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Game of Thrones 6x04 - Margaery is brought before the High Sparrow

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Olegh Rozman (7 days ago)
Everybody talking/writes about Margaery but only few about High Sparrow. High Sparrow is so much interesting character.
Gambit Godsey (29 days ago)
She's freaking fine
high sparrow - became devout after a hangover of getting laid in fancy clothes with fine wine
Hopeless Romantic (1 month ago)
Without Margaery being part of the explosion, imagining the faith militants pain is very satisfying. These religious hypocrites deserve to die. Religion divides people and it made people from the past to do terrible things
H C (2 months ago)
Two things to note: 1. The high sparrow saw through one lie but fell for another. Two sides of the same coin. 2. Margaery was wise enough to take note of every word the Septa said at her so that when the moment arrives, she could use this knowledge to pull herself out of the situation.
xxlCortez (2 months ago)
He said to Cersei that he gave away his shoes. Asking him about his shoes is like asking the Joker about his scars.
Esther Hulst (3 months ago)
Its annoying how he breathes trough his nose with arrogance
Annalisa Zucchi (4 months ago)
Margaery really took after her grandma
Daveme123 (5 months ago)
Loras should've used the fist to escape!!!
The Wraith (5 months ago)
2:10 - Margaery's thinking, "Oh fuck you."
Emma Ripley (11 months ago)
I think Margaery is one of the most underrated characters on this show.
Golden Rose (1 year ago)
I believe this was the scene that Margaery really realised what was going on. Originally she just thought they where merely having her and Loras to confess being gay so they will be punished. But with this scene Margaery kind of finds out they arn't really intrested in Loras but in her. Loras has allready broken, he had nothing to lose anymore, they had no reason to show him Margaery, but they did have a reason to show her Loras. She knows that if she kept this up Loras will surely die, so she needed to become a "believer" to spare Loras. If you nothice in the final episode most of Loras wounds are gone, he is still weak and traumatized but it seems the beatings have stopped, prob because of Margaery supporting the faith.
helvecio p (1 year ago)
rip Olenna
September2004 (1 year ago)
There was a discussion on the Game of Thrones wiki where they wondered if the High Sparrow was really a True Believer or if it was just an act. I would be kinda divided too until this scene. I think the look on his face when he tells the story is supposed to indicate he's the former.
eduardo rauda (1 year ago)
Was a feast, I bought old fine wine and young pretty girls and invited my friends to come and share it all, we passed around the wine passed around the women and soon we fell into stupor, I woke before dawn, barely standing, every one else was asleep on the couches or in the floor die in heaps next to their fine clothes, the truth of their bodies laid there, I could smell them beneath the Incense and the perfume and the fine food that had already started to turn and I saw it with a perfect clarity I saw what my sins were, the gold i had, the wine i drank, the women I used, my ceaseless struggle to maintain my position; its all part of a story, a story I was telling my self about who I was, a collection of lies that would dissapear in the light, the people i was trying to climb away from the beggars in the street, the poor, they were closer to the truth than I ever was.
Kit Johnson (1 year ago)
Pryce is an amazing actor.
Golden Rose (1 year ago)
I just want to give Loras a big fat hug :(
Paige Boyer (1 year ago)
It was always so clear she was plotting all along. SPOILER UP AHEAD!!!!! It's a pity she died before we could see what her plan was. She's so cunning I imagine it would have been a great one.
Golden Rose (1 year ago)
i am pretty sure her plan was simply getting Loras and escapping Kings Landing as soon as possible, that was atleast Olenna's plan
John Smith (1 year ago)
They could have done so much more with the Margaery storyline. They should have had her escape unnoticed in the sept once she knew something was wrong (yes that meant abandoning her brother and father). Had her make her journey back to Highgarden and reunite with Olenna and take their revenge together.
Gustavo C (1 year ago)
"The more work I put into my shoes, the more people wanted them" High Sparrow confirms Marx's labour theory of value
HD Film Tributes (1 year ago)
I never really could tell if Margaery was genuinely kind or not. She was certainly better than Cersei but at the same time she was quite two-faced, manipulative and clearly out for power.
Robot Zombie (1 month ago)
She is a psychopath...no wonder she is so fucking charming and smart
That some major speculation
♞ Go Fuck Yourself ♞ (3 months ago)
I think she had a messiah syndrome. She loved people looking up to her and loving her. She enjoyed being this really pure and popular figure amidst a nest of snakes. It made her feel good about herself and boosted her ego. So in a sense she was the "best" person amongst all of them in the show but only because she took a rise out of it. She's still a flawd character but I genuinely believe she would have made for a great queen that could do good for the realm. If it weren't for Cercei, there might have been peace. I bet she could appease both Daenerys and Jon in some way, though I doubt either of them would let her rule the 7 kingdoms or the North.
The Begley Show (3 months ago)
Sorry but I’m going with Slytherin in this, as they value Leadership, Ambition, Resourcefulness, and Cunning, and Margaery fits those categories. Let’s also not forget that Not all Slytherins are evil. Just like not all Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, and Ravenclaws are good.
nisiriti (4 months ago)
do you really want to know what a person (any person) really is? look at his/her actions, not the words, not the motivations. so did marg do anything evil? no! worse things she did were neutral (arranged marriages and faking affection for the 2 first husbands). she was mostly good and kind showing care for the poor, being social and loving for her family n allies. even when sansa wasn't useful for her because she would marry tyrion, she still remained her friend, advised and consoled her. she was kind even to cersei but for her rude behavior against her, never killed anyone and she - sort of - forgave the high sparrow by admiting to tommen that he's not the monster they though he was. she has deep empathy and can see the good in anyone - evven joffrey whom she dispised for his attitude but was somewhat sad for his death and socked when she learned her grandmother was involved in it
Stella Maris (1 year ago)
"But the man who is not afraid to admit everything that he sees to be wrong with himself, and yet recognizes that he may be the object of God's love precisely because of his shortcomings, can begin to be sincere. His sincerity is based on confidence, not in his own illusions about himself, but in the endless, unfailing mercy of God." ― Thomas Merton, No Man Is an Island
Tabeazzz (1 year ago)
she was so much stronger than him. always.
Thomas Dowd (1 year ago)
Margaery deserves respect more than Cersei.
Tyrel Blaxis (1 year ago)
Fortunately for us, you don't have any power in real life, you do not occupy a public office, because you miss a lot of elements, as a result you would take poor decisions, your analysis proove, that, you should watch the show again.
Michael Lacson (1 year ago)
The Tyrells are all about timing. They cant just hastily attack the High Septon because the people might turn on them.
Call Me Witcher (1 year ago)
nope, Margaery was stupid and when she had the chance to stop the faith, she didnt, she like a fool - followed it to her death, the second her and tommen were released - she could have had her husband ( the king ) cancel the royal decree that gave the faith military power - and prevent all this from happening
MutantKitten (2 years ago)
2:05 pffft fool of he was smart he would invest the money into he's business then he would be rewarded with something that lasts not just a short moment of happiness.
stewieismyhomeboy (2 years ago)
So question: Does he force everyone to be imprisoned until they confess and walk through the town naked, or is that just the rich people?
G-Rant (2 years ago)
Emanuele Olivetti (1 year ago)
G-Rant Great revenge that olenna did...indeed AHAHAHAHAHAHA all their shitty family killed by Cersei
alex thelizardking (2 years ago)
the sparrow's good cop bad cop routine don't work on her because her family uses the same tactic
Octobermory (2 years ago)
Septa Unella should be punished for wearing a tight-fitting dress. Such vanity!
NEMESIS1999 (2 years ago)
This sounds like a twisted religious cult trying to brainwash people's rather than make them repent for their sins.
Joe Webb (2 years ago)
The High Sparrow really played Maergery here. He knew Loras would be broken and that she wouldn't be able to resist his pain.
Resist Zionism (3 months ago)
not true if margary did nothing and not "play the high sparrow" the tyrell army would have killed the high sparrow and rescued them he knew the tyrell army was coming and wanted the crown the ally with the faith by any means necessary so the high sparrow played margary
Michael Lacson (1 year ago)
That's what Margaery wanted the High Septon to think, that he played her. But she adapted by pretending that she converted. It was her who actually played the High Septon.
The Fat Punisher (2 years ago)
Gonna be great when the High Sparrow gets crucified.
jardon Jones (2 years ago)
Queen Majorie is imprisoned because of power politics, the High Sparrow, far from removing power-wants too covet not just religious but political power "insidiously", sex and any pleasures are totally wrong, fine clothes are wrong, sin,sin,sin,sin, these are the way of fanatics...and zealots, far from having a personal relationship with the gods, they want a supreme one,(through force of the faith millitant) too rule the universe and destroy all other forms of power, if that means the lord of the light, other religions,princes, cities,then that is the ultimate goal of the high sparrow, the total opposite, a"anti-thesis of dany-breaker of chains-liberator of the masses" messiah too the peaseants-poor and vunerable,,,is that not also the "Red priests"job roles too... but for a different god, there is only ONE GOD, not 7, the red priestess said 21 times...., the High Sparrow says the total opposite there are 7 not ONE....supreme over all !! Majorie is not a commoner or a peaseant, she actually tried too help the poor- previously, he detests the nobility, the houses, even maybe the iron throne- even if he says otherwise, about the crown + faith=harmony, it is probably more like faith+|crown= faith rulling,crown only as figurehead.... his actuall power base, is very different from the previous septons-who were more passive, his religion is very agressive, not intrested in personalities, only converting the masses!!
Jaime Weis (2 years ago)
I really love Margaery. She knows how to play the game, but she's genuinely a good person, too.
anand parameswaran (28 days ago)
+Jan Mil yeah we did saw littlefinger WAS really "SMART" at the end of season 7
Jan Mil (1 year ago)
Not really, just cause she's dead doesn't mean she isn't smart. People think that Littlfinger is one of the smartest in the show. Let's wait till he dies and people will say "he thought he's smarter than he was, or he'd be alive." The thing is, if you were in ther world, you would've probably died sooner.
Aeolian Melodies (1 year ago)
Margeary knew something was off the moment Cersei and Tommen were late to the trial. Her fault was trying to save everyone rather than just herself, her brother and her father (though I doubt the HS would have let them leave while the trial was ongoing). Even if she managed to sneak out with her family there is no guarantee that they would have made it far enough from the Great Sept, that was a big ass explosion. Bottom line is Margeary didn't lose to Cersei - the High Sparrow did and took Margeary, Loras and every poor soul in the Sept with him.
Call Me Witcher (1 year ago)
she thought she was smarter than she was, or she'd be alive now. she was too slow
ramzi45 (2 years ago)
The Sparrows remind me of the Muslim Brotherhood, how they are sneaky and try to use religon to gain power
blargers123 (2 years ago)
When Margaery sees her brother she realizes that with the High Sparrow, she is going to have to play the game differently than she's ever played it before. It's amazing how quickly she adapts.
diomedea (2 years ago)
She's amazing, one of my favorite characters.
SAILOREARTH89 (2 years ago)
The High Sparrow is so smart. He used her to get to then king. Seeing her brother broke her. And she did what she had to to save him.
frabra88 (2 years ago)
I don't think that what she did will save Loras, actually is the contrary, if Loras don't confess and atone will stay in prison
alex mcdevitt (2 years ago)
Can I just say how amazing Jonathan Price is playing High Sparrow? Literally phenomenal every time he's one screen.
Lani K (2 years ago)
Look at how close to tears she is at the end when she hugs him😭. She's gonna kill them all for what they've done to her brother.
Proud Gay Male (2 years ago)
happy birthday johnathon pryce
Max Marshall (2 years ago)
I don't know what the message of the story he is telling her and why he is telling her? What is the point of it, is it just a riddle?
Andrew Richardson (2 years ago)
He's telling her that all the wealth and the gluttony never lasts especially for highborns, and that the only true path is the path of the 7.
DemiGuy (2 years ago)
after seeing this.. it's clear he is on a crusade against the rich, not knowing that some rich are not so evil. He hates and is abusing them with religion. Makes it easier to see him die?
Genghis Jr. (2 years ago)
4:29 She has no fu*king idea why would he do that! She´s trying but failing to imagine herself being able to do that, just leave all her valuables behind and walk out the door . . .
The Average Joe (2 years ago)
Agreed. She may not agree with him entirely but I believe Margery sees a lot of herself in who Sparrow used to be. she might just have a semi-happy ending after all. And the fact that she took his hand gently shows she's starting to warm up to him. I thinks it's now a 50/50 chance that she'll stand up for the Sparrow if they try to kill him.
Andrew Lim (2 years ago)
Why do high sparrow sound like an preacher
laurellss88 (2 years ago)
I doubt the High Sparrow's story is even true. Or maybe it's partial truth. This scene does remind of one Sunday sitting in church listening to a pastor describe how he went to administer to a group of alcoholics. He seemed to think that one way to identify with an addict was to say, "Hi, I'm [insert name] and I am a sinner." And I sat there thinking well that's very presumptuous of you to think you somehow know and understand what they go through. Shared experience isn't always a pre-requisite to empathy, but in this case the comparison rings hollow. No, you don't understand and I wouldn't trust this attempt at endearment whether intentional or unintentional. The result is this heavy handed manipulation. Margery is perceptive to see this for what it is.
Robot Zombie (1 month ago)
Because its the same she did with sansa
xxaleenazxx (8 months ago)
laurellss88 just because it's game of thrones doesn't mean every character has to have an ulterior motive. what he said when olenna confronted him, that he is just someone who wants to serve the gods, could very well be true. he may just be a genuine religious nut. they exist.
that none is scary. big bitch
Tammy Milda (2 years ago)
how did she keep her eyebrows so perfect :S
dmrc43 (2 years ago)
this is like a poor preacher bitching out hilary clinton lol.
Grace Benjamin (2 years ago)
If I were Margaery, I would go back home to Highgarden before it gets worse
Grace Benjamin (2 years ago)
+Yakoh fair enough
Yakoh (2 years ago)
But she's staying, and she's gonna get her brother back. The High Sparrow wants to use her to manipulate the king, but she learned from the very best. She's got a plan and she knows how to play a role. The High Sparrow made a terrible mistake by letting Cersei and Margaery go and it may be the last.
Grace Benjamin (2 years ago)
+Lucy Cheng​ I know she wouldn't. I wouldn't too
Jessie Chia (2 years ago)
+Grace Benjamin I don't think she would ever leave Loras
ALAN BROWN (2 years ago)
+Grace Benjamin She doesn't go home, that is if DD sticks to the storyline!
SerSyukriAzman (2 years ago)
Loras looking way more hot than ever
ApertureClockwork (2 years ago)
Clegane Bowl is coming.
Frank Nashton (2 years ago)
+Donald J Drumpf oh shit!!!! lol he would get mauled by the mountain 
ApertureClockwork (2 years ago)
Frank Nashton (2 years ago)
imagine if the faith brings in sandor
Rhys Carey (2 years ago)
so hes not Howland Reed in disguise
Rhys Carey (2 years ago)
+Rhys Carey stabbed in the back and survived the tower of joy look up the theory on YouTube this buy altshiftx he's got a video about the theory
Rhys Carey (2 years ago)
+Playful Fruit you need to read the books also we don't know if he's dead he mentioned in a clash of kings and a storm of swords and people think he's the high septon because the crannogmen fight through stealth and sneaking around and he's a big stark loyalist and is doing everything to upset the Lannister regime and Holland reed didn't die he's the guy who stabbed the kings guard in the backend survived the tower of joy
Playful Fruit (2 years ago)
Howland reed got gutted. Also why would you even theorize that.
Peter Fitzgerald (2 years ago)
am I the only one who likes him
September2004 (1 year ago)
If it wasn't for the way he imprisons people and how his people treated gay people, I would like him.
HD Film Tributes (1 year ago)
I hated the High Sparrow. I tyrant who believes he has benevolent intentions is still a tyrant.
Aeolian Melodies (1 year ago)
Theocracy is no better than monarchy. He did not "bring Cersei to justice", he cornered her and drove her to extreme actions she would never have taken otherwise. The High Sparrow triggered Mad Queen Cersei more than any other factor in the show.
bob hill (1 year ago)
I liked him when he made cersei do the walk of shame
Yerflua (2 years ago)
Rule one of drama: no scene, no dialogue, without its subtext. What the Sparrow is really pointing out is that he discovered the true nature of power for someone like him did not lie in riches, but in the jealousy of the lowborn and being able to influence them through religion. He was disgusted with the riches he saw in the morning, but he also saw that he could never attain permanent power by buying his way to it. He could only achieve power over the highborn by popular acclaim, by influencing the lowborn through their religion. Possibly he chooses to tell this story to Margaery because he thinks she's a woman with little power herself, that she can attain power by hooking up with him via influence over the mob rather than keeping to her family. He would be a fool to try and break her away from her family without a basis for power to replace that her family had.
Robot Zombie (1 month ago)
I thought I was the only one Poor bastard just want power for himself
Sorai Max (3 months ago)
Yerflua ??????
Casmira Zeviani (1 year ago)
+Yerflua yup
Yerflua (1 year ago)
And just like Gandhi. And Stalin. And Lincoln. And Hitler. Here's an important lesson on the path to self-knowledge: all fiction is a Rorschach inkblot. We see what we want to see in it, and what we see says a lot more about ourselves than it does about the blot.
Casmira Zeviani (1 year ago)
Yerflua Wow. It sounds just like Trump.
Jaegar Ultima (2 years ago)
"Then let them win, just make it stop, please!" "Alright". I would wager Loras is the Valonqar that will kill Cersei.
Sachiko Shinozaki (2 years ago)
+Jaegar Ultima mmm.. I dunno, I kinda trust him really
Jaegar Ultima (2 years ago)
+Sachiko Shinozaki Alot of possible routes but it boils down to someone though. I hope George isn't feeling pressured to finish his story now that it's become a house hold name. I think he is which is why it'll be difficult to weave good narratives.
Sachiko Shinozaki (2 years ago)
+Jaegar Ultima I'm afraid GRRM didn't give Margaery and her brother much importance, which is why I had great hopes for them since Show-Margaery is just awesome... meh way to ruin a great potential, dummies
Sachiko Shinozaki (2 years ago)
+Jaegar Ultima Uhmmm... What about Arya ? Or perhaps Theon since the Younger queen could be Sansa as well as Dany
Jaegar Ultima (2 years ago)
+Sachiko Shinozaki Yeah time to go back to assuming Jaime will do it. Or maybe Dan and Dave will change that up again. I only hope the books will have Loras do it.
Grant Ziz (2 years ago)
Even when imprisoned, Margery's still hot.
White Dirk (2 years ago)
cristian alvarez (2 years ago)
he's telling bullshits left and right, trying to fuck with the nobles. i love him for that.
andrew T (2 years ago)
even buddha had a better story than this high sparrow, WTF!?!?!!?!
andrew T (2 years ago)
+Sidar Erdem *sigh* Buddha's story was when he was a prince, he  SAW past the luxuries he had even when he had a family and then just up and  LEFT the scene. HE wondered around with just robes and not only was starving but he mediated and tried his best to see past grudges and other shit. He wasnt like the high sparrow who said, "this shit is awful, we are all the same and i think we should just PUNISH the rich and powerful."
Stann Hamb (2 years ago)
why do u hate high sparrow so much? can someone explain? i find him the kindest man in westeros after davos and jon snow
Michael Mansouri (2 years ago)
If you're not being sarcastic, you arent paying attention. He is a compulsive liar
Sigart (2 years ago)
+TracyInsomiac The value of the French Revolution doesn't lie in the revolution itself, but in the inspiration it provided the rest of Europe. It's not unlikely that without the French Revolution, all or most of Europe would still be a collection of monarchies.
TracyInsomiac (2 years ago)
The french revolution didn't even last...they ran back to monarchy as soon as they could.
TracyInsomiac (2 years ago)
Because. just like everybody else in the show, he believes might equals right. He does not lead by example... He convinces his followers that they are better then everybody else and allows them to commit violence and oppression in his name... It is another form of power..but power, it is.
Tweety Bird (2 years ago)
+vishnu79 little finger is a cloaked villain as well, I'm conflicted about him. he's very manipulative but I like his character...
Slaver (2 years ago)
The high-sparrow's little anecdote was the most underwhelming reason for leaving wealth behind. It's not like some reflections of high-born who saw torture or injustice, it's just that he was like "my friends smell and this room is a mess - GOD HELP ME"...
The Wraith (5 months ago)
He became a bigger degenerate as The High Sparrow. He tortured people into accepting HIS religion. At least when he was a wealthy shoemaker no one was being killed by his faith militant.
Le Monarchiste (2 years ago)
+ese hombre Drinking wine was probably part of the men he was before. Many people drink even if they don't like it much. He was definitely not lying.
Joe Webb (2 years ago)
He saw the degenerate life he was living and knew it wasn't going to make him happy. It's pretty clear cut.
Slaver (2 years ago)
+Jai137 haha, clearly
Jai137 (2 years ago)
Hangovers are one of the best reasons to convert to faith.
Lord Dom Snow (2 years ago)
Just tripped, the High Sparrow is full of shit. Last season, he told Margery's grandmother that he doesn't like the taste of wine but in the previous ep, he told Margery he got drunk at a party then just left the next morning
Josh Beaton (2 years ago)
Well I had a fuckload of skittles vodka at a party once... Never again.
left4deadian (2 years ago)
+WILTALK well said. the sparrow made them taste their own medicine.
WILTALK (2 years ago)
+tajniak4 You are associating the Sparrows with religious extremists today. Put into context of Kings Landing the Sparrows are actually more for the common people than the Crown and Aristocrates that have been running the show in Westeros. The Rulers have been the cause of the recent wars which caused nothing but misery to the common folk. The Ruling class has been more concerned with grabbing and maintaining power. Why anyone would hold the " Religious Fanatics" to a different standard than " None Religious Fanatics" is absurd. You realize all the people who have been killed over who sits on the Iron Throne. Kings and succession have always held their justification via Rule by Divine Right. Think about who crowns ( justifies the right to rule) other than the religious leader. The Sparrows are only saying that the standards are not being upheld by the Ruling class. All secular governments and Law are justified by sets of standards and morality. This rediculous concept promoted recently that governments should be exclusive of morality is a distortion upon which laws and individual rights are base.
Andrew Rizzo (2 years ago)
+Lord Dom Snow This doesn't mean a thing. He might be referring to the fact that he doesn't like wine anymore. Either way, I hate liquor and yet I still drink it pretty often because alcohol.
WILTALK (2 years ago)
+Lord Dom Snow That is obvious. Which was my point when I stated that " we all see what we want to see".
Quirelle Dominante (2 years ago)
is acne just not a thing in the world of GOT? if i were margaery a proactiv before picture wouldn't compare to my face
Robot Zombie (1 month ago)
She is in like her 30s most women at that age dont have acne sooooo
John Smith (9 months ago)
Acne is a byproduct of modern civilization
Sachiko Shinozaki (2 years ago)
+Thomas Weyhe Well there is some truth in it though
Introgauge .C (2 years ago)
+Tweety Bird oh no, not hormones! they've disfigured so many people! lol
Thomas Weyhe (2 years ago)
+Tweety Bird that's so wrong that I can't find words...
Millie Wood (2 years ago)
Margaret is smart she married a petulant monster and kept her cool when he did crazy things didn't show her contempt just played along. The High Sparrow doesn't know who he's dealing with she'll outsmart him and when free she'll get her revenge Please make that happen if there is any justice religion is no excuse for cruelty and humiliating. Perhaps if Margaery destroys them Cercei will appreciate her instead of looking down on her and C',s walk if shame will be avenged. Anyone agree?
Michael Lacson (1 year ago)
Actually there is. She didnt want the people to turn on them. The citizens of King's Landing worship the Seven Pointed Star.
Aeolian Melodies (1 year ago)
Yes, there was. Loras was still a prisoner of the Faith. Any action taken against them would have endangered him. Not to mention the Faith militia was able to come in the Red Keep to capture Loras when they were far less powerful and numerous than they are at this point of the story - meaning dropping the mask could easily turn against her, get her captured again and she would no longer have credibility and wouldn't be able to manipulate the High Sparrow anymore. Who would protect her if the Faith came back for her when she revealed that she had been playing the High Sparrow? Sissy Tommen who let her be arrested in the first place?
Call Me Witcher (1 year ago)
sorry but Margaery is dumb, there was no reason for her to keep pretending to be part of this religion, once she was out of the cell with Tommen, she could have easily stopped it there, before tommen was brain washed by the high sparrow remember, Tommen was only susceptible to it because of Margaery she could have prevented any of her family from being in that sept the day of the trial, and have her husband - the king, take away the royal decree that armed them. . . as for the books, the books did a better job explaining this the show did not - in the books the people of kings landing loves the faith, and it was only mentioned ONCE that a civil war could happen badly written season stupid marg, her fault she died
rebelpoxy (2 years ago)
I could see why you could consider this democracy, but theocracy is no better than the existing system.
Wagacca (2 years ago)
Y'all just got pranked son
Captain Barbossa (2 years ago)
And what sin has Margaery ever committed? Her family has done everything to help the poor and destitute. You and your religious douchebag followers just turned a blind eye when it was Cersei who was responsible for King's Landing's troubles. If the Tyrell's kill you your way, Sparrow...you'd win. I think the perfect way to beat you is to break your spirit first.
Goliath Online (3 months ago)
The sin of lying. Justice. 😬👌
rebelpoxy (2 years ago)
+The Greater Ark It's King's Landing. Everyone lies, just like what Baelish said. Even the High Sparrow.
max rav (2 years ago)
take yer pills mate
Sebastian Dimitriu (2 years ago)
+Erik “ThePhantom” Destler the high sparrow said it specificly that her sin is that she lied about her brother before the sept, at the trial , and his brother fucks boys wich is forbidden in the 7 pointed star. not that this is a good reason for inprisonment but its the reason you wonder why she/he is punished. (sorry for bad english)
Sigart (2 years ago)
+Erik “ThePhantom” Destler Lived in riches. That alone is enough, I should think.
Loz Coleman (2 years ago)
Where is Loras?
Amber (2 years ago)
He's at the end of the video. You know, the bawling guy Margaery is hugging.
valephar (2 years ago)
In a cell, like Margaery.
princeofdatny (2 years ago)
Are they just running out of stuff for Margaery?
Call Me Witcher (1 year ago)
agreed - it ruined two whole seasons, there's no reason that once Tommen and Margaery left the sept of baelor mid season, that she should have had tommen cancel the royal decree that gave the faith military power in the first place ( bad writing by D and D ) Tommen was only susceptible to the high sparrow because of Margaery buying into it.. ( which made Marg look dumb as hell mind you, )
Connor Crick (2 years ago)
+princeofdatny No. In a few days Margery is make to make her walk of atonement (The same as Cersei) or face a trial by faith, that is if the Tyrell army don't destroy the faith militant first.
qwertyuiop (2 years ago)
+princeofdatny but Cleganebowl...
princeofdatny (2 years ago)
+playtoyx I knew it. People with brains know that the whole High Sparrow plot is really running cold and old
playtoyx (2 years ago)
Actually yes. This is past the books.
JabberCT (2 years ago)
Never allow a religion to hold power. Nothing good ever comes from it.
Anthony Lopez (2 months ago)
I hate how religion is politicized so much whether it's Christians or Muslims or Jews anything. All of them are disobeying their scripture by making themselves political. It involves them doing things that are supposed to be a sin such as overemphasizing guns and judging other groups that are different. It's not up to any person of God to bring judgement upon the people. That is up to the Almighty himself.
ShaneDeeZee (1 year ago)
People hold power and give power. Religion is your reason for misery and war? I say Religion is just a lame excuse. Atheism is another excuse. Nationalism is another excuse. PEOPLE hold power. People GIVE power. Whether it's to a vicar, a monk or a politician... or even the Chairman of the People's Republic of China. You think people really care who holds power when they decide to enslave or to hurt each other?
Kristoff Bjorgman (2 years ago)
That's the fallacy of assumption. And I'm talking about abortion and how you people have the excuse to call that health care.
JabberCT (2 years ago)
+Kristoff Bjorgman™ LOL. So having health care kills babies? And not having health care saves babies from illness? Riiiiight. I don't know what you're smoking, but keep it away from children.
Kristoff Bjorgman (2 years ago)
Those two or three were the worst the world had ever seen whist the Crusades were counter offenses and the inquisition was greatly over exaggerated by Protestant propoghdanda. I speak this as a Protestant myself. And those modern atheist societies are horrible societies compared to the godly communities they once were. I'm not talking about having an institution of religion in power but Christianity being necessary in the influence of one's personal life. Less genocide? Tell that to the millions of unborn babies they murdered in the name of "healthcare."
Ashfalor (2 years ago)
That's some rough self probing, I mean sure it was meant to mess with her no doubt but how much truth that story has for humanity as a whole, massive.
Valerie Hopper (2 years ago)
I feel like you can get a lot of things from the speech that are not wrong or right of course. For me, it really touched something I struggle with in this world. The pursuit of riches at the cost of family. I'm not saying "all" people are guilty of putting the pursuit of riches/success above spending time with their family. In some instances people think that their success and inherent riches are actually to support their family in which case it is rationalized. That's the struggle I personally consider many days of my life. I see people putting so much into their careers and they are absent from their spouses and children even though they are providing very well for them. So I consider the "death bed" scenario. What am I thinking about as I lay in my death bed? Well for me personally certainly not that I got a promotion or a sports car or a big house....No for me personally it's the little things in the fringes of my memory. When my son went on a slide at the park the first time and looked me in the eye with trust and love that I would catch him. My wife snoring next to me looking so exquisite. The little things of life that only comes from time with my family. Therefore, for me and only me personally, I love this speech about the lies that we tell ourselves about what "defines" us. Yet there will come a time that we are "naked" and all of that is stripped away and we are humbled and none of the riches or titles matter in the least and we (at least me) see that it was all for not, because what truly matters is family and that you got a shot at that happiness in life. Which brings me to a deep sadness for those out there that do not have family, I truly feel sad if you do not have that love of a child or spouse. I sincerely hope you find that, as I do think it's the top pursuit of being on God's green earth.
anyviolet (2 years ago)
+Joshua Jarod Yep. He literally preferred dying to us not being freely with Him forever.
Joshua Jarod (2 years ago)
+anyviolet It's a beautiful thing that you mentioned. The value God puts on human free will that he would honor it even as we go astray, yet is willing to forgive those truly repentant. Yet, that forgiveness that we can receive does not come without a price, a price God himself paid for on the cross.
anyviolet (2 years ago)
+Dridokof Yep. re: messing w/ her, I see what you mean but I think he mostly just meant it, actually. He probably doesn't know how much she herself has been helping poor people. I think the High Sparrow is trying to be a good person. The (huge) problem comes when you try to *force* (as opposed to encourage) other people to be good. Never works. And God so highly values the freedom of humans to f*ck up that He puts up with all our evil, and instantly forgives anyone who's truly sorry for having done wrong no matter how heinously, in order to preserve that freedom.
MinesAGuinness (2 years ago)
So wrapped up in his own story of self-discovery is he, that the High Sparrow doesn't even notice when he tells Margaery everything she needs to do to fool him: "It's all part of a story; a story I was telling myself about who I was. A collection of lies, that would disappear in the light..."
Aeolian Melodies (1 year ago)
Eh, I thought that was fairly obvious. He wants her to find a way out for him. Cersei and Margaery have been abused during their imprisonment (deprived of food/water, beaten with the spoon by the Septa, perhaps some other stuff that we did not see) but Loras' fate seems to be far worse. I would assume the Faith considers homosexuality a greater sin than Cersei's fornication and Magaery's lie during Loras' audience. I believe his physical abuse was worse than theirs, possibly up to sexual abuse. So, naturally, he wants to get the F out of there.
MinesAGuinness (2 years ago)
+John Mortimer No, who would disagree with that? Margaery realised this, and saw that she has only only hand to play. The High Sparrow knows her past as it appears from the eye of a humble minister to the needy, and probably came to the conclusion that she was benevolent to the poor for her own vanity. Interesting to note that neither he, nor the audience, actually know this to be true: just because Margaery says she merely affects sympathy and has disgust for the poor, doesn't mean it is her true feeling. Her level of self-awareness in even saying such unflattering things about herself to the High Sparrow might suggest she cannot be anywhere near that shallow. But while it is a predictable strategy for Margaery, it is also the Sparrow's weakness. He is, behind any deviousness or ulterior motives which we do not know, a deeply devout man, one who went through a profound spiritual conversion from sinner to saint. Here he is presented with someone he 'knows' to be a sinner - a carefree highborn lady who thinks of nothing but herself - and he dreams of a chance to redeem her. He wants to see it genuinely take place, as it will prove to him that the spiritual truths he has accepted do have the power to persuade others. The performance Margaery gave to Tommen in 'private', and face to face with the High Sparrow in her conversatiosn are all performances, put on to flatter the High Sparrow, whom she knew would be listening.The Sparrow will want to test her devotion, that is to be sure: but he fervently believes it is possible and that someone like Margaery could want it too. That is an error on his part, admittedly one that gives Margaery a narrow advantage, but that is all she expected to gain. Margaery won't be revealing her act any time soon. She knows she may have to keep this up for the rest of her reign. She may secure her exoneration from charges, but be unable to protect others. It's certainly possible that Margaery cannot derail the High Sparrow's plans, and the fate of Lady Olenna next week will probably define to what extent the High Sparrow can or cannot be outmanoeuvred. It is highly likely that the test the High Sparrow has in store will involve denouncing her own brother for his sins, but she'll do it if it means a lighter sentence, such as Loras being inducted into the Kingsguard and remaining alive. However, at least he lives, and new plans made for the future. Her greatest advantage gained from the High Sparrow was his blessing to be sexually intimate with Tommen, and his veneration of the Maiden and the Mother. This is Margaery's skill set, and she bets that a King who must choose between an old, querulous septon and his alluring, loving and demonstrably devout wife will listen to his queen. Now that is, on the surface, also the kind of queen the High Sparrow wants Margaery to be and Tommen to have - but that doesn't necessarily mean that the High Sparrow is getting what he wants. He is setting up another figurehead for the Devout: one who, with her skills at public relations and her position confirmed as the embodiment of 'Faith and Crown united' as the pillars of the realm, can at the first sign of the High Sparrow's flaws, turn the people against him as their true champion - with the Sparrow's own words cementing her place right by the King's side, with the King's military power. I'm not sure that the show will stretch out this plot-line quite that far (Cersei chooses violence will bring this to a head), but it would be logical for Margaery to be planning ahead for that possibility.
diomedea (2 years ago)
I think he has probably underestimated her, but I also think she's overly optimistic about beating him at this particular game. I think they're probably about head-to-head for cleverness and ambition. The Sparrow might still be capable of fielding any tactic she tries, but I don't think that as of yet he fully understands what he's in for.
John Mortimer (2 years ago)
+MinesAGuinness Do you actually think the Sparrow is unaware of Margaery's expedient nature? She later references it herself, when she's reunited with Tommen. The Sparrow is using her every bit as much as she THINKS she's using him. He has the crown under his thumb now.
deepa k a (2 years ago)
+nairda55555 this is what something similar happened to me.
Pond Punya (2 years ago)
If any member of the house tyrell dies i'm rioting
anand parameswaran (28 days ago)
+Caleb Reese no worries danaerys is gonna roast cersei and feed her to drogon😈
WINNER Jinu, kpop man (1 month ago)
Now, all of the house tyrell is totally gone, no one wss left.
BumblingFangirl13 (2 months ago)
Deniz Julian T. (2 months ago)
They've been completely wiped out. Will you start a revolution?
Iain Hansen (3 months ago)
Pond Punya weeeeeelllllllllllll
ninethreefivesix (2 years ago)
I love how she sees through the Sparrow's bullshit. Love her so much
Michael Lacson (1 year ago)
She has to keep playing the High Septon because she doesnt want the people to turn on them.
Angel Levy (1 year ago)
What would she had achieved had she told Tommen the truth? All she would of gained would of been a secure walk of shame. Tommen is king but he doesn't know how to use that power. If he did none of this would had happened in the first place. Margaery choose a secure route to guarantee her and Lores' safety. Until Cercei decided to fuck all the rules of the game.
Call Me Witcher (1 year ago)
she's an idiot, even when she had the chance to stop the Sparrow, When Tommen came to get her, marg still played to the high sparrow, and thats why she died, she's not as smart as she thinks she is Margeary has so many times to stop pretending to be the high sparrows bitch bad writing frankly - there was no reason she had to keep pretending to be part of this religion once her and Tommen left,
Tweety Bird (2 years ago)
+Evan T she managed to stealthily assassinate joffrey in front of hundreds of guests at his own wedding, I'm sure olenna could cause the high sparrow to suddenly get a heart attack in his sleep ifykwim lol
Tweety Bird (2 years ago)
+Evan T she managed to stealthily assassinate joffrey in front of hundreds of guests at his own wedding, I'm sure olenna could cause the high sparrow to suddenly get a heart attack in his sleep ifykwim lol

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