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How to get a FREE Custom Domain for Your Minecraft Server!

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✋DISCLAIMER: THIS DOMAIN ONLY WORKS FOR PEOPLE WHO AREN'T CONNECTED TO YOUR WIFI (If you host it locally)✋ http://www.freenom.com Hey Guys! Today I'm gonna show you how to get a custom domain for your own minecraft server! Just follow the steps, and you'll have a new domain! ***This is a re upload from a year ago*** -Twitter: Timmo_Plays ╔═══════════════╗ ▶️ Subscribe for new vids! 🔔 Turn Notifications On! 👍 Like if you want candy! ╚═══════════════╝
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Text Comments (75)
Abdullah for games (11 hours ago)
I want server MCPE how??
its says "Not a valid IP address" but it is I pasted the ip address twice
so if i use the free server from server pro free minecraft hosting website to make it, will it still disable every hour??
fan d'erza (4 days ago)
IT DOSEN'T WORK just kidding
InvisPlaysMinecraft (12 days ago)
That's stupid
Baliandro MC (18 days ago)
so it's not 100% free... :(
DapperRoag [BFS] (22 days ago)
Then do I have to do localhost? But everyone else does the domain?
The Real Jock Shady (23 days ago)
Very helpful. Will definitely refer to this several times. Also you showed me a very good website for Domains, cheers man.
Jacob LT (26 days ago)
Hello If U Want To Have Peeps Play U Need TO Port Foward And Thats Pretty Hard But Its Easy When U Know How to do it!
Tunacan yay (27 days ago)
hey how do i make sure i did everything correctly i dont want my friends yelling at me "IT DOESNT CONNECT!!"
iWickyCraftz (1 month ago)
What did you use/how did you create your MC server?
dani lat tube (1 month ago)
After you reg a domain you need to import to cloudflare
The Crazy Donut Gaming (1 month ago)
shockwaves in a 2D intro, crazy!
Blanba (1 month ago)
Do I need to port forward?
the mineing apple 176 (28 days ago)
Zimbie (1 month ago)
You call this FREE? This requires PRIVATE INFO. Private Info = Not Free to me.
Zimbie (1 month ago)
TheTimmoShow (1 month ago)
Then don't put your real information. Simple as that.
KHop_YT (1 month ago)
But it expires
KHop_YT (1 month ago)
I like your content :)
Emu Planet Gaming (1 month ago)
guys this only works if you put www in front of it because then you can join
Bwill_ (1 month ago)
i did everything and it still does not work
Ploychompo Robin (2 months ago)
can i join to your serve and i invite all of player!!! please can join?
TheTimmoShow (2 months ago)
Sorry, my server is gone.
superMCcrafter25 (2 months ago)
guys if you don't want to put your information, just put random stuff on it! It worked for me!
LUCA (2 months ago)
Umm this doesnt work I can press on use dns
Aaa Aaa (2 months ago)
thx <3
Hax-A-Tomix (2 months ago)
You forgot the setting up the server from minecrafts website and the port forwarding..
ShadowMator (3 months ago)
pls help me it dosent work to me
Xan (3 months ago)
doesn't work and im not on the same internet cuz i have a real host
EpicGaming (3 months ago)
Yay, thanks so much, this helped a lot
Anthromada (3 months ago)
I can't add the aternos IP that people would use to connect to my server
Yalter ϟϟ (3 months ago)
Greenpixel (3 months ago)
Did everything that it suggested, did not work...
Greenpixel (3 months ago)
wait, nevermind, it works
TK GamingKH (3 months ago)
EZ way to connect to ur server use portmap.io l:)
Darkec (3 months ago)
Hello witch one domain i write in ip adress (number ip or my host name ??)
Devin (4 months ago)
how do i do it if i dont use home hosting...
Tobias GraphicsTM (2 months ago)
You can do a SRV Record, just search on youtube :)
TheTimmoShow (4 months ago)
Try doing it without the port, and when you connect to the server with the domain put the port after.
Devin (4 months ago)
No... I mean I'm using a different port than 25565 but when I enter the port it denies it.
TheTimmoShow (4 months ago)
If you are using a real host (not a free one) they should give you an ip address. And just follow the steps in the video.
Edward Baker (4 months ago)
whos here before 1k??
PlayStationC Games (1 month ago)
Dark 22 (2 months ago)
Coolkidkev gaming (3 months ago)
lol he not even 1k
iNicoP (3 months ago)
Edward Baker me
Maretovac (4 months ago)
5:14 we can add free porns
TheTimmoShow (4 months ago)
I mispronounced records, not "free porns" xD
TheSmuelGuy (4 months ago)
u spelt address wrong
Ethan (4 months ago)
good tutorial i guess but you cant keep the domain forever
Sheng Plays (4 months ago)
This doesnt work, you need to update the video
Permanently Alive (4 months ago)
it dont work...
NotSwiftness (4 months ago)
Its not working for me!
Spac3 (1 month ago)
Read the disclaimer!!!
IItheskill1 IItheskill1 (4 months ago)
me too
OkayYT (5 months ago)
there is no sign up :/
Anonymous Person (5 months ago)
Timmo please help I lost all my servers and I can't remember the ips is there someway you can help? I'm begging you. I'm so sad i'm literary on my knees crying (well it's not that bad) but please can you make a video for me? ton how to get it back? or is it impossible? Anything you can do will be helpfull just comment if you need my discord.
Matthew Kelly (5 months ago)
does this stop people from finding your ip adress out?
xNitroZ (6 months ago)
Hey Timmo pleas help me! When my friends try to join with my domain it says unknown host
xNitroZ (6 months ago)
Hey Timmo pleas help me! When my friends try to join with my domain it says unknown host
Emu Planet Gaming (1 month ago)
same here
Flamestah (6 months ago)
i cant connect to my server even with the ip4 adress
Miguel minecraft (24 days ago)
Go to cmd and type :ipconfig then go on Direccion iPv4 and copy the number and then go to server and put in the number in the ip sections!
yaasuo (2 months ago)
go to server.properties find server-ip= remove the ip if there is any here
Zoki Kisiuga (4 months ago)
did you change it on your server poropertiesd
iS4vaqe2 (5 months ago)
Did you portforward your server?
Normalnobu (6 months ago)
Blake0201 (6 months ago)
You should probably show people how to use a SRV record if they are using shared hosting. So it would work if they have an IP like x.x.x.x:25756
TheTimmoShow (6 months ago)
There's just one problem with that and that's the fact that this was a reupload from a year ago.
Blake0201 (6 months ago)
Yay you're back! haha
TheTimmoShow (6 months ago)
lol I'm only back to get 1k subs so ma vids stay monetized. jk lol

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