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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - THE END IS NEAR & PLAYING WITH SUBSCRIBERS! (Walkthrough #24)

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FreddoGaming (4 months ago)
I fw ur videos I'm a starting YouTuber myself wish u played more fortnite
Danijela Jelcic (5 months ago)
Love you man
Tyler Bryan (5 months ago)
Can I add you on PlayStation?
eKinston Walker (5 months ago)
So just in case you’re curious, if you want any chargeable abilities, you’re going to need to find characters from the show and movie on the map and learn new techniques. Then report to the elder at the school for advancement tests. You will progressively get a stronger charge with every test that you take. Also, just because you find a character on the map, doesn’t mean you’ll learn all of their abilities. Taking advancement tests on lots more abilities from certain characters if you want able to complete them initially. And if you want to go board, find the spaceship and do the missions there
Ajonie' Glinsey (5 months ago)

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