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Backflip Master [Android] | New Game | Backflip Game

35 ratings | 6367 views
Backflip Master - a dynamic game with unique gameplay, on the basis of physics character. Fully ragdoll system gives you madness in the game. Come locations performing extreme jumps and stunts. Parkour system helps you unlock your tricks skills. Backflip master have a lot of tricks - pike,scissors,candle,flip,reverse bent... Dive into the madness world of extreme jumps and stunts! Features: -Extreme stunts -3D world and main character -Backflip system -Ragdoll 3D character -"Free" mode and "Normal" mode -Realistic physics character -Flipping and tricks -Various game levels -Various tricks and flips Game levels: -City park -Port ***** - Say that you want more levels with a 5-star review Game link: Donwload APK : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.KGD.BackflipMaster
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Text Comments (10)
CORVO&NT (8 months ago)
Hey man, you should really update the Rake, i'll even pay you a few muchachos?
Timmy S (8 months ago)
My advice to the developer : drop all other projects, work the Rake, improve and develop the game
Timmy S (8 months ago)
Если хочешь я могу доделать игру
Timmy S (8 months ago)
чувак ты российский?
Dennis (9 months ago)
yo when are you gonna update rake
FirecubeFX (9 months ago)
Nice bro keep up the great work, but did you already start Rake 2? 😊
DUHAChannelMiner (9 months ago)

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