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2CELLOS performance at the 2018 UEFA Champions League Final

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http://www.facebook.com/2Cellos http://www.instagram.com/2cellosofficial 2CELLOS Luka Sulic and Hauser performing Champions League Anthem at the 2018 UEFA Champions League Final in Kiev
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Yacine Guena (12 hours ago)
Mo salah is the best <3
Abdo Khalid (14 hours ago)
Roronoa Zoro (17 hours ago)
Pelos de punta, la final del torneo más emocionante
kristoff willcox (17 hours ago)
hey guys could you both do something from the transformers 1986 animated movie theme song?
好きサッカー (23 hours ago)
最高の試合だった 全ての選手が素晴らしかった ただ一人の選手を除いては
Leonilce Silva (1 day ago)
Lindo hino
Cali Managing (1 day ago)
2cellos performed at my high school in San Mateo, CA when I was a junior. I got chills watching this live. Much respect to these artists🙌
Super Diamond (1 day ago)
After game started ramos broke salah’s shoulder and karius made 2 mistakes ☹️
The Fourth Chairman (1 day ago)
This is not bad Buy omehow i like the choir version It gives me the chill right through my bones
Boor Nick (3 days ago)
Bello, hermoso, sensacional, impresionante... De las mejores versiones de la Champions League en la historia. Con dos cellos magníficos que hacen llorar de emoción.
Horst Horsti (3 days ago)
Sadly this is playback.... there is no wire from The cellos to speakers and Bluetooth with cellos is impossible
Horst Horsti (2 days ago)
PomFritzFresser danke
PomFritzFresser (2 days ago)
Gut erkannt, Horst. Jetzt wo du es sagst ist es mir auch aufgefallen. Ganz zum Schluss sieht man auch wie der Linke Cello Spieler den Ton zu lange halten WÜRDE, wenn es live wär.
リヴァプールGKロリスカリウス DFアンドリューロバートソン、フィルヒルファンダイク、デヤンロブレン、トレントアレクサンダーアーノールド MFジョーダンヘンダーソン、ジョージニオワイナルダム、ジェームズミルナー FWサディオマネ、ロベルトフィルミーノ、モハメドサラー レアルGKケイロルナバス DFマルセロ、セルヒオラモス、ラファエルバラン、ダニエルカルバハル MFカゼミロ、ルカモドリッチ、トニクロース、イスコ FWカリムベンゼマ、クリスティアーノロナウド
yasser guenidez (3 days ago)
I miss this song hhhh
Félix Borrego Gil (3 days ago)
Is beatiful
Emmanuel Reyes (3 days ago)
Wow My real madrid his this champions
abc def (3 days ago)
La Copa Libertadores le hace 10 a 0 a esto carajo
Kohsei Matsutani (3 days ago)
Football Videos (3 days ago)
Imagine walking out to that as a player
Satria Cahaya putra (4 days ago)
Ramos di hijo
goodHodie Official (4 days ago)
Very cool!! 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳
Madridista Saad (4 days ago)
Hala Madrid ❤AporLa 14 🏆💪
vagh mit (5 days ago)
Moe Joe (5 days ago)
Nusret is in background, man of the match 😂
Scott Krensavage (5 days ago)
I was there, goosebumps hearing you guys
bcurry_24 (5 days ago)
Should have started playing highway to hell
Chris.EST.93 (5 days ago)
ii Funiez (5 days ago)
0:19 salt bae
HP1991 (5 days ago)
EL GATO CHINGON (6 days ago)
Hala madrid👑⚽️👑
Charlesdlc04 (6 days ago)
Liverpool ❤️😪
manyak oyuncu (6 days ago)
0:21 arkada nusret var
yo fuku (7 days ago)
BreJo Hernández (7 days ago)
Türk Milliyetçisi (7 days ago)
Yasser Fire Poof (7 days ago)
I want players dance xD
Yasser Fire Poof (7 days ago)
Barça Barça hhhhhhh
Paola R. L. (7 days ago)
So proud of you!
Levi Arkerman (7 days ago)
Streem Daniell (7 days ago)
Frane Franić (8 days ago)
He is from CROATIA
Saulius Grisecko (8 days ago)
The one of the Best Opening Ceremony, UEFA CL FINAL.
Geo (8 days ago)
I still get goosebumps listening to this.
Zagueiro 1991 (9 days ago)
Top de mais !!!!!!
Susan T. Zucco (9 days ago)
Reaaaaaal madriiiiiiiiid champions 2017/2018 e2016/2017
Sam Koes (9 days ago)
lm from albania . beautiful
MarcinMLP (9 days ago)
sick boi (9 days ago)
0:40 the CHAMPIOOONSSS 😍 CR7 and mosalah
Fernan YT (10 days ago)
Este video se lo pones a un verdadero aficionado de la champions league y sale llorando
pedro hdez (10 days ago)
Impresionate el escenario que presenta la champios .
khanage360 (10 days ago)
Michael Scofield (11 days ago)
0:19 Saltbae Nusret at the left :)
4-UP (11 days ago)
The Champions! 4-UP
Its Emilio (11 days ago)
Football is beautiful ⚽️❤️
Mousami Chakraborty (11 days ago)
Rami Qumsiyeh (11 days ago)
This 1.33 minute video can wake up the dead! I don’t get how someone can dislike this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
David Paniagua (12 days ago)
Fui el único que los reconoció en directo!?
JOSE CONTRERAS (12 days ago)
One Club name REAL MADRID ❤❤👑
Janosch (12 days ago)
NenadGames FTW (13 days ago)
i would never have guessed it that this will be the last match of cristiano ronaldo in real madrid :(
ADqO Gaming (13 days ago)
Fucks in match;karius,ramos,carvajal
GRANADIER FC (13 days ago)
Terminator 101 (13 days ago)
Thats where i got to know you for the first time
cody 1022 (13 days ago)
GRANADIER FC (13 days ago)
Oğuz Çil (14 days ago)
0:19 sol arkada nusret var aq 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Luis Ramirez (15 days ago)
You got to see CRISTIANO Ronaldo i like you 2cellos
LuckerHD (15 days ago)
Final on NSC Olympic stadium that is not olympic.. In poor country of americoid idiots... and with team, that should not be there (real madrid shauld not pass over Juve and no... i am not fan of Juventus, Bayern... or Liverpool) So... this final was the worst
Jonas o/ (15 days ago)
robocop (16 days ago)
FIFA 19 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Talal Ahmed (16 days ago)
Omar Hernandez (16 days ago)
algun dia miraremos algo asi en CONCACAF
Farid Agaev (16 days ago)
0:23 Nüsret
prensa WBM (16 days ago)
El himno de la champions league es el mejor en todos los tiempos.Saludos desde Túnez
Alberto Barbosa (16 days ago)
Chills. Chills.
Oh, there's so much light there
Gioele Savoca (17 days ago)
let them perform every champions league final until the end of their career
Dr. SICK (17 days ago)
Guess who got the cup that day...
mangkron Chanel (17 days ago)
Matías GD (17 days ago)
Que hermoso himno no paro de ver el vídeo, lo veo 1000 y las 1000 veces me encanta
The Bengali Guy (17 days ago)
Events like these make me want to see a champions league game so bad
Rafa Gamer (17 days ago)
Crazy Variety Tv (18 days ago)
UCL is the classic tournament!
Braxton Pineda (18 days ago)
you should make a YouTube video on Ah Ha Take On Me by Rhino
Male Ficent (18 days ago)
M. Salah was an angel :')
Epic Boss211 (18 days ago)
Why does no player looks at the trophy while entering ??😬😶
Sandeep P S (18 days ago)
The spectators of this match were lucky in many ways.
albonistaa (18 days ago)
best final anthem ever
Marvin Sic (18 days ago)
Hermoso 🎶
Sal Hyd (18 days ago)
You guys had the privilege of performing at a Champion's League Final with the whole world watching you. Great job.
たつぼー (18 days ago)
Lizardo Sosa (18 days ago)
Pelos de punta Pd: Es hermoso
di final yg super megah gini kipernya liverpool ngelawak maenya wkwkw
karla malcolm (19 days ago)
They are themselves and fantastic in EVERY setting!!! Bravo!
Viniih L.S (19 days ago)
Muito foda top
Youssef Metry (19 days ago)
0:37 Mo Salah

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