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Top 10: Halo Reach Easter Eggs

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Here are to of our favorite Halo Reach Easter Eggs! Halo Reach has many easter eggs found within the game, so we've put together a list of the best ones. Voiced By TGN Partner HaloFollower's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Halo5Follower Written and Edited by TGN Partner Marco Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MarcoStyleNL Partner With TGN: http://tgn.tv/youtube-partner --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TGN Central: ➜ http://central.tgn.tv/ TGN Facebook ➜ https://www.facebook.com/TGNTV TGN Twitter ➜ https://twitter.com/tgntv TGN Squadron ➜ https://www.youtube.com/user/Games TGN Twitch ➜ http://www.twitch.tv/tgn Music by Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Text Comments (994)
minspincher gaming (10 hours ago)
you cloud see the halo rings form master cheif
Bonnie Bunny05 (14 hours ago)
There isn’t any jet packs in the hospital
xElvio Lador (3 days ago)
The good old days in Xbox 360.....man fuck Fortnite these games are legendary
Commander Xenus (23 days ago)
I killed all the Moas they're body's were weird
“Lalalalala I’m a stupid - ass Moa, bfuhehubrfuhvbrhuvu.” pew
# Dovajiit (26 days ago)
Juns not dead he's mia
Paul Snelling (30 days ago)
0:55: A Dancing Brute: (I Can Easily Say: He's Bad At Dancing)
Dex Kleeman (1 month ago)
Number 8 isn't really an Easter egg has it literally shows you master chief you don't have todo anything the camera literally forces you to turn and see him
Let's Break (1 month ago)
You stole Rooster Teeth’s footage! You can see at 6:06 that DGgeoff is the player. You stole your footage from their top ten list!
The Glitch Cache (1 month ago)
It's Reach Racer. Reeeeach Raacceeeeerr!
Philip O neill (1 month ago)
Number 8. It isn’t master chief in the books that is Linda not John in the cryo chamber
Jacob Scott (1 month ago)
Actually you can do the Tribute Room Solo, you just gotta be really fast about exiting the soft kill zone
jesse holtzclaw (2 months ago)
oh yeah i forgot arbiter is at the end and and master cheif will be in hyper sleep
jesse holtzclaw (2 months ago)
i new about the dancing club and the golden elite
spincube23 (2 months ago)
2015:"goodbye to the series" 2018: halo infinite released in E3
I still play this game, it’s amazing.
Stryder (2 months ago)
For those who don’t know: In the last mission you are in the Shipyard. If you look behind where you are into the distance (gonna take a bit since it’s kinda dusty/foggy) you will see the cranes that were holding down the Autumn.
Lg_Spiitzoo75 (2 months ago)
I love that game
Mr dojo (2 months ago)
The master chief in his cryo pod. when the pelican enters the pillar of autumn, move the right stick to the right
David Rand (3 months ago)
You need to take the time to show your viewers exactly where to go not just jump ahead to after
Mateo Agudelo (3 months ago)
Yeaaaaa I can’t understand u
scylla019 (3 months ago)
Master Chief was never supposed to be sitting in a cargo hold
green lamp (4 months ago)
we miss you bungie
Zanix Polar (4 months ago)
Kemit the frog (4 months ago)
Spring Gaming1082 (4 months ago)
Suicide marine is easy to find
BlahNumber 72343 (4 months ago)
0:28 ive ever sin
BlahNumber 72343 (4 months ago)
0:24 halo reach is the game by far with the most interactive easter egg i have ever sin
Amalia Krecik (4 months ago)
Rip guy
Gpc Gaming (4 months ago)
Lol in the thumbnail the eggs makes it look like noble 6 has boobs XD has anyone else noticed that?
YorrenPlaysRoblox (5 months ago)
At Oni sword base when you get back at the base (i think) there will be an elit with 2 guns (idk if this is an easter egg but i think it is)
Elemental Skylos (5 months ago)
Where is this Alexandria button!?
odst sniper (5 months ago)
There is a hide ammo crate on oiler of autumim
Jose Del Bosque (5 months ago)
Cool intro
super Spartan games (5 months ago)
I found a golden Bobby Lee on the first mission
Jordan Cambridge (5 months ago)
On xmas Halo reach will say when it starts up Marry Christmas
Faaris Wheel (5 months ago)
I can't wait to try all of these easter eggs! Halo Reach was the best entry into the franchise. Only Bungie was able to make Halo a good game. 343 is screwing around, messing everything up. Halo is the best FPS on XBOX.
Lab Tech (5 months ago)
I can’t find the second button on number 7 do I need a second player?
Thelonious Vic (5 months ago)
Take me back.
Jm Brads (5 months ago)
you can do the last easter egg solo with sprint
BL3ND3RMAN (6 months ago)
2:28 * the right
Brolog Sanctum (6 months ago)
Moa is a real bird thats huge that went exntinct like 50 years ago
James Ralston (6 months ago)
One of the first handful of inheritors
John Kicak (6 months ago)
U can also look in the helmet and see the golden rangers head
John Kicak (6 months ago)
There’s 2 ways use the jet pack or 1 person has to fly the falcon and the second guy stand on the falcon and press the button
Ordinary Halo Lover (6 months ago)
The best Easter egg I found in this, is you can fly a pelican and Phantom.
Kent Coleman-Tilley (7 months ago)
I killed lots of bob
ThisChannelSucksDOTcum (7 months ago)
The moa is an extinct ostrich type bird from new zealand
iAmTheSendiary (7 months ago)
completely black armored spartan in the pillar of Autumn
Orion Entertainment (7 months ago)
It's not Chief on the Autumn. It's Linda.
Timur Pak (7 months ago)
New Easter egg! Jorge's armor in "Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare"!
Trap Nation6652 (8 months ago)
I don't think anybody noticed... but today me and my sister went on the map Solace (the Forerunner map with all the bridges and snow and stuff) in that reddish room with all those blue tubes, if you get teleporters and go in there, there is a golden Spartan in mjolnir mV armor but the helmet seems to be a mix of EOD and I think CIO? Either way, it looked really cool and I uploaded it to my home screen and activity feed, my Xbox profile is Trap Nation 6652 if you want to know.
Jakob Salterod (8 months ago)
Said factory looking building is where the pillar of autumn launched
lil Onyx22 (8 months ago)
2:26 you mean towards the right? xD
Hello I'm your fan
Lil Igloo (8 months ago)
Logan Lintao (9 months ago)
There is an Easter egg alluding to Star Wars Republic Commando at the start of the game when Noble Six puts on his helmet.
Skele Bones (9 months ago)
I think you stole a video from NakedEli
Kingdogmeat1337 (9 months ago)
I murdered bob
Diamond Dawg (9 months ago)
Which rock for#7
Diamond Dawg (9 months ago)
The final package is Cortana
sarah garrison (9 months ago)
I found the Bob and putting Rich today and plus I found the master chief not statue the other Master Chief and then I found and I also found the Marine I was all freaked out about something because you missed one other one when you stay the night club if you look at the bee boxers it didn't look like those fighter things in Halo 4 and Halo 5 Guardians
Barclay Avila (9 months ago)
Fun little tid bit.The suicidal marine is voiced by a well known YouTube animator known as "ItsAlexClark"
NinjaDark7 NinjaMaster (10 months ago)
At 1:36 which fucking building make up your mind
Music, games, you name it (10 months ago)
Methane sucking freaks? Grunts....MARINES???
Ella Garcia (10 months ago)
I found 1 BOB on halo reach
Bob Guan (10 months ago)
That marine was easy to find. Found it on my first time playing the mission
itz_wolfieboy_ TV (10 months ago)
Can u get this on xbox 1
Alos (11 months ago)
I knew about the falcon>pelican banshee>phantom but I had NO IDEA The Package had that!
Ice BlueSonic (11 months ago)
This is the last halo game NOOOOOOOOO
MewMaster103 (11 months ago)
Noble six could be alive because the cutsene when he dies cuts of before is dead and in halo 3 you can see noble six so he could be alive.
TheMysteriousWoomy (11 months ago)
You missed one more. At the fourth mission "nightfall". There will data pad. In order to find this. In the very beginning after you assassinate the elite, there will be a cave but with no ending to it and the cave turned around where you are again at the place were you assassinated the elite the data pad is between 2 rocks and hidden in grass. When you access the data pad it has 4 pages. Also you will be hearing scare whispering and we don't know who wrote it. It's a Easter Egg. So plz do that one.
Deaf by Hip-Hop (11 months ago)
You stole all of this footage
Forest Koehler (1 year ago)
Congratulations you have won the most fucked up gaming company.
Forest Koehler (1 year ago)
Fuck you 343i
Reece Hines (1 year ago)
Icplay thix game
tnt master (1 year ago)
The suicide marine is tell the player that he's seen the flood Halo reach 2 or remastered confirm?
Josiah Ortiz (1 year ago)
This video was cool to watch thank you tgn
Heather Cuffed (1 year ago)
Me to
Trevor Slater (1 year ago)
that isn't master chief actually it linda since in the books chief does fight on reach
Caleb Holland (1 year ago)
I Liked The Master Chief In The Pod Easter Egg
Ir Anuk (1 year ago)
I cried at the end, why would you sell halo bungie?! Why!!!!!
#73 Dominic Figuero (1 year ago)
Knowone knows
#73 Dominic Figuero (1 year ago)
With the switch on the package
#73 Dominic Figuero (1 year ago)
Where is the rock in the lake?
NoblePerson116 (1 year ago)
The sucide Marine doesn't even fight I activated the machine then he just got killed wow
Daniel (1 year ago)
Wtf dude i did the last easter egg today BY MYSELF nobody else
Anxious Dilemma (1 year ago)
If anybody ever wants to play Halo Reach with me, I'm a mythic and my gamertag is "I KingMachine I"
Red Raven 24/7 (1 year ago)
What about the invis elite at the beginning of the 1st lvl?
I've killed Bob before
Lucifer 42 (1 year ago)
For the pelican one I grabbed the jet pack at the hospital and flew to the spot but when I got there I looked for the button and could not find it why
WayMasterULTIMATE (1 year ago)
dude is playing with naked eli
Toxical Weazle (1 year ago)
He didn't include the scarab gun
tgothan (1 year ago)
how to bea gront
yup the suicide marine you can save and i did that
Leonardo Puga (1 year ago)
why cant the building say hospitle
Leonardo Puga (1 year ago)
can you stop cutying of where your goingbits kind of complicated
Hiking Plane0 (1 year ago)
"1080" p
Jack Ohotto (1 year ago)
my favorite halo game

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