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Ozzy Man Reviews Best Gymnastics Routine

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Here's me commentary on a gymnastics floor routine by Katelyn Ohashi. It's a bloody ripper! Source video from UCLA can be seen here: https://youtu.be/ViIRMalortg MORE OZZY MAN: Book me: http://www.bookcameo.com/ozzymanreviews Here's me Patreon by the way: http://www.patreon.com/ozzyman Here's me Twitter: https://twitter.com/OzzyManReviews Here me Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ozzymanreviews/ And check out me teesping shirts: http://www.teespring.com/stores/ozzymanreviews Music via Audio Network.
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Text Comments (2043)
Zee Pimp (3 hours ago)
"Sonya high kick" Omg. Im dead
Anjounet Leavell (18 hours ago)
Who is this?
daniel zuk (1 day ago)
We can kick it like Jackie chan.
Ima Karimah (1 day ago)
Never bored watching this 😍😚😋😝
Dirty Trucker (1 day ago)
There is no emoji for my current excitment., not for a gymnast but for ozzi
jim jimjim (1 day ago)
I'd let her crush me to death with those thighs.
Fryode (2 days ago)
Tim Tam Clam Slam
Swat Katz (3 days ago)
damn her pussy must be all tende and bruising after slamming on the mats
A Liddell (3 days ago)
This is just some australian that uploads his australian tv to youtube, right?
Caitlin Jrerve (3 days ago)
“Power of booty”
deagleninja (3 days ago)
lol she's 78 pounds 4' 10"
deagleninja (3 days ago)
lol wholesome stiffy
Shawn Gardner (3 days ago)
is she the best or is she like the average one on the team. dont get me wrong im 1000% amazed and proud of her skill. but i dont know enough about the sport.
Patrick Roelant (3 days ago)
I need him to talk about everything. Like all of life
Carey Umbach (3 days ago)
You should do commentary professionally!! This is awesome
botchock Botchock (4 days ago)
A little bit horny and Jackie Chan bullshit lmfao
Shubham (5 days ago)
Rip her pussy lips.
Mungo Jerry (5 days ago)
Jailbaits or nuh?
Nadim Mono (6 days ago)
Power of.booty
MAS (6 days ago)
What is her name ? For scientific research purposes
bigfriki (6 days ago)
she's cool as a keycumber
Dan McLaughlin (7 days ago)
Thunder thighs
Matt S (8 days ago)
What’s up with her teammates doing the same moves? That’s about as annoying as those twits who do the steps next to DDR machines
ViolentxStrike (9 days ago)
Who has a stiffy?
paulo barrios (9 days ago)
Spready Sonya Blade High-Kick, Rolly Polly Jackien Chan bullshit. Mega ROFL!!!
Bryan Samuel (9 days ago)
There were a few “hello boys”
MOEBIUS MK9 (10 days ago)
U cant fucking tell me its not subliminal messaging
Zel (11 days ago)
I think it's called a Hello Boys ... or maybe a battered Sav
Gregory Butler (11 days ago)
Here I am watching this for the 5th time...I can't take my eyes off of Katelyn Ohashi...
Dick Jokes And Bondo (11 days ago)
Lights candles, locks door and gets lotion. #noshame
Roid_blitzed (6 days ago)
Dick Jokes And Bondo No shame at all brother ✊😂
Paul Thake (13 days ago)
You never disappoint Oz, perhaps your best work yet. I have at least learned not to be enjoying a beverage when I press play on your videos as it's a painful, and messy outcome. Lesson learned there. Cheers from Canada mate!
Laurencio Niño (13 days ago)
Dear ozzyman godamitt i want to have a beer with u you lovely wanker
Nick Miles (14 days ago)
She has no clue how to dance ha ha. The gymnastics routine was good though
ILYJC91 FE (10 days ago)
You kidding? her dancing was pretty good. Guess you haven't seen the original video with the music on lol
hansolo 93 (15 days ago)
Matakitau Havea (15 days ago)
My throat hurts from laughing 😂
Shabus (15 days ago)
desmo 900s2 (15 days ago)
next time we have the olympics in oz your calling the gymnastics or im not watching it
f n (15 days ago)
1:46 when she lands on youre cock but she's like "noop to small".
f n aa
F1lou (16 days ago)
Hahaha this is very funny. BTW did you know that someone on Instagram uploaded this, I can tell you his name
blitz (17 days ago)
'' A little bit horny '' XD
Koubaa Sofien (17 days ago)
i just love me some flipy spiny shit
Dr Love (17 days ago)
Love this fucking guy.
Richard Kindle (19 days ago)
Ozzy man is the shit mate keep up the great commentary you rock mate thanks for making my depressed days sun shiney
john cena (19 days ago)
There goes the reproductive system...
Taha Sidd (21 days ago)
Power of booty
erinbradley2341 (21 days ago)
he has to be the over voice for love island ill be shitting myself ahhahah
Ducky Playz (21 days ago)
I am luagjing my fucking ass off at this " whenever I try to do a cartwheel I start to flip over then I fucking shit myaelf"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️
Jeff Bingaman (21 days ago)
The way she hit the mat then just made it look casual how she bounced... Only Tigger from Winny the Pooh can do that.
kapeto rotokha (21 days ago)
Faak meh sideways
Over the edge (22 days ago)
Her thighs could crack your head like a walnut. 👅
Patrick Sweeney (22 days ago)
The best review... nay.. best video on YouTube! Nay. Interwebz
The narrator was freaking funny! "Flippy here flippy their bouncy here bouncy there..." That was awesome
Shawn Hawkins (23 days ago)
I love womens gymnastics. It combines sport with dancing and shows that even an athlete can be a fuckable little cutie.
100 Penyamun (25 days ago)
Sonya's kick made my day
Isaiah Williams (25 days ago)
imagine her tricks in the bed
Ashish Dwivedi (25 days ago)
"Power of Booty..." Ur legend...
Howie Walfish (25 days ago)
alex rios (25 days ago)
a spready to the gods
Steve Ozone (26 days ago)
When you realise her routine is to thriller
Travis Toomer (26 days ago)
Katelyn Ohashi is a beast
Hufflepuff (26 days ago)
John Browning (27 days ago)
Arial spready thing lmao
Anthony Mcqueen (27 days ago)
"Im a simple bloke FUCK"
kthcsh (28 days ago)
Came here for the spready
Chappy (28 days ago)
Wholesome stiffy lolol
Nick Talleyrand (28 days ago)
I nominate ozzy for olympics commentator. It'll be more interesting.
Michael Casimer (28 days ago)
Sweet fuckin cricky Moses. Lmfao
hap hazard (29 days ago)
1:46 That's a dam good split bang
The Spartan (29 days ago)
Fack me dead, fack me side ways, fack me
Martin Bell (29 days ago)
FU? Not while theres dogs on the street. ;¬)
Ergo Hoc (29 days ago)
Couldn't help thinking how awesome she would be in bed
Lenilson Cardoso (29 days ago)
Who is that girl?
Susan Rachel (29 days ago)
Spready spready spready holy shit balls 🤣😂😮
alok kawle (1 month ago)
We gotta have a beer mate!.
Johnny Nesmith (1 month ago)
"Wholesome stuffy"
Mucusmayhem 111 (1 month ago)
Spready Sonia Blade high kick 😂😂
TYRONE Williamson (1 month ago)
Rajat Parmar (1 month ago)
sonya blade high kick lol
redta93kwy (1 month ago)
Lmao!!!!!!!! She got the flippy down but can't dance worth of shit.
Thomas Ashton (1 month ago)
The move you didnt know what to call... thats called a taco smash!!! Boom
Taco Bob (1 month ago)
i just got sprung
RODS (1 month ago)
Heaps of spining of the date! But no Battered Sav !
royale bae (1 month ago)
The power of *BOOTY*
JON DOE (1 month ago)
That was definitely vagina abuse at the end.
DeathStrike48 (1 month ago)
I actually discovered you throught this video on facebook😳
Unkept Northern Bloke (1 month ago)
Sexy bitch
Marvs (1 month ago)
dat bootyie is springy
Triple 666 (1 month ago)
"Power of booty" 😂😂😂
Triple 666 (1 month ago)
She is thick
Thdxbll3 (1 month ago)
“It’s a wholesome stiffy, not a creepy one”. Pretty much the best a guy can do.
Blood BRS (1 month ago)
Awesome & Funny at the same time.
Keh-knee Beud (1 month ago)
that was stunning. in every way.
Danielle (1 month ago)
Her vagina must be made of the same material as bouncy balls
chocoloco654 (1 month ago)
No, no. Forget this flat ass chick (she has killer legs though) do one with "Brittany Johnson gymnast". That's a specimen of a sammich maker.
Jay (1 month ago)
Fuck me ok lol
Voidapostate RS (1 month ago)
John Gaydos (1 month ago)
Gymnast activated 😂😂
Trey Gowdy (1 month ago)
I think her training involved smashing watermelons between her thighs....
mavz (1 month ago)
Flippy and a stiffy happing here after watching her.
YamiNoLaifu (1 month ago)

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