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WIFI Internet speed slow on Windows 10 - How to fix bandwidth issues and slow internet speeds

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Why is my Wi-Fi so slow in Windows 10? It may be a simple misconfiguration! How to fix bandwidth issues and slow internet speeds? Check out this video! My PC is a Dell Laptop equipped with Dell Wireless 1703 Note: If you have default windows driver installed then you may have options in the dropdown like "HT Mode 20|40". If you found then select it.
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Text Comments (222)
rott (3 days ago)
It worked!! Thanks
tubeslats (7 days ago)
Windows sucks. Why put up with these problems and have to go search the web (if you can get access) to fix your computer problems. Get a Chromebook or Chrome box. They just work. All the time!
Triz Networks (12 days ago)
I had wired wifi on my pc but I just upgraded to wireless wifi using a Dongle and with wired my internet was 11-13 Mbps download and upload 13-16 Mbps and ping was 6 and now it's with wireless it's 7-8 download 9-10 upload and ping 8 and my connection drops too much and also latency is also too much help me
Luan Kevin Ferreira (18 days ago)
Thanks man, solve my problem!
Sr Emon (21 days ago)
Not working
Varun Rathour (22 days ago)
speed too slow cant watch the video
REN_ CARS (22 days ago)
lol that banana is porn :0
Aymen Aziz (24 days ago)
Thank you ...it wasnt the same fix but still you gave me an idea on where to start
Gabriel Figueiredo (1 month ago)
Achei que brasileiro nao tinha sotaque falando ingles, ainda nao sei se é sotaque mas do jeito que tu falou pensei deve ser brasileiro, hahaha
Ibra 93 (1 month ago)
Thanks bro
No Pulse (1 month ago)
It dont work its bots in the comment
theo plays (1 month ago)
oof and I thought 40 mbps was slow
claudiomm95993 (1 month ago)
wow...this totally worked for me. AT&T kept resetting my modem/router and it would work for only half a day and not solve the problem, but this totally works.
DesignatedRBLXDriver (2 months ago)
I have 802.11b Preamble AdHoc 11n Network Address Receive Buffers Scan Valid Interval Transmit Buffers What do I do?
LIMLIMDOO (2 months ago)
This worked great man thx i went from download speed 0.62mbps to 10mbps
Swathi P (2 months ago)
I've no wireless option...what do I do?
Sticky Lizard Studios (2 months ago)
My Wi-Fi is not good enough to go on google
Hibs Afrah (2 months ago)
My laptop used to work really good, awesome to be honest, and suddenly I started having really slow Wi-Fi connection and it's truly pissing me off
A3773 Craft (23 days ago)
+NoyZzi me too everytime i turn off the router it goes back to normal connection for like 2 mins If u find a Solution pls reply
NoyZzi (23 days ago)
ReDot Ay (23 days ago)
It's working again :) so lucky
Hibs Afrah me too its so fucking annoying. I use to play fortnite with 80-150ping and now i cant play it stays at 700-1100ping ITS UNPLAYABLE
ReDot Ay (2 months ago)
me too :( did you find a solution?
Sam Worth (2 months ago)
See if this helps: Open The Resource Monitor > switch to Network tab > check if there are any processes with network activity. Something might be using the bandwidth in the background. That fucking svchost.exe was using all of my bandwidth. Right clicking and suspending/ending the process restored my internet 😉
Ricky (2 months ago)
I have several options such as wan miniport IP and wan miniport ipv6 what to do now? -_-
adikumar2010 (2 months ago)
Thanks for the solution. i thought my wifi adapter is bad, i was using at slow speed for 1 year.
Arun's CrEw (3 months ago)
What should I do? I don't have bandwidth option
Arun's CrEw (3 months ago)
Bro I don't have bandwidth option... I have all options except the bandwidth... Help me bro plz..
Electric BULB (3 months ago)
Electric BULB (3 months ago)
mine just reach 47 m
Mr. Anonymous (3 months ago)
i dont have bandwidth option
Benny Bach (3 months ago)
thank youuuu subscribe!!!!
H20 H20 (3 months ago)
At phililpines its only like 1m for standard wifi
Anuruddha Thuduwawaththa (4 months ago)
This WORKS !!
Learning Earning (4 months ago)
I don't find bandwith option. I don't update my widows. If i update just single driver, can I found?
Kuro Cupcake (4 months ago)
i have a MSI gaming laptop i was just playing then all the sudden its been really high ping on games i dont know whats causing it
Marko M (4 months ago)
Thanks a lot.
Jovan Ludaic (4 months ago)
Matt Playz (4 months ago)
Mohit Sihag (4 months ago)
in my case I had to select bandwidth capacity and then change it to 20/40 mhz from 20 mhz ..... i really didn't expected it to work but it did .. thanks a lot man <3
marko milicevic (4 months ago)
I dont have a branf driver: just qualcomm, wan miniports, vmware(from the vm i use) realtek and Bluetooth... Any recommendations what fo do? I have all the drivers from acer...
X9 TX (4 months ago)
this works thank you
Eshwar Gatla (5 months ago)
Tysm bro
SgtSpoopy (5 months ago)
My bandwidth is already 20Mhz and 40 Mhz and nothing changed
rafa Barossi (5 months ago)
thank you so much sir from 0.01 to 1.05 mb thank you so much your the best
debonair (5 months ago)
Thanks man, It worked. I never thought it was a simple misconfiguration
Kushal Sasmal (6 months ago)
nice job
kingcobra (6 months ago)
Thank you very much you saved my day
Yiğit Doğan (6 months ago)
You are a hero!
Santosh Pokhrel (6 months ago)
thanks man it really works for me😊😊
Zuriel Anthony (6 months ago)
i cant find dell wireless...
Habib Khan (7 months ago)
Thanks, my problem is fixed now after searching 30 minutes for the solution only yours worked. kudos
Parker Sung (7 months ago)
What the hell... I have highest roaming and everything that they say in videos. Still I get 100mps then it goes to 1mps in like 1 minute. Any answers?!
YOUSEF SASSYA (7 months ago)
I dont have any of those options to choose from. All mine are different
MarkTheShark (7 months ago)
Its only going 3mbs.. Me: *no joke* cries
Caelum (7 months ago)
This is bs mine is still 1mbps XD
Incigato (7 months ago)
Is this fake cuz im bout to do it. Theres not point in fakin just tell me though please
AimanCG (8 months ago)
oh my freaking god you r the life saver!! I use to play CSGO with 300 ping only now I got like 60 ping!!!
Yinong Shen (8 months ago)
My download speed improved from 0.02 to 6 after the simple change.  Thank you!
YHY Baki Duz (8 months ago)
Bro we can see your ip
YHY Baki Duz there is no problem, I have dynamic IP. Anyway, thanks.
explainZZ everything (8 months ago)
yess yess yessssssssssss It workes for me yess thank you bro you are great!! GREAT GREAT GREAT BROOOOOOOOOOOOOO
boxer love (8 months ago)
in my dell inspirion 15 3000 i updated the drivers of qualcom wirless adapter and seems to been working fine now all my videos load fast and naver lag
Evy LeWuff (9 months ago)
My wifi on pc says it doesnt connectmor respond but my device is fine fuckjng pisses memoff
Vince JR (9 months ago)
Thank you!
Ahmad Abazaid (9 months ago)
That option didn't work for me I found out another option and it helped me I changed mixed mode protection from cts-to-self Enpbled to RTS/CTS Enabled Maybe it will help you
ffah ota (9 months ago)
I don't have the same advanced option what do i do Here's the list 802.11b preamble value:60 Adhoc 11n value:disable Receive buffer value:256 Transmit buffers value 512
Mikoraptor Entertainment (9 months ago)
i don't have the dell wireless option
Josh Simon (9 months ago)
the irony here is. I been waiting on this video to load for the past 5 mins...
Srikar Saini (10 months ago)
Abshar Thahhir (10 months ago)
Thanks its helpfull dude
Damon Macleod (10 months ago)
I dont have a dell wireless adapter
[GAMING on AMD] (10 months ago)
You are a genius bro...PURE GENIUS. thank you ssoooooooooo much.You don't know how much i needed net speed today...thanks a lot bro...thankyou thank you thank you.... Liked subscribed, bell icon pressed.
Neb Pie (10 months ago)
i dont have the other one i only have auto and 20hz
James Wong (9 months ago)
yeah i only have the auto option too, but when i got there it was already auto :(
Neb Pie (10 months ago)
+Rafael Oliveira Vasconcelos well heres a problem auto goes like normal
Neb Pie try the auto option
Dheeraj kumar Singh (11 months ago)
Thanku sir its working increase my downloading speed
geddam bhaskar (11 months ago)
Thanks bro.Problem resolved
hbkjn hbjk (11 months ago)
What if ojr internet was fast but 3 days ago for some reason it got slow no matter if we use it from phone or pc
Unicorn Bae (1 year ago)
Mine worked like 2 seconds faster than before
sync GG (1 year ago)
I did this now my laptop isnt connecting at all :@ can anyone help me please? :@
Rohit rocker (1 year ago)
My wii-fii is not working I my laptp so what can I do
Subliminas (1 year ago)
you is muito fraco
Chinese Engi (1 year ago)
i only have 802.11d associated power save beacon interval preamble mode roaming sensitivity level tx power level wireless mode the options on 802.11d are disable and enable only, should i enable? im on laptop also theres this wireless mode i think i should mess with it? the value on it is set on default IEEE 802.1.1b/g/n
Mikael Herrainsilta (1 year ago)
got 30 :)
Tanjum Tisha (1 year ago)
i dont have bandwidth option. i have the list below : D0 packet coalescing dynamic mimo power save network address preferred band roaming aggressiveness wireless mode
Sr Emon (21 days ago)
Kono reply nai da na, Vuya video mona hoy🤔 Sudu video banaca but Kaj kora na apnar ke mona hoy...?
Tostada Jones (1 year ago)
damn don't have this
big rover (1 year ago)
Show me bobs and vagene 👅👅
Yao Yan 1 (1 year ago)
Why don't i have dell wireless?
himirkanti sarkar (1 year ago)
uninstall realtek wifi driver and install Intel wifi driver,then restart... Kam ho gayaga
Charles Dias (1 year ago)
Boa velho! É sempre bom ter brasileiros sem medo de falar inglês. Valeu pela ajuda, problema resolvido depois de 3 anos de sofrimento! <o/
+Charles Dias que bom que resolveu o seu problema.
Itsmebitch l (1 year ago)
ugh and my computer is in danish (bc i speak danish and english lol) so i dont really know how to find the device manager. great.
KingEbin (1 year ago)
Just checking the comments to see if this isnt bull shit.
KingEbin (1 year ago)
It seems legit
Lothalelle (1 year ago)
Myself (1 year ago)
I don't see any of these options that are in the video
ftgap (1 year ago)
I think you just saved my laptop from being thrown out the window (Windows 10 that it is!). Thank you.
Widji Santoso (1 year ago)
For me, I use Dell Inspiron 15 5567 but instead changing to 20MHZ / 40 MHZ, i change my network from Auto to 20 MHZ and its work. its weird.. btw, thanks anyway
STL Crispy (1 year ago)
i dont got bindwidth i got 802.11b preamble Adhoc 11n Network Adress recieve buffers Roaming ingressiveness Scan valid interval Transmit buffers
Silentry1 (1 year ago)
my download speed used to be atleast 5mb persecond but now its barley 1mb
Frank (1 year ago)
Thank you but it didn't work
meekeedutska (1 year ago)
only have auto or 20mhz only
meekeedutska (1 year ago)
Rafael Oliveira Vasconcelos I did, i already tried everything, I"m getting like 0.74 mb dowload speed when instead it should be 40.0, mb, thanks for replying though!
meekeedutsa try auto
RareColor (1 year ago)
I did this tutorial My pc network speed was 3 mp/sec And now 25mp/sec But my wifi is 150+ Why its not using all the wifi speed
MelodyZE (3 months ago)
because windows 10 is absolute GARBAGE compared to 7 and XP. microsoft has gone to the APPLE route. RIP good operating systems from microsoft.... Hello more Linux.
Tamil Comedies (4 months ago)
use ssd
ChargedRaid (9 months ago)
is there any other people in your house that use it if the there is your answer
demonking 906 (1 year ago)
94KoolAid I know right that's what I think my mom said I play to much games like come on I only have 2
94KoolAid (1 year ago)
because more people in your house are using the same internet connection
SiColors (1 year ago)
thanks this helped
Weekend Biker (1 year ago)
thankyou RAFAEL my wifi is now ok i thank you much appreciated ....ty ♥♥◄
Sendan (1 year ago)
geneisisShift (1 year ago)
everything was fine but im still getting bandwidth error
ou mais desgraca nao tem no meu pc esta opcao ai afffffff

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