is down the gutter.
DuckBoy3 (22 days ago)
What if you're getting bullied in 2k18?
Shama D (22 days ago)
A 5 minute ad. Which I COULDN'T skip XD
Yart Yartson (22 days ago)
Hey pewds, if you can spare an hour or two of your day, I would suggest watching the youtuber Rags video
Martynas Andriušis (23 days ago)
And btw, race car is race car backwards.
Martynas Andriušis (23 days ago)
Vegana and bobS
poffpoff1 (23 days ago)
How do I disable adblock only for pewdiepie? I'm not subscribed but I watch his contents now and then, and this demonetisation business really gets me down as I don't feel he is violating anything..
[SBZ] Karma (20 days ago)
He doesn't get ads anyways
floopy (23 days ago)
You can't disable adblock for a specific user. You can disable adblock for all youtube videos or just pause adblock before clicking pewdiepie's video.
PulpComic (24 days ago)
How did I miss this last month. Classic PC nonsense.
Italiasian Gamer (25 days ago)
So terrible lol.
ANGELINA SARAHI (27 days ago)
There is something called a mute button
The Noob Gamer (27 days ago)
This is like *ouya* the fauiler console
MarkieTheHero (27 days ago)
AND of course the bully hunter thing is female-only, further cementing the lie that men are somehow so privledged that bullying n harrassment never occur towards them :)
Gloria Borger before: :/ Gloria Borger after: :0:0:0:0:0:0:0
Frederico Cunha (27 days ago)
Curiosity: Bullyhunter joins the game in the DE_Dust2 map, and kills the "bully" in the de_Dust map. wtF????
chillinwithd (28 days ago)
They tried to be Lt Lickme but failed
No U (28 days ago)
Great they put the website name in the bully hunter message, the bully is going to harass the staff of bully hunters!!!1!11! Wit they going tu do
Katy Ray (30 days ago)
Felix is smart
Swift (30 days ago)
Steel Series is only saying that because they sponsored the whole thing, you can see their headphones and some other peripherals are Steel Series
bAKON (30 days ago)
Nobody going to comment that they changed the map in between those cuts
suicide LemonShity (1 month ago)
no there were no ads
Maleha (1 month ago)
found an add in the video
Nileonatter (1 month ago)
i cant believe that EXACLY in 9:11 the video faded away towards a shaving device thingy with a naked woman in a bathtub using that shit. DAMN IT YOUTUBE, YOUR SKULLS ARE THICCER THAN THE BLOODY ADS YOUR OBLIVIOUS TO!! xD
erobrine_hunter (1 month ago)
bro its almost like there is a god damn mute button LMAO
Pablo hernández (1 month ago)
is that call of duty?....
Sava The Gamer (1 month ago)
SilentLukester (1 month ago)
Did anyone see ZombiUnicorn's statement yet? I still think she needs to stop using her victim card.
Dr Google (1 month ago)
Bully hunters=27 year old virgin
Ryan Aspelund (1 month ago)
Proceeds go to victims? I got called a butch in Black Ops 2, so I’m expecting at least $10,000 in compensation.
tommyirish86 (1 month ago)
Is his game out now?
cerberus6t4 (1 month ago)
this is the 2018 equivalent to the pepsi ad
Dave Mitch (1 month ago)
I just love how anything they don't like is automatically labeled as "harassment". Over-sensitivity was hardly ever a thing among adult gamers until feminists got involved and complained about everything, as usual. Thanks, feminists.
Thaddeus Nichols (1 month ago)
holy shit an ad
level 3 gay (1 month ago)
i just got a fucking hentai ad.
level 3 gay (1 month ago)
Not to be sexist, but its funny, we gave women rights and the people who opposed to it predicted EXACTLY what happened afterwards.
Noble L (1 month ago)
why is this not called pews news?
Justýna Klanicová (1 month ago)
I have been harrassed couple of times just because i called info in CSGO aloud. Ever since then i refraid from it and just say it via team chat.
Joey Mojugit (1 month ago)
I saw those yellow lines but no ads showed up. I feel bad for pewds even though i hate ads :(
Bella Shawol (1 month ago)
I got one porn ad and one dark souls ad lmao.
Moesh (1 month ago)
alternative to bullyhunters.org: make a service for people to hire shitposters on the internet to make fun of people who have been harassing them. Better to fight shitposters with shitposters
Respect women Respect wamen Respect ramen The flying spaghetti monster is the one true God.
JayTheWhatever (1 month ago)
yo i go to ignite
Esmeralda GS (1 month ago)
My fav segment is Pew (Poo) News
denz Seten (1 month ago)
Just turn on the hunters lol xD
Colton Curran (1 month ago)
I get ads on every video i watch so far some are trash moble games while others are like mc d's
CoCo (1 month ago)
I like how they censor the “bully” ‘s name
VelociPat (1 month ago)
The screenshot of the "audience" is fucking EPIC! Guy in front left corner looks like he doesn't even want to be there, guy behind HIM looks like he's ASLEEP, and the guy in the middle front row (bald with blue shirt) has this "what the FUCK am I looking at" expression on his face.
Atreuso (1 month ago)
Pewds grew up? No wai!
Nicolas (1 month ago)
Git gud
Mr. Weebfanboy101 (1 month ago)
Them “Bully Hunters” are copying LT.LICKME so much.
Kachiro Senpai (1 month ago)
"I noticed my CPM dropping a pew few weeks ago" A PEW FEW
DoomGate (1 month ago)
I honestly cant tell if they are joking or not. I realllly hope its just a huge joke and they aren't just idiots.
Bullyhunters. Get a life....
Rodrigo Ybañez (1 month ago)
"Proceeds from this will go to support victims of harassment in gaming"... it means the money will go to feminist organizations for buying more coffee on their local Starbucks.
AKQ449 (1 month ago)
Brandon C. (1 month ago)
*the lasers are supposed to come out of his fingers*
SuperNovaTV (1 month ago)
“You know, scientists have figured out a way to stop cyber-bullying, IT’S CALLED CLOSING THE FUCKING COMPUTER!” -Filthy Frank
David Fay (1 month ago)
Play god of war
David Fay (1 month ago)
Why are you not making games are meant playing games
fred fuchs (1 month ago)
Pewnews is the most trusted source of news nowadays. I demand a collab with Defranco.
Fatih Yıldız (1 month ago)
is only a game, y u heff to b mad?
MegaMoominUK (1 month ago)
TIL: VAC bans are handed out for more than cheating?
MrBenjaminsisko (1 month ago)
I love you
Wilson Carmine (1 month ago)
That map change in the first clip.
castle 500 (1 month ago)
somebody called me a feeder on lol, can I have some of that money now?
Alex555 (1 month ago)
Spider Pond (1 month ago)
0:30 That is hilarious you can see in his eyes how legit confused he is
SHHsaltyBOY (1 month ago)
Just turn off the screen
Computer Ghost (1 month ago)
I love that even steel series backed out of the headphone branding
Delmore Saorsa (1 month ago)
S Dew (1 month ago)
4:06 look at the audience, all have a passif aggresive posture, and te guy on the left face says: "what a bunch of bullshit"
Anhaedran (1 month ago)
How to stop bullying in video games. Step 1: Press the MUTE button Step 2: subscribe to Pewdiepie. Step 3: Respect Wamen
masterWhO (1 month ago)
Pause at 4:05 look at the guy on the left above the first guy, second from the bottom. His eyes are closed like "oh dear god this pains me."
Mike Bircher (1 month ago)
Clearly bullyhunters.org underestimated the internet.
Malaki Donovan (1 month ago)
The zucc sounds many like a robot

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