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Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire - Before You Buy

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Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire (PC) is the sequel to the smash-hit kickstarted PC RPG. Does it live up to the original game? Let's talk. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv DISCORD: https://discordapp.com/invite/gameranx
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Kevin Dorn (11 days ago)
i would like the game if i could play it....sadly i cant because the fking thing is crashing every 10 minutes. even after spending hours to solve the problem. of course its my rig (even though i have no problems with other games). sorry but im fed up with sht like this. i dont WANT to spend hours to run a game! but i did spend the time and still not working. from time to time i have probs with a new game and need to search a little to get it to run but this time nothing works...
tin foil hat designer (11 days ago)
the furking game had no momentum to start with
tin foil hat designer (11 days ago)
the game is furking stoopid so is the names of the so called gods the stupid wogs and islanders culture they blend together is so furking boring the game is full of bugs the world is very small the whole shit is boring VERY CORNY
H 22 (17 days ago)
Liked the game the combat was good but it was still kind of easy..graphics are good Buttt there’s not a lot to do tbh once you’ve explored a bit and when you kill an enemy they’re gone gone for good there’s no new enemies re spawning on the map or anything...and the stories kind of poor combat really saved this game.
Faze Donut (20 days ago)
First was really good very happy to play the new one
MASTER TXD (1 month ago)
Can you play this game with 2 controllers on 1 console? I mean, just like the old Baldurs Gate on the PS2.
cyr franco (1 month ago)
Any critters here for Vox Machina?
ParkingLotBedouin (2 months ago)
Only play 2-3 hours into the first game. Great game but just couldn't get into the lore and story so gave up on it. Is the story on this one any better? Still haven't play Divinity Oringal Sin 2 yet, should i just play that instead?
Angeliceron (2 months ago)
sgtcojonez (2 months ago)
It looks old.
SupahFly (3 months ago)
the one thing is vastly disliked about this game is that my character did not owe anything to the gods. if anything the gods owed everything to my character. i kinda held their secret hostage in the end of the first game and i went with the most "against the gods" ending i could get for this one
Adam B (3 months ago)
It's too bad the naval combat is kinda shit. The combat is also dumbed down from PoE 1. Otherwise it's an upgrade.
Mr9TalesFox (3 months ago)
I have mixed feeling. About game. First one was much better. Story in second is lacing and short. PofE 2 like many games have open world problem. Few interesting quests. And a lot of kill stuff explore location and kill everything in it. Still hope they make interesting expansion with PofE 1 quality story.
Kraskel the Gamecat (3 months ago)
Played the ps4 port and found despite being acclaimed for translating control to the controller well, I found it difficult to control comfortably. I grew up playing baldurs gate but haven't had a pc in ages. This game seems like a labor of love made by fans of those series.
fucheduck (3 months ago)
narrator sux, her voice is squeaky and annoying and overdone. the cutscenes are degraded because of this fact. sounds like a little girl with psychological problems telling a "story" to her stuffed unicorn.
Adam Melhuish (3 months ago)
Thanks for being honest at the beginning of the video about lacking experience. It's rare for a channel to admit that and to recommend other videos. I have no experience with these games either it just shows how GameRanx is dedicated to giving players honest reviews.
Malcolm Swoboda (3 months ago)
Its what I stick around for. I certainly don't stay for the soft clickbait and their rhetorical constant inability to pick a side on anything (outside reviews).
Vaporize Jello (3 months ago)
I can't get over the neon green circles under everyones feet. Fantasy + LED ring feet light = not playing.
Vaporize Jello (3 months ago)
but to be fair, this game looks rad.
Bryant Smith (3 months ago)
This game is amazing, the only thing I dont like Is the ending...
El loco chocko (3 months ago)
What a 60h of a game I had. This game is frikin awesome. Dont rush with the main quest. Side quests, bounty mission and all the other stuff does make you feel, like you doing something cool. The choices you will make, will reflect in Deadfire world. Even the small ones. And interacting with your team buddies does feel very important. Their problems and the way they see world will throw you into even more quests. For me this is so far GOTY. But well, it's just me.
MuskaKillz (3 months ago)
You can't actually import your PoE1 character, what you can do is import the savefile where all your decisions made along the game are stored, so they are automatically taken into account for your gameplay in PoE2, but you'll need to make a new character :D For those of you wondering you can create your "legacy" without a savefile as well with the tool they've implemented in PoE2 but if you haven't played PoE1 I would strongly recommend finishing it first as it is fucking awesome game. <3
Freedom Panic (3 months ago)
looks like the fog of war is still obnoxiously implemented. I do not understand why it darkens/grays out everything that isn't 6 meters around you. I get the black fog of war, that uncovers as you explore. But I hate that you can only clearly see in a small radius around the characters.
The Liddler (3 months ago)
This game looks like it's taken a lot from other great RPGs and put them all together such as Mount & Blade, Civ, and WoW. I'll definitely need to try it out!
Rich Burley (3 months ago)
It's coming to the Switch later this year and I'm stoked!
Typical NormalPerson (4 months ago)
SJW game
silverwolf1983 (4 months ago)
Endurance and health mechanism? Does it work like PoE 1??? Rest using consumables? Etc
glory4theking (4 months ago)
Though I would recommend playing the first Pillars of Eternity out of principle, I personally found the story, setting, and characters to all be EXTREMELY boring. PoE 2: Deadfire on the other hand is loads more fun and improves on every single aspect from the first game
Chaotic Creations (4 months ago)
As someone who was never able to get into the first installment of this series, this game is so much better than the original. definitely worth picking up.
Derian Loretan (4 months ago)
heay, if u like the PoEII game try ot the CardBoardGame Heros of the Eastern Reach im in love with it ^^
Derian Loretan (4 months ago)
its PoE as a Board Game <3
Luke Frederiks (4 months ago)
Might have to pick this up! Baldur's Gate is the shit! 5:07 Also holy crap! The shadows on the walls are awesome! This team really poured their heart and soul into this project it seems!
Daniel Gonzagowski (4 months ago)
How'd you forget to mention the fact that Critical Role voices alot of the characters!?
David Bodor (4 months ago)
You not looting all the stuff from enemies trigerred me =)) You have an infinitely big stach its free money!
Tom Wadsworth (4 months ago)
Question: I'm about to head into the 'point of no return' before PoE's ending and am looking forward to diving into Deadfire, but I'm wondering, do I need to play White March first? I want to get into Deadfire whilst it's fresh (already had a couple of spoilers thanks to the hype around it), and would rather get into it sharpish. I also don't really have the funds for White March AND Deadfire right now, let alone the time. Am I missing out on anything crazy important if I skip White March, does it effect Deadfire much? I should add as well that story is my main focus with these games, so it's more plot that I'm into.
Spitfire 2103 (4 months ago)
I'm so in.. Man I wish I have more money. Need to wait for sale, hoping to get it on summer sale
Count Otto von Gruber (4 months ago)
They should do an enhanced edition of the first game, but with the updated animations, graphics, and dual-classing features of the second game.
mph seti (4 months ago)
I've just watched several of your videos, and subscribed. I dig your style, and you seem honest*. I also checked a few reviews of games I've played already. I tend to agree with your assessments, at least so far. Again, good job. No annoying voice, juvenile slang or hate, obvious bullshitting, or IGN-style corporate shilling. Yeah, I think I need to play Pillars of Eternity. I'm a long time (25 years or so, off and on) table top D&D player/DM. That seems right up my alley. Or in my 'wheelhouse' (as everyone seems to say lately). *If you get games (or other benefits/perks) for free from publishers in exchange for a review, you should disclose that at the beginning of the review, however.
JCG (4 months ago)
Am I the only one that always gets these videos on his feed after already buying the game in question? Lol.
Arccade (4 months ago)
Baldur's Gate II is my favorite game, best ever made imo. To my surprise I can't find arguments to say that Deadfire is not on par with it. I. LOVE. IT. Thank you so much, Obsidian.
Josh Mcclelland (4 months ago)
Other than saying PoTD is hard you're right. Veteran difficulty on the first was more intense but J Sawyer said they were going to make it much harder later but focused on fixing bugs the month that they pushed the game back.
andre borges (4 months ago)
i loved the game tyranny from obsidian, but not so much when it comes to pillars of eternity 1. When somethings bother me too much when it comes to rpg games i quickly quit playing it XD. I only play perfect RPG's XD.
Eugene Swanson (4 months ago)
great game overall, BUT! Its too easy, even in POTD and level scaling it hardly provides any challenge =(
Alex (4 months ago)
Game is a little raw - there are some minor bugs in gameplay, quests, performance, but so far none was an actual issue and mostly just an minor annoyance. Playing on Path of the Damned (highest) difficulty and it's definitely a bit easier than expected, which was confirmed by Obsidian, but still thoroughly enjoying it. I'd love to witness a game where every character aaand narraotor voiced by Matt Mercer, just to see extent of his vocal range.
Celty (4 months ago)
Ya know, I wanted this game mostly because the Critical Role cast is voice acting it, but after watching gameplay it looks way too “resource management” to be fun for me. Thanks for making the vid, Gameranx :) I’m definitely glad I watched this “before I bought” lol
Adam B (3 months ago)
You can get 10-20 morale per boarded ship.
Jamie Karl (4 months ago)
That's only really for the ship travel. Which you don't have to do that much of, unless you like travelling around. Once you have lots of gold, you just buy a crap tonne of food and drink and you forget about it. If it worries you just get a trainer, and max your gold.
SirC0wd0g (4 months ago)
POE1 is a steaming pile of bugs and terrible design decisions. I can't recommend it at all unless you want to sink 200+ hours of micromanaging and working around awful game design. Play Tyranny(similar game by the same design team) instead, then sink into POE2, where they've learned from the mistakes of previous games.
Cait Sith (4 months ago)
What killed the first for me was the castle. Not kidding everytime i left the castle a npc reach the castle and only stayed 20 hours. So i had to walk back talk to it, then leave the castle. Oh no a new noc arrive. After the 5th time or so i quit.
Sicnesses23 (4 months ago)
And it's coming to the switch
I'm a fan of Obsidian, but everyone saying " Make another Fallout game!! " don't seem to understand, that most of the team that worked on NV are no longer working with Obsidian.
Darena Bryant (4 months ago)
I have never heard Jake sound so completely positive on a game before. He sounds eager to play more and completely happy and gave zero downsides to it. I'm gonna have to look into this one.
Adrian Jones (4 months ago)
Will this release on ps4?
Abhijeet Mishra (4 months ago)
When Eder lights up his cigar and starts smoking, I realize the kind of focus they had on the graphics. Neat little touches that make the otherwise standard graphics stand out.
Onyx (4 months ago)
The most important part of Pillars of Eternity 2 is the awesome critical role characters added in.
Phyrexian Juggernaut (4 months ago)
I love the Before You Buy series.
Roley (4 months ago)
My favorite game of 2018 so far, it's awesome!!
robert19758 (4 months ago)
Before you buy beware because this game is bugged as hell. He freezes and crashes when you enter Arena Sub level on the Engwithan Digsite. I bought this game but i cant play him. First they need to fix that damn game breaking bug. The Obsidian Forum and Steam discussions are full with complains about this buggy game.
Roemer van Nispen (4 months ago)
Does it have voice acting for all npc’s?
Corey Dunn (4 months ago)
So for us new players, this is basically D&D
Natan (4 months ago)
I want to play the first game, but worried I'll burn out playing them back to back and not enjoy the second as much if you know what I mean
S K (4 months ago)
Hell yes
JP (4 months ago)
I would recommend waiting for all the DLC and patches to be released. As with the first one, the game has serious balance problems, the highest difficulty is not implement properly with Sawyer saying he prioritized release over balancing, and all other difficulties are so ridiculously easy as to make character building pointless. Then there are the bugs, companion dynamic with player and rest of the part is borked with new companions you just added suddenly hating or loving your character or starting a "me or that other character" dialogue ultimatums. Quests failing to update, quests failing because npc's dont recognize your actions, npc's giving the same quest multiple times. Stability is ok, no crashes, while performance is an improvement over the first game but gets worse as you play more than an hour, and loading times getting progressively worse.
Safina (4 months ago)
All these people whining about a sequel to New Vegas, it's not going to happen. Let Obsidian do what they love and if we happen to get a third person action RPG, that'll be fantastic. Let them establish their own great franchises instead of being screwed over by Bethesda again.
SailorDapperJr (4 months ago)
Ikr why the hell are people talking about a game that came out like 8 years ago ?? A fat chance for a sequel if you ask me xD
Robin (4 months ago)
Lol last bit with the dialogue are all from critical role
Silent Zephyr (4 months ago)
I'm going to get the first game and then wait for a sale on the second one.
Dee Dee (3 months ago)
That's how smart people do it! I'm stretching out the first on Ps4 until second comes out on console later this year!! That way I don't have a big gap in between and I have to go thru withdrawal symptoms, hee hee!!
Tyler Huntley (4 months ago)
Opposed to Divinity Original Sin 2, it looks like complete, chicken scratch, garbage.
Vert3421 (4 months ago)
DOS 1 & 2, POE 1 & 2 are 4 great game.
DivinityOfBLaze (4 months ago)
Wish they made another Tyranny game instead, that was so much better than Pillars of Eternity.
Guy Villeneuve (1 month ago)
Jamie Karl (4 months ago)
Deadfire is much better than the first pillars game. Better mechanics, better storytelling, better graphics and more flavour. It's not only pretty AF, but full voice acting with some memorable companions. Pillars 1 was good, but it wasn't really as compelling plot wise unlike tyranny and numenara. This is, it's really worth raving about (it's got a few weak points, but it really is a must try for fans of the genre). You should check it out. And yeah, they'll probably do a tyranny sequel at some point.
cw8 (4 months ago)
Am a backer of Deadfire :)
Arccade (4 months ago)
I agree but, Deadfire is better than Tyranny! Go check it.
cw8 (4 months ago)
Tyranny was amazing, at least its first quarter. It's clear they ran out of budget when u got over the first half of the game.
Andyamo46 (4 months ago)
This or Divinity Original Sin 2 ?
Clariño D. Marc (4 months ago)
When I heard "Obsidian", I instantly thought "So this is a good rpg then".
Justout Y. (4 months ago)
#ConsolePotatoRace 💪💪💪
Justin Herbert (4 months ago)
Why did the first one come to consoles, but this one isn't? Is it coming later?
Vert3421 (4 months ago)
The console version will come on december. Like the first one we get it a few month after the pc release
Baraz (4 months ago)
Obsidian : +1 And really fun review btw. I am convinced, though I am sold as soon as I notice it is Obsidian.
AmazingPaladin (4 months ago)
I'd wait for a difficulty patch. Right now even tye hardest mode can be steamrolled.
Yehnerz the Cranky (4 months ago)
"the RPG-ness"... I couldn't have put it better myself xD
Sebastian B (4 months ago)
Jake should just say BUY IT DAMN IT!!!
xinrong pan (4 months ago)
But I pre-ordered it, can you make a before you pre-order series?
Lildave112 (4 months ago)
It's funny that you drew comparisons to D&D since the cast of Critical Role have Vox Machina as DLC characters.
Grant Loney (4 months ago)
Did you prefer this or Divinity Original Sin 2 more?
Rob Mckay (4 months ago)
This game looks dope
deni sherlock (4 months ago)
damn it look fantastic, totally worth a buy imo
Gadiel Cedeño (4 months ago)
So Divinity 2 or PoE 2?
Ace Of Spades (4 months ago)
Definitely PoE 2. You'll spend more time in it
Vert3421 (4 months ago)
aR0ttenBANANA96 (4 months ago)
They say it's worse than the first one. Is it true?
Jamie Karl (4 months ago)
Not IMO. The AI in the first game was broken, few of the NPCs memorable, too many filler encounters and the plot was only so-so enganging. This has improved graphics, improved mechanics, better writing and a colourful compelling setting. The first one was all text, and this is entirely voice acted. Deadfire is definately the better game.
Lerquiy of Nirlac (4 months ago)
Never finished the first and doubtful I'll even start this one. Divinity: Original Sin stole me away.
TheScrubMain 31 (4 months ago)
Divinity Original Sin 2 or Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire?
Asdfer411 (4 months ago)
I don't know.. the story is great and the amount of abilties and ways to build your character is also great but for some reason the game just can't really get me hooked. It was the same with the first game unfortunately. It feels kinda boring, I'm playing on the 2nd highest difficulty and it's soo easy.. (so far at least, im like 7 hours in). Not sure if I will finish this game, probably not.
Jan Kenk (4 months ago)
Needs a campaign book for 5e or something that would be awesome :D
Jr C (4 months ago)
Loved the first game in the series, and when I have get bored of POE, I'll be loading this one up.
Merlin the Mouse (4 months ago)
Reminds me of the old school PC game Arcanum.
Ha Ha Ha!!!! ruhany (4 months ago)
#criticalrole :P
Shadows Call (4 months ago)
Damn, How can you talk this much about Deadfire without bringing up the whole Free Critical Role DLC. You can have the entire Vox Machina Team on your side.
plainsundae (4 months ago)
I love poe1 but i wish they couldve added a new story with new characters.
Ehko (4 months ago)
Usually I like the "Before you buy" series, but clearly you didn't want to do this one Jake, just listen to your voice in the intro.
Hyp3rPh33r (4 months ago)
You should do a "What killed" segment on Kotor (Knight of the old republic )
MUZIBAL (4 months ago)
This game is so cheap too considering how much time you can sink into it
Thomas Whitley (4 months ago)
Gameranx does Pillars but not any of the Divinity games? Really?
f m (4 months ago)
when it comes to obsidian people always talk about new vegas or future fallout guys we need to appreciate their own franchise too, not to mention this is one hell of a game
Michael (4 months ago)
muddi funstar (4 months ago)
battle tech? why no video on that?
Phillip Robertson (4 months ago)
1:06 I feel i should clarify two things. One, the watcher can speak to and manipulate all souls, but have better control with dead souls. Two, you don't rule a kingdom, but you do own a keep and the surrounding lands. The specific term would probably be a Lord/Lady. The country you live in, has a more direct control over your holdings. Theirs even a quest where you have to go to court to keep it from a noble who trying to claim your holdings by ancestral right. Just wanted to clarify, was not trying to get on Gameranx.
TheKiroshi (4 months ago)
Pillars of Eternity is both THICK and THICC. its pretty hard to swallow it all in anything less than 100 hours.
Dee Dee (3 months ago)
I like you, your naughty, hee hee!!
TheKiroshi (3 months ago)
Yes, that was the joke, Thank you, Dee Dee.
Dee Dee (3 months ago)
When it's that "THICK and THICC" you swallow little at a time so you don't choke, hee hee!!
Yofadhli Ahmed Kahirawan (4 months ago)
I really want to play the 1st one! But i started my playthrough on this one already and now i already got spoiled about the whole plot on the 1st game. Is there a reason to play the 1st one still? Cause thats what everyone keep telling me. Would it be worth it to get the first one?
Janer (4 months ago)
This game is very underrated and sadly it isn't get sales as I would like to expect. Still under 100k sales and the first PoE has over 1m, obviously it just released. I would have liked if AngryJoe reviewed the game to give it more recognition it deserves but he hasn't played it on Twitch yet.
Adam B (3 months ago)
Reddzion What do you mean? PoE 1 had full tactical combat lol. You had to micro everything to get best results. The combat has been dumbed and slowed down in Deadfire, that's the problem.
Reddzion (3 months ago)
Well.. the type of combat the poe 2 has is different from poe 1, and maybe not many like how it works in poe 2, admittedly i don't like it. I never have a good experience in that tactical combat and i dont find it fun, i miss how it used to be in poe 1...so much so that even though friends claims that poe 1 went to shit, i'd have more fun playing it
Jamie Karl (4 months ago)
It was showing the same "50,000 .. 100,000 " before it was even released. So I don't think steamspy works anymore (or at least its currently broken). As I said its number 15 on steam, and in the topsellers list on gog, so it can't be doing badly.
Janer (4 months ago)
Jamie Karl (4 months ago)
Where did you get that information? It's only been out a week and sold on several platforms. It's on gog topsellers, number 15 on steam...I'm not sure where anyone would get total sales figures?
JABO95SA (4 months ago)
I think Jake did a good job with this one. It was informative and entertaining.
JABO95SA (4 months ago)
I'm buying... Oh! I'm fucking buying alright! I'm gonna play the shit out of it!

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